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June 26, 2010

What to do on Gay Pride, Sunday in Manhattan

Here is the official itinerary for Gay Pride in Manhattan on Sunday, June 27th:


The March, loosely identified as the "Gay Pride Parade" kicks off at noon.  The elaborate floats work their way down the island beginning at 52nd Street and heading south to Christopher Street in Greenwich Village along 5th Avenue.  The parade, of course, is free.  All you have to do is get there early to find the best spot.  The real action is down on Christopher Street in the West Village where the Stonewall Riots occurred 41 years ago.


This is basically what happens when the gays get their hands on a traditional boring New York City street fair.  The fried oreos and fried mozzarella are all there, but you'll also find tons of informative and entertaining booths pertaining to the interests of the LGBT community.  The NYC PrideFest takes places on Hudson Street between Abingdon Square & West 14th Street from 11am until 7pm.


This annual gay dance party tops off the evening at Hudson River Park located at Pier 54 and 13th Street.  Complete with an amazing array of music and fireworks to bring everything to a close, this is truly the event to top off the gayest day of the year!  Each year a major performer pops up as a surprise to the homos.  Previous surprise performers have included Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Madonna.

June 24, 2010

Judge orders Lindsay Lohan to answer questions about high speed chase

It hasn't been the best pride for part-time lesbian, Lindsay Lohan.  First, she got questioned when her alcohol monitoring anklet went off following and now another judge is ordering her to face the firing squad.

A judge ordered on Thursday that Lohan answer questions regarding a high speed car chase that landed her jail time back in 2007.

Lindsay is being sued by a woman who is claiming she suffered emotional distress after the "Mean Girls" star chased her down in her car.  The passenger of the car is also suing Lohan as well.

The judge says that Lindsay must sit for deposition next month, and she should be prepared to answered any-and-all questions including inquiries into her drug and alcohol use at the time.

June 23, 2010

"Jersey Shore" guys come out for "Queer Issue" of Village Voice



It's Gay Pride Week in New York City, so the Village Voice has released their annual "Queer Issue".  The funny thing is that it features three of the guys who are followed by the "Jersey Shore" cameras and consequently identify as straight men.

The folks over at the village voice made Vinny Gaudagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and especially Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino look as gay as possible in photos like this one below as a chance to talk about Jersey Guidos living on the down low.

It looks like these boys officially got duped or will do anything for a little publicity.  Either situation could actually be true!

DJ Pauly D didn't participate in the queer Village Voice shoot, but from what we hear... many Jersey gays have seen all his glory on various gay hook-up sites.

June 18, 2010

Rapper Eminem comes out in support of gay marriage


Eminem, who has often been called homophobic for the use of anti-gay rhetoric in his rap songs, now says he supports gay marriage.

He told a reporter for the New York Times Magazine: "I think if two people love each other, then what the hell? I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want.”

In the interview, Eminem says he has matured a lot over the years and has left his Slim Shady persona behind.

“I think I've calmed down a bit. My overall look on things is a lot more mature than it used to be,” he said. 

The article comes on June 20th in the New York Times Magazine.

June 16, 2010

Hottie actor Chris Klein arrested for drunk driving [video]


Cutsey actor Chris Klein has evidently been arrested for suspicion of drunk driving.  

Klein was picked up in Los Angeles at around 3am Wednesday morning and released later in the day.

Christie Duff has the story.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Chris Klein, he starred in such films as "American Pie" and "Election".

Since being released from jail, Chris has been tight-lipped.

June 15, 2010

Hasselbeck goes after Griffin on "The View" [video]


While promoting the season premiere of her reality show "My Life on the D-List" Kathy Griffin made a stop at "The View".  During the second part of the interview, Griffin was side-swiped by Elisabeth Hasselbeck who decided to take a jab at the queen of one-liners.  What the hell was she thinking?

Elisabeth butted in saying "you've said things about people here that are A) untrue and B) not funny, so do you ever feel uncomfortable coming here?"

Kathy replied with, "this is what I live for, so bring it."

Hasselbeck tried to call a truce, but once you've screwed with Griffin... you're screwed.  Kathy was cut-off after asking Elisabeth if she had anything else to say.   Ouch, Kathy burned Elisabeth on her home turf.

Perez Hilton should be jailed over Miley Cyrus photo scandal


Long-time readers know that my online career began as a blogger for QueerPlanet (now GenerationQ), so naturally I tend to defend bloggers.  However, this is one case where I can't.

Celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, recently tweeted a photo of Miley Cyrus taken while she wasn't wearing any panties.  That's right, a grown man publicly released a photo of a 17-year-old girl on the internet.  

I've seen "To Catch a Predator", so I know this is illegal.  Perez Hilton (born Mario Lavenderia) should be charged and receive jail time for his actions.  This gives a bad name to gay men and the online editorial community.  

The photo has been taken down, and some are questioning whether it was really Miley Cyrus or not.  Regardless, Perez should be punished.  If this photo isn't the one, this just proves that he will stop at nothing as he believes he is above the law.  I challenge the po-po to prove him wrong!

Did Al Gore really have an affair with Laurie David?


Word on the web is that Al Gore had a 2-year affair with Larry David's ex-wife, Laurie, and Star Magazine claims to have the scoop.

n the June 28 issue of Star, on sale Wednesday, we report that Al and Tipper's breakup didn't come as much of a surprise to one Hollywood player — Laurie David. Star has learned that Al has been having an affair with Laurie, who divorced Seinfeld creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David in 2007 amidst reports she was cheating with the caretaker of their Martha's Vineyard summer home.

“Al and Laurie went from friends to lovers," an insider tells Star. "It couldn’t be avoided."

The Gore's, of course, recently announced that they are getting divorced after a 40 year long marriage.

While I've always been a huge fan of both Al and Tipper Gore, if this is true, you can guarantee that the GaySocialites will be on team Tipper!


June 08, 2010

Did Lindsay Lohan really violate her court order not to drink?

Lindsay Lohan's partying after Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards may land her in jail!

Lohan was ordered by a judge to wear a SCRAM anklet that will monitor alcohol intake.  Basically, Lindsay isn't allowed to drink any booze at all according to judges orders.

After the SCRAM device was set off on Sunday, the courts were notified.  On Tuesday, the judge issued another warrant for Lohan's arrest and set bail at $200,000.  Lindsay payed that all up front and got the hell out of dodge.

"My scram wasn't set off-Its physically impossible considering I've nothing for it to go off-All of these false reports are absolutely wrong," Lohan tweeted.

Lindsay also lashed out againt saying "This is all because of a FALSE accusation by tabloids& paparazzi& it is fucking digusting- I've been more than I'm compliance &feeling great [sic]".  

Her father, Michael Lohan, called into New York's Fox 5 News at 10 saying that Lindsay needed rehab not jail time.

June 07, 2010

Miley Cyrus goes G-A-Y with another girl-on-girl kiss


Miley Cyrus went gay with weekend as she performed at G-A-Y in London.  Keeping with her latest streak, the 17-year-old superstar staged a "mock kiss" with another girl.

While most of the audience felt like Miley lip locked with another girl, as she did last week on Britian's Got Talent.

However on her blog, Cyrus wrote,  'I promise you I did not kiss her'.

Proving that she is not daddy's little girl anymore, Miley dressed in a black undergarment barely covered by a Union Jack t-shirt.

