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Gay Pride Weekend kicks off with a bang in NYC


While one venue was closing its door, many others were keeping them open extra late on Friday night as Gay Pride weekend kicked off in New York City.

As nearly 3am, the management at Club Rush (known for its twinkie parties) was still regulating the crowd outside and clearing the line off Sixth Avenue.


Our friends over at the new hot spot, Trip (formerly Elevate), were packed with papis from Louis Loca's insane Uncut Friday party where Reina performed.  The place was packed with gorgeous men of various shades.  It was like a Latino buffet! 

Meanwhile... downtown... Daniel Nardicio was fighting off the crowds at his Pride Kick off party, Mineshaft. Here's a picture from the phone paparazzi hanging out at Mineshaft.

Down in the East Village, Nardicio boasted fully naked go-go boys and the porn stars from Randy Blue!  We received other pictures from this party via text, but let's just say they weren't too suitable for publishing without permission from those within the pictures.

WANT TO BE A gaysocialites.blog CORESPONDENT? If you're celebrating Gay Pride in New York City, then we want to see pics from your party! Tweet them to us @gaysocialites or via e-mail at charles@gaysocialites.blog (make sure you put PRIDE PICS in the subject line!)

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