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Facebook members can now 'like' stories on GaySocialites

Starting on Thursday, vistors at gaysocialites.blog will be give the option to "like" articles by using their Facebook accounts and log-ins.

When you click the Facebook "like" button, like the one below, it will not only put your Facebook information on gaysocialites.blog.  It will also put the information about the article on your Facebook profile.

This service is just the beginning!  In the very near future, GaySocialites will be allowed to log-in to their Facebook account via this site.

We look forward to your feedback!


"Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" social site Facebook in the news yet again, arent muslims are hyper sensitive

I really adore facebook's new "like" button. Want to be able to "like" anything you want? Look at this site, it does exactly that: www.fbliker.net

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How risky is it to sell tickets to the Masters golf tournament on Ebay? The Augusta National Golf Club has stated it will revoke any member on their ticket list if they find that tickets have been scalped in any way. Is there a possible way, aside from purchasing the scalped tickets outright, that the club can find out who sold the tickets?

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