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Joan Rivers still on life support

Joan Rivers on life support

Legendary comedian Joan Rivers remains on life support at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York where she has been since last Thursday.

Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, issued this statement revealing very few details about her mother’s condition:

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Art & Soul: An interview with actress Kate Rogal


Stepping into Kate Rogal’s apartment is truly walking into the lair of an artist. There’s a comfy loft-like ledge by the windows, put together by Kate and her fiancé, the coffee table that they made out of a door, and walls that are covered in posters and bold art- much of it being Kate’s own work!

While mainly known for her acting (especially if you’re a fan of Psych & James Roday’s recent production, Gravy!), her creative talent does not end there; not by a long shot! Using a variety of mediums, Kate creates everything from edgy pet portraits to jackets, jewelry, even lamp shades!

Oh, and one of those mediums involves beads, wax, and some time consuming, back-breaking maneuvers to complete. And before your minds run free with kinky thoughts, THIS is what I mean: Get more…

Comic For A Cause: An interview with Thomas Estler, the creator of Abolitionista!

A few years ago, Thomas Estler decided that he wanted to give back to the community.  The moment he asked himself what issue it was that he exceedingly cared about, he instantly thought ‘human trafficking’ and began searching for ways to combat this modern day slavery.

 While it is difficult to know exact figures, it is estimated that between 100,000 and 300,000 American born children are trafficked every year into the sex industry.

An FBI contact of Estler’s, who aids in the rescue of some of these children, estimates 200,000, with the average age being as young as 12.

Between 1.6 and 2.8 million children run away from home each year.  1/3 of these children will be approached by a pimp or trafficker within the first 48 hrs of running away.

More statistics from the Department of Justice and other organizations can be found here.

Thomas Estler has found a novel way to contribute to the fight against human trafficking.  That contribution is through a not-so-little Manga comic book called Abolitionista!.  In an interview with Gay Socialites, Thomas Estler gives us insight into how the comic book was created and its empowering message! Get more…

Fight Against Child Trafficking this Fashion Week

NYC Fashion week is just a week a way and while you may already be excited about certain specific shows or designers, there is a fun and exciting event coming up that also hopes to do some good.

The Set NYC Fashion Week

The Set NYC put this event together as a way to raise money for Love 146 and to spread awareness about child trafficking.  The Set NYC works with talent from American Idol, America’s Next Top Model, Ford Models, Topman/Topshop, Michael Kors, MTV, Lifetime TV, VH1, Universal, Memphis Bleek Get Low Records and others with an aim of getting others involved in various causes, raising money for research, etc.

Below I have an interview with one of the organizers of the event, Anoush Froundjian, who will give us more information about The Set and what they have planned for you this fashion week.  First, however, I want to give you some information on Love 146.

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Marc Jacobs calls it quits with Louis Vuitton and his boyfriend

Marc Jacobs quits Louis Vuitton and boyfriend

Marc Jacobs is making some life changing decisions. The style guru has announced he is living his position as creative director with Louis Vuitton, and his boyfriend Harry Louis says they are calling it quits.

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