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September 16, 2008

Who is the winner of Big Brother 10?


danwinsbb10.jpgIt was a great week for Dan, the Catholic school teacher, as he won 500,000 on CBS' "Big Brother." AND he currently leads our Hottie of the Week competition.

By a vote of seven to zero, Dan defeated Memphis to become the winner of "Big Brother 10."

If you've been reading, you know I've been watching. Dan was by far my favorite in the end, and I guess the "Big Brother" jury agreed!

"Big Brother" viewers voted to Keesha a $25,000 fan favorite prize.

Now, CBS is looking for the next "Big Brother" house guests. Would you ever consider applying? The winner goes get a half a million bucks! That's a lot of money. I've actually thought about applying.

You can also join our discussion on!

September 15, 2008

Who do you think should win "Big Brother 10?"



Season 10 of "Big Brother" is coming to an end and it is down to two contestants, Dan and Memphis. Secret allies who labeled themselves as the "Renegades," Dan and Memphis have lied and back-stabbed their way to the finals. It could go either way.

Dan has a lot in his favor. Not only did he spend some quality time with Michelle after he got her eliminated from the game, but he also formed a strong bond with Keesha just before Memphis decided to evict her from the "Big Brother" house. Keesha and Renny will probably vote the same way. I'm not sure how April, Ollie, Jerry and Libra will vote. Dan will probably be able to make a good case having won so many Head of Household competitions and Powers of Veto.

Memphis may also be able to cast himself as the mastermind behind the plan and make it look like he controlled the whole game. Dan has pissed a lot of people off, and that will clearly work in Memphis' favor. Dan lied so much that April, Memphis and others suspected that he might be planted in the house or America's Player (and he was for a week).

What do you think? Who do you think should win "Big Brother 10?"

September 13, 2008

Hottie of the Week Contest: The Big Brother finalists



My favorite summer reality show, "Big Brother", comes to an end on Tuesday. Is there a better way to say good-bye to the finalists, Dan and Memphis, than to judge their good looks?

CBS placed a "heart throb" in the house named Jessie Godderz. While Jessie is nice to look at, he's also a total douche bag and got voted out of the game really early.

Don't worry though, "Big Brother" packed the house full of hotties. This week in our Hottie of the Week competition, we pit the two finalists and best buds against each other.

Which "Big Brother" finalist do you think is our Hottie of the Week?

Is it Dan?


Or is it Memphis?


I've actually formed the biggest crush on Dan, the school teacher. Not only is Dan charming, but he's also motivation and easy on the eyes. Memphis on the other had looks good with clothes on, but he's definitely not right for my tastes. I always fall for the geeks.

It's your turn now, who do you think is the Hottie of the Week?

September 9, 2008

Big Brother 10: Some thoughts on Tuesday's eviction



If you have not watched Tuesday's episode of Big Brother 10 on CBS, then this is definitely a spoiler. This update also includes the winner of the first part of the final Head of Household competition.

My thoughts on Tuesday night's live eviction are also after the break.

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September 4, 2008

Big Brother 10: Who is going home, Keesha or Renny?


It's eviction night on "Big Brother" and one of my favorite players in the game is nominated for eviction. Renny scared me at first, but I fell in love with her zanny personality rather quickly.

Keesha is cool and all, but Renny is the bomb! The sad thing is that Dan and Memphis plan to vote out Renny and keep Keesha. Too bad the old man won head of household I guess!

On tonight's CBS episode of "Big Brother" either Keesha or Renny will get the boot and a new Head of Household will be crowned.

Who do you think is going home? Is it Renny or Keesha?

September 1, 2008

Big Brother 10: Jerry's HoH reign plus the PoV ceremony



Jerry saved himself the only way he could in the "Big Brother" house, and that's by winning the Head of Household. That gave him the power to nominate Dan and Keesha for eviction.

As you probably saw on Sunday's CBS show, Memphis convinced Jerry not to nominate him by making a pack to take him to the finals. As a result, Jerry wants to get Dan evicted.

What happened with the Power of Veto? I've got the spoilers from the PoV competition and the ceremony after the break. This contains "Big Brother" spoilers!

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August 31, 2008

Big Brother 10: What's happening this weekend in the house?



A lot has happened in the "Big Brother" house since the eviction show on Thursday night. There's a new Head of Household, new nominees and Power of Veto holder.

I've got all of the details after the break!

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August 29, 2008

Big Brother 10: Watch Michelle and Ollie on "CBS Early Show"

Here's the video from "The Early Show" this morning as Julie Chen interviewed the evicted "Big Brother" house guests, homophobic Ollie and his little friend scary Michelle.

Notice in the second interview as Julie asks Ollie about using foul words and cursing, he denies it.

Remember when Ollie called Memphis a "faggot?" That's a step beyond cursing, but as you'll remember CBS chose to edit that out of "Big Brother."

I think Ollie should issue an apology, and "Big Brother" should too!

Big Brother 10: The homophobe gets voted out!


Karma has bitten Big Brother player Ollie right in the ass!

After going on a homophobic tirade in the house earlier this week, in Thursday night's exciting double eviction episode of Big Brother; Ollie followed his closest ally remaining right out the front door.

In case you missed it, Ollie got pissed off that he lost power in the game then called his fellow house guest a "faggot." Memphis was justifying why Dan nominated Michelle for eviction when Ollie called him a cabbage patch kid and a "faggot."

I was disappointed to see that CBS edited that portion out of the show, but you can watch the video here.

We can thank Keesha for getting rid of the homophobic hot head. She won the Head of Household competition for the double eviction and nominated both Ollie and Jerry. Dan won the veto, but he clearly decided to keep Keesha's wishes to get rid of the homophobe.

August 25, 2008

Big Brother 10: Ollie is a homophobic prick! [video/ spoiler]



This is basically 100% "Big Brother" spoiler, so just stop reading now if you don't want to know more!

Ollie has proven himself as a homophobic prick. After the break, you can watch the video and see why!

Continue reading "Big Brother 10: Ollie is a homophobic prick! [video/ spoiler]" »

Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Power of Veto winner and ceremony



Dan (and Ollie)'s awkward reign as Head of Household in the "Big Brother" house has Jerry and Memphis nominated for eviction. Dan seems confident that Memphis, his closest ally is safe after getting Keesha and Renny to pledged their votes to keep him.

BUT, there's always the Power of Veto. Find out who won the Power of Veto and whether or not they decided to use it to save Memphis or Jerry after the jump in this "Big Brother" Spoiler.

Continue reading "Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Power of Veto winner and ceremony" »

August 23, 2008

Hottie of the Week winner: Big Brother edition


I'll first apologize that we didn't post the Hottie of the Week contest winner on Friday afternoon like we normally do.

We found ourselves in a bit of a controversy on Friday at noon when we pulled down the Hottie of the Week voting poll. Controversy related to "Big Brother?" I know it is shocking.

Here's how it went down: As of early Friday morning, Dan and Memphis were in a heated competition with less than 10 votes separating them. At the end of the day on Thursday, Ollie had less than 10 votes. As of noon, Ollie had hundreds and hundreds of votes putting him a little over 100 votes higher than Dan, his nearest competition.


It was clear that some avid Ollie fan sat down and clicked his name over and over since the story didn't have the number of votes didn't match the number of hits that the story received.

After much review, we have decided to let the rules ride. Since we do currently allow more than one vote per person, Ollie is officially our "Hottie of the Week."

BUT for curiosity's sake, we wonder how the results would go if each participant only gets to vote once. Let's see how it comes out:

Big Brother 10: Who has the new HoH nominated for eviction?



This is a full-on "Big Brother" spoiler. Not only will we discuss the new Head of Household (crowned after CBS's show went off the air) has nominated for eviction after the break.

If you don't want to be spoiled, then don't keep reading!

Continue reading "Big Brother 10: Who has the new HoH nominated for eviction?" »

August 22, 2008

Big Brother 10: Who won Head of Household?



When the CBS broadcast of "Big Brother" went off the air Thursday night, the house guests were hanging on to vines to see will be the next Head of Household.

During the HoH competition, the house guests were bounced around, slammed into walls and soaked with water all while swinging from these makeshift grapevines.

After nearly four hours only one person was holding on. Find out who the HoH competition after the break.

Continue reading "Big Brother 10: Who won Head of Household?" »

Who is your favorite Big Brother 10 house guest? [poll]



If you watched "Big Brother" on CBS Thursday night, you know that the showmance came to an end as the house guests voted to evict April leaving Ollie to fend for himself.

"Big Brother" host-bot, Julie Chen, left us as the house guests competing in the backyard in an on-going Head of Household competition.

With all of the drama this season, I keep wondering who is America's favorite "Big Brother" player. I know Dan was voted to be America's Player, but that doesn't mean he is THE favorite.

Little do they know; but Dan, Ollie and Memphis were also the competitors our Hottie of the Week contest at the same time!

Of the remaining "Big Brother" house guests - Ollie, Renny, Keesha, Jerry, Dan, Memphis and Michelle - who is your favorite?

August 21, 2008

Hottie of the Week Contest: Big Brother 10 Edition

CBS provided the guys with lots of eye candy and lovable charm on "Big Brother" this season. The sexy gay cowboy Steven Diagle and the gorgeous bodybuilder Jessie Godderz have been evicted. So now, who is the hottest guy in the "Big Brother" house? We'll let you decide in this week's Hottie of the Week Contest: Big Brother 10 Edition.

And the nominees are...



Dan is a Catholic school teacher. Coming into the house, Dan admitted that he didn't understand homosexuality; but he admitted that Steven gave him a positive outlook and healthy dose of gay while in the "Big Brother" house.

He was also nominated as "America's Player" and played the game under the viewers control via online and text polls.



Outside the "Big Brother" house, Memphis is a mixologist. Not to be confused with a bartender, Memphis' career consists of creating drinks. I'm not sure if that's a government job or what.

Inside the house, Memphis is closely aligned with Dan in somewhat of a secret alliance. He was previously connected to Jessie, Michelle and April until all of his partners were knocked off or moved on.



Ollie is a major bore, but he's got a great body. He's attached to April, his showmance, and actually thinks they'll be in love when the "Big Brother" games is over.

If Ollie's girlfriend in the "Big Brother" house gets evicted this week, then we might see how he can play the game.

Meanwhile, you get to decide if Ollie is hotter than Dan and Memphis in our Hottie of the Week Contest: Big Brother 10 Edition.

What do you think? Who is the hottest guy in the Big Brother house?

[This poll has closed! Come back later today to find out who won our Hottie of the Week contest!]

Voting ends Friday at noon! The results will be posted that afternoon!

August 20, 2008

Evicted "Big Brother" house guests selling lots on Ebay


An easy way to keep the fame and cash flow coming after getting booted from a reality show is to sell your stuff on Ebay.

This is a long-lived tradition among evictees from the "Big Brother" house.

If you surf Ebay right now, you can find lots of good stuff from those already booted from season 10.

As we already told you the sexy rodeo cowboy, Steven Diagle, already made a few bucks off items he wore on the show. Now, "Big Brother" eye candy Jessie Godderz is selling the shorts right off his buns!


Puckered lips and sexy body not included (as far as I know).

If you want more items from Steven's collection, someone is selling a shirt signed by him, Angie and Brian. Evidently Steven returned to the gay rodeo this weekend and took Angie and Brian along.

Steven Daigle made his return to gay rodeo competition this past weekend at our rodeo and he brought along Angie and Brian who not only competed in one of our events, but the three of them placed second in the event!!! We had such a great time with them that we got them to autograph a couple of our souvenir T-shirts and this is one of those!

