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What is so great about Obama's inclusion of gay couples in hospital visitation rights? [video]

A lot of people have been telling me that they don't understand what the big deal about President Barack Obama issuing an executive memorandum to allow gay couples visitation rights in hospitals.  The reason this is such a big deal is due to stories like this one.

It isn't a happy story, but it's true and hopefully behind us now.  Carl and Harold were a happy old gay couple in California when suddenly due to a freak accident, they were separated and stripped off all their joint possessions.

Now that President Obama has decided to let the patients themselves decide who will get the visitation rights when they're hospitalized, this shouldn't be a problem any more!


Im sure the people who have asked you what the big deal is about this are all Ignorant heterosexuals.This is not hard to understand.Apparently you have to be gay to understand why this is a big deal.Stories like the one you posted here not only sadden me,they infuriate me.I have a right to be an angry gay man.Heterosexuals have treated us like shit for too long and I cannot guarantee the breaking point for me will be easy going.

I just want you to know that as a heteroseuxal woman, I am thrilled that Obama has passed this particular piece of legislation. To be denied access to your lover at ANY time is unacceptable. Not all heterosexuals are against you - you can be sure of that!


"Not all heterosexuals are against you - you can be sure of that!"

I keep telling myself that everyday when I get up in the morning.But when I read about,hear about,and experience the kind of despicable,inhumane,illogical discrimination and bigotry laid on us gays by the likes of the self righteous,anti-gay heterosexual garbage,Its quite natural for me to become infuriated and be on the brink of punching the next anti-gay bigot right in the goddamn throat.

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