Sao Paulo, Brazil boasts largest gay pride celebration ever


Sao Paulo celebrated gay pride over the weekend, and this Brazilian city now boasts the world's largest gay pride celebration ever.

Organizers expected about 3.2 million people, and they plan to release the final tally earlier in the week.

This was Sao Paulo's 14th annual celebration.  The festivities included floats, dancing and lots of color.

June 02, 2010

Which "Real Housewives of New York City" cast member got a DWI over the weekend?

It looks like Ramona Singer isn't the only member of the "Real Housewives of New York City" cast that has a problem with the Pinot.  Check out Sonja Morgan's latest photo shoot.


Yep, that's a mugshot meaning that Sonja Morgan's summer in the Hamptons isn't off to a good start!  I'm sure we'll get the aftermath in next season's "Real Housewives of New York City" which typically start filming at the end of the summer.

Morgan was pulled over in Southhampton during the Memorial Day Weekend and landed herself a DWI.

Sonja was evidently on her way back from some parties in the East End when she blew threw a stop sign and got pulled over by the cops.

After taking this lovely photo, Morgan was later released without bail and is due back in court on June 21.

Glee star Jane Lynch marries girlfriend

Glee star Jane Lynch married her girlfriend, Dr. Lara Embry, in a small ceremony in Massachusetts on Memorial Day.

The restaurant where the wedding was held evidently blabbed the whole story to People.blog.  They say there weren't any recognizable celebrity faces there, and it seemed to be a very intimate event for only those very closet to Jane and Lara.

The couple became engaged in November of last year. 

Nick Cannon creating a buzz over possible Mariah Carey pregnancy

Whether Nick Cannon has managed to knock-up Mariah Carey or not, the pop diva is proving that she can still get her name in the headlines at the drop of a hat.  Much thanks to her little hubby.

Cannon created a buzz last week that a member of his family (who turned out to be his dog) was pregnant, then earlier this week he tried to tweet up the rumors that a baby is on the way... sorta.

"If & when my wife is ready to make ANY announcements about private matters she will do it personally," he wrote. "Thanks for being respectful. God Bless."

Meanwhile, supporting rumors that she is pregnant, Mariah has backed out of a roll in an upcoming film.  Carey and Cannon have also made it very obvious that they hope to start a family together.

May 28, 2010

BREAKING: Gary Coleman is dead at 42


Gary Coleman is dead. He was 42 years old. The former child actor died on Friday afternoon shortly after his family decided to remove him from life support.

Coleman evidently suffered a brain hemorrhage after an expected fall.  He had been on life support for the past day or so.

Best known for his role in "Different Strokes", Coleman has been in the headlines recently for legal troubles and even appeared on "Divorce Court."

May Gary always be remembered for his infamous quote, "What you talkin' about Willis?" 

May 27, 2010

Jill Zarin crashes paradise on "The Real Housewives of New York" [video]


If you've been watching the current season of "The Real Housewives of New York", you know that there hasn't been a dull moment.  On Thursday night's episode, Jill Zarin drops in on her frienemies who are sharing a vacation in honor of Romana Singer's renewing of everything.

Here's what happens this week:

After Kelly’s bizarre nervous breakdown last week, the ‘wives find themselves much-relieved to see her leave the vacation early!  Now relaxed, Alex and Sonja throw Ramona and Bethenny a surprise bridal shower where much hilarity ensues!  Back in NYC, Kelly fills Jill, LuAnn and Jennifer Gilbert in on her emotional trip – will they see her side?  And when Jill follows through with her plan to surprise the group on the trip, how will each of the ladies react?

You'll have to tune in to "The Real Housewives of New York" Thursday night at 10/9c on Bravo to find out.  They also offer an interactive social network around "The Real Housewives" called the Talk Bubble.  Go to bravotalkbubble.blog for more information.

May 21, 2010

Wynter Gordon performing live in Manhattan this weekend

Regular readers, friends and fellow socialites know I fell in love with a David Guetta song last summer ("When Love Takes Over" featuring Kelly Rowland), and I might do the same this summer. 

Check out Wynter Gordon's "Dirty Talk" featuring David Guetta!

I know you've heard "Dirty Talk" if you've been clubbing in Manhattan.  Now, here's your chance to see Wynter perform it live.

On Saturday night at Rush in Manhattan, Wynter Gordon will perform "Dirty Talk" as a part of the weekly Drama Saturday's party with BoiParty.blog and DJ Steve Sidewalk.  Check out the Facebook invite for more information!

Kelly Bensimon experiences breakdown on "Real Housewives" [video]


On Thursday's episode of "The Real Housewives of New York City", Kelly Bensimon seemed to have a breakdown that unfolded over the past two episodes.

Bensimon decided to go on a holiday with some of the other housewives (sans her only two friends, Jill & Countess Luann).  When Kelly realized she had been dominated by Team Bethenny who clearly didn't have much sympathy for Team Jill, then she lost it.

Kelly seemed to be so enthralled in her breakdown that she picked fights with everyone from pregnant Bethenny Frankel to hostess Ramona Singer.  The video above shows Bensimon losing it after Bethenny gave all of the women a nice gift to mark the occasion.

"The Real Housewives of New York City" airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

May 19, 2010

Listen to Countess Luann's "Chic, C'est la Vie" here:

Ever since we shared the taste of Countess Luann's "Chic, C'est la Vie" from her live performance on "Watch What Happens" everyone has been asking if we have the full version.

Here it is, the debut of Countess Luann's second single "Chic, C'est la Vie":


I'll admit that I kinda like "Chic, C'est la Vie".  Maybe Countess Luann is going to give Kim Zolciak a run for her "Real Housewives" singing-money!

May 17, 2010

Countess Luann performs her second single live [video]


On last Thursday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live" on Bravo, Countess Luann deLesseps performed her upcoming single "Chic, C'est la Vie".

Countess Luann told host Andy Cohen that the song wasn't finished yet, and that the performance in this video above is just a taste of her second track off her upcoming album.

I actually like it.  I think it would sound fierce on a loud speaker at 2am while the dance floor is bumpin' and the lights are going into over time.  It would also make a good fashion week track.  I'm not a huge fan of the Countess, but you gotta give credit where credit is due.

Kylie Minogue debuts "All The Lovers", hear it at gaysocialites.blog! [video]


This week's musical feature comes from the pop princess herself, Kylie Minogue.  This is "All The Lovers" from her upcoming album "Aphrodite".

Minogue's latest album will drop on July 6th here in the US.

"All the Lovers" debuted on Friday in the U.K. on BBC Radio 1's the Chris Moyles Show.

Scott Herman has the gays singing for him! [video]


Real World alum Scott Herman is clearly one of the most beautiful people on earth, but he also knows a thing or a billion about fitness.

However, it looks like Scott may have crossed that line and officially has a cult following.  Last week, for fun, Scott decided to announce a rap contest on his website among his fans (who call themselves "Hermanites").

The winner's rap is above.  The lucky winner is Jonathan Ruiz.  He even put together this music video, above.

[Editor's note: We have no evidence as to the sexual orientation of Mr. Ruiz, the rap winner. It is, however, highly unlikely that one dude is singing about another dude without a little bit of gayness going on... but then again, who made us the gay experts?]

Dannii Minogue comes out for gay marriage



X-Factor (and Australia's Got Talent) judge Dannii Minogue (yes, Kylie's sister) is coming out for gay marriage in Australia.