Whatever it takes to make a buck, right?!

August 16, 2008

Big Brother Spoiler: Who did Renny nominate for eviction?



As we learned on Thursday night, Renny is new the Head of Household in the "Big Brother" House securing another week of safety for she and her closest allies.

After the break, we've got the spoiler. Want to know who Renny has nominated for eviciton? Keep reading!

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August 11, 2008

Big Brother Spoiler: Veto winner and veto ceremony



At lot happens in the "Big Brother" between Thursday's eviction show and Tuesday's Veto show.

If you watched CBS on Sunday night, you know that Head of Household Michelle has nominated Libra and Keesha for eviction.

Keep reading to find out who won the Power of Veto and whether or not they saved Keesha or Libra from eviction.

Continue reading "Big Brother Spoiler: Veto winner and veto ceremony" »

Who won the Power of Veto, will they save Keesha or Libra?



The eye candy, Jessie Godderz, got the boot last week just before his closest ally - Michelle - won the most powerful position in the game.

On Sunday's "Big Brother 10" episode on CBS, Michelle sought revenge against Libra and Keesha for turning around the house.

We also got to see an explosive fight with April and Michelle attacking Keesha and Libra.

I'm with Memphis - I'm so tired of April kissing Michelle's ass.

The Veto competition is over, I've got the winner after break.

Continue reading "Who won the Power of Veto, will they save Keesha or Libra?" »

August 8, 2008

Big Brother 10: America evicts the eye candy


Jessie Godderz was the latest house guest evicted from the "Big Brother" house on Thursday night.

Godderz, the all-natural body builder, was put in the house as the eye candy. His cockiness was basically the end of his game.

I think Jessie's ego will be knocked down a few notches when he finds out Dan's vote was controlled by the "Big Brother" viewers.

America evicted the eye candy! Thanks America! Dan and Memphis better hit the weight room. They're both pretty cute, but neither has the body of the self proclaimed "Man."

As soon as Jessie was evicted, his ally Michelle won the Head of Household competition. At least he wore the green leotard around and won the Hottie of the Week competition before he got the boot.

August 7, 2008

Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Jessie blesses us by wearing the leotard



Whether you're watching "Big Brother 10" or not, you have to be enjoying this season's eye candy Jessie Godderz.


The good news is that Jessie isn't afraid to show it off.

Take these photos for example. During Wednesday night's "Big Brother After Dark" on Showtime, Jessie decided to wear a green leotard from a previous competition to make his ally Michelle more comfortable in the one she is required to wear. Oh, and of course to flaunt his gorgeous body.


The bad news is that Jessie is probably getting evicted from the house this week.

Little does Head of Household, April, know that her alliance plans to surprise her and Jessie when they vote him out of the game live tonight at 9pm on CBS. (In New York, the episode airs at 2:05am - thanks to sports!)

I'll keep looking for pictures of Jessie playing around in his green leotard. Meow!

August 4, 2008

Big Brother 10 Spoiler: The Power of Veto winner and ceremony


If you're watching Big Brother 10, then you know that the eye candy has been nominated for eviction again!

Well, the veto competition and ceremony are both over.

Keep reading to see if hottie Jesse or Memphis were saved by the power of veto.

Continue reading "Big Brother 10 Spoiler: The Power of Veto winner and ceremony" »

Big Brother 10's gay cowboy Steven Diagle making dough on Ebay


"Big Brother 10's" cutie gay cowboy Steven Diagle is trying to make a few bucks after getting booted from the "Big Brother" house.

Steven, the first ever cute openly gay "Big Brother" contestant, is selling the shirt off his back on Ebay.

He's not doing half bad either! His University of Texas shirt went for over a thousand bucks!


Other items that belong to Steven remain for sale on Ebay. If you want a piece of the sexy gay cowboy, then get to bidding!

August 2, 2008

BIG BROTHER 10: HoH winner, their nominees and the PoV competition



This "Big Brother" spoiler has lots of information including the new Head of Household, their nominees for eviction and the Power of Veto winner. We already told you who the Head of Household is, and now it is time to find out who they have nominated for eviction.

There have also been lots of fighting in the "Big Brother" house, and a late Power of Veto competition kept everyone on their toes.

I've got all of the details after the break.

Continue reading "BIG BROTHER 10: HoH winner, their nominees and the PoV competition" »

August 1, 2008

Big Brother 10 eye candy Jessie Godderz crowned "Hottie of the Week"


That's right, "Big Brother" house guest Jessie Godderz has beat porn star Tristan Mathews and singer Nelly in's first ever Hottie of the Week competition.

Jessie won by an overwhelming margin with 81.2% of the vote compared to Tristan with 11.3% and Nelly with 7.5%.

It looks like you love Jessie as much as he loves himself. As "The Soup" host, Joel McHale, explains Godderz is a bit narcissistic.

Before entering the "Big Brother" house, Jessie was an all natural body builder, nude model and possible homo.

Congrats to Jessie Godderz, our first ever Hottie of the Week.

Big Brother 10: Who won the Head of Household competition?



On Thursday, "Big Brother" hottie Jessie Godderz managed to maintain his spot in the game, despite the fact the he's so darn cocky!

Maybe the other house guests enjoy looking at Jessie as much as we do and almost as much as he does.

When "Big Brother" left us, there was an endurance competition for Head of Household underway. We have the results after the break.

To spin-off of the actual California earthquake, the house guests were standing on a ledge that was shaking while getting pounded with other obstacles. Keep reading to find out the results.

Continue reading "Big Brother 10: Who won the Head of Household competition?" »

July 30, 2008

Big Brother house gets rattled by California earthquake [video]


[video may load slowly]

"Oh my God! The ground is moving!"

The Big Brother house was rattled with the rest of California on Tuesday morning as the earthquake hit.

The house guests were, of course, freaked out. Most of them exclaiming that they've never been in an earthquake before.

"That's so scary!" Keesha yelled as she joined her house guests on the outside portion of the "Big Brother" set.

As we know, the quake had a magnitude of 5.4. Most consider that minor compared to California's last big earthquake which measured 6.6.

For you avid "Big Brother" watchers, don't forget the eviction show will air on Thursday now instead of Wednesday.

July 29, 2008

What did the banner on Big Brother 10 say?


bb10banner.jpgWe may never know!

This banner flew over the Big Brother back yard this week forcing house guests Memphis, Angie, Jessie, and Michelle back inside before they could get a good look at it leaving them to make up a story of their own.

Michelle was quick to rush into Keesha's Head of Household room to tell her that the banner said: "Keesha, Libra is a liar, love Steven."

Memphis said that isn't exactly what the banner said, but he was quick to point out that it did say Libra was a liar.

"Big Brother 10" has been a very dramatic season so far, and they have only evicted two house guests.

The hottie, Jessie, and the vixen, Angie are on the block. The eviction episode airs on Thursday night.

July 28, 2008

Big Brother 10: The hottie is on the block (plus Veto spoilers)


The "Big Brother" gods are working against me!

I hate it when the player I lust over and the best game player aren't in the same alliance! It makes picking favorites very hard.

The "Big Brother" house guests and I are not seeing eye-to-eye this year. First, they nominated and evicted our gay player Steven. Now, they've nominated the eye candy, Jessie Godderz (who may or may not be gay, the jury is still out on that one).

That's no big secret, but I do have the results of the Power of Veto competition and the Veto ceremony after the break! Keep reading, because I've also got more of Jessie's modeling pictures there too!!

Continue reading "Big Brother 10: The hottie is on the block (plus Veto spoilers)" »

July 25, 2008

Is Big Brother's Jessie Godderz really gay? His friends say so!



The openly gay contestant on "Big Brother 10," homo-cowboy Steven, already got the boot. However, if you believe everything you're told then the Big Brother sex symbol Jessie Godderz is gay too!

We brought you Jessie's naked photos earlier this week, and we hear there are many more to come.

That isn't Jessie biggest secret though, according to his "friends" who recently contact us. We're told that Jessie is actually a closeted homosexual!

"He isn't ready for his parents, or the public, to know [that he is gay]," our source says.

"Jessie isn't actually open with his sexuality, but he doesn't hide it too well either," they added. "We just don't talk about it."

These same friends also claim to be the ones who are passing around Jessie's naked modeling shots. They do, however, tell me that the photos they're holding onto are a lot more exciting than the ones we've already seen.

Sidebar: Who wants friends like these??

July 23, 2008

Big Brother's sexy player Jessie modeled nude in the past, here are the photos:



bb10jessienaked2.jpgEven though we're all still mourning the eviction of our gay cowboy, Steven, these new photos of "Big Brother's" hottie Jessie Godderz modeling in the nude.

Despite the fact that Jessie was the one who nominated Steven for eviction, if more photos like this pop up I'm sure I'll forget that soon enough!

I actually think the photo at the top is a big grody, but the one to the right is hot!

Jessie was actually a natural bodybuilder and model before entering the house. Clearly, that included some nude shots. I'm sure there's more to come. He's a bit cocky, but at that size who isn't?

I'm not sure if I am cheering for Jessie in the "Big Brother" game or not. I am going to watch a few more episodes before I get emotionally attached!

If you want more of Jessie, don't worry. "Big Brother" airs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday on CBS and "Big Brother After Dark" airs nightly on Showtime Too. Check your listings.

Big Brother 10: Out with the gay! Steven gets evicted


On Wednesday night's live episode of "Big Brother 10," Steven - the gay cowboy - got the boot.

It's a shame that for the first time, "Big Brother" actually gives us a cute gay house guest, and he is the second one to get evicted!

Not only was Steven the gay guy, but he also put on a good show. He streaked, flashed the camera and stirred the pot among his competitors. Unfortunately, Steven aligned with the wrong side from the beginning. His team is being knocked off, one-by-one.

Steven did, however, give one of the best speeches from the block in the "Big Brother" history.

"I would just like to say that at the beginning when I moved in, I made a choice. I immediately regret that decision. But looking back at what I've learned in this house, I've learned some amazing things. You know, for example, did you know it takes several thousand volts of electricity to make the gas in a neon light glow? I also learned that derriere is the hardest porno password ever, and it's not delivery, it's DiGiorno. So, as I look back I just have to ask myself, what would Willie do? And, I would like to tell you all one last message: suck it, bitches."

After Steven was kicked to the curb, the only person who tried to save him - Keesha - won the Head of Household competition.

Ohh, and by the way - RealityBBQ has the photos of Steve flashing the camera and streaking.

July 22, 2008

Big Brother 10: The gay cowboy might get the boot!



I can't believe that our cute little gay cowboy is going to get kicked out of the Big Brother house already! Steven totally should have aligned with the hot guy, Jesse, who just happens to be the Head of Household.


On Tuesday's "Big Brother" on CBS, Steve tried to convince that ugly lesbian-looking Michelle girl to use the Power of Veto on either him or Dan so that Jesse could nominate Libra for eviction. Michelle choked, and the plan failed.

Now, Steven - our cute little gay cowboy might get the boot! I wonder if he can talk his way out of it?!

Tune in to CBS at 8pm for the live "Big Brother" eviction show.

July 21, 2008

Big Brother 10: The Power of Veto competition and ceremony results



On Sunday night's CBS show, we got to see that Head of Household hottie Jesse nominated Dan and the gay cowboy Steven for eviction.

Keep reading after the break to see who won the Power of Veto and whether or not they used it to save Dan or Steven.

