Fashion: 1ofK Denim by Rajesh Chatrani

1ofK Denim by Rajesh Chatran

Teenage bad boy, computer genius and now entrepreneur is taking over fashion with his signature jeans designed under 1ofK. Rajesh Chatrani (above), a Bajan born entrepreneur always had a penchant for art and design, however his path took him to FIU studying computer science. His innate gifts for programming and methodological thinking got him recruited in his 3rd year by NASA to develop software.
During his tenure there his thirst to be creative and his ambition drove him to the fashion industry. It was the loss of his father and a promise made to take care of his family that propelled Raj to break out on his own and create his own business. He began promotions, flipped a nightclub and started his own electronics business in Maimi which exported to the Caribbean. He had the Midas touch but still felt like he could do more. It was the fated meeting with an retired fashion designer that encouraged him. Between his knack for creativity and this ambition he began exploring the merger of the “Couture” concepts of fashion with denim and thus 1ofK was born with its roots based in Miami.

1ofK Denim
The entire concept of the company is to bring designs that are edgy, fresh and Avant Guard, merge it with fine Italian denim and to give the wearer a unique experience all at reasonable price points. Quite literally they only produce 1000 of a specific design and each piece has its own unique number identifying it as 1 of 1000 units.

1ofK has gained much traction and Raj has outlets in Miami, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Japan, Korea and Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.​

​What we like about these jeans are that they fit almost tailor made, the designs are bold and upgrades a usually everyday piece of clothing into something that can be worn as a statement piece at any function. The fact that the pair of pants have a unique about them also makes it feel a little sexier. Visit or go to any one of their locations to find your 1 of 1000 pair today!

Written by Ian M.S. Royer

Ian M. S. Royer is a 30-year-old entrepreneur specializing in Public Relations, Marketing and Production. He is also an award winning copywriter with close to 7 years industry experience. In addition to his professional activities he has spent close to 13 years working in the Civil Society alongside local and international UN Bodies and NGOs focused on youth development especially in the arena of HIV.

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