As the world celebrated International Day Against Homophobia, Dannii soaked up some free PR with this statement.

“It’s so important that gay people be given total equality and that includes marriage. I think the next generation will look back on this issue and wonder what all the fuss was about.”

Wouldn't you have been more surprised if Minogue would have come out against gay marriage?  However, there's nothing wrong with soaking up a little free publicity!

May 10, 2010

Craigslist Cookie Swap

Hannah's parties never seem to dissapoint. This was the second in her holiday series. The madness that ensued that night was ALMOST too much to handle. Kyle from Indiana was certainly the ringleader to this circus. Christmas will never be the same again!

Nightlife Shots : Crisis! on 8th Avenue @ Elevate 05.08.10


I work every Saturday night at Crisis on 8th Avenue at Club Elevate with Michael T, Paul Short, Rich King and Cynthia Powell. Last week was AMAZING!! Look at what I saw :


To see more of this set head on over to www.erichalliwell.blog!

Continue reading "Nightlife Shots : Crisis! on 8th Avenue @ Elevate 05.08.10" »

May 05, 2010

Hasselbeck apologizes to Erin Andrews [video]


In this video from Wednesday's episode of "The View", Elisabeth Hasselbeck breaks out in tears as she apologizes to "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Erin Andrews.

On "The View" Tuesday morning, Hasselbeck said Andrews was dressing too provocatively, especially since she was recently the victim of a peeping tom.  By the next morning Hasselbeck was singing a different tune as she told the story of how she had to explain to her daughter Grace that she hurt Andrews' feelings.

Haselbeck's 5-year-old daughter Grace said, "Mommy, why don't you just call Erin and tell her you're sorry!?"

Elisabeth said that is exactly what she did.

May 04, 2010

Jackson family claims Michael wasn't gay after all


When I reported last week that a man claiming to be Michael Jackson's boyfriend has come out in the media, I predicted that the Jackson family would come out firing denying those claims.  That's exactly what happened this week.

Joe Jackson, Michael's father, told TMZ.blog: "It's not true.  Michael was not gay."

Jason Pfeiffer begs to differ.  He and Michael's friend Dr. Arnold Klein revealed that Pfeiffer and Jackson were a couple before he died.

Joe told TMZ that he feels betrayed. "He has no respect for Michael ... to say things about him when he's gone is shameful." 

Other members of the Jackson family have also shot down claims that Michael was gay.


May 03, 2010

Singer Chely Wright is gay!


Chely Wright made the much anticipated announcement on Monday afternoon that she is gay.  Who the hell is Chely Wright?  I asked the same question.

Wright is a country singer, and as you can see in the picture above - she's gorgeous.

Chely came out to People magazine (which is clearly the place to announce you're gay.  I think I'll do it there when I come out too!)

"There had never, ever been a country music artist who had acknowledged his or her homosexuality. I wasn't going to be the first," Wright told people.

She does, however, say she is glad she made this decision.  Chely said: "Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out."

Welcome the "family", Chely!  Your "Gay for Dummies" and Home Depot membership card are in the mail!

April 30, 2010

Was Michael Jackson involved in a gay love affair before he died?

It is probably something that everyone has thought, but no one really talks about much.

Was Michael Jackson gay?  Jason Pfeiffer says Jacko was homo and claims the two had a steamy relationship before the King of Pop died.

Pfeiffer says he and Jackson had a "passionate and sexual" relationship dating back to 2008.

"We definitely hit it off the first time we met," Jason told Extra-TV.

He went on to say that their relationship developed over frequent talks about their unfortunate childhood memories.

“We were just sitting there and we both started to cry and I got up and went over to him and said it’s going to be okay Michael… We hugged.”

“And it was kind of then that the hug was a little bit more. It wasn’t until a few months later that it was obvious that Michael had feelings for me as well.”  

Pfeiffer is evidently a dermatologist assistant who works for Dr. Arnold Klein, a man who was previously suspected as the actual father of Jackson's children.  Klein confirmed the gay love affair and said he even walked in on Michael and Jason once while they were preparing for an intimate moment.

"When you see two people looking at each other you know what’s happening," Klein told Extra. "I was just very happy for both of them." 

I'm sure the rest of the Jackson's are going to try and combat this with all of they've got.  You never can tell who is telling the truth these days, especially when the Jacksons are involved!

Next Magazine looks at how we're 'bridging the great gay and lesbian divide'



It's Friday, and that means Next Magazine hits the shelves in New York City!

Editor-in-chief Benjamin Soloman gave us an inside look at what they're covering at Next this week:

How a growing number of New Yorkers are closing the social gap between today’s homosexuals.

The tragedy of the UpStairs Lounge is resurrected via the art of
Skylar Fein.

With the warm weather slowly creeping into town, we look at where you can get your gay drink on al fresco.

Solomon also tells us they're getting personal with Celso!  You won't want to miss that!

Next Magazine is available for free at various locations in-and-around New York City.  You can also get more information about these stories and more on their website.

April 28, 2010

Melissa Etheridge talks split, promotes "Fearless Love"

Melissa Etheridge is in "Fearless Love" mode despite her recent split from long-time partner Tammy Lynn.

Etheridge is currently on a promotional tour promoting her newest record "Fearless Love."  This week, Melissa has made stops at such outlets as "Dancing with the Stars" and "Access Hollywood" where she said:

"That's the hardest part, is kids,"  Etheridge said when talking about the break-up.

"I know that my children just want me to be happy," she continued. "I think that I am a success at my life if can be happy, so I think they support that."

Melissa and Tammy Lynn had twins, son Miller Steven and daughter Johnnie Rose, together in 2006. Etheridge also has two other children, Bailey, 13, and Beckett, 11, with her former partner, Julie Cypher.

Who wants to be on "The Millionaire Matchmaker?"

The "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger and the Millionaire's Club are moving their operation to New York City for the fourth season of their hit Bravo show.

They're evidently hard up for millionaires and daters, because they hit Craiglist looking for both.

If you are looking for love with a millionaire…then we want you!
Casting is going on right now and we need a lot of men and women to set up with our female and male millionaires!

“The Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger (CEO, Millionaire’s Club International) is back for a fourth season, this time in The Big Apple.

* Legitimate Millionaires can be male or female, gay or straight. They must be open to finding a serious relationship, and live in the New York/Tri-State area.

We are currently accepting applications.

For more information go to www.vinniep.blog/tmm4 

You know I'm going to apply.  While I'm not exactly a millionaire, I'd sure like to marry one!

April 27, 2010

Is there really a picture of Justin Bieber kissing a boy on the web?

It's a strange night of rumors on the web, and the latest one is that there is a picture floating around of Justin Bieber kissing a boy!

There are few rumors that someone is shopping around said picture in which the YouTube-sensation turned superstar is kissing another boy.

Do we really care?  No.  If Justin wants to kiss boys, that's fine.  We've all been there.  I do, however, find it very unlikely.  While Bieber is known for hugging his fans, both male and female; I haven't ever seen him kissing anyone.  I don't even think it is on his radar.

If a picture of Justin Bieber kissing a boy does actually pop up, then we'll let you know!

Are the rumors true? Has Bobby Brown died?


The internet was a buzz on Tuesday night that Bobby Brown has died.  There has been no official statement from Bobby or his people (if he has any), but this isn't the first time that the web has tried to kill someone.

I'd the rumor that Whitney Houston's ex-husband has died his false, but there has been no official confirmation.