Continue reading "Big Brother 10: The Power of Veto competition and ceremony results" »

July 20, 2008

Big Brother 10: House guests put on "Big Brother Late Night" show on After Dark [video[


This Big Brother report doesn't really give any strategic game play away, but since it hasn't aired on CBS yet we'll tag it a spoiler.

It may never actually air on CBS, I'm not sure. It was hilarious, so check it out after the break if you're interested. We've also got video.

Continue reading "Big Brother 10: House guests put on "Big Brother Late Night" show on After Dark [video[" »

July 17, 2008

Big Brother 10: Could our gay cowboy be a racist? [video]


Finally, "Big Brother" gives us a cute gay guy and it looks like he might be a racist.

The video says it all as Steven refers to Libra as a "colored girl." Check it out:

I mean, I know he's a cowboy and all... but is it 1860?

This season of "Big Brother" has already turned out to be a drama-fest! They're tapped as the most "diverse cast" which basically means they'll be the most dramatic cast!

July 16, 2008

Big Brother 10: Brian is the first to get the Big Brother boot this season



On Wednesday night, Brian's plans completely crumbled as he was the first house guest evicted from Big Brother 10.

In my opinion, Brian could be the worst player in Big Brother history. In his exit interview with Julie Chen, he even admitted it saying he tried to cram a summer worth of game play into one week. He's exactly right.

I also think that Brian has a bit of a "boy crush" on Memphis. He told Julie that Memphis was the one to watch. BRO-MANCE!

On Wednesday night's live show, the eye candy Jesse was crowned as the second Head of Household by playing a "majority rules" trivia game.


It will be interesting to see what the hottie in power will do. I'd say Renny can just get pretty comfortable as a nominee for eviction.

Do you think you have seen Big Brother 10 eye candy Jesse somewhere else. Well, you may have. The answer is after the break.

Continue reading "Big Brother 10: Brian is the first to get the Big Brother boot this season" »

Who will be the first to go on Big Brother 10?

bb10logo.jpg"Big Brother 10" is well underway over on CBS, and the drama has already started.

Someone will be evicted tonight. Don't worry. The eye candy (Jesse) and the gay cowboy (Steven) are safe.

If you've been watching, then you know that Jesse was on the block but won the power of veto.

It will be interesting to see who is the first house guest to get evicted. Will it be Renna (the crazy cougar from New Orleans) or Brian (the self proclaimed mastermind whose plan has already backfired?)

And who will take Jerry's place as Head of Household? Find out tonight (Wednesday) on CBS at 8pm

July 10, 2008

This year's Big Brother gay is a cowboy!

bb10steven.jpg"Big Brother" is back on CBS this Sunday, and I can"t wait!

This year's gay is a cowboy! Meet Steven Daigle, a 35-year-old geographic consultant and gay rodeo competitor from Dallas, Texas.

Steven seems a little bit paranoid from the get-go:

"If you make a mistake and say the wrong things, you may offend people and be known for that forever," he said. "People make mistakes. If I do make a mistake, I hope I can learn from it and know that was some part of my life that I was ignorant or uneducated about."

In addition to our token gay, "Big Brother" is also offering up some eye candy in Jesse 22-year-old bodybuilder named Jessie Godderz from Huntington Beach, California.


There's also a 75-year-old former Marine, "Big Brother's" oldest contestant ever. If you want to meet the rest of the cast, click here.

April 28, 2008

Adam pledges money to good cause, wins Big Brother 9

adamwinsbigbrother.jpgWhen he first walked into the Big Brother 9 house, I never thought Adam Jasinsky could win the whole game. I must've thought wrong.

On Sunday night, Adam beat Ryan Quicksall after convincing the jury of evicted house guests that he would use the money for an after school program for children with autism. Knowing that Adam worked in that field before entering the Big Brother house, it was enough for him to get all of the votes except one.

Adam won $500,000 and the runner-up Adam claimed second place for $50,000. "Crazy" James the homeless former gay porn star won $25,000 as the fan favorite.

If you're hooked on Big Brother, don't worry - Julie Chen announced that Big Brother 10 premiers in early July. Wanna play? Apply at!

April 3, 2008

The gay guy gets the boot on "Big Brother'


Finally! The gay guy, Joshuah, got evicted from the Big Brother house on Wednesday night. I'm not a self-hating gay or anything, but I couldn't stand seeing Josh on TV.

Let's face it Josh was a horrible representative for the gay community! In an attempt to save himself, Josh tried to oust his best friend and former partner Sharon behind her back. His plan backfired and only one other house guest voted to keep Josh around.

Big Brother started the players out in teams of two this year, but recently separated the house guests requiring them to fend for themselves. Josh originally started out with a gay partner, but he quit after week one. We just act like he never existed.

From here Josh will head to Big Brother's jury house until the finale. Meanwhile, back in the house, Adam won the Head of Household competition.

March 29, 2008

Big Brother Weekend Spoiler


It is just too much to wait from Wednesday until Sunday to find what is going on in the Big Brother house.

Find out who Natalie, the Head of Household, has nominated for eviction. We've also got the results of this week's Power of Veto competition, so keep reading... but be prepared to be spoiled!


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March 20, 2008

"Big Brother" head of household James evicts Matt in tie-breaker

mattevicted.jpgWednesday wasn't a good day for my favorites in the reality television competitions. Amanda Overmyer got the boot on "American Idol" and Matt got evicted from the "Big Brother" house. That means unless you're into James, the gay porn actor, all of the eye candy is gone!

First Alex, the DJ from New York was booted. On Wednesday the only other remotely attractive houseguest, Matt was sent packing.

Matt will be the first "Big Brother 9" houseguest to move into the jury sequester house. He'll be back for the finale to help crown the winner of "Big Brother."

Matt, a roofer from Boston, was up against Ryan - a college student from Ohio. James, the head of household, had to break the tie after the other houseguest voted.

March 8, 2008

Is a solo game the key to ratings for Big Brother?

"Big Brother's" first winter installment has lacked excitement so far, but since CBS has decided to scrap the whole "Til' Death Do You Part" couples concept - it might get more exciting!

On Wednesday night's "Big Brother," the sirens sounded and the teams were separated. Now, each player is playing for themselves. That's the way we like it!

I haven't been as "into" this season's contest, but individual players will definitely spice things up. The ratings have been down for "Big Brother" so far this season, so CBS is probably expecting a boost from the new format.

We've got a few spoilers after the jump. Keep reading if you can't wait until Sunday to get the "Big Brother" scoop.


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February 28, 2008

Big Brother 9: Who got evicted this week?


Here's the media release from CBS regarding Big Brother's Wednesday night eviction, incase you missed it.

Alex and Amanda have been evicted. Too bad, because Alex is kinda cute!

Keep reading for the rest of the release.

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February 27, 2008

Big Brother 9: What is the Hudson River Virus?


Even though I wasn't home to watch "Big Brother 9" on Tuesday night when it originally aired on CBS, I did DVR it.

The problem is, I checked to see what was happening online before watching "Big Brother." When I saw that everyone was searching for "What is the Hudson River Virus," it startled me. I do live in lower Manhattan right along the Hudson River. Am I going to die?


Now, I know... after watching Big Brother, what "the Hudson River Virus" has to do with anything.

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February 25, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: An interview with "Crazy James" gay porn co-star


"Big Brother 9" is off to a great start. Who knew this season would have so many gay tie-ins? One of the gay men might have dropped off the show, but there's always the lesbian lie -- and we can't forget James, the gay porn actor.


In true style, we decided to dig a little deeper and landed an exclusive interview with someone who co-starred in Crazy James' gay porn. James might claim to be straight, but after hearing what we've uncovered you might think twice about how straight this "Big Brother" contestant really is.

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February 24, 2008

Big Brother 9 Spoiler: Food restriction violation



After a few house guests were rushed to the hospital over the weekend, "Big Brother" lifted the slop restriction in the house for 24-hours.

Is it possible that someone violated the food restriction?

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February 23, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Two Big Brother players rushed to the ER in dramatic scene (+video)


Two "Big Brother" houseguests were rushed to the emergency room on Friday night, and all the drama was caught on the live feeds!

This information could be considered a spoiler since the show hasn't aired yet on CBS, so stop reading if you don't want advanced information about the game!

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February 22, 2008

More gay porn photos of Big Brothers' Crazy James

The "Big Brother 9" contestants are causing more drama outside the house than inside the house, and they don't even know it!

First, an Autism group requested that "Big Brother" cut Adam from the game for calling autistic children "retards." They also asked CBS to cancel "Big Brother" all together.

Then, Dirty Boy Video released a gay porn featuring "Big Brother" house guest "Crazy James" working hard for his money.

Now, our friends over at DudeTube have released these photos from James' gay porn.

The uncensored version is after the jump, and I have to warn you these are NSFW and meant for mature audiences.

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February 20, 2008

Big Brother 9: James' gay porn career!

The photos with this article are NSTFW and should only be viewed by mature audiences.

This season's "Big Brother" is packed full of scandal, and now it looks like crazy James has his some gay skeletons in his closet.

Keep reading to find out more about James' gay porn past!


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February 18, 2008

Autism group vs. Big Brother's Adam Jasinski



This season's "Big Brother" on CBS is full of controversy in a season when players have been teamed with strangers to play the game of human strategy.

As the pairs were announced Sheila, the former Penthouse model, said she was grossed out by being matched with meathead Adam.

Now Sheila isn't the only one speaking out about Adam's disgusting behavior. John Gilmore, the Executive Director of Autism United, has evidently written Viacom boss Sumner Redstone and CBS's Les Moonves asking them to throw Adam Jasinski off the show.

Adam called Autism patients "retards," and Autism United wants him evicted from the "Big Brother" house.

According to the letter, Gilmore claims CBS made a "conscious choice" in running the segment and used it for "their own personal goals."

The letter evidently calls for "Big Brother" to be canceled, and wants the show and Adam to issue an apology to people with autism.

February 16, 2008

Former houseguest Eric Stein chimes in on new Big Brother players


"Big Brother 9" is well under way, and it wouldn't be a "Big Brother" season without the opinions of previous players.

Season 8's "America's Player" Eric Stein wrote a MySpace blog ripping this year's "Big Brother" players up!

Here's what Eric had to say about the new cast of "Big Brother 9."

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Big Brother 9: Season of love quickly turns sexual


CBS has only aired two episodes of "Big Brother 9", and the house guests are already hooking up at night. Don't they realize that the cameras are always rolling?


[Photo via RealityBBQ]

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February 14, 2008

Big Brother 9: Breaking News the players are changing


There is already a mix up in the "Big Brother" house. Keep reading for the spoiler.

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February 13, 2008

Big Brother 9: Can Adam and Shelia pull it together?



"Big Brother" is back with CBS's first ever winter edition of their popular reality show.

If you saw the first episode on Tuesday night, you got to see the first good "cry of the season" when the old cougar Shelia realized she was teamed up with the unfit Adam.

Keep reading if you aren't afraid to get spoiled! Otherwise, tune into "Big Brother" on Wednesday night to find out which couple got evicted from the BB house first.

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Big Brother 9: Head of Households and the first eviction


bigbrother9logo.jpgTuesday night was the first night of "Big Brother" on CBS, and the first spring episode of the hit reality show is already full of twists and turns.

On the show, Jen and Parker won the first ever "power couple" competition giving them the power to evict the first couple of house guests from the "Big Brother" House.

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Big Brother 9: First episode review


If you haven't watched the first episode of "Big Brother 9: Til' Death Do You Part," then this could be considered a spoiler. So, stop reading if you haven't watched the first episode yet.

