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Proposition 8 trial enters final stage with closing arguments


Lawyers returned to court on Wednesday to deliver closing arguments to a federal judge in hopes of overturning the ban on gay marriage in California.

Two same-sex couples are suing to overturn Proposition 8, which voters passed in 2008. Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker is hearing the case in San Francisco.

It's the first federal trial to examine whether gay marriage bans violate civil rights. The case is expected to eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court.


What about the voters? so what are we trying to say here...that the People's vote doesn't count? Then why bother to vote if it is going to be overturned. So much for our constitutional rights.

@ Lisa

Your vote doesnt count because,if America had any balls they'd realize that the rights of an oppressed group of individuals (a minority if you will) should NEVER be put up for a vote by its OPPRESSORS (the Majority).You homophobic BIGOTS need to get over yourselves and mind your own goddamn business.Most of you anti-gay fascists are a bunch of religious mental retards who have been walking around with your bible up your ass for too long.You need to be educated that in the real world,there are HUMAN BEINGS who deserve the same rights to happiness and peace as you ignorant hateful fascists.And until you realize that,you are looking at a rude awakening ahead of you.If you homophobes want a war,a war is what you get.Just prepare to loose.We have more people on our side than you bigots care to realize.

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