Ku Klux Klan endorses Ben Carson

Ben Carson

The Ku Klux Klan is endorsing Republican Ben Carson in the 2016 election.  This is the first time ever that the infamous white supremacists hate group has endorsed and African American for President.

The KKK made the announcement on their website:

“After careful consideration of all candidates and potential candidates, The American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan endorse Dr. Ben Carson for President of the United States. We feel Dr. Carson’s vision for America most closely resembles that of the Klan’s. It’s a new day for the KKK!”

The National Imperial Wizard of the KKK spoke with The New York Times in an interview to explain why the organization picked Carson over others citing his opposition to gay marriage and his stance on immigration.  The Klan rep, who would not reveal his identity, said the organization expects that Carson will turn down the endorsement.

Written by Cody White

Cody White

Cody White is a news and entertainment reporter at gaysocialites.blog. He also currently serves as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer/ Editorial Director for our parent company, GaySocialites Media.

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