CBS did a good job of thoroughly introducing us to the contestants on Big Brother 9. At this point there are really way too many house guests to rattle off all of their names, so we'll get straight to the point.

The 16 house guests have been paired together in teams, and this is guaranteed to bring on the drama! To mix things up even more, CBS threw in two gay guys (Neil and Josh), a straight couple (Jen and Ryan) and a recently separated couple (Jacob and Sharon). Even better, they matched up the exes and the queers but didn't pair up the real life couple.

The drama kicked off right when Julie Chen announced the couples. The real life couple didn't get upset in the beginning, nor did the exes. It was the old cougar (Sheila) and the big goofy guy (Adam) who got pissy over their match.

Sheila totally went diva after finding out that she was matched up with Adam who "isn't her type." She went on and on about how she couldn't be Adam's 'soul mate' since he smokes and doesn't work out. I was so embarassed for Adam!

The first competition came along and rather than being a head of household competition, it was the first ever "power couple" competition. The winning team, since they're playing as couples, earned the right to evict any team.

The couples were latched together and suspended in the air. One team member was in a harness while the other just held on with their arms and legs. In the end, Jen and Parker won the first ever "power couple" competition.

The episoded ended without revealing who was eliminated. Those results will be revealed on CBS on Wednesday night. OR you can stick with us for our Big Brother coverage with multiple stories daily!

February 11, 2008

Let the Big Brother coverage begin! Meet the cast.


Finally! A gift from the writer's strike. A winter season of CBS's hit reality show "Big Brother" is here!

On Tuesday night, CBS will introduce an off-season version of their hit summer reality show to make up for the lack of programming this season as a result of the strike.

This is a win-win for "Big Brother" fans, and a money maker for CBS. "Big Brother" draws big numbers with cult-like fans (like myself) who tune in three times per week and every night to ShoToo for live feeds from the "Big Brother" House.

This season has been tagged "Big Brother: Ti' Death Do You Part" as all of the players have been paired up. They'll play the game together, win rewards together and try not to get evicted together.

Keep checking back to for daily Big Brother 9 updates.

The strike's over, when are the shows coming back?


Yippee, yippee! The writer's strike is finally over!

So, now when are the shows coming back?! has all the answers:

Gossip Girl
Upper East Siders, rejoice: "Gossip Girl" could be back as early as this spring. "The show is probably the CW's top priority," NPR TV critic David Bianculli said of the freshman drama about New York City prep school partiers. "Whatever they can get back on, they will, because they do not want to lose the young viewers who really enjoy that show." According to Georg Szalai, New York bureau chief for The Hollywood Reporter, it's in the CW's interest to satisfy fans' rabid demand for more Blair/Serena drama. "We might see some new episodes as early as this spring," he said. "It could be either before May or even June/July. It would be unusual, but it could happen."

It'll be almost a year before a new day dawns for "24." "You'll definitely not see it until next year," Szalai said. "That show traditionally comes back early in the year and it's a show that requires 24 episodes at the get-go. They won't bring it back over the summer. They'll want to run it as one big block of content next January." Plus, with Fox leading the ratings race with "American Idol," there's no reason for them to rush to get Jack Bauer up and running in '08.

"Lost" fans found new episodes of the hit ABC drama two weeks ago, but it's unclear whether they'll stumble on more when the shortened season wraps up after its eight-week run. "If they get into production now, they can probably get in a few more episodes before the season ends in May," Szalai said. But even if that happens, "Lost" may struggle to regain time lost in the remainder of the series' life. "We don't know if they're going to do the whole 48 episodes or just condense everything into a smaller number of episodes," Bianculli said.

Will Vinnie, Ari and the rest of the boys be back soon? Hopefully, and potentially as soon as this spring/summer. "'Entourage' might be fine," Bianculli said. "A strike isn't going to affect HBO as much as it affects a broadcast network with a more set rhythm." But then again, Aquaman fans are at the mercy of the cable network and its sometimes erratic programming schedules. "We've waited eight vernal equinoxes for a new 'Sopranos,' Bianculli added. "I don't know how many episodes they've produced of this season."

The Office
Good news for Dunder Mifflin fans: Michael Scott will resume mismanaging his troops in Scranton soon enough. The half-hour comedy is one of the easiest types of shows to get up and running in a short amount of time. "'The Office' you'll see back before the spring season," Szalai said. "I would assume that NBC could bring it back sometime in April, and they'll still have April and May to run new episodes."

Friday Night Lights
Fans of the high school football drama should brace themselves for a let-down. It was a surprise when NBC renewed the show for a second season last year, and it'll be a surprise if the network picks up the Emmy award-winning show, with a small but vocal fan base, again. "With 'FNL,' the question is whether NBC is going to be smart or stupid," Bianculli said. "They really may not make anymore. They may say this is enough." If NBC does renew, "FNL" will probably begin season three in September. "FNL is still finding an audience, it'll probably only come back in the fall," said Szalai. "The shows that you will see the networks bring back fastest are the ones that they won't need to promote heavily."

Family Guy
Fox's hugely popular, highly inappropriate family will probably be holed up until September. "Animated shows, once you've used up all the scripts you have, you're out for a while," Bianculli said. "They have a pipeline going normally but when you stop the pipeline and run dry, it's going to be six months until you see a new episode."

30 Rock
Like "Friday Night Lights," "30 Rock" is a critical darling, not a ratings powerhouse. But because it's a 30-minute sitcom with A-List stars like Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, it stands a good chance of making it through the writers strike alive. "It's one of those shows that's still developing a fan base," Szalai said. "It'll be interesting to see whether they decide to run more episodes this spring or just hold off on a potential return in the fall."

Grey's Anatomy
The surgeons of Seattle Grace will be back in their scrubs in no time. "'Grey's' is one of TV's biggest hits, it'll be back soon," Bianculli said. "I can't imagine a scenario in which ABC does not have 'Grey's' up in time for the May sweeps." Thank the legions of Dr. McDreamy fans for that. "It's similar to 'The Office,' an established show that viewers just can't get enough of," Szalai said. "It's a pretty safe bet for the network."

Ugly Betty
The comedy that comes before "Grey's" will probably share its fate. "It's a popular show that's not in any jeopardy about being renewed," Bianculli said. Expect more bashful Betty and wiley Wilhelmina this spring. "It'll probably take a little longer than some of the other comedies because of its more intricate production, but I would expect they'll probably bring it back by April and still run six to eight episodes," Szalai said.

How I Met Your Mother
CBS' hit sitcom will speed back to air like "The Office." "There's less lead-time needed for a sitcom like this," Szalai said. So there's a chance that CBS will bring out a few more episodes in the spring."

The fate of "Heroes" is certain: no more supernatural drama until fall. NBC announced that because of the show's high level of production, they won't roll out new episodes until September. "It's a high concept show that usually needs a bigger number of episodes to develop a storyline and it's also a very event-driven show," Szalai said. But the show, which attracted an average of 14.3 million viewers in its first season and dipped in popularity in its second, could suffer from the lag time. "It's a shame, Bianculli said, "because you have to worry about the momentum on that show."

Meanwhile, we have to deal with the backlash of the writer's strike. I am not too upset though, CBS is bring Big Brother back starting on Tuesday; and you know how we are all over Big Brother!!

February 7, 2008

CBS announces Big Brother 9 cast and twist

CBS has announced the cast of their special Spring edition of "Big Brother". The network has decided to bring back the popular reality show due to the lack of programming associated with the writers strike.

This season CBS will send 16 contestants into the "Big Brother" house and each will be paired up with another player they don't know.

The "Big Brother" teams will "sleep in the same bed, hold Head of Household as a couple, be nominated for eviction as a pair, and if the time comes, say their goodbyes together upon eviction."

The crew includes a couple of students, a paparazzi photographer, an electrician and a "bikini barista."

Julie Chen will host the show again this season. It premieres Tuesday, February 12th and will air Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights. Evictions will take place on Wednesdays starting February 20.

January 12, 2008

CBS to bring Big Brother back during writer's strike

It looks like it is going to be a reality packed winter television season, and that's good news if you're a HUGE fan of CBS' "Big Brother" like I am!

CBS has decided to bring back the popular reality show that normally takes place during the summer months in sunny California. This season's Big Brother cast may have to deal with some cooler evenings, but I'm sure CBS will be able to spice up their rundown with this sure-fire winner.

Producers are currently taking applications for the show at

The new winter version of Big Brother hosted by Julie Chen starts February 12 on CBS, airing on Tuesdays at 9p and Wednesdays and Sundays at 8p. Big Brother After Dark will also return with three hours of live feeds nightly on ShoToo.

September 18, 2007

Big Brother 8 Finale: Dick Donato takes the dough!

Tonight CBS said good-bye to Big Brother 8 crowning Dick Donato winner by a 5 to 2 vote over his daughter Danielle.

During the live one hour show, the Big Brother house guests learned that America had their own player in Eric Stein.  It was the best part of the show as it crushed some of the big egos in the jury house and humbled the final two contestants, Dick and Daniele, to a level that I can actually tolerate.

Jameka and Jen were the only two house guests who voted for Daniele.  As America's Player, Eric was required to vote for Dick, but he said he agreed with that decision.  Dustin, Amber, Zach and Jessica also gave their vote to Dick.

The first five house guests also returned to watch the winner get crowned.  Mike and Nick both looked fine again after returning home for pampering and facials, I'm sure.  Homophobic Kail was back, along with Dustin's ex-boyfriend Joe and the first evictee Carole.  They, thankfully, did not get much face time.

I hope to see that Jessica and Eric will stick together, and I hope Dick doesn't give Daniele any of that money.

I also hope that all of you who stumbled across for our Big Brother coverage will check back for daily gossip updates as well. 

September 17, 2007

Big Brother 8: The Donato Show


Dick and Daniele Donato made it to the final two on Big Brother 8, and CBS probably regrets putting the white trash father daughter combo in the house.

Dick Donato has proved to be one of the most pathetic depressed people in the world.  I almost feel sorry for him.  On Sunday's CBS show, the producers basically spent the hour making everyone hate both Dick and Daniele just a little bit more.

Big Brother recapped all of Dick's person attacks proving that he has some issues that need to be resolved after he gets out of the hampster cage.  I'm surprised he even passed a psycological exam to make it in there in the first place.

Daniele also has some serious issues, but those probably result from Dick.  Daniele was on the right track early in the game by siding with the majority of the house, then Daniele realized she needed her evil father to help her win.  He did all of her dirty work, and thanks to her the jury house hates Dick Donato.

On Tuesday night, the jury will simply have to chose the lesser of two evils.  If I had to guess, the jury will give the money to Daniele. 

If so, Dick could still get a huge slap in the face.  Daniele hasn't even agreed to continue talking to her father outside the house.  It would nice to see her take the money and run.

The jury will chose the winner of Big Brother 8 on Tuesday night live on CBS.

September 13, 2007

Big Brother Spoiler: The Final HoH, Part 2 complete

The final Head of Household competition started on Tuesday following CBS's special live eviction show.

The winner of the first round will face the winner of the second round to see who becomes the final HoH.

Keep reading to find out which two house guests will face off to become the final Big Brother 8 Head of Household.

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September 12, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Final HoH, part 1 winner


On Tuesday night, Big Brother sent Jameka packing as Daniele removed her father Dick from the eviction block.  Daniele said she returned the favor since Dick removed saved her with the Power of Veto earlier this season.  In return, Dick evicted Jameka who replaced him as the nominee.