No major news outlet is recording any news of Brown's death, so it is likely untrue.  We'll keep you posted if there actually are reports that Bobby has died.

April 23, 2010

Archie Comics introduces gay character, Kevin Keller




Archie Comics announced on Friday that they will be introducing a gay character named Kevin Keller later this year in Veronica #202.

Kevin, a teenager at Riverdale High School, who Veronica falls for.  She and readers later find out that the reason Keller didn't fall for Veronica was because he's gay.

Although Archie Comics has been known to add new characters to be ahead of the times, 

"In the last year or two, we've been introducing a lot of new characters: Diverse characters, characters with different ethnicities. With trying to be diverse, we wanted to have everybody at the table," said cartoonist Dan Parent, who's writing and drawing the issue.

"We knew at some point we wanted to introduce a gay character, and when I came up with the story idea, we felt it worked in context with this story."

Archie Comics has a reputation of introducing characters that some might say are controversia

Next Magazine takes an in-depth look at Gay Theater



It's Friday, and that means New York gays get the latest edition of Next Magazine.  

Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Solomon offers us this sneak peak of what's inside this week's issue.

"The lead feature for this Friday, April 23 is entitled “New Gay Stage”  and is a look at the current state of gay theater from three angles: “The Artists”, “The Curators” and “The Business”. While many publications have lightly discussed the rash of new gay-themed theater, Next Magazine once again goes in-depth to discuss the trend at large.

Featuring a one-of-a-kind photo shoot by our own staff photographer Wilsonmodels that features the likes of Adam Bock, Taylor Mac, Tarell Alvin Mccraney and Caden Manson, “The Artists” looks at some of the most exciting theater artists currently comprising the gay stage.

Meanwhile, John Russell’s complementary article “The Curators” looks at the people and places that are developing the new queer aesthetic while Andrew C. Stone’s “The Business” looks at what it takes for gay theater to be successful and what it has to sacrifice to make it in the mainstream." - Benjamin Solomon, Next Magazine.

The gay theater issue of Next Magazine is available on stands now.

April 21, 2010

Sharon Osbourne is having her breast implants turned into paper weights for rocker hubby


Music mastermind and reality TV star Sharon Osbourne says she is having her breast plant implants removed later this year. It is what she plans to do with her former jugs that makes this story so weird.

Evidently, Sharon has decided to have her breast enhancements removed and turned into paperweights.

Who still uses paperweights you might ask, let's hope her husband Ozzy Osbourne does since he's the lucky recepient.

If you wanna catch a last glimpse at Sharon's rack before her boobs become paperweights, she is currently a contestant on NBC's "The Celebrity Apprentice." She will return to the peacock network later this year as a host of "America's Got Talent."

'Bachelor Jake' strips down to undies on "Dancing with the Stars"


I'm not the biggest fan of "Dancing with the Stars", but this is one performance you won't want to miss.  Gorgeous 'Bachelor' star, Jake Pavelka, did a play off the "Risky Business" underwear scene on Monday's show.

In season's past, I've skimmed "Dancing with the Stars" to check out hotties like Derek Hough and  Maksim Chmerkovskiy; but this season is packed full of sex appeal.  Pamela Anderson and her partner could make line dancing look sexy, and I haven't even touched on Evan Lysacek (total crush!)

Jake can channel Tom Cruise any time he wants if it's that hot!  It almost makes you want to tune in to "Dancing with the Stars" every week!

Cat Fight: Lindsay Lohan vs. Dr. Drew Pinski

It's an all out war between "Celebrity Rehab's Dr. Drew Pinski and Lindsay Lohan.

In an interview published on RadarOnline.blog [via MSNBC], Dr, Drew said if Lindsay was his daughter then he would take some pretty drastic measures to get her into a rehab program.

“If she were my daughter, I would pack her car full with illegal substances, send her on her way, call the police, and make sure she was arrested. I would make sure she was not allowed to get out of jail,” he told the Web site. “I would then go to the judge and make sure she was ordered to a minimum of a three year sobriety program.” 

Lindsay, of course, isn't going to take this lightly.  

"He's a quack and a sell-out," Lohan said.  "Please tell him to stop!"

"He's such a loser," she added. "He's not a real doctor, he's a celebrity doctor."

Lohan also shot down Dr. Drew's claims that she is struggling with addiction, saying, "I'm fine."

Kate Gosselin gets the boot during 'Dancing with the Stars' elimination show

The Dancing with the Stars elimination was a dramatic one on Tuesday (April 20) as the rumored rivals Pamela Anderson and Kate Gosselin found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard.

In the end, Kate Gosselin got the boot.  The reality super-mom broke out in tears telling fans: "thank you for believing in me, probably more than I believed in myself."  Gosselin also apologized for being a "cry baby."

This blows some theories all to hell for the Dancing with the Stars conspiracy theorists who believe the show is predetermined and planned to use a Dancing victory for Kate to support their findings.

April 20, 2010

Brent Corrigan pulled from Yale pride events, but why?


Gay porn star Brent Corrigan is taking on Yale after the highly esteemed establishment yanked the twinky porn star from a speaking engagement originally planned to take place during gay pride.

The folks at Yale say the main reason they dis-invited Corrigan was due to overbooking and maybe just a little fear over backlash to his appearance.  Brent seems to think Yale cut him from the rundown, because they don't agree with what he does.

Brent, whose real name is Sean Lockhart, has been surrounded by controversy that goes beyond that of your typical bareback porn star.  He first hit the scene when he was a teenager and later revealed that he had participated in gay porn scenes before he turned 18 years old.  The director who helped him get his start was brutally murdered.  Even this month, Corrigan's name was dragged through the mud by tabloids falsely reporting that another twinky porn star named Chad Noel died of HIV complications after having bareback sex with Corrigan.

In the past, however, Yale has welcomed porn stars to speak on their campus. 

Lindsay Lohan, broke like the common lesbian


Everyone's favorite part-time lesbian, Lindsay Lohan, is evidently beyond broke.  According to a report by RadarOnline.blog, Lohan is more than $500,000 in credit card debt.

"Lindsay owes credit cards $600,000," their source says. "One card cut her off last week and it's only a matter of time before all her other credit cards cut her off too."

The insiders report that Lohan has blown the money while out partying.  She hasn't had any good acting gigs lately, and her fee for club appearances has evidently dropped considerably. 

So what's Lindsay to do?

"One credit card company is going to discuss a payment plan for Lindsay," the source said. "But if she doesn't have the income and can't make her payments, they are prepared to sue her."

David Archuleta goes to the gay bar for the music

Over the weekend, American Idol loser David Archuleta was spotted partying it up at Club 57.  Evidently Archuleta attended one of New York's top gay parties because he likes the music.  (How many, including myself, have said the same exact thing before they sprung from the closet? Lots!)

Archuleta said he went to hear his friend Charice perform her new single, "I will survive."

After realizing that he'd been busted, David hit Twitter and almost denied being gay!

Archuleta tweeted: "Last night in New York I got invited to go and see my friend Charice perform. Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn’t my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn.”

Not his kind of place as in he doesn't like the color schemes? Not his kind of place in that it gets too hot and sweaty as all of the gorgeous gay guys flood in? Not his kind of place in that he doesn't generally go out in Midtown?  I'm not sure what Archuleta means by that, but if that is his way in saying he isn't gay... I don't even think he's convinced.

