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April 14, 2010

HTC Droid Incredible is coming later this month


The HTC Droid Incredible is coming to Verizon on April 29th, and it looks like it is going to be great.

Here are the specs of the new Droid Incredible:

The smartphone will feature a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 8GB of internal storage (plus a microSD slot for extra storage), an 8MP camera, 3.7-inch AMOLED display (480x800) and will of course come preloaded with Android 2.1.

The company who makes the new Droid Incredible, called HTC, is evidently in the running to purchase Palm.  Can you say move over iPhone? There may be a new boss in town!

March 21, 2010

Charles On... Do pretty people hibernate for winter?



Spring is in the air in New York City, and something unique is happening that reoccurs every year.  The beautiful people are coming out of hiding. 

Its a phenomenon I never noticed while growing up in Tennessee, but something unique happens as the temperature rises in the Big Apple.  The most beautiful people appear as if out of nowhere.  You haven't noticed them all winter long, then suddenly the temperature tops 65 degrees and there are blankets of shirtless gorgeous guys sunbathing all over the place. 

The shirts get smaller and the pants get tighter.  Though not a lot of New Yorkers wear shorts, you can clearly tell these beautiful people are perfectly tanned from head to toe. 

So where have all these gorgeous people been all winter long? Do they hibernate? I decided to ask a few over the weekend.

Some gorgeous tall blond (sans shirt of course), who refused to tell his name (or give me his number) said he and his beautiful friends spend a lot of winter weekends in Miami and the rest of the time at the gym.

Roger, another beautiful specimen who I caught rollerblading in the park, says the pretty people are always around.  He says it is "just harder to notice when you're wearing baggy clothes."

Wilson, who I bumped into (literally, but on purpose) at Rush, said pretty people don't like to be out in the cold weather because it isn't good for your skin.  "The only I really leave the house is when it is warm unless I'm stepping out for GTL." I don't even know what GTL is.  He laughed at me when I asked.

Notice one thing is consistent.  They sure are pretty, but not too modest.  None of them even acted shocked that I told them I was surveying beautiful people for an article I'm writing.  And not one person denied the fact that the might be gorgeous.  Maybe humility and hotness is the perfect package?

February 16, 2010

Charles On... Gays on Valentine's Day


No matter how much a homo tries to convince me otherwise, Valentine's Day is a straight person's "holiday".  While I had a delightful Valentine's Day with my guy of interest, I realized that the gays haven't exactly realized how to work themselves into Valentine's Day.

Sure all of the gay bars throw red and white clad V-Day themed parties, but that isn't the same.  I'm talking about expensive dinners, dancing, candy and roses.  Where do we fit into all that?

This Valentine's Day, my date did exactly what I would have hoped.  For the most part, we took low-key options like dinner and games at Dave & Busters followed by an interesting all dessert bar that's a bit off the beaten path.  

As two men on a date, I didn't feel like we were even noticed by the straight people (much to my surprise!)  Instead, it was the other gay couples that felt the need to single us out with a blatant point (probably accompanied by a statement like "look more gays") or an awkward wave (like we should recognize them from our gay directories or something).  I found it to be a bit annoying and quite embarrassing.

Meanwhile, the breeders were everywhere!  The straights were blocking sidewalks (because they have to hold hands everywhere they go), making out sporatically (because that can't wait until they're back home) and oggling into each other's eyes as they scarf down chocolate mousse and orange slices (that was probably in part because the music inside the restaurant was way too loud for casual conversation).

So should, we, as gay men, seize the opportunity to make out in public and get lost in each other's eyes once every year or should we say no to Valentine's Day the same way that the straights have to marriage equality.

Despite the fact Valentine's Day is represented by a fairy in a diaper complete with a bow and arrow  (and normally a lisp), I still don't feel comfortable doing those lovey dovey things for everyone to see on February 14th.  I don't wanna hold you homos back though, if you wanna be as obnoxious as the straight people that's fine with me.  Knock yourself out and a hit a few others while you're at it!

February 07, 2010

Charles On... Don't stress, just dance



Its no real secret that I suffer from severe anxiety.  Some times, I even get so stressed and anxious that I have seizures.  Part of controlling it for me has always been good medication, but I more importantly want to learn to control it on my own.

