Inwood’s Hump Gay Night Hotspot at Skyline

Last week I decided to go a little adventure, by that I mean off my usual beaten path. I headed uptown to explore a party called Cockfight, to visit my friend Morgan Royel. To say the least, and not to my surprise it was a lot of fun!!!

Cockfight Crowd Shot @ Skyline, Inwood.

Cockfight Crowd Shot @ Skyline, Inwood.

Morgan Royel

Morgan Hypes Up the Cock Fight Crowd @ Skyline.

When I arrived Morgan was on stage hyping up the crowd. Directly behind Mogan you will find a small stage and the DJ booth. The DJ booth is very unique and stands out. Its a cockpit of what looks to use to be a cockpit of at one time may have been attached to a commercial aircraft.

DJ Booth @ Skyline.

DJ Booth @ Skyline.

As advertised in the flyer this party also delivered and had 15 GoGo boy’s on each corner of the stage, as well as stretched out across the perimeter of the bar tops.

To wrap things up I had a good time and will likely be back to visit this Gay Night Hotspot at Skyline!

Thanks again Morgan and Skyline Bar & Lounge for a good time.

Keep up the good work!!



Morgan, Ricon, and myself.Friendly Skyline Bartender                           A FEW MORE SNAP SHOTS FROM THE NIGHT.
Morgan, Ricon, and I

Written by Joshua Sean

Joshua Sean

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