Tips to add some Spring to your life

Add some color and Spring forward

It’s spring, or so the calendar says. We’ve even moved the clocks forward to prove it, but apparently someone forgot to wake Mother Nature up and tell her.  Many of us, even me, and I live in the south, are still getting snow and cold weather in the forecast. Some people suffer from seasonal effective disorder and the weather effects their moods, but weather like we have had this year could make anyone pull their hair out.
I have a few ideas to lift our spirits until Mother Nature decides to cooperate.

As far as our wardrobe goes, even though we have to continue to wear long sleeves, hoodies and coats, we can “spring” them up a little and I have some ideas that won’t break your budget. When you think spring this year think bright flowery colors. Go out and buy a few bright T shirts to wear under your long sleeved shirts to “spring” things up a little.

If you wear a suit then get a couple brightly colored ties and hankerchiefs. If you are one of the most unfortunate one’s and are still getting snow then get a brightly colored scarf and gloves.

You can also do the same to your home by adding some fresh flowers. I love the forced bloomed tulips and daffodil and both you can usually find for less than $10. You can also add a couple of brightly colored throw pillows or window scarves and whala you have “springed up” your wardrobe, your home and hopefully you mood. I’m am taking a trip to New York in a few weeks and I’m hoping Mother Nature takes mercy on me and I don’t come home a popsicle.

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Written by Donna Winters

Donna Winters

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