Even though I studied Life Coaching, and I am an expert at most of the goal setting modules; I can't seem to get my own anxiety under control.

During a recent meeting with one of my many therapists, she said I needed to think of something physical and fun to do in order to keep my mind in the right place. 

Normally, I workout with my trainer, Ken Hunt, at Steel Gym but since having hand surgery and undergoing a week long hospitalization; I can't hit the gym yet.

My therapist looked at me with that "shrink smirk" and said, "aren't you a nightlife personality?"  When I confirmed that I was, she replied with a simple, "just dance." When did doctors start quoting Lady Gaga?  I guess this one speaks fluent gay, because she was sooo right!

Dancing the stress away might sound cheesy, but it actually works!  This Wednesday I put it to the test as King Ralphy and I previewed our new "Cupcake" party at Red Velvet on the Lower East Side.  Dancing my anxiety out worked so well that I couldn't stop.  I even hit up a few places in the East Village afterwards including a cameo at Urge to see Logan Hardcore.  The hottest part of that party are the caliente muscle boys dancing on the bar!  I even let them do a little dancing with me (for a dollar, of course!)

Next time you're feeling a little stressed, just dance.  Close your office door.  Do it in the streets.  Come dance with me on Tuesdays at Vlada, Wednesdays at Red Velvet or Saturdays at Rush (all located in NYC).

Don't stress, just dance!

January 22, 2010

Charles On... Get a grip on life, it could be worse


I did something this week that I have never done before.  I had my first breakdown via social networking.  When you're running two companies and considered to be a work-a-holic by most, recovering from a week of work is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do.  If anything else goes wrong on top of that, then you're basically screwed.  That's my story in a nutshell.

For the first time, I found myself tweeting all about it (and, of course, linking it to Facebook).  No one clearly knew how to act.  I received voicemails from people I haven't spoken to in years, and today I even got an e-mail from someone who sends me constant hate mail apologizing for being so rough on me.

Everyone seriously thought I had lost it, and I probably had.  After taking a few hours off work and soaking in some of ABC's Wednesday night line-up I managed to sleep for about 14 hours and wake up realizing that my problems here in New York City are nothing compared to what is going on in the rest of the world.

When you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, take a few moments and think about what others might be going through.  For me, it is normally the poor people living the hills of Tennessee.  This time it was the Haitian kids surviving for over a week without food and water underneath earthquake rubble.

The important thing to remember is that you can get through it.  Have faith in yourself.  Henry Ford said it best, "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."

January 19, 2010

Jersey's new Governor, Chris Christie, is a stupid bitch [vudeo]



It's a monumental day for the Stupid Bitches Club (SBC) as many as we induct our biggest member yet.

Today, gaysocialites.blog will induct the fattest member ever into the SBC.

New Jersey's heavy weight  gov-to-be,.Chris Christie, is the latest inductee and definitely weighs more than any other member we've deemed a stupid bitch in the past.

It isn't Christie's fat ass that landed him the SBC, necessarily. It is his stance on gay marriage. Christie evidently recently said that marriage isn't a right at all. He says it is an honor bestowed on those who deserve it making a week comparison to obtaining a driver's license. So, basically it seems that NJ's Governor-elect believes we aren't privileged enough to tie the knot.

That's cool, because we think Mr. Christie is a fat ass, stupid bitch. He joins such members as Britney Spears, the New York Senators who voted against gay marriage, Sarah Palin and many others as members of the SBC..

Christie is scheduled to be sworn in as the Governor of New Jersey on Tuesday.

January 16, 2010

gaysocialites.blog endorses Martha Coakley to replace Ted Kennedy in Senate


The late Senator Edward Kennedy will roll in his grave if the Democrats lose his Senate seat to the Republicans.

If Martha Coakley doesn't beat Scott Brown, then the earth might rattle.  gaysocialites.blog is proud to endorse Coakley, not just because she will help the Democrats maintain their 60 seat majority.  

The late Ted Kennedy fought for universal health care for the majority of his political career, and it would be an insult to all of his work if someone doesn't carry that torch til then end.

This weekend, Barack Obama is even headed to Massachusetts to campaign Coakley.  I encourage you to do the same.

Charles On... Universal healthcare for all Americans


For those of you who haven't heard, I was recently hospitalized to have surgery on my hand.  It wasn't too serious of a deal, but it wasn't exactly a fun experience either.

