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January 29, 2010

Join the gaysocialites.blog/ Steel Gym team for AIDS Walk New York



It's that time of year again!  Yes, the time when people from all walks of live come together to raise money for AIDS research and awareness.  

That's right, we're getting geared up for the AIDS Walk New York!  This year gaysocialites.blog is pleased to be teaming up with Steel Gym to form a mega team! 

Our fearless team leaders, recording artist Dina Marie Delicious and fitness expert Ken Hunt are going to help us get prepared financially, psychologically and physically.

Please take a moment and sign up today!  Make sure you sign up as a member of our team as well.  We're team #0023 (GaySocialites).

We hope you can join us, and if you can't we hope you'll find it in your heart to donate.

December 15, 2009

Favorite Things: Steel Gym


Our holiday favorite things continues with the place where the GaySocialites will be getting fit this as a part of New Year's resolutions!  You must come see us at Steel Gym!

Ken Hunt, the gentle giant boss man, is one of those trainers who can motivate you and push you at the same time.  I can't promise that you'll be able to perform simple actions the day after training with Ken, but I found that it is possible to function without picking anything up or carrying a bag.

Seriously, I've never felt more comfortable and more motivated to get in great shape!  King Ralphy is bulking up for the Winter Music Festival, Dina Marie is getting trim for her record release and I'm just trying to firm up a little so I don't actually look my age!

This favorite thing is one of our most favorite things.  Check out Steel Gym! A gym membership would also make a good gift for someone you love!

November 24, 2009

Glammy Awards set to honor the best in nightlife



Top honors to those involved in making your nightlife incredible will be honored one week from Sunday in the 2009 Glammy Awards.

Nods have been handed out and the votes are currently being counted in categories that include drag performers, hosts, DJs, dancers and even writers.

Two gaysocialites.blog were nominated for Glammy's this year,  Dina Marie as best hostess and me as best writer/ blogger.

Anyone can attend the Glammy Awards presentation.  This year it takes place at Splash in New York City (50 W. 17th Street) on December 6th at 9pm.

November 11, 2009

Dina Marie signs on for radio show on KULT fm


gaysocialites.blog can exclusively report that nightlife personality Dina Marie has signed on to host a talk show on the new KULT fm.

According to the KULT fm website, Dina Marie will be one of a few talk show hosts.  She tells us her format is currently being created, but she has some exciting tricks up her sleeve.

"There's going to be a big emphasis on DJs and making music," a source close to the show told us.

KULT fm is latest venture of KULT records, a label based in New York City.

November 09, 2009

Steel Gym is going to get the GaySocialites fit, join the fun!


gaysocialites.blog is proud to announce that our soon-to-be fit bodies are going to be sponsored by our fabulous friend Ken Hunt (pictured here) and the gorgeous staff at Steel Gym in Chelsea.

King Ralphy, Dina Marie and I start training on Monday.  Ken and the folks at Steel are going to help us get a jump start on our New Year's resolution!  By this time next year, we're going to be some healthy gay socialites!

If you wanna join the fun and work out with us, we'll be posting our workout schedule on our respective twitter accounts (@charleswinters, @kingralphy, @dinadelicious) and on the gaysocialites.blog twitter account (@gaysocialites).  We'll also be tracking our progress here on the site.

Contact Ken Hunt and the guys at Steel Gym if you want to get fit with us.  Tell them you're a gay socialite, and they'll hook you up with a deal.  Let's get physical!

Can I give up McChicken's and Sweet Tea? Will Ralphy cut down on the cigs? Can Dina Marie get fit for her album cover?  You'll have to stay tuned to gaysocialites.blog for video and photo updates to find out!

June 15, 2009

Fun @ the F word.

June 04, 2009



This Friday, It all goes down!, and really EVERYONE is Talking about it! Come see me, Dina, &Piggy and also Nicho and James Lehey who will be celebrating their birthdays.


