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Cabaret Review: BenDeLaCreme

Bendelacreme Inferno2_JasonRusso

“What the Hell?” That’s the question posed by innovative drag performance artist BenDeLaCreme in her latest show, Inferno-A-Go-Go. BenDeLaCreme’s shows are truly unique, not just in drag performance, but in theatre as a whole. Sure, she includes the goofy song parodies and wisecracking comedy so common in drag. However, she’s after something far more sophisticated – her seductive strangeness creeps up on you.

The queen otherwise known as Ben Putnam is playing less of a ditz this time around, wryly joking about the fact that’s she’s chosen to do a drag cabaret based on Dante Alighieri’s 14th Century Italian epic poem Inferno. She’s more confident this time out, less coy about being more profound than the most chin-strokingly serious straight play, while rarely being less than belly-laugh hilarious.

BenDeLa forever rebukes the notion that arts of clowning, drag, circus, burlesque and ventriloquism are somehow less than other performance forms, somehow stupid. Putnam takes the best of all those forms and whips them into something new, fascinating and intensely intelligent. Not only that, BenDeLa uses these popular forms to probe the very biggest questions, switching from deep existential angst to spiritual lightness in the space of a minute – in between double entendres about sex and booze.

BenDeLaCreme is all about fantastic and ridiculous artifice, but also ultimately really about what that artifice can communicate and express about deeper things, like ethics and how to take care of ourselves and each other. She delivers a show that’s equal parts cheeky fun and insightful art, no small feat. Highly recommended.

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Gay Syrian Refugee Calls UN Security Council To Act Against ISIS

Gay Syrian refugee Subhi Nahas speaks at a news conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York, August 24, 2015. Earlier Nahas and other gay rights activists addressed the United Nations Security Council during an informal meeting on the persecution of LGBT people by Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Syrian gay activist Subhi Nahas addressed the United Nations Security Council during an informal meeting on the persecution of LGBT people by ISIS. Find the full story at Newsweek, the text of Nahas’s address here, and additional thoughts from him at Huffington Post.

Theatre Review: “An Act of God”

Act Of God - Jim Parsons chalice

The setup for An Act of God is that the King of the Universe has come to speak directly to the Jewish people – which is why he’s chosen to appear on Broadway. He’s brought along a new set of Ten Commandments that confirm mostly that a) humans should be nicer to each other and b) they shouldn’t bother him. Jim Parsons plays the deity, and he is the primary reason to see the show, combining the effortless winsomeness he’s known for with a more authoritative edge. His comic timing is razor-sharp as always, made even sharper with the danger of an all-powerful deity slowly realizing something is seriously wrong with him.

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TLC cancels 19 Kids and Counting

TLC cancels 19 Kids and Counting

TLC has pulled the plug on their hit reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting amid controversy that one of the members of the family featured on the show is under fire for molesting several young girls.  Some of which may have even been his sisters.

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Woman suing all gay people

Driskell vs. Homosexuals

A Nebraska woman filed a lawsuit earlier this week in which she is suing all gay people.  Sixty-six year old Sylvia Ann Driskell Auburn, Nebraska is the plaintiff in the case Driskell v. Homosexuals in which she asks that U.S. District Judge John M. Gerrard to decide if homosexuality is or isn’t a sin.

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