The final Head of Household competition started during Tuesday's live show.  As usual, the final HoH will be a three part competition.  The winner of the first leg will advance to the third round while the losers of the first leg battle it out in the second heat to see who takes on the winner of the first round.

The first part of the competition is over.  Keep reading to see who got advanced to the last round of the final HoH.

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September 9, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Should Dick be disqualified for cheating?

Evel Dick and his equally evil daughter Daniele have wreaked a whole new havoc in the Big Brother house this week.  I guess that is the price that comes with being under the stress of winning a half million.

However, Dick may have reached an all time low this time. 

Keep reading to find out why many Big Brother fans feel like Dick Donato should be disqualified for cheating following a letter from home that he was given after winning the Head of Household competition during Thursday night's live show on CBS.

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September 8, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The final Power of Veto ceremony winner is...

It has been a busy week for the Big Brother house guests.  On Thursday, both Jessica and Eric were sent to the jury house as Dick won HoH and Zach won the PoV.

Now, there's a new head of household, two new nominees and a power of veto winner.

Keep reading to see who won what...

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Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The final four- and the nominees are...

Big Brother 8 is down to the final four contestants.  Daniele, Dick, Jameka and Zach are the only four houseguests remaining.

After Thursday's live show on CBS, a new Head of Household was crowned.  Their new nominees went on the block Friday.  Keep reading for the results.


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September 7, 2007

Big Brother 8: New HoH, new targets, new favorites


Within less than an hour (on Thursday's live show), Dick and Daniele went from America's favorites to the viewers least favorites on Big Brother 8 as they stabbed America's Player Eric and his love interest Jessica in the back.

Now there's a new Head of Household, new targets for eviction and new favorites in the game.  Keep reading to get all of the new information!

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Big Brother 8: America's Player and his love interest evicted

Thursday night's live show was probably the most exciting episode of Big Brother this season.  CBS put things in fast foward and eliminated two houseguests in one hour.

At the beginning of the hour, Jessica was evicted after Dick and Danielle stabbed Eric and Jess in the back.  By the end of the show, Eric was evicted too.

If you didn't see the show, Danielle and Dick threw all of their ethics out the window by stabbing their alliance in the back and deciding to keep Zach and Jameka rather than Jessica and Eric.

After Jessica was evicted, the Big Brother viewers were clearly disappointed in the two players who basically seemed like America's favorites, Dick and Danielle.  Dick became head of household during the live show and nominated Eric and Jameka. Right after the HoH, we found out that the viewers voted (during the live show) for Eric to target Danielle for eviction.  Wow, America really turned their back on their little blonde sweetheart didn't they.  I guess they realized that Eric was trying to do what America wanted, and that Daniele is just a bitch.

Zach won the Power of Veto and stood before Eric and Jameka to tell them that he had to stick with "his group" and not use the power to remove one of them from the chopping block.  In the end, Eric was voted out.

If you ask me, it is going to be a pretty boring show from here on out!

It will be interesting to see how the jury house votes in the end.  Jameka will win the game if she makes it to the final two.  There is no way that Jen, Dustin, Amber and Eric will vote for either Dick or Daniele to win Big Brother 8!

The best part of the show was when Eric told Jessica that he loved her in his good-bye message.  After he was evicted, America's Player said his relationship with Jessica was not a showmance insinuating that he wants more to come in the future!

September 6, 2007

Big Brother 8: Who should go, Jessica or Jameka?


It's Thursday again, and that means it is eviction day in the Big Brother 8 house.  Zach has nominated Jessica and Jameka for eviction, and even though she won the power to veto one of his nominations, Daniele chose to leave Jessica and Jameka on the block.

The decision this week lies in the hands of the Donatos, Dick and Daniele.  The estranged father-daughter allies are also supposed to be in an alliance with Jessica and America's Player Eric.  At this point, however, we aren't sure whether they will stick to that alliance or stab Eric and Jessica in the back.

Dick has said he plans to "strike a deal" with Jameka just before the eviction ceremony and potentially vote to evict Jessica. 

In the past weeks, America has instructed Eric to do whatever Daniele wanted.  I think the viewers like Daniele, because she reminds them of Janele.  I'm not a huge fan of Dick and Daniele, but I might like Daniele if Dick wasn't there.  This week the viewers may not get to guide Eric to vote with Dick and Daniele.  The voting has already closed, and at the last minute Dick may just stab all of his allies in the back.

Who do you think should go?

September 4, 2007

Big Brother 8: Janelle's off camera response to Eric's remarks


If you watched Big Brother 8 Tuesday night on CBS, then you witness Janelle Pierzina's cameo as she hosted the Power of Veto ceremony.  In addition to reminding us that she holds the PoV record by winning seven in one season, Janelle also got completely insulted by America's Player Eric Stein.

Eric made a joke about a photo of Janelle on a jumbo-TV.  Evidently America's Player thought Janelle looked a little large on the big screen and said the photo must have been taken before "the weight loss."

Now, Janelle is blogging her side of the story on her official fan site.  Yes, she really has her very own fan site. 

"People need to give it a rest. I realize Eric has alot of fans, but random strangers calling my mothers business and saying I screwed up the game is ridiculous. I have done no such thing. Let me clarify for the haters exactley what went down.
I was super excited to be able to host a veto competition and was even more excited when I saw the set was pink. Big Brother told me that I would get to meet the houseguests and wasn't allowed to talk about the game or tell anyone I hated them or anything like that. They said have lots of fun with it and have a good time. Before I was reveiled to the houseguests I was hiding behind a screen. There was a short video clip of me winning all the vetos. All the houseguests were excited it was a video of me...except Eric. He said oh Janelle meets miss Piggy oh goodie. Three seconds after that I was signaled to walk in front of them. Even though Eric made that nasty comment pretty much to my face I smiled and greeted everyone. I am a buxom blonde and no one will ever change that no matter how nasty they may be. I heard Jameka say oh oh Eric, and he was shaking like a chihuaha. He was obviously not very comfortable with me being there but I was having a great time. I wasn't going to let anyone ruin the pink veto competition and this very special night. The houseguests went one by one each competing in the morphomatic. I cheered for each and everyone of the. I was really awkward though because it was just me and them behind the screen, with me cheering them on. I said things like. "yeah" "good job" "go" to whoever was competing, and let me tell you I felt like such a nerd! lol I said the same thing for each houseguests and didn't want to play favorites. In between takes I had a little talking with the houseguests. Dick started flirting with me asking if I was engaged. When I told him no I wasn't he goes " oh good so there's hope for me" lol Oh Dick your such a beefcake! Embarassed
After Dani competed she told me your my favorite, and I told her "oh gosh I love you" Which just kind of came out. I talked with Zack briefly about music. he asked if I still listened to Trance and Tiesto. I said of course. They asked me if I knew what saftey meant. I said no I didn't . They asked if I knew any codes. And I told them yes I knew what 153 meant. I saw it on the show last week. After they competed they had to go inside so Big Brother could tallie the results. Before going in Dick asked me if I wanted a cigerette I told him yes I would and asked if he would mind lighting me up. I haven't smoked in awhile but man are his cigs harsh. I prefer something a bit lighter. The houseguests came back outside to see who won. After it was revieled I put the veto on Dani's neck and told her she's well on her way to becoming the next veto queen. I hugged each and everyone of them and told them good luck in the game. Everyone! When I hugged Dick I told him he was hot and smelled nice. lol
Honestley Eric is the only houseguest that didn't try to talk to me. hmmmmmm. For everyone out there that says I went in there to trash Eric SCREW YOU. I was so damn nice to him even though he had said I was Obese and Miss Piggy. Mind you I heard this and was hiding but in ear shot. Perhaps the houseguests read into things too much. But what everyone is not realizing is that Eric was the one giving me the cold shoulder. I was cheering him on! So maybe that's why they think I "hate" Eric. They know that I heard what he said. How could I not? Anyway sorry to ramble but I wanted to share this fun experience with you all. I'm not going to let a bunch of bitter Eric fans ruin my parade. I didn't do s**t to Eric's game. He has made bad descisions in the game so don't blame me for his mistakes. I know you want someone to blame for Eric's shitty week, but please leave me out of it. I was a wonderful veto host and treated everyone fairly."

Do I need fans to start my own fan site?

September 2, 2007

Big Brother 8: Are you willing to pay to chill with Mike Dutz?


I know I'm hooked on Big Brother a bit more than the average gay, but I don't think I would pay anyone money to hang out with anyone.

If you're a bigger Big Brother 8 fan than me, then you might be interested in Mike Dutz's latest MySpace blog.  The Big Brother reject is taking bids for fans to hang out with him. 

For the fans -A chance to spend time with me on finale night and at wrap party

Ok, here is the deal...I've decided to auction off to the highest bidder the opportunity to hang with me Sep 17-21.  This happens to fall during finale night on Big Brother (Sep18) and the wrap party (Sep 20).  So you will have the opportunity to come to those as my guest.  If you are local, and are only available the 18th and 20th, thats fine.  If you're not local, and need the 17th and 21st as travel time to and from LA, then I can work on getting reduced rates for flight and hotel worked out.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I will be accepting payment via paypal immediately after you are notified of being the lucky one!  This is being done in part to fund a trip to Toronto next week to visit a terminally ill fan/friend who only has about 2 weeks left to live.  So, I will only have the bidding open until 12 noon Pacific Time on Tuesday Sep 4th.  You can bid by simply sending me an email or journal comment that can be posted for others to see.  At that time I will be going through all emails to determine who will be the lucky one!  Thanks

Seems a bit conceited, but who am I to judge?!  But isn't it considered 'escorting' when someone pays you to hang out with you?

September 1, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The nominees and the PoV winner

After an endurance Head of Household challenge, Zach walked away with his first HoH on Big Brother 8. 

Zach has told Daniele and Dick that his plan is to nominate Jameka and Jessica with the intent to back door Eric.  However, if Eric won the Power of Veto, then both he and Jessica would be safe.

Keep reading to find out who is nominated and who won the PoV competition!

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August 31, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The HoH Endurance is over! Here is the HoH!

For those of you in New York reading this before 1:35am on Friday, this is a major spoiler.  Stop reading now if you don't want to be spoiled!

By a vote of 3-1, Amber was evicted from the Big Brother 8 house on Thursday night.  Her only vote came from Jameka.

When the live show on CBS ended, the hamsters were trying to fill 16 gallon containers using a 3 ounce teacup.  Keep reading to see who the new HoH is!

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August 30, 2007

Big Brother 8: Who should go home this week?

It's eviction day in the Big Brother 8 house.  As Head of Household, Jessica has nominated Amber and Zach for eviction.

Who do you think should go home this week?

Amber - the antisematic cry baby quasi Christian Bible beater from Las Vegas, NV


Zach - the ugly 30-year old bunny suit addict from Burbank, CA

You decide!

August 29, 2007

Big Brother 8: Meet the other woman in Eric's life


There has been a lot of talk in the Big Brother house recently about the other woman in America's Player, Eric Stein's life... outside the house.  We all know that his relationship with fellow houseguest Jessica has turned out to be the showmance this season, but what we have just discovered is that Eric has another woman outside the Big Brother house.

Eric's other woman's name is Cheryl.  The folks at RealityBBQ dug up these photos of Eric and Cheryl together.

This Thursday, Cheryl will make her Big Brother 8 debut as she is interviewed about how Eric is playing the game.  Click here to get a sneak peak!