"To all those wondering about Dina Marie’s Facebook posting regarding HK Lounge, we are still a little confused ourselves about all the goings on. Although it has been removed from Facebook, Dina says she stands by her original post. A representative for HK owner Alex Meskouris says “it was just a late-night argument that got out of hand” but called her allegations baseless. Meskouris added he’d welcome Dina back, but for now it appears the Circus party queen has taken her parties elsewhere. Namely to Rush, where she’s teaming up with BoiParty.blog for Breakout Fridays, a new party she hopes will help Rush diversify its clientele. “We don’t mind if the twinks join the fantasy,” she joked “but they better be glamorous.”


NEW YORK- At the end of her latest on-again-off-again stint at HK Lounge and "Dance Spot", Dina Marie Delicious is joining forces with BoiParty.blog on Friday nights to launch "Breakout", a new party in conjunction with the $5 Fridays promotion at Rush in Manhattan.

The party is titled after Dina Marie's upcoming single, "Breakout," as she hopes to help Rush 'break out' of the twinkie mold and welcome a new identity to Friday nights.

"We don't mind if the twinks join the fantasy, but they better be fabulous," Dina Marie joked.

Also on the rundown are King Ralphy, DJ John Marto and Miss Alixandria.

Dina Marie and King Ralphy may be inheriting the $5 promotions with $5 well drinks, cover and domestic beers; but they promise a whole new attitude with a generous dose of glitz and glamour!

Rush features two dance floors and two fully stocked bars complete with scantily clad go-go boys on top.

Dina Marie's next "Circus" party will also be held at Rush on Friday, June 26th - Gay Pride Weekend.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue between 16th and 17th streets. There is no cover charge until midnight for guys who are over 21 (if you mention this posting), and it's only $5 after. If you're under 21, it's $10 all night.

**It's also NICHO'S && JAMES LEHEY'S BDAY!!!!**


See you there!! xoxo

June 01, 2009

Dina Marie vs. HK?


dina_marie_v_hk.jpgAs I return from my very relaxing vacation, I find my two worlds colliding. I am forced to report on a dispute between two important people, both of whom are my friends and clients in different capacities.

There has been a lot said and reported by various bloggers and e-zines regarding a conflict that occurred between Dina Marie Delicious and HK owner Alex Meskouris on Friday night following the Circus party at HK in New York City.

Continue reading "Dina Marie vs. HK?" »

May 24, 2009

Everyone is talking about Blow Pop

celia%20antm%20and%20king%20ralphy2.jpg billy%20davey%20jerry2.jpgkortnie%20and%20celia%20of%20americas%20next%20topmodel%20and%20king%20ralphy2.jpgC.Maddox%20Jackie%20Birdy%202.jpgblowpop%200102.jpg

HK took on a whole new feel on Saturday night for the launch of Dina Marie Delicious' weekly Blow Pop party. You can actually see this chic lounge transforming into a "Dance Spot", as Dina Marie has named it.

Blow Pop was one well choreographed show from beginning to end. Birdy wore an edible candy wardrobe. Acid Betty carried a jewelry box filled with sweets, and Petey Pig handed out Blow Pop suckers to the crowd.

Dina's parties are that organized chaos that you just have to appreciate. When the DJ played Dynamite, the first single from Dina's upcoming album, she took the stage a performed it impromptu! Half-way through the night, Dina even opened the connecting doors to the loft where another party was taking place and flooded the two crowds together as one. The entire night left you wondering what might happen next.

In addition to the cosmetic changes at HK, Blow Pop drew an eclectic crowd often considered unfamiliar to Hell's Kitchen like the East Village hipsters, West Village queens and Chelsea Boys. Dina Marie brought out everyone from New York's gay nightlife elite to reality stars and D-list celebrities.

The seen list could go on for pages and includes: America's Next Top Model contestants Celia Ammerman and Kortnie Coles (spotted sitting with King Ralphy), James Lehey Jacob Strawn, Herra C, Ronnie Hokanson, Yuhua, Jasen Kaplan, Matt Stetson, James Coppola, Adrian Rowell, DJ Tek Shur, Dj Serg, Anna Rexia, Epiphany and Sherry Vine (both out of drag)... just to name a few.

Dina Marie will take over HK all weekend starting next Friday with her monthly Circus Party. This month theme is "Alice in Wonderland", and each host is coming dressed in character. DJ Nita Aviance, 1half Nelson, Ericka Aviance, and DJ Serge are all on the roster.

