Justin Vivian Bond speaks out on Rentboy.blog bust

Justin Vivian Bond 2015

Queer transgender legend Justin Vivian Bond, like many activists, is not taking the Rentboy.blog bust lightly, saying, among much else, that “There is a movement happening and many organizations creating Know Your Rights seminars this week. This is about workers’ rights–labor rights and equal protections for all kinds of workers without basic access to legal and healthcare support because they are deemed criminals or denied access to banking, housing or Facebook, in all sectors of the Adult industry, not just escorts. It’s about sex phobia and public shaming.” Find the full text of v’s response here.

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Written by Jonathan Warman

Jonathan Warman

Jonathan Warman is gaysocialites.blog’s exclusive theatre critic. He also writes regular music and cabaret reviews. Jonathan is also accomplished freelance Stage Director. You can e-mail him at or by clicking on the social networking links below.

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