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Have we already forgotten about the Craigslist killer?




The next time you're trolling around Craigslist looking for a quick hook-up, maybe you should remind yourself that many of these people are nut jobs!

As if the Craigslist killer story isn't fresh enough, a similar case is unfolding in California.  

Repeat offender, Angel Pena Ayala, was arraigned in Los Angeles County Court earlier this week after prosecutors say he targeted gay men looking for sex and love online through Craigslist.

Ayala's previous charges seem to mainly be associated with carjackings, but this time he was evidently robbing gay men after they agree to hook-up online.  He even went as far as making victims go to the ATM to withdraw more money for him to steal.  Mr. Ayala would be very disappointed if chose to rob me!


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