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Happy Gay Pride, New York City GaySocialites!

Happy Gay Pride, New York City!  Sunday is the official Gay Pride Day in Manhattan featuring an elaborate and colorful parade down 5th Avenue and topped off with an over-the-top dance on the pier in Chelsea.

We thought this picture was fun and colorful, and while we aren't exactly encouraging everyone to rip off their shirts and head into the streets... we believe it is perfectly okay for any real man who looks like this cartoon to do so!

Please take a moment and act with class while you're out celebrating Gay Pride.  We aren't asking you to be anything other than who you are, but we believe it is important that we set a great example of who we really are as the world watches our celebration.

Now throw on as many rainbow items as you can find and head out to celebrate!  It's Gay Pride for goodness sakes.  Get out and live the like the GaySocialites that you are!

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