If Archuleta does come out of the closet, he wouldn't be the first American Idol runner-up to admit he's gay.  Season two loser, Clay Aiken, stumbled out of the closet a few years after his season on Idol aired.

Does anyone really want to see inside Michael Musto's apartment?


The New York Observer decided, for some reason, to show us where Village Voice gossiper Michael Musto lives.  So what did we learn about the man who once reported how ugly I am in his highly popular column about downtown, nightlife and subculture?

In the Spring edition of their Home Observer, the mag took us inside Musto's apartment revealing the man behind the character he plays.

As it turns out, Musto (who often loves to go on television to promote his contributions to New York's downtown subculture) lives in a co-op in Murray Hill.  He doesn't live in a quaint walk-up in Alphabet City or even a pre-war building with personality in the Village.  Instead, this nightlife sex symbol lives in a budding neighborhood (if you're a 30-something straight couple with a kid on the way or me.)  I'm not knocking Murray Hill. I love that neighborhood, but it is the last place I expected to find Michael living.

Musto also tells the Observer that he doesn't drink or do drugs but stays out until around 2:30 am nightly.  I guess that's how he's remained so youthful in appearance.

He isn't exactly the trend setter that he plays on TV either.  Musto admits his taste is "store bought."  I expected some cool vintage furniture rather than Pottery Barn and Ikea.  I'm collecting my pieces along the way, so when I'm that old I'll have some vintage to show the space-age generation.

One thing was confirmed, Musto loves himself as much as I thought.  What's with all of the pictures of himself scattered about?  Maybe that's what you do when you don't have any friends?  I'd at least keep the models who came with the frames.  It's much less self-indulgent.   But then again, I wasn't born with the strapping good looks that Michael Musto has... so I'll probably never really understand.  I mean when you're that pretty, why wouldn't you want to see your own photo every where you turn?

No magazines are knocking down my door to do a piece on my tiny little apartment and piles of junk fed by my hoarder-leaning habits.  Then again, I'm not the beauty known as Michael Musto.  God just didn't bless me with his natural good looks, and I'm sure that works in his advantage.  If nothing else, it's a foot in the door. I'm sure.

April 19, 2010

'Glee', Wandy Sykes, RuPaul, others get GLAAD Awards

The second round of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Awards were handed out over the weekend in Los Angeles.

This year, 'Glee' won Outstanding Comedy Series, A Single Man took home Outstanding Film, RuPaul's Drag Race won Outstanding Reality Program and the award for Outstanding Spanish-Language TV Journalism Segment went to "Polémicas Adopciones" on Noticiero Telemundo.

Congratulations to all of the GLAAD winners.  We thank them for their contributions to the gay community!  For more about the GLAAD Awards, check out their website.

April 16, 2010

What's going on between Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian?


If the rumors are true, that's Kim Kardashian's new man.  Say hello to Real Madrid soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo.  

Clearly Kim likes her athletes having evidently moved on to a soccer stud after finally leaving off-again-on-again footballer boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Ronaldo was evidently caught making out with Kardashian this week in Madrid while the two lunched together.  A Cristiano-Kim love affair wouldn't be too shocking.  Gorgeous people eventually migrate together.

April 15, 2010

Real Housewives: Meet Sonja Morgan [video]


Meet the newest cast member on "The Real Housewives of New York".  Tihs is Sonja Morgan.

Here's what Bravo is telling us about Sonja:

Meet divorcee Sonja Morgan: a fan of shopping, sex, & plastic surgery.  Sonja doesn’t apologize for living life on her terms – will she fit in with the rest of the ladies, or will she clash with some of the stronger personalities? 

That's a good question!  We all now know that Morgan is replacing Bethenny Frankel after she quit "The Real Housewives" for her own spin-off with new hubby, Jason, all about their baby prep and getting hitched.

"The Real Housewives of New York City" airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

April 09, 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker's Destin Jude Pfaff to advise gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson on finding love

All of the regular readers and GaySocialites know that I'm generally unlucky in love. 

I date a lot, but I am very non-committal.  Unlike most gay guys and lesbians, I don't like to go on a single date that lasts for weeks, months and sometimes years.  I believe that's why it seems that so many LGBT relationships end so early.

My preference is to date someone for several months before dating exclusively and frequent sleepovers won't happen within the first year.  I even think it is okay for the person that I'm dating and I to see other people until we decide to commit.  

This doesn't always go over well.  I've been called a polygamist so many times that my friends call me a polygy-gay.  

As I found myself single again, I'm turning to the experts on love to help me find my way.   Since I'm not a millionaire, Patti Stanger wants nothing to do with me.  Her right hand man, however, is willing to give some advice. 

The season of "Millionaire Matchmaker" winds up next week, so to say good-bye, Destin Jude Pfaff is giving me love advice! 

I'm very excited!  According to Destin's bio on the Bravo website:

"Upon moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in screenwriting and filmmaking, Destin stumbled into a position as Office Manager of the Millionaire's Club through Craig's List. Although he was not thrilled about running another company (something he found himself doing quite a bit), he and the Founder and President of Millionaire's Club, Patti Stanger, instantly hit it off and under her instruction he soon discovered he had a knack for matchmaking. He has since become the most successful male matchmaker in Millionaire’s Club history. He is Stanger's right hand man and now COO of the company. He handles advertising, sales, office management, public appearances, contract negotiations and much more for Stanger's business and is also her full partner in numerous entertainment endeavors. [sic]"

Check back next week to find out what kind of advice Destin has for me!  We'll also have a sneak peak of the "Millionaire Matchmaker" season finale and the reunion special.

A look behind 'Viva Lost David' with author Jacob Orenge

The GaySocialites are all reading one book right now.  It's called "Viva Lost David", and its about a gay man in Las Vegas looking for love and adventure.  There's nightlife, adventure and lots of struggles.

We can't put it down, so we decided to sit down with the author Jacob Orenge.  Here's your first taste of "Viva Lost David"

Continue reading "A look behind 'Viva Lost David' with author Jacob Orenge" »

Gay 'Christ-like' play pulled from Texas theater

A Fort Worth Texas theater that originally said it planned to stage a play about a gay 'Christ-like' character now says they have changed their mind.

Artes de la Rosa at the Rose Marine Theater in Fort Worth says they have pulled the plug on a play written by Tarleton State University student John Jorden Otte in which the main character depicts a gay character who leads a christ-like life.

The theater left the following comments on their own website following angry calls and e-mails from community members:

“The decision was reached by the Board of Directors of Artes de la Rosa to withdraw the offer of the venue, The Rose Marine Theater, which had hoped to host the 4 theatre student directors from Tarleton State University in their continued Academic Directing Theatre Projects. The Rose Marine Theater will not be hosting these 4 students and their casts at any time in the future. We appreciate the public response on both sides of this debated issue,” the posting said.

The theater's executive director Adam Adolfo told local media that he was concerned about loosing money and patrons if he went forward with the gay play.

April 07, 2010

WCBS news anchor, Chris Wragge, admits man crush on Eli Manning

Sexy sportscaster turned news anchor, Chris Wragge, at WCBS in New York blushed on Wednesday night as closed out the live 11pm newscast and admitted his man crush on Eli Manning.

"You should see his office," joked co-anchor Kristine Johnston (who I actually have a straight crush on)!

Wragge is married to Swedish model and actress Victoria Silvstedt. He is also the anchor of the Saturday Early Show on CBS.