August 26, 2007

Big Brother SPOILER: The Power of Veto Winner

The Power of Veto competition was held on Saturday in the Big Brother house.  Will Jessica's nominations stay the same? 

Here are the results of the Veto battle!

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August 25, 2007

Big Brother SPOILER: Jessica's nominees announced


Jessica is in the midst of her second rein as Head of Household on Big Brother 8.  America gets to pick who Eric should target for nomination.

Did Eric complete his 16th task?

Who did Jessica nominate?

It's all in today's Big Brother 8 Spoiler!

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August 24, 2007

Big Brother 8: Daniele and Amber to appear on Power of 10


CBS is trying to help out their new lackluster game show Power of 10 by cross promoting with two players from their successful summer reality series Big Brother.

Two Big Brother 8 house guests competed in a competition where they won the power to save one of their house guests from being booted from the game and the opportunity to leave the house to appear on Power of 10.

In the Power of Veto competition Daniele, obviously one of the viewers favorites, will compete against Amber, obviously one of the least popular players.

You can tune in to see Daniele and Amber on the Power of 10 this Tuesday at 8pm EST on CBS.  If Daniele beats Amber and gets to play for the big bucks, then we'll also see a cameo by her "boyfriend" in the Big Brother house former football player Nick Starevic.

The next episode of Big Brother follows Power of 10 on Tuesday at 9pm EST.

August 23, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Did Eric blow his cover as America's Player?


As all the Big Brother 8 fans know, Eric is one of the twists as "America's Player."  His strategy and voting are both carried out based upon the viewer's votes.

His job is to keep his twist a secret and complete the tasks along the way.  He banks $10K for every task he completes.

But has Eric blown his cover this week?

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Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Who will go? Jameka or Jen?


As we all know Daniele yanked Amber off the block going against her own nominations to back door Jen. 

Since Jen has gone on the block she has gone somewhat crazy.

The big question is:  Who will go?  Jameka or Jen?

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August 22, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Is Jen blackmailing the game?


So as we first told you last week, it seems as though Jen knows about Eric as America's Player.  As the story goes, Jen found Eric's assignment from America in the diary room.

Many wondered if Big Brother planted the card on purpose.  If they did, you can guarantee they are regretting it now.

Earlier this week, Jen got a penalty nomination for next week that was later revolked (as Misty Firestone reported).  Instead, Jen got a penalty vote towards this week's vote.

Why did Big Brother revoke her penalty nod and replace it with a vote? 

If I had to guess, Jen is playing the game-makers.  If she does know about Eric and agrees to keep his America's Player status a secret, Big Brother will probably give her whatever she wants.

I guess we'll find out on Thursday when Jen is eliminated.

August 21, 2007

New Judgement Handed Down from Producers?

Has there been a New Penalty Judgement Handed Down?  Find Out!

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A Full Week of Penalites Ahead for Big Brother?

Is there a Full Week of Penalties Ahead for One of the Houseguest's?  Find out by Clicking into this Story!

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Big Brother Breaking News SPOILER: The first penalty nomination

A major altercation occurred in the Big Brother House on Monday evening, and a house guest was given a penalty nomination.

Keep reading to find you who has been cited the first Big Brother penalty nomination.

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August 20, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: the Power of Veto ceremony results


Daniele is the Head of Household for the second time on Big Brother 8, and she has fulfilled her promise to her father Dick, Eric and Amber to run their alliance to the final four.

Daniele has nominated Amber and Jameka for eviction, but her real target is Jen.  Keep reading to find out the details of this week's Golden Power of Veto.

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August 18, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The Power of Veto


The Power of Veto competition took place in the Big Brother 8 on Saturday.  With Daniele as Head of Household, the next move is unpredictable.

Let's see who won the PoV, and let's get your opinion... will the PoV winner use it to change Daniele's nominees for eviction?

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Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Does Jen know about 'America's Player?'

For the first time ever on reality TV, America has a player that they can control in the Big Brother 8 house.  Now, rumor has it that Jen may know about Eric.

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Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Daniele's nominees for eviction

As we saw on Thursday night's live show on CBS, the Big Brother house guests evicted Dustin by a vote of 4 to 2. 

Eric and Jessica have struck a deal with Daniele and Dick to form an alliance in hopes of becoming the final four contestants.  As America's Player, Eric's strategy is much smarter now.  He knew America would tell him to vote for Dustin so he joined Daniele, Zach and Jen in voting to keep Evil Dick in the house.

Now, Daniele is the Head of Household and nominations took place on Friday.  Who is on the chopping block for eviction in the Big Brother House?

Take an advanced tour of Daniele's HoH room:

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August 14, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Dick or Dustin, who should go?


The cat's out of the bag, if you haven't been reading the BIG BROTHER SPOILERS or watching the live feeds, Dick used the Power of Veto on his daughter Daniele.  As a replacement nominee, Jessica nominated Dustin.  Dustin believes he is the pawn, but what Dustin doesn't know is that the viewers are controlling Eric's vote.

Dustin asked Jessica to put him for eviction against Dick so that he could be the one who got him out.  In the last minute we found out that Jessica was questioning Eric and Dustin.  Jen has Jessica thinking that Dustin has a deal with Dick, and as Eric was trying to complete his America's Player task of giving Jessica the silent treatment she starting questioning him too.

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Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Who is going home?!


Jessica has nominated Dick and Daniele for eviction, and if you've been keeping up on our Big Brother Spoiler reports then you know that the Veto Competition and Ceremony have already taken place. 

If you need to catch up, check out these links:

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August 12, 2007

Janelle Not the Banner Culprate!

Click into this story to get full details on this story.

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Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The Power of Veto competition


A lot happens in the Big Brother House between Thursday and Sunday's shows.  By the time the Sunday show starts at 8pm on CBS, the Head of Household nominates two houseguests for eviction and six house guests compete for the Power of Veto.

This week was no different.  Jessica has made her nominees, but will they stick after the Power of Veto competition?  Keep reading for the spoiler and find out who won the PoV.

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August 10, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Jessica's nominees are...


Jessica's reign in the Big Brother house has only just begun, and despite the fact that it keeps America's Player Eric safe... the forums are an uproar over her nominations.


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August 9, 2007

Big Brother 8: America's Player is still in the game


During Thursday's Live show on CBS, a lot went down in the Big Brother 8 house. 

I was shocked and appalled by Amber's blow-up, but I don't really agree with the way America's Player Eric is playing the game either.  However, I am proud of Amber for keeping her word and voting to evict Kail.

Since Kail got the boot and Eric is still in the game, we have to just hope that America isn't stupid enough to remain goo-goo over Daniele.  Dick has ruined her chances in the house, and those who are voting on Eric's task have to remember that he can't keep screwing over his alliances.  I agree that it would be cool to make it really juicy, since we have control for the first time.  I just think we need to wait until much later in the game to stir things up.

I am really glad that Jessica won Head of Household.  She deserves it, and it will be a good chance to get rid of Dick.  I just hope they seize the opportunity!  He has yet to win anything, so I seriously doubt that he can win the power of veto. 

This could be a great week in the Big Brother house!

August 8, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Amber bashes New Yorkers and Jews


Big Brother 8's crying wonder Amber bashed both Jews and New Yorkers earlier this week while talking with fellow house guest Jameka.  I wonder if this will make the show on CBS?

After making multiple anti-sematic remarks saying her mother and sister told her you can tell when people are Jewish based on "their last name" and "by their nose."  Amber added, "How typical?  He's from New York, people from New York are fucked up!"

You know what Amber, fuck you!  I almost liked Amber for a hot minute, but now I have realized she is simply a stupid bitch.  Her fag, Dustin, better dump her in this game before she gets more diarhea of the mouth and gets herself booted from the Big Brother game!

Welcome to the Stupid Bitches Club, Amber.  Cry about that fatty.

Big Brother 8 beefcake Nick Starcevic free and blogging

The Big Brother 8 heart throb Nick Starcevic was booted from the Big Brother house on Thursday leaving his showmance with Daniele Donato behind.

Now, Nick is seemingly trying to get back to real life.  He wrote a blog on his MySpace page telling his online buddies that he was trying to catch on up on his instant online stardom.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Messages and Friend Requests...

    Hey everyone... Thanks for all the support and interest... I have over 3000 messages so I'm trying to get to them all as soon as possible ... I will however get to them all eventually so sorry if it takes forever...Appreciate everything...

2:09 PM - 55 Comments - 55 Kudos - Add Comment

As you can tell by the 55 comments and kudos, the fans don't mind.

We're still waiting on our interview.

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Is the America's Player twist over?


Daniele and Dick continue to rattle the Big Brother 8 house.  Even though Daniele is Head of Household, Dick seems to be helping to call the shots.

On Sunday night's show on CBS,  Jen used the Power of Veto to remove herself from the nomination block.  Daniele replaced Jen with Eric, America's Player.

Keep reading to find out the breaking news in the Big Brother house.

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August 6, 2007

Big Brother grounds pilot over banners


The folks behind Big Brother have grounded a pilot who flies message banners to houseguests over the reality show's set.

Even though Jerry Hider of Blue Yonder Air isn't the person who pulled the message that aired on Sunday's show, lawyers for Endemol USA Inc. sent a cease and desist letter anyway.

They simply want Jerry to stop flying his plane over the Big Brother 8 house.  Endemol says the banners violate a "tort of intentional interference of an advantageous business relationship."  In other words, he is ruining the game.

"It's always great to have fans that are this engaged and passionate about 'Big Brother.' However, we also need to protect the integrity of the competition, which does not allow any outside influence on the houseguests who are sequestered from the public broadcast and therefore unaware of some of the secret twists in the show," according to a statement from CBS.

As we reported earlier, Big Brother 8 HQ operator Misty Firestone says that former Big Brother contestant Janelle Pierza is behind the banner that went over the BB8 House on Thursday that read, "We  Nick!  Amber & Eric Lies. LNC= Nerdherd."

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The Power of Veto ceremony

The Power of Veto ceremony took place on Monday in the Big Brother House.  With Jen and Kail on the block for the third time in a row, and all of the drama going on in the house... it's untelling who will go home!

Keep reading to find out if the winner of the PoV used it, and if so who are the new nominees.

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Big Brother 8: Who flew that banner over the house?

An aspect of the Big Brother game that has never been revealed to viewers on CBS before was brought to light on Sunday night's show.

For years, fans have flown planes toating banners across "the back yard" and over a production lot in California.  The banners have done such things as shown their hate for the "Nerd Herd Alliance" headed by Big Brother 6 winner Maggie or tried to warn house guests about twists. 

On Thursday night during the Head of Household competition, someone paid to have an airplane fly over the house that read, We  Nick!  Amber & Eric Lies. LNC= Nerdherd."  If you saw the show, you saw how upset it made Eric. 

According the master mind behind Big Brother 8 HQ, Misty Firestone, the houseguests were required to put bags over their head in an attempt to hide the banner before just giving up.

They made the Hg's wear bags over their heads, till they couldnt breathe anymore... lol. Then made them get down on the ground, face down, to wear they couldnt see it," Misty says.

But who ordered that "banner plane" to go by the house on Thursday?  Misty says the banner could be the product of players from previous Big Brother seasons.

"I also found out that Janelle (from Season 6 & 7) and her rich friends are the ones that flew the plane over.  They hired 30 banner planes to fly over the house till someone saw it, and what better time for the HG's to see it, while they are doing an endurance competition (sic)," Misty added.

Update: Misty is also our special Big Brother Coorespondent, and she wrote an article to clarify where she got this information. Click here to check out Misty's response.