Then on Saturday Blow Pop features DJ Serge and Scotty Rox as a part of Petey Pig's Birthday Celebration.


n527321147_2354246_1556286.jpg4649_90481876147_527321147_2354244_801491_n.jpg4649_90481756147_527321147_2354223_457644_n.jpg4303_106782906322_636056322_3100123_3705474_n.jpg n527321147_2354218_4767010.jpgn522201961_2379084_3069526.jpg4303_106799281322_636056322_3100470_6743463_n.jpg 4303_106782831322_636056322_3100113_1284462_n.jpg 4303_106772946322_636056322_3099847_1833169_n.jpg 4303_106769641322_636056322_3099772_5952427_n.jpg4649_90481901147_527321147_2354249_6777572_n.jpg
Can we just talk about whats going on in the background here? LOL

May 18, 2009

How Many Licks?!


Last Saturday was the last week of the regular "HK Saturdays" party at HK as they make room for Dina Marie Delicious and her Blow Pop party which starts next Saturday!

Finnish pop star Alexandra Alexis impressed the crowd of some of the gay who's who of New York Nightlife including Malik So Chic, Jasen Kaplan, Petey Pig, Yuhua, Zoe Murphy, King Ralphy and gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson.

And coming next week: Dina Marie Delicious is taking over HK every Saturday night with her all new Blow Pop party!

Opening week Dina Marie will be joined by co-hosts Jasen Kaplan, Acid Betty, Yuhua, Zoe Murphy, King Ralphy and Jackie "Birdy" as she helps unveil a whole new HK.

Dina Marie has been a pioneer behind the scenes pushing for the expansion of HK, and now her hard work and bitching is paying off!

Even though the name of the establishment will remain HK, Dina Marie says you won't be calling it just a lounge anymore. She's unofficially branded it as the HK Dance Spot. The owners (for whatever reason) don't want us to say much about it there is soon going to be two new rooms. One of which Dina has pinned as the "Blow Pop" lounge, and the other has a dungeon-like, cruisy feel.

It is going to be a big night for HK, and I cant wait!

May 16, 2009

Rated X tonight!!

My friend Dina is having a busy week!!! First she banged out Greenhouse with James Coppola on Wednesday, everyone was there in full force,Yuhua, Giovanni, Dj Scotty Rox, Jordan Fox, King Ralphy and Petey Pig... Tonight she is hosting the return of Rated X with Michael T. Say Dina's name at the door for V.I.P entry.

May 11, 2009

Dina Marie Delicious joins James Coppola @ Greenhouse.


Dina called this morning, shes joining James Coppola's new Wednesday night party at Greenhouse, also with Steve Lewis and Dj Lily of the Valley. Greenhouse is on 7th & Varick, Dina's name gets you comped.

P.S Dina also announced this months Circus theme, "Down the Rabbit Hole". She also said each host is coming in full character, I cant wait to see Acid Betty!

May 06, 2009

Its true, The Skinny is OVAH!


Last week the godfather of night life Michael Formika Jones sent out a text message to all promoters and hosts of his weekly party with Mark Nelson, The Skinny:

"Thanks to all of your honest work to make The Skinny a success. For whatever reason, economy, swine flu or just timing this events time is over. I appreciate you all very much! till next time, be safe".

The Skinny was a weekly Thursday party with a very short run. The Skinny survived two New York City Night clubs and had an all star cast of hosts including Amanda Lepore, Joey Israel, Nita Aviance, Cazwell, JC Powers, Celso, Bill Coleman, Dj Kindbud, Epiphany, Ronnie B, Tiana, Acid Betty and myself King Ralphy.

I don't know about you, but ill certainly miss it!


Pictured above, James Orena, Amanda Lepore, Dina Marie Delicious and King Ralphy

April 24, 2009

Dina Delicious invites you to her Circus at HK [video]


HK is located at 39th and 9th in New York City.

April 01, 2009

Dina Delicious invites you to her Circus at HK in NYC [video]


Dina Delicious invites you to her Circus party at HK in New York City. Circus is held monthly, and you get more information on the HK website at www.hkhellskitchen.blog.

HK is located at 39th and 9th in Manhattan.

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