I think it's adorable when straight men admit their man crushes (especially when it is live on the air in the nation's largest television market!)  I wonder if Eli think Chris is a cutie too?  I sure do!

Gaying up Hollywood

It's apparent that gays are making ground on television with characters like Mitchell and Cam on "Modern Family", Justin on "Ugly Betty" and all those homos on "Glee."  However, GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios says more needs to be done.

"We still have a long way to go before we're fully represented [on] TV." Barrios said, but he seemed pretty proud of how far we have come.

Since 2005, the number of gays on television has doubled, and three percent of characters on television are gay or lesbian.

April 05, 2010

Fresh Meat: triple-threat Evan Siegel

Every day, we scour the web searching for Fresh Meat!  We're not talking about cold cuts here!  Our Fresh Meat features the hottest men from around the world.

This is triple threat Evan Siegel.  If you like them tall, dark and handsome; then this singer/actor/model is the man for you at 6'3, 195lbs.

Check out these pictures of Evan Siegel for DMK shot by Peter D. Brown.

As you can tell, most of Evan's work comes from fitness modeling gigs.

We've got more pictures of Evan Siegel after the break.  Some may be NSFW.


Get TRASHED on Tuesdays in NYC with $3 beers and $2 shots at Elevate

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March 29, 2010

Ricky Martin shocks no one, comes out of the closet

No big shocker here, but Ricky Martin is gay! The news is that he is finally coming out of the closet!

"I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man," Ricky said in a message posted on his offical Web site. "I am very blessed to be who I am."

So after all this time of trying to hide something we all clearly knew, he comes out now? Why? Ricky says his two adopted children (which definitely set off our gaydar) and writing his memoir encouraged him to come out.

"To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where [sic] born with. Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen 5 or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment," he wrote.

Enjoy the moment Ricky!  Unfortunately the free publicity for this one isn't going to last too long for you on this one.  It might, however, sell a lot of books.

Unlike many gay celebrities, Martin came out on his own website rather than on the cover of People magazine.  I have to wonder why.  Do you think he shopped it around and didn't get any offers?  After all, it really isn't breaking news to many.

Welcome to the club Ricky, your handbook is in the mail!

Fresh Meat: Scott Herman

You asked for it, and here it is! A whole new segment that spotlights the hottest guys from around the globe!

Our first Fresh Meat is fitness model Scott Herman.  You may recognize him from "The Real World" and Baskit Under wear ads.

Scott Herman is 169lbs of lean muscle, and he stands about 5'10.

You can also check out Scott in action (and get a good work out, if you're into that) on his YouTube channel.  Even if you aren't a fitness buff, it's still fun to watch.  He's always shirtless and often wears very little at all.

If you're enjoying this Fresh Meat with Scott Herman, there is more after the break!  I must, however, warn you that some of the photos from this point forward might be NSFW!

Brought to you in part by...

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Busting into Bethenny Frankel's story book wedding

I just read one of the funniest things I've gawked in a while!  Betsey Morgenstern wrote her story of trying to break into Bethenny Frankel's wedding over the weekend.

Betsey's adventures included being snubbed by Bethenny herself, stealing "The Real Housewives of New York City" star's dog and getting punched out by the dog walker.

Whether Morgenstein's recap of Bethenny Frankel's wedding is 100% true or not, it's hilarious.  Betsey never got into the shindig, but Bethenny is calling it the best night of her life.

Bethenny married Jason Hoppy, her baby daddy and the man she has been dating since 2008.  Bravo had cameras on hand to document the entire thing for Frankel's "Real Housewives" spin-off called "Bethenny's Getting Married."

Levi Johnston vs Sarah Palin in the reality arena

Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston are at it again, and it looks like this time the venue for battle is reality television.

After news broke that Palin will be starring in her own reality show, Johnston revealed that he too is shopping around his own unscripted program.

Can the tiny little town of Wasilla in Alaska hande two reality crews at a time?  Maybe they can get on the same network and double up.

For those of you who don't know, Sarah Palin is the poster girl for the Republican party after an unsuccessful run for Vice-President during the last election. Levi Johnston knocked up Palin's teen daughter, Bristol.  They called off their relationship by the time the baby was born.

Johnston, who appeared in Playgirl magazine earlier this month, insists that his reality show concept is much better than Palins.

March 28, 2010

gaysocialites.blog says good-bye to Afternoon Delight column


I know what you're thinking.  What's with the Afternoon Delight so early in the morning.  Well... this is a special Afternoon Delight, because it is a our last one.

Over the past few months, we have been asking random visitors to gaysocialites.blog for their feedback if they chose to participate in a voluntary survey.  What we've found is that most visitors want to partake in the Afternoon Delight, but they can't since the column is posted during work hours.  It might be okay to show a hot guy in skin tight underwear (and soaking wet) if you work somewhere like gaysocialites.blog, but it might not go over so well in all work environments.

With this, I introduce you to the last ever, gaysocialites.blog Afternoon Delight.  

Most of you probably recognize him as our Associate Editor, the reigning GaySocialite of the Year and/or from his many club appearances throughout New York and Miami.  The last ever Afternoon Delight is our very own King Ralphy.

Ralphy has taken the nightlife (and the web) by storm having only popped up on the scene a little over a year ago.  He worked his way through the ranks here from nightclub reporter to nightlife editor then to Associate Editor all in just a few months time.

Not to mention that he's adorable!  I can't call him hot, because then I'd feel a bit skeevy since the kid is like the little brother I never had.

So if you're a King Ralphy fan, we've got more pictures of the 2009-2010 GaySocialite of the Year (as voted on by you, our visitors).  Enjoy the final Afternoon Delight.

After the jump you can also find details about what will be replacing the Afternoon Delight here at gaysocialites.blog.

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March 26, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Urge & Lady Boi @ Happy Ending Lounge


Check out Clarence Johnson singing her latest single "La Chocha" at Lady Boi.

SEEN: Eric Halliwell, Logan Hardcore, Yuhua Hamasaki, Claudio Maddox Lake, Clarence Johnson, Francis Legge, Cherry Jubilee and JFortino.

To see the entire set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

March 25, 2010

Bravo introduces the 'Real Housewives' Talk Bubble

If you've always wanted the chance to interact with "The Real Housewives of New York City", then here's your chance!

On Thursday night, Bravo is offering a social networking tie to the new episode of "The Real Housewives."  Go to bravotalkbubble.blog, and to find out how you can become a part of the discussion and chat live with the Housewives themselves, producers of the show, and fans during the new episode of show airs!

"The Real Housewives of New York City" airs on Thursday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

Ronnie Hokanson announces exciting new clients

New York City publicist Ronnie Hokanson announced this week that he has nearly doubled the size of his business with a new impressive list of clientele.

Winters says he has signed three new clients over the past week to add to his lengthy existing list.  The new clients added are a Manhattan nightclub called Elevate, an Upper East Side pet boutique named Bark Place and former MTV Real World star turned modeling fitness guru Scott Herman.

"We're excited to be growing our roster so rapidly," Winters said.  "We've got a great group for fresh young stars and businesses who will all soon be household names."

He currently represents such names as Ken Hunt, Steel Gym, Dina Marie, King Ralphy, Rush Nightclub and HK Lounge.

Charles is also the Editorial Director and CEO of gaysocialites.blog, a company he co-founded in 2005.