August 4, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The power of veto winner


If you haven't been reading these Big Brother 8 Spoiler reports since the live show ended on Thursday night, then you have some catching up to do...

  1. There's a new Head of Household - click here to find out who is in charge.
  2. The new HoH has nominated to houseguests for eviction -- click here to find out who.
  3. The Veto competition was held on Saturday -- keep reading to find out who won!

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Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Who is nominated now?


Julie Chen left us in limbo on Thursday night as to who the next Big Brother Head of Household will be. 

However, we now know there's a new HoH... keep reading to find out which Big Brother house guests they have nominated for eviction.

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August 3, 2007

Big Brother SPOILER: Who won the 1st endurance HoH?

As we all know, Big Brother 8 hottie Nick Starcevic was evicted from the BB8 house on Thursday, but the show left us hanging with the season's first Head of Household endurance challenge.

Keep reading to find out who is the new Head of Household in the Big Brother 8 house!

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July 30, 2007

Big Brother 8 Spoiler: The Nomination Ceremony

Dustin has nominated Jen and Kail for eviction.

If you've been reading the Big Brother 8 reports, then you know that the veto competition was held over the weekend.  The veto ceremony took place Monday.

Keep reading to find out if the veto was used.

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July 29, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The PoV competition, can Dustin's noms save themself

The gay guy is in charge in the Big Brother 8 house.  We already know who Dustin has nominated, but can either of his nominees save themselves?

Keep reading to find out who the Power of Veto this week in the Big Brother house.

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Big Brother 8: Mike is back home and blogging


Mike Dutz is back at home after being the second person voted out of the Big Brother 8 house. 

Finding a whole new stardom outside the house, the hottie is addressing his fans through his MySpace blog.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My 1st blog after life in the Big Brother house

Hey everyone I'm back!!!  Well it sucks I'm not in the running any longer but I'm glad to be out of the hamster cage and able to communicate once again!  I've been super busy having only been back home now for 24 hours.  I just wanted to touch base with everyone really quickly and say thank you for watching, supporting, and standing behind me.  I havnt had a chance to watch the episodes yet, but I dont think a lot of the things I was involved in the house was aired on CBS.  I think some of the stuff was on Showtime and on the live feeds on the internet.  They portrayed me as this man of mystery when in fact I had a great insight on what was going down.  I dont think many of my great predictions, conversations, and insight was shown...perhaps throwing off this image labeled on me by the show.  I'll be sure to write a blog containing much more insight to this in the future.  But I just wanted to say thanks for all the comments and requests...keep them coming and I'll be sure to get in touch with everyone.  Just please know it may take some times to go through all the emails on top of all the craziness from coming off the show.  Thanks!!!

WOWza, I can't wait until Mike watches the show to see how big of a snake his loyal alliance member Kail was!  I'll be looking out for his next blog just in case!

July 27, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Dustin's nominations for eviction (video)


The gay is in control on Big Brother 8!  I told you... it's the Year of the Gay!

Dustin has nominated two of his fellow house guests for eviction, as per his duties as Head of Household. 

Keep reading to find out who Dustin wants to send packing from the Big Brother house and watch the video of the nominees chatting after the announcement.

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July 26, 2007

Big Brother 8: The Gay Head of Household

On Thursday's live show, the house guests said good-bye to Mike for good and said good-bye to Evil Dick as the Head of Household.

In this week's HoH competition, the house guests answered questions about the past that involved the evicted house guests.  When the Big Brother player got the questions correct, they got to eliminate one of their house guests from the Head of Household competition.

Eric, America's Player, was doing very well until he jumped the gun and answered a question wrong after not listening to the question in its entirety.  The exciting thing about Eric as Head of Household is that Big Brother viewers will get to vote for who Eric should nominate for eviction.

In the end, Dustin and Jameka were the last two standing before Dustin answered the final question correctly to become the new Head of Household.

Big Brother 8: Who got evicted on week 3?

On Thursday night's live show on CBS, the Big Brother 8 house guests voted to evict Mike.  By a vote of 7 to 2, Mike was the third person evicted from the house.

This is how the BB8 Players voted:

To evict Mike:  Jameka, Jen, Dustin, Amber, Nick, Danielle and Amber

To evict Kail:  Zach and America's Player Eric (his vote is voted by viewers who text or vote at

I have to wonder if this was the best strategy for the Big Brother house guests.  Kail is a very strong player, but she isn't very smart about her game.  She has told the most lies in the house, and she seems dead-set on a strong alliance.

Still, somehow the house guests have decided to send Mike packing.

July 23, 2007

Big Brother 8: The Power of Veto Ceremony, does Dick need a new nominee?


Dick is the Head of Household, and his nominees are Kail and Jen.  However, the Power of Veto has been won and the ceremony took place today.

Keep reading to find whether or not Dick had to replace one of his nominees for eviction.

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Big Brother's Dr. Will Kirby takes on Dr. 90210


For all of you Big Brother fans who are having withdrawls from one of the show's sexiest players of all time, Dr. Will Kirby, don't worry. 

The hottie doctor is making his debut on Dr. 90210 as it returns for another season Mon., July 30, at 10 p.m. on E!

According to his website, Dr. Will practices clinical and cosmetic dermatology.  His site also says that Will's medical practice is limited to diseases & surgery of the skin, hair, and nails with an emphasis on facial cosmetic enhancement and complexion enrichment.

"By reversing the signs of skin aging I help patients obtain the glowing complexion they had in their youth. I want them to look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside," says Kirby.

For a video preview of what sexy Dr. Will has to offer, click here.

July 21, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The PoV will Dicks' noms stick?

The third Power of Veto ceremony took place in the Big Brother 8 house today.

If you've been keeping up, you know that Dick has already nominated two house guests for nomination.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Dick has to come up with another nominee!

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Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Evil Dick's nominations for eviction


On Thursday night's live show on CBS, Big Brother 8 crowned its third Head of Household giving Dick the power to nominate two of his houseguests for eviction.

This wild card's nominees are already on block.  Keep reading to find out who Dick wants out of the Big Brother house.

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July 20, 2007

Big Brother 8: Joe evicted, here are his thoughts.

As you probably know by now, the most annoying gay guy on Big Brother 8 was eliminated last night.

Joe Barber entered the Big Brother House after having been a big fan of the show for a while! Joe didn't only get himself cast on the game, but he also got his estranged ex-boyfriend Dustin on the show as well.

Dustin remains in the house while Joe said good-bye to his Big Brother 8 housemates last night.

Today, he is working the gab circuit.  Here's an interview from the folks over at

Q. Mark ( Big Brother has to be one of the most popular Reality shows on air and online, how did you find out about the casting call; from the web, a friend, or online?
A. Joe Barber: Big Brother 8:: I have been a big fan of Big Brother for many season.. I am a smart, good looking guy with something to offer. . I checked it online at and sent my application in on the very last night that applications were being accepted… I was so proud that I actually saw something from start to finish.

Q. Mark: Big Brother is in its’ eighth season. Have you watched previous seasons; and if so what was your favorite and who is your favorite Houseguest from any of the prior seasons?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: I really liked them all. . Its’ like family, you love them all in different ways, but the twin twist in season 5 was a great idea for CBS and out of the box My favorite past houseguest was the beautiful and wonderful Janelle!!!

Q. Mark: What did it feel like once you knew you were going to be part of the cast?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: It felt pretty amazing going from my couch watching Big Brother to actually being on it, it has been a surreal experience. It was life changing. It is very fulfilling to be a fan and then be part of the show.

Q. Mark: Who did you most admire and/or look up to in the house?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: My favorites are Eric and Jessica, I like Jameka as well . I loved hanging out with Erica and Jessica. They both make me laugh. Eric comes up with crazy funny ideas and scenarios.

Q. Mark: Was there anyone in the Big Brother 8 house that you tried to stay clear of besides Dustin?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: Dustin: Amber started to get on my nerves the last few days in house. She portrays herself as honest, but she does things behind peoples’ backs. I am looking forward to seeing if she keeps her integrity or buckles.

Q. Mark: Were you aware of the alliances?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: I knew there was the “Mrs. Robinson Alliance”. There was the little mafia alliance that I tried to make. It is still really early in the game, alliances are made and broken. As time goes by stronger alliances will be made.

Q. Mark: Who do you think will be the last two houseguests standing?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: It’s hard to get a realistic idea this early in the game. I would love to see Jessica and Jameka or Jessica and Eric. If people don’t get rid of Dick now he may be there also, and the same goes for Danielle.

Q. Mark: What do you think your biggest mistake was that led to your eviction this early in the game?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: There is not one single situation I can point tp that I could have changed. Anyone put up against Evil Dick was going home. If I could have changed anything I would have not talked about Dustin in such a negative way and now I realize I should have kept it to myself.

Q. Mark Now that you are our of the house. what did you think about Eric being America’s player, is he suited for this?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: I Love it! I think is brilliant and the best twist they have had in years. It’s great to bring viewers in and it’s like they are unofficial houseguests.

Q. Mark Will you vote now that you are out of the house?
A. Joe - I will vote for Eric. He is friends with everyone and he is so wacky that if he got caught doing anything behind anyone’s back he would say,” Hey guys I’m Eric,” and no one would really think poorly of him.

Q. Mark: Talk to me about Jen, I don’t watch the feeds and I know there is alot of editing going on, but is she as far out there as we think she is?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: That’s not editing, Jen inhabits her own world, the Jen world. Anything that has happened in all human history has to do with Jen, She is self absorbed. I know she regrets putting me up against Dick.

Q. Mark: What do think about Dick being HOH, what’s going to go down?
A. Joe Barber, Big Brother 8: Well you know Evil Dick is Evil Dick. He is going to go one of two ways. He will put up Jen and Kail up on the block, which is obvious or turn it upside down and so something completely different.

Q. Mark: Can fans find you on Myspace?
A. Joe Barber - Big Brother 8: I don’t have a myspace but I do have a Facebook account. Anyone can find my by looking for Joe Barber.

Who other than my 70-year old father doesn't have a MySpace?  Get with it Joe?! 

Then again, after his behavior on the show it's not like Joe has any "fans" anyway!

July 18, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: What happened to alliances?


On Sunday night's show, Daniele used the Veto to remove herself from the nomination block.  When Jen put Joe up for eviction in Daniele's place, the downfall to the alliances began.

You might be surprised how things are lining up in the house.  Enjoy today's Big Brother 8 spoiler!

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July 17, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Did Daniele use the veto?


Daniele is shaping up to be one hell of a competitor on Big Brother 8.  No wonder she is always being compared to Janelle.

She has won both vetos so far.  Keep reading to find out if she used this one.  If so, Jen had to nominate someone to replace her.

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July 16, 2007

Big Brother 8 Incase You Missed It: Magnus vs Kragnus



Incase you missed Big Brother 8's production of Magnus vs. Kragnus, I had to fill you in on this battle of the heart throbs!

Everyone knows I am totally head over heals for Nick (Kragnus), but now that Mike (Magnus) is showing off his goods a little... I'm starting to love him too!

Recently, Nick and Mike competed to see who was the strongest man in the Big Brother 8 house as Magnus and Kragnus  (commentary in the video here provided by Zach and Dustin). 

Dustin (Diagnus) also impressed the gay bloggers at Towlerod too.  Keep reading to find out why!

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Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Taking down the Mrs. Robinson alliance


Big Brother 8 is just getting underway and with Carol evicted and Jen as HoH, you better expect the unexpected!