That's why I'm writing this special weekend edition of Charles On.

After a visit to my regular doctor ended up with orders to go to the hospital, I landed a nearly week-long visit at Bellvue in New York City. 

A fine hospital that dealt with my hostility, and as it turns out - Bellevue offers discounted health care to New Yorkers who aren't insured.

Continue reading "Charles On... Universal healthcare for all Americans" »

January 14, 2010

Charlesopedia: What is Ronnie Hokanson talking about?


Lots of times I say things and many of you have no idea what I'm talking about.  As a result, I have decided to release the Charlesopedia.  I'll try to keep it updated.

Continue reading "Charlesopedia: What is Ronnie Hokanson talking about?" »

December 31, 2009

Charles On... New Beginnings in 2010



How fun is that to say? 2010?! As we say good-bye to 2009, we not only leave behind another year; but we'll also turn the page on another decade.

This is our chance for new beginnings and fresh starts. No matter how successful or happy you may be, you can always be more successful and happier.  Let 2010 be the year that you take it to the next level.  Set higher goals and stay in focus to ensure that you achieve them.

Continue reading "Charles On... New Beginnings in 2010" »

December 27, 2009

What was the song of the year in 2009?


At the end of each year, I go around asking DJ, musicians, radio personalities and nightlife professionals one question: "what was the song of the year?"

This year was no different, and the responses for 2009 were somewhat consistent to four song across the board from just about everyone I asked.  That's why I'm doing something a little different this year.

Continue reading "What was the song of the year in 2009?" »

December 09, 2009

Charles On... this week's gay awards shows


This week, the gay awards shows started wrapping up 2009 with the Glammy's and the Out Music Awards.

After every Glammy presentation, the nominees and their friends walk away bitter after discovering that the least suspected are normally the ones who get the awards. "Let's start our own awards," shouted one multi-colored queen as another said "let's just buy nicer trophies and carry them around."  Both are great ideas, but why not just offer an awards presentation that everyone sees as fair? With facts to back it and a well-chosen committee to govern it?

That's why I've decided to re-craft the GaySocialites Awards and re-name them "The New York Gay Nightlife Awards."  The GNA's will be handed out during gay pride and will recognize those who go above and beyond in New York's gay nightlife scene.

We'll continue to vote the same way that gaysocialites.blog has given away their awards for the past five years and the same way HX held their voting process as well.  A fair online ballot will be given to anyone who requests one simply by logging in to an online voting machine.

A steering committee will consist of a panel of nightlife professionals from different genres throughout the gay nightlife scene.

I'm not taking anything away from either of this week's awards ceremonies. They both had their moments.  Peppermint stole the show at the Glammy's with her fire blowing opening number, and Acid Betty pulled her own little Kanye at the Out Music Awards by stealing the stage during a bland number.

I also have to tip my hat to those recognized this week.  Each and every one of them definitely deserved it, and I can't say I discredit any of them at anything they do. 

I assume the Glammy's will continue to recognize those who bring the pizazz to the industry as the Out Music Awards shines the spotlight on the artists.  The New York Gay Nightlife Awards will recognize those who create the basis for it all and contribute the most to making each and every New York night unforgettable.

December 03, 2009

If gay marriage can't make it in NY, can it make it anywhere?


They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.  I wonder if the opposite is true of gay marriage. 

On Wednesday, the New York State Senate voted decisively against a bill that would bring marriage equality to the Empire State.

New York could be the gayest state of the union; but that evidently doesn't mean homosexuals are treated equally there.  By a vote of 24 to 38, the Senators sent out a loud message that gays should be treated as second class citizens. 

Continue reading "If gay marriage can't make it in NY, can it make it anywhere?" »

November 25, 2009

Giving is better than receiving, what are you doing to give back?


The holiday season has a different meaning for everyone, but over all giving and receiving would probably be the central themes.

My friends and family are wonderful, so I can honestly say that I get more gifts each year than I could possibly deserve.  I also think I do a pretty decent job at finding the perfect gifts for those on my list as well.

This year, however, I plan to focus more on giving back to the community and those who need it most.

There are tons of ways to get involved during the holiday season. You could volunteer at a food bank, buy a gift for an underprivileged child or possibly attend a benefit or charity event. The options are nearly endless.

