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Latest from Elle Magazine - 2010 Genius Awards




 This week I have some very important things to report - Our Obagi Clarifying Serum has won the Elle Magazine 2010 Genius Award -

The Kit - Alyria Intense Wrinkle Correction “increases collagen production after treatment with fractional lasers”; Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen SPF 46 is broad-spectrum protection for sensitive skin; Obagi-c rx System “helps maintain improvement of brown spots”; “a great antioxidant,” Skinceuticals Phloretin CF helps prevent new sun spots.

And today is Melanoma awareness week - To learn more visit http://www.melanomamonday.org/ 

With the weather starting to feel like summer, do not fool yourself. Make sure you have SPF available at all times. Skin Cancer is rampant in the USA. Keep in mind that it doesnt always manifest itself so easily. The best thing to do is make sure you have your yearly check up to be safe and SPF SPF SPF SPF. You CAN enjoy life and especially Fire Island this summer as long as you have proper protection. We have Physical Sunblock that has no chemicals and will protect your skin 100% against the damaging rays of the sun and you can enjoy your summer. To learn more about proper skin care for the summmer feel free to visit www.obagi.blog , email or call 646-290-0749. 

 Have a safe summer everyone!!!!!

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