Big Brother 17: Audrey evicted

Audrey evicted from Big Brother 17

On Thursday night, the Big Brother 17 houseguests voted to evict Audrey Middleton, the first trans houseguest to ever participate in the CBS reality show.

Audrey’s game play got off to a rocky start from the beginning mainly after she was called out by various houseguests for not telling the truth.

One thing that Audrey was honest with everyone from day one about was the fact that she is trans.  On Thursday night’s episode, viewers learned that it wasn’t only the houseguests who would be learning this for the first time.  Many people who know Audrey prior to the show evidently did not know she was trans.

Big Brother took us behind the scenes at Audrey’s home in Georgia at which point it was revealed that she hadn’t “come out” to everyone in her life, and some people might be learning about it for the first time while watching the show.

After she was evicted, Big Brother host Julie Chen got the chance to talk to Audrey about what that was like.

“I didn’t know what to expect, because in my personal life I am not screaming it from the roof tops,” Middleton said in her exit interview.  “You know its a scary thing to come out the first time, especially on national television. It was definitely overwhelming.”

Audrey’s last few days in the Big Brother 17 house weren’t exactly normal by any means.  She received a penalty vote for breaking the “have not” food restriction and eating real food, and she practically hid out from her fellow houseguests most of the time.  Some even questioned whether or not she had officially quit the game.

That, however, didn’t change how she was received by her fellow houseguests.  Julie asked if she was surprised by the houseguests’ positive reaction when she told them she was trans,  to which Audrey replied, “Absolutely!”

As she exited the house, it was also clear that the viewers were proud of Audrey for participating in the game as she received a loud round of applause from the live studio audience.

Written by Ronnie Hokanson

Ronnie Hokanson

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