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First Day of Summer - SPF SPF SPF SPF


 SPF - SPF - SPF - We have heard it all before. SPF needs to be applied at all times. Regardless of climate, skin condition, and specially after a facial or chemical peel. It's times like these that we forget about the importance of proper SPF. We tend to walk around a lot and go places and ignore the importance of proper SPF. Obagi's Healthy Skin Protection ( pictured above ) has a seal of approval from the skin cancer foundation - Which means you KNOW you are fully protected against both the harmfull UVA and UVB Rays of the sun. Dont fool yourself with SPF's that dont protect you fully and can cause future damage.  For those going to a warmer climate or those with more compromised skin we also have a Physical Sunblock that will completelly protect your face from any sun damage - So you know you are in good hands. Dont let sun damage put a damper on your summer plans. PROTECT YOURSELF!!!!! 

If you have any additional questions feel free to email or call 646-290-0749.

Have a Happy Summer Everyone!!!!!! 




Timely article, and agree with the author's mantra of SPF, but be careful you don't get a false sense of security. New reports show that the vast majority of sunscreens aren't testing to be effective, and a consumer group recommended just 8%. Research your brand, and limit your UV exposure regardless.I'm also using this free UV detector app for my iPhone that gives me forecasts and alerts, definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a safe summer, or who just doesn't want to look like Jersey shore!: http://bit.ly/aOVgNQ

This is why Obagi Medical Products as cleared by the food and drug administration has the seal of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective to protect and prevent Skin Cancer. We have also done clinical trials on patients who were being treated for skin cancer and the efficacy of our SPF.

Thank you for your comment. Any questions feel free to contact me.


Claudio R Pinto
Master Medical Aesthetician
Member of the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists
Obagi Diamond Provider

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