Real Housewives of New York City gives us more fashion and fighting! [video]


My favorite Bravo ladies are back Thursday night as "The Real Housewives of New York City" serve up more fashion and fighting!

Here's what we have to look forward on Thursday's all new episode:

Jill, her mother Gloria and her sister Lisa, have a photo shoot for their upcoming book’s cover, but when LuAnn comes over to approve Jill’s look, she reveals that her divorce from the Count has just been finalized.  Will LuAnn’s news stall the evening’s plans?  Meanwhile LuAnn and Kelly attend a NY Fashion week show where they run into Bethenny but when LuAnn makes a snide remark, Bethenny launches into a verbal attack as an embarrassed Kelly looks on.  Will the two cause a bigger scene than the Fashion show itself?! 

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Thursday night at 10/9c on Bravo.  Also make sure you check in with Andy Cohen at midnight for "Watch What Happens."  Ramona Singer will be his guest.

Dame Edna is everywhere! Single ladies, The View, vagazzling Love [video]


Dame Edna is everywhere promoter her new show, "All About Me".  This morning Edna was the guest co-host on "The View", and she really made the show!

Going places where the other View co-hosts, Dame Edna even went into detail about Jeniffer Love Hewitt's "lady parts" suggesting some vagazzling.  She even knocked on Sarah Palin and plugged universal health care.

The video above of Dame Edna's rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" is our shot of the day.  Enjoy!

March 23, 2010

'United States of Tara' is back and everybody loves Marshall [video]


Showtime's "United States of Tara" returned on Monday night, and it looks like their gay boy is going to get a lot of facetime this season.  Everybody loves Marshall.

Marshall is, of course, Tara's son played by Keir Gilchrist.  Tara is played by Toni Collette who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

In the first season of "United States of Tara", Marshall was pretty much openly gay.  In the second season, it seems Marshall struggles a little with his homosexuality.

"United States of Tara" airs on Monday nights at 10:30pm ET/PT and re-runs on Showtime throughout the week.

Is Chris Evans the next "Captain America"?

Sexy Chris Evans has been tapped for the new "Captain America" movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  Evans will play the featured character Steve Rogers who lives under the persona of Captain America.

According to the Reporter's source, Evans accepted Marvel's first offer on the deal and the only thing missing is a few signatures.

Marvel would not comment on the development, and CAA, which reps the actor, also declined comment.  Rumors started late last week that Evans was being tapped for the Captain America role.  We're awaiting an official announcement.


Will Patti kick the 'typical A hole' out of the Millionaire's Club? [video]


"The Millionaire Matchmaker" is back on Bravo Tuesday night, and Patti Stanger is about to boot a member of the Millionaire's Club on national TV.  He is after all the "typical A-hole."

Here's what we have to look forward to:

Patti’s latest client Ayinde is a certified commitment-phobe that has a major wall up.  The solution: Patti sends him to a psycho-therapist to get down to the emotional meat of his issues before he can be ready to date –will Patti’s recommendation help or hinder Ayinde?  Meanwhile Patti’s other bachelor Will thinks he is the total package and has impossibly high standards to go along with it.  Will Patti be able to break it down for him with the harsh truth that he is not as perfect as he seems?

"The Millionaire Matchmaker" airs Tuesday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

Nightlife Shots : Blonde Leading the Blonde @ The Ritz

Went to the Ritz last week to check out Sherry Vine and Epiphany in the Blonde Leading the Blonde. This is what I saw :

SEEN : Eric Halliwell, Sherry Vine, Epiphany Get Paid, Jane Lane, Adolfo and Hannah Ulrich.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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March 22, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Mad Tea Party @ Primetime

It's been a while! Ive been laying low for a few weeks but I'm back! Today I bring you photos from an Alice in Wonderland themed party my friend Isis Vermouth hosted. There were Queen's, Mad Hatters, Cats and lots of shenanigans! Check em out:

SEEN : Eric Halliwell, Isis Vermouth, DJ Michael Como, Yuhua Hamasaki, Anna Budget, Bambi Starr, Naomi Starr and Nikita Starr.

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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Horrible Nazi photo of Jesse James surfaces

Things just seem to be getting worse and worse for Jesse James.  Last week he was accused of cheating on his wife, Sandra Bullock.  This week, there is evidently a racist photo of Jesse floating around.

The folks at TMZ said they have seen the photo, and it is similar to a Nazi-like photo previously released with his mistress Michelle McGee.

In the photo, Jesse is holding up his right hand in a "Heil Hitler" pose ... and with his left hand he is sort of covering his mouth with two fingers (almost like mimicking Hitler's mustache).

A friend of a friend is evidently shopping the photo around without the knowledge of the person who took the photo. 

March 19, 2010

Is Rosie O'Donnell taking over for Oprah?

Rumor has it Rosie O'Donnell is making her return to TV in 2011 when Oprah splits, and her timing could be perfect.

As the folks at Queerty point out, Oprah has seemingly paved the path to crown another lesbian as the new queen of daytime talk.  However, Ellen Degeneres could face some stiff competition from Rosie.

Since her departure from "The View," the rumor mill has been buzzing that Rosie has something in the works.  It seems like now she has found her fit.  Everyone is expecting a very laid back format similar to her radio show on SiriusXM.

March 18, 2010

Odyssey Magazine New York gets leathery for the Black Party


Here is a look at the latest edition of Odyssey Magazine in New York.  It's the leather issue in honor of the 2010 Black Party.

The Black Party lands in New York this Saturday night.  You can get more details about this issue of Odyssey Magazine at thegayleather.blog.  It is also available on stands now!

Did Sandra Bullock and Jesse James really split up?

Even though neither has confirmed the split, it looks it Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have hit a rough patch.

InTouch magazine is reporting that James has been having an affair with at tattooed stripper named Michelle McGee.

Bullock married James about five years ago and has repetitively said this is the first man she has really ever trusted.

James released a statement saying most of the allegations are “untrue and unfounded” it was “because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way. This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them”.

The magazine quoted him as saying, “I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me”.

Jesse is a frequent Twitter user, but on Wednesday he deleted his account.  He was spotted taking his kids to school on Thursday morning still wearing a wedding ring.  Sandra pulled out of the London promotions for her film, The Blind Side.

March 17, 2010

University of Hawaii student might expelled over XTube videos

This hottie is Tim, and he's a student at the University of Hawaii.  The gay speedo-loving blond bomb shell has evidently been recording voyeuristic videos in various classrooms on the Manoa campus.  In some of them, he even masturbates. 

Evidently, Tim and his friend head back to the classrooms after hours with a video camera.  After Tim frolicks around wearing at most, a Speedo, the guys post the videos to XTube under the name "speedostudent1".

He explains his logic behind it by saying: "after I came out earlier this year [2009], I discovered I love showing off in front of a camera. Taking naked or nearly naked pictures is both arousing and artistic for me. I enjoy doing it and I enjoy the thought that other guys might be getting off on it too."

"I have a big fetish for speedos. I always tan and swim in them and wear them as underwear most of the time. Most of what I put up here will hopefully have to do with speedos, but I'll make sure there are plenty of nude pics too."

Now, administrators at University of Hawaii-Manoa are trying to figure out what to do with their new star.  While they're talking expulsion, I think they should make Tim and his Speedo their mascot!

Our friends over at Queerty have tons of pictures of Tim in his speedos and less.  If you want the full show, then you'll have to head to XTube.  [I'm warning you... this link is NSFW!]