This year, I'm proud to be co-chairing the host committee for the Trevor Project Date Auction and Cocktail Party sponsored by Steel Gym, Senses Salon and gaysocialites.blog.  If you're in New York, this is a very simple way to give back. Come bid on the hot bachelors or just soak up the free vodka and entertainment at Vlada Bar in Manhattan on Friday, December 3rd at 8pm.  Why not get laid and help someone in need at the same time?

This is just one way that you can give back this holiday season. No matter what it is, please take a moment and help someone out this year.  Whether you're donating your time, money or just a smile; every little bit counts!

"Charles On" is a syndicated column published here weekly. Ronnie Hokanson is an online journalist and nightlife personality.  He currently serves as the Editorial Director at gaysocialites.blog.  For more information on the content of "Charles On", please contact .

November 19, 2009

'Charles on' hits the Anti-Twink and Pink Banana World


My syndicated column jumped onto two new websites this week as the Anti-Twink and Pink Banana World picked up Charles On.

Charles On is a weekly syndicated article where I rant and rave about different hot topics.  Several bloggers refer to it as my "gay Andy Rooney rant."  I guess I could see the comparison.

You can read this week's Charles On right here on gaysocialites.blog and weekly at gaysocialites.blog/charles_on and shortly there after on your favorite gay blogs such as the Anti-Twink.

The Anti-Twink and Pink Banana World are both up-and-coming LGBT blogs. Check them out if you have a moment.  If you would like to run Charles On on your website or in your publication, please contact charles@gaysocialites.blog.

November 17, 2009

You're not as famous as you think you are...


In today's web driven world, it is simple for everyone to start feeling a little bit famous every now and again.  As more people become web savvy, everyone seems to be popping up on the web.  With a few clicks of a mouse, you can be gathering friends and producing your webisodes. After a few people show interest in your work, your head starts to swell.  The problem is that you're not as famous as you think you are.

While having hundreds of "followers" on Twitter should boost anyone's self confidence at least a little, but writing clever statements in 140 characters or less isn't going to put you in the history books.  Keep in mind, you're not as famous as you think you are.

Social networking sites likes YouTube, Facebook and MySpace can make anyone feel like a superstar.  Some of their users even claim to be celebrities simply due to their online network.  These folks often spend a lot of time recording new videos, tagging photos, blogging and posting bulletins for their web friends.  The problem is that these dilusionoids really seem to think they're raising the bar.  If you fit into this category, I hate to break the news to you - you're not a celebrity.  Not even a little bit.  Oh, and you're not as famous as you think you are.

Even though you can get followers on Twitter, fans of Facebook and stalkers on MySpace, it certainly isn't fame with easy fortune.  In all reality, very few people are going to rise to fame through social networking.  So maybe you should just get a real job, because you're not as famous as you think you are!

If you see me out and about, help keep me in check too.  Don't be afraid to lean over and whisper, "you're not as famous as you think you are!"

[Charles On is a syndicated column of rants and raves by homo-journalist, Ronnie Hokanson.  Winters is currently the Editorial Director at gaysocialites.blog.  To contact him, e-mail charles@gaysocialites.blog.]

November 11, 2009

Fort Hood shooter can e-mail terrorists, but a gay solider can't e-mail his boyfriend?


Last week, America suffered a great loss as a United States soldier turned against our country by opening fire at Fort Hood killing many and injuring so many more.  Gays can't serve in the military, but terrorists can?  That doesn't make much sense, does it?

As it turns out, Nidal Malik Hasan was e-mailing with terrorists and the US government might have known about it all along without doing anything.  However, if a gay man e-mails his boyfriend - he'll get discharged.  Does that sound fair to you?

When was the last time you heard about a gay man going nuts and raping or sexually torturing his fellow troops?  You've never heard that, because it has never happened.

Maybe if Barack Obama would keep his campaign promise to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy then the government could spend more time trying to prevent people like Hasan from turning against our troops from within.  I'm just saying!

["Charles On" is a nationally syndicated editorial piece by Ronnie Hokanson.  Winters currently serves as the Editorial Director at gaysocialites.blog, an online magazine he co-founded in 2004.  For more information on running the "Charles On" editorial in your publication, just e-mail charles@gaysocialites.blog.]

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