Knoxville, Tennessee celebrates gay pride

knoxville tennessee gay pride parade

I live in Knoxville, Tenneesee… the heart of the Bible Belt.  This year Knoxville hosted their 10th annual PrideFest Celebration.  Who knew Knoxville even had a pride event?  Well not me that’s for sure.


I love going to events in downtown Knoxville where the main street is so appropriately named Gay Street,  I was planning on going to downtown Knoxville before I found out about the Pride Parade

However, I knew I had to be there to celebrate the momentous occasion especially after I talked to my brother, Charles, who happens to be the editor of  He actually attended the first Pride Event in Knoxville and said only 12 people showed up.  Seriously just 12.

Well, I’m here to tell you Knoxville did us proud this year.  The theme of the PrideFest was LIVE, LOVE AND BE PROUD! Hundreds of spectators lined the streets in support of the event and participates.  Most local colleges were represented and even some local churches and clergy.  The event went on all day and into the evening.

I am excited that Knoxville has finally come around to Live, Love and Be Proud!

Written by Donna Winters

Donna Winters

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