Now, someone is trying to take down the Mrs. Robinson... you may not have expected this and you may never believe who is trying to take down BB8's first alliance!

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July 14, 2007

Big Brother 8: Second PoV winner!


As the new Head of Household in the Big Brother house, Jen has nominated two of her fellow houseguests for eviction.

On Saturday, Big Brother held the second Power of Veto competition.  This spoiler report has the winner!

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Big Brother 8: Second nominations *SPOILER*

The nanny is in control of the Big Brother 8 house!  Jen won the Head of Household competition during Thursdays live show on CBS.

On Friday, Jen made her nominations for eviction, and her nominations may (or may not) surprise you!

Here's the full spoiler update!

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July 13, 2007

Big Brother 8: Video of Dick cursing off Jen *Spoiler*

Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7 All Stars were both two season known for their great fights mainly because Howie wasn't afraid to scream at the women when needed.

This year it looks like Evil Dick is the one who isn't afraid to verbally assault the women of Big Brother 8.  The big question is, is it part of his strategy.

We labeled this as a spoiler, because it hasn't aired yet.  It doesn't spoil the story line unless you didn't already know that Dick thinks Jen is a bitch!

Big Brother 8: America has the power!

I am such a reality TV show junky, that I got giddy when Eric casted his vote on Big Brother 8 saying, "America, we vote to evict Carol."  My eyes are getting teary thinking about it.

At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to like Eric as America's Player, but I am really started to like him the more and more that I watch Big Brother on CBS, the live feeds and on SHOTOO's Big Brother After Dark.  It's like Big Brother all the time! 

Until midnight PST, America can vote at on who Eric should sway the new HoH Jen to nominate for eviction.  I voted for Joe! 

Exercise your right to vote America!

July 12, 2007

Big Brother hottie Nick Starcevic's gay strategy

Nick Starcevic is definitely this year's Big Brother heart throb and it also seems that he using that as a part of his strategy.  But how could a straight guy be so comfortable with his gay tendencies?

As we mentioned before in the article titled, "Big Brother's Nick Starcevic has a gay past," Nick admitted to giving oral sex to another guy. 

Now, there is even talk that Nick let Dustin massage him down below (through his clothes of course) and he even let Dustin's ex-boyfriend Joe "dry hump" him.

In this video, Nick even admits that he has a "Top 5 Guys" who he would screw list.  Now that's interesting. 

You have to admit that whether he's gay or straight, he's still as hot as hell!

Enjoy the view of Big Brother's Nick Starcevic, possible homo.  {Fingers are crossed!}



[Photos compliments of Big Brother 8 HQ]

Big Brother 8 Spoiler: The Mrs. Robinson Alliance

The first Big Brother 8 alliance formed between Kail, Zach, Mike and Nick has a name.  Their alliance has been tagged the Mrs. Robinson Alliance. 

How long can they stay together as one member is having second thoughts?

How long will it take for them to be exposed in the house?

Keep reading for some of those answers.

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July 11, 2007

Big Brother 8: America helps Eric decide who to evict

America's Player Eric has received his second challenge on Big Brother 8.  This time, Eric will get advice by viewer's votes as to whom he should evict from the house - Carol or Amber.

Eric is playing the Big Brother game with a whole new twist.  Known as America's Player, Eric will receive challenges based on popular vote via text and the web.  For each task that Eric completes, he wins $10,000.

Big Brother 8 is underway and here's the score board:

Nominees for eviction:  Carol and Amber

Head of Household:  Kail

Veto Winner: Daniele (not used)

Known Alliances:  Kail + Nick + Zach + Mike

[Photos compliments of Big Brother 8 HQ]

July 10, 2007

Big Brother 8: America's Player completes first task

On Tuesday night's Big Brother 8, America's Player Eric completed his first task.  We already told you that, and showed you all the pics - of course.

On the edited CBS show, we got to see an edited down version of his tale to Kail that he had an old girlfriend was anorexic.  Since Daniele is so skinny, he said that Daniele reminded him of his ex-bean pole.  He started crying and Kail even jumped in saying that seeing Daniele on slop must have made it even harder. 

We also got to see how Eric started the tears.  He used his contact solution and rubbed his eyes making it easier to really poor it on later.

Very nice.

Hats off to Eric and his first $10K banked as America's Player.

July 7, 2007

Big Brother 8 twists, not so secret? *Spoiler*

Several of the houseguests are starting off the Big Brother 8 game already knowing some of their roommates, but as we watch the live feeds we are learning a lot about what these guys knew before moving into the Big Brother house.

Who knew about the twist before the show started?

Did more players know each other 'on the outside' than we know?

Keep reading to find out what we have discovered.

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Possible Big Brother 8 Showmance Brewing?

Uh-Oh!  I smell a Big Brother 8 Showmance Approaching! Find out who, inside!

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July 6, 2007

First Veto Winner of BB8 *Spoiler*

The first Veto winner of the season is declared!  Click here to find out who!

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Big Brother's Nick Starcevic has a gay past!

Normally we can only fantasize that the reality show heart throbs will have some gay skeletons in their closet, but Big Brother 8 hottie Nick Starcevic has already admitted to some gay tendencies.

Does this mean there are 2 and 1/2 gay men playing this year's game?!

Keep reading to find out more in this spoiler report!

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The Big Brother 8 Hearthrob: Nick Starcevic


It must be hard for Nick Starcevic.  You realize going into the Big Brother 8 house that you will probably be the most athletic guy playing the game since you're a former football player, but then you arrive and realize "holy shit, I'm the hottest guy in the whole house!"

His strategy must have taken him forever to think up as well. 

1.  Lounge around and look really sexy.

2.  Get the perfect camera angle to show off my 120 abs.

3.  Lounge around in the hot tub remaining very silent, but very beautiful.

5.  Even paint your finger nails pink if necessary.

6.  Don't forget to stretch while everyone is looking.

7. Make sure you're looking good... then repeat.

Whatever Nick Starcevic's Big Brother strategy is, it's working on me!

[Photos from inside the Big Brother house compliments of Big Brother 8 HQ

Big Brother 8 The first nominations *Spoiler*

If you want to see the first two nominees on the "chopping block" for eviction on Big Brother 8 keep reading!

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Big Brother 8 features two feuding flamers


Every reality show has to have their token gay, but this year on America's Big Brother 8 on CBS two fags are better than one!

Big Brother 8 has pitted three sets of enemies against each other.  Two chicks who are fighting over a $5 loan in high school and an estranged father/ daughter duo join two ex-boyfriends.

We were first introduced to Joe.  He was a bit out spoken and quirky, but once Julie Chen announced that there were "enemies" living in the house, Joe went a bit psycho telling the whole house about his ex-boyfriend Dustin who gave him gonnorea.  Gag!

Joe evidently assumed he got the clap from Dustin, so he dumped him and tried to ruin his life.  From what I understand, Joe turned all of Dustin's friends against him and slept with his BFF.  Totally shady.

Dustin even tried to shake hands with Joe when he was going around the room introducing himself, but Joe turned his nose in a hissy.

I'm watching Big Brother 8: After Dark on Showtime, and it doesn't seem like they are talking yet.  We'll have to see what happens.

I'm not too pleased with the homos in the house so far.  Maybe this is why they haven't put too gays on the same show before?!

July 5, 2007

Big Brother 8: Meet America's Player


For the first time in reality TV history, fans will be able to control the actions of one player by texting or voting online to determine the next move for "America's Player."  As a gay man, of course, I wanted the hot guy to be the one we were controlling.  I'm referring to Nick as the hot one, even though I'm sure everyone won't agree.

Instead we got the geeky guy who looks like a 12 year old (Eric of course), but I am already starting to like him.  He seems smart enough to carry out whatever we vote for him to do... so I hope they give us some good choices.

Eric seems open to doing whatever he's told, so if you're into the whole S&M thing this might be your dream come true!

At least America's Big Brother Player wasn't the right-winged apparent homophobe, Kail.  She seems a bit cooky, and I think winning Head of Household on the first week was a bad move for her!  The gay guys are going to get on my nerves quickly too though, so I'm glad neither of them are America's Player.

This is definitely going to be an interesting season!

Big Brother 8 Starts out with a BANG!

Who knew that this group of Houseguest's would be such a Riot!  First of all, we have the 6 Rival Houseguest's.  Joe & Dustin are Ex's, Carol & Jessica are High School Nemesis', and last but not least, Danielle is Dick's Estranged Daughter!  Talk about a CRAZY set-up!  Can you imagine being in the house with your Father or Daughter that you haven't associated with in years?  I think I might go ahead and walk right out of the house if that were me.  But, it's not and I'm not, so we won't go there!  Of course, the blonde would be the first to cry (no offense; blondes are easier to break).  Joe isn't happy about being in the house with Dustin.  So much that he aired, as Jessica called it , "Dirty Laundry" about Gonorrea!  Ewe!  Next time Joe, leave the digusting details at the door.  Carol didn't seem to care that her rival, Jessica was in the house.  There wasn't much of a storyline there anyways.  "She owed me $5 and never paid it back."  Why in the world would BB put a storyline rival such as that into the house.  Good grief.  Okay.  Now onto the CRUSHES!  We know of 2 people that have the HOTS for other houseguest's!  Joe has got a 'lil something, something for Nick.  Zach has the hots for Jen.  Possible hook-up's headed our way?  MAYBE!  We will have to watch and see.

I will, however, tell you exactly whose side I am on right now.  I am totally digging Amber.  She looks like the girl who has everything.  What do I mean by everything?  Everything needed to play this game.  But most of all, she looks like she is a behind the back, backstabbing B!*#H.  I cannot wait to see what she is going to pull in this house!  She just has a sneaky look to her!

QUICK REMINDER!  Don't forget about Big Brother 8 Live Feeds showing on SHOWTIME 2 After Dark starting tonight!  Should be interesting to see how they present the feeds on a television channel! 

 Check back for ANY breaking news! 


July 3, 2007

Even more Big Brother 8 on After Dark

Starting on July 7th fans of CBS's Big Brother can get an extra dose of the reality show that cages humans like hamsters for the world to monitor and this year poke and prod at! 

Julie Chen has announced that the show will have two twists this year, so that means you won't want to miss a moment of the drama, right?  Well, don't worry!  In addition to the 24-hour feeds, this year Showtime will air the live coverage from inside the house daily from 12am to 3am on SHOTOO (in Manhattan that's channel 222 on Time Warner Cable).

This could be the chance for SHOTOO to make its mark with this new show dubbed Big Brother, After Dark.  Don't forget that in addition to playing against their worst high school enemies, the Big Brother players will have to compete against one player who is being controlled by America's Choice.

Big Brother airs on CBS on Tuesdays at 9pm EST, Thursdays at 8pm EST and Sundays at 8pm EST starting Thursday, July 5.

It's almost time for Big Brother 8!  Beginning on July 5th, Big Brother 8 will air on CBS and will begin active coverage with access to the cameras inside the house 24-hours per day, we'll give you multiple updates daily keeping you in the know!  If you are at work or away from home wondering who got voted off Big Brother then you can also find that information right here at!

July 2, 2007

Meet the cast of Big Brother 8 (video)


Here is a look at the cast of Big Brother 8 premiering Thursday, July 5th on Big Brother 8!

It's almost time for Big Brother 8!  Beginning on July 5th, Big Brother 8 will air on CBS and will begin active coverage with access to the cameras inside the house 24-hours per day, we'll give you multiple updates daily keeping you in the know!  If you are at work or away from home wondering who got voted off Big Brother then you can also find that information right here at!


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