Gay couples in Northern Ireland invite pro-marriage equality politicians to their weddings

Northern Ireland MandM

Northern Irish couples Jayne Robinson and Laura McKee and Michael McCartan and Malachai O’Hara plan to invite Assembly members to their weddings, if they vote to legalize them.

O’Hara says “Michael and I are ready and waiting to be a married couple. We shouldn’t really have to ask the permission of 108 politicians at Stormont to do so. But we will be at the Assembly for the vote, because we want politicians to understand that their decisions affect real people’s lives – ours. When the law changes – and it will sooner or later – Michael and I will get married and all the politicians who vote to make it happen will be welcome at the ceremony. Or at least for the disco after the meal.”

Full story at The Belfast Telegraph.

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Written by Jonathan Warman

Jonathan Warman

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