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January 26, 2010

SHE WORKS HARD FOR.. AIR CONDITIONING? Why I needed a pill to get through the awards...


By Demanda Dahling

Sunday night at Arena, where the Pill Awards were held, an employee forgot to turn on the air conditioning.  Or perhaps they were not aware the place was going to be filled with drag queens, trannies and pretty boys, all with caked-on makeup.  Or perhaps they did know and wanted to play a cruel joke.  Whatever the reason, I was melting five minutes into the event and not a happy camper.  So was Clover Honey, who ferociously fanned herself with a copy of Next Magazine while she interviewed VIPs for her Under the Pink Carpet television show.  "My dress is going to slide right off me," quipped comedian and author Robbyne Kaamil looking as if she just stepped out of a sauna.  "One whoosh and my girls are out!"  Too late. 

Leaving puddles wherever I went, I nestled down next to Dina Marie, dripping with sweat but smiling nonetheless.  "I'm presenting the Sexy Pill award, but my name was somehow omitted from the list of nominees."

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