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Rielle Hunter hates these GQ pictures, who cares that she's an adulter


Rielle Hunter is a stupid bitch, and that's all there is to it.  First, she slept with John Edwards while his wife Elizabeth was dying for cancer and campaigning for his dumb ass.

Hunter, meanwhile, got pregnant by Edwards and had their little girl.  Now, Rielle is telling her story to GQ magazine and looks like a big ole' slut in the photo spread.

On Monday, Hunter was doing damage control by calling everyone from Barbara Walters to the New York Daily News saying she was upset by the photos and "cried for hours" after seeing them.

Walters told Rielle's story on "The View" as if they were best friends saying Hunter "went with the flow" of the photo shoot.  She evidently told Babs that she trusted the photographer.  Clearly, a bad move!


A wh@ore is a wh@ore and nothing more!

She should just change her name to "ho" and make it legal since these pictures make it 100% official.

Actually, she is not and was not an adulterer; He was though.

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