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Jamie LeeLo’s Brunch Night at Caroline’s

Apparently it’s now okay to brunch at night. No, seriously, it is.

Comedian and director Jamie LeeLo‘s new show, Brunch Night, attempts to battle the male-dominated nature of late-night television. While I personally don’t think that she needs that gimmick, the lack in extra x-chromosomes of late-night talk shows has been receiving increased attention as of late and we at Gay Socialites welcome Jamie‚Äôs challenge of the status quo.  Fight the power. Get more…

Knoxville, Tennessee celebrates gay pride

knoxville tennessee gay pride parade

I live in Knoxville, Tenneesee… the heart of the Bible Belt.  This year Knoxville hosted their 10th annual PrideFest Celebration.  Who knew Knoxville even had a pride event?  Well not me that’s for sure.

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Miley Cyrus says she is bi-sexual

Miley Cyrus tells Paper Magazine she is bi-sexual

Miley Cyrus is on the cover of the most recent magazine of Paper Magazine.  Inside she talks about animal activism, the Happy Hippie Foundation (her philanthropic venture designed to raise funds and awareness for homeless and LGBT youth), appears shirtless and admits she is bi-sexual.

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WCW: Robbyne Kaamil


Robbyne Kaamil

This week‘s Women Crush Wednesday is on actor, author, comic, advise columnist and all around lovable diva, Robbyne Kaamil.

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Mitt Romney not running in 2016

Mitt Romney not running for President in 2016.

Mitt Romney says he won’t take a third stab at the White House.  On a conference call with supporters on Friday, Romney said he has decided he will not seek the Republican nomination in 2016.

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