March 16, 2010

Afternoon Delight: Owen Steuart


Today's Afternoon Delight is Canadian model Owen Steuart. He's gorgeous, eh?

Owen has done several editorial spreads, and clearly he's got a gift on the runway having walked for Fashion Week in both New York and Milan.

There are more pictures of Owen Steuart after the break!

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March 15, 2010

Here are the 2010 Lady Gaga Tour dates for North America

Lady Gaga announced the dates of her "Monster Ball Tour" on Monday.  Gaga will be hitting up 10 different cities including stops in the United States and Canada like New York, Washington, Montreal and Toronto.

This North American tour is evidently an extension of Lady Gaga's highly successful European tour.  

Everyone is currently buzzing about Gaga's "Telephone" video featuring Beyonce.  You can watch it here. 

There is a complete list of Lady Gaga's "Monster Ball Tour" dates after the break.

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March 12, 2010

Lady Gaga Feat. Beyonce Video Premiere

March 11, 2010

Real Housewives of New York City throw dueling labor day parties [video]


After "The Real Housewives of Orange County" are done reuniting, we head to the big apple to visit with the always dramatic "Real Housewives of New York City".  This week we're talking dueling labor day parties, Bethenny's date night and Playgirl.

Ramona reprimands Mario for the infamous comment he made about LuAnn, which makes him want to bury the hatchet.  But things come to a head when both Ramona and LuAnn decide to throw Labor Day weekend parties, and more jaw-dropping things are said about LuAnn.  Meanwhile, Bethenny and Jason are faced with the next important step in their relationship, while Kelly arrives at LuAnn’s with a sexy secret to share!

The New York City housewives really bring the drama, especially this season, it seems.

"The Real Housewives of New York City" airs at 10/9c immediately following "The Real Housewives of Orange County" reunion which starts at 8/9c.

"Real Housewives of Orange County" return for second part of reunion [video]


"The Real Housewives of Orange County" are back on Bravo Thursday night with the second part of their reunion special.  Evidently, there was too much to cover in just one sit down.

Here's what we have to look forward to tonight:

Part 2 of the reunion has tensions boiling over as Jeana joins the ladies to hash out some unresolved issues and for the first time ever, the “house-husbands” are all in the house to respond to this season’s most controversial moments.  What happens when Gretchen forces Slade and Vicki to confront each other?  Will it become a blow out?  And will either of them try to get Gretchen in the middle of things?

"The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion" airs tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

'One Life to Live' is getting rid of their gays

The gays are evidently getting the boot from "One Life To Live" after the characters seemed to have put them back on the map among younger demographics.

Last fall, Kyle and Fish became the first two gay characters to make-out on daytime soaps.  Now, it look like they're getting written out.  It is evidently because Scott Evans and Brett Claywell's characters aren't delivering the rating punch that they once did.

Do you think we'll get more gays or is this the end to homo soaps?  No word yet on how or when Kyle and Fish will go.   Regardless, thanks to "One Life to Live" for giving the gays a chance anyway.

Conan O'Brien is going on tour. Here are the cities, dates:

Conan O'Brien may not be able to pop back up on TV until the fall, but that isn't stopping the funny man from performing.  On Thursday, Conan announced he's going on tour!

O'Brien made the announcement on his Twitter page:

"Hey Internet: I'm headed to your town on a half-assed comedy & music tour. Go to http://TeamCoco.blog for tix. I repeat: It's half-assed."

The TeamCoco website was overloaded for a bit.  If you're having problems, you can also get tickets on Ticketmaster.

We've got the full list of cities and tour dates after the break.

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March 09, 2010

The Advocate finally outs Sean Hayes


The Advocate has finally gotten the story they've always, something we've all pretty much known, Sean Hayes is gay.  I know, I know. You're shocked.

Hayes, who is best known for his role as Jack on "Will and Grace", decided to sit down with the gay magazine and give them their piece.

After years of giving ambiguous answers when asked about his own sexuality, Hayes recently told the Advocate: "I am who I am. I was never in, as they say. Never."

Ari Karpel, who conducted the interview, joked that the openly gay character we all feel in love with such one liners as:

Hayes replied, "You haven’t seen me naked... yet," when Karpel told him he didn't look fat.  And after both men ordered the same dish, the actor joked, "It must be a gay thing: the pasta with chicken. It’s all the craze!"

Since we've never had the opportunity to do so, let's welcome Sean Hayes out of the closet.  We'll drop his gay handbook in the mail.

Is Lindsay Lohan really suing the E-trade talking babies?

Lindsay Lohan is going after the E-trade babies, because she thinks as popular as a one-name mogul like Oprah or Cher.

Lohan's attorney has filed a $100 million lawsuit against E-trade claiming a television ad for the Wall Street firm that aired during the Super Bowl and Olympics was modeled after her.

In the commercial, the babies refer to "milkaholic Lindsay".  Even though they didn't mention Lohan, our favorite on-again-off-again lesbian thinks they're talking about her since her drug abuse struggles.

Her attorney says that because she's so famous (like Oprah or Madonna) that name "Lindsay" is automatically directed to her regardless of whether they mention Lohan or not.

Jane Pauley is back on the Today show

You younger gays better get ready, because if you can drag yourself out of the bed early enough... Jane Pauley is back.

Who is Jane Pauley? She's the Meredith Vieria of yester-year.  When I was a kid, Pauly co-hosted "Today" with Bryant Gumble.  I know it all seems so foreign, right?

Those of you who are already grown adults probably remember her.  Jane is fabulous, and on Tuesday she returned to the Today show for a series called Your Life Calling with Jane Pauley.  It will focus on people over 50 who have reinvented the way they work and/or live to pursue their life's calling.

Don't you love it

March 08, 2010

Brooke Burke announced as new co-host of "Dancing with the Stars"



Brooke Burke will be joining the cast of "Dancing with the Stars", but not as a competitor.  She did that on Season Two and won the whole darn thang! 

Burke will actually co-hosting "Dancing with the Stars" with Tom Bergeron when season 7 debuts March 22nd.

In addition to her "dancing" fame, Burke's credits include hosting E!’s “Wild On!” series, “Rock Star: INXS” and TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look.”

She evidently beat out reality star Melissa Rycroft ("The Bachelor", DWTS season six) and Vanessa Minillo for the gig.  Brooke will replace Samantha Harris who

Here are the winners of the 2010 Academy Awards:


The ratings reflect that most of us were home watching the Academy Awards on Sunday despite the fact Cablevision subscribers in the greater New York area no longer have an ABC on their dial.

Monique, Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges all took home Oscars as did Christopher Waltz, Avatar and many other talented contributors to motion pictures.

Kathryn Bigelow ("The Hurt Locker") became the first female to ever win the Best Director award.  It's 2010 people!   It's about time!

ABC was pulled off the air for those in the New York Area who subscribe to Cablevision since the company continues to deny to

There's a full list of winners at the 2010 Oscars after the break. 

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March 05, 2010

DJ Tracy Young denies dating Kim Zolciak (kinda), offers free dowload of "Tardy for the Party"


DJ Tracy Young is kinda denying that she is in lesbian love affair with Kim Zolciak of "Real Housewives" fame.

In a statement released through her publicist, Young called the claims "homophobia."

"These allegations of a secret affair aren’t new to me.  It seems whenever I work with a high-profile female artist, someone is always trying to link us together romantically.  It’s unfortunate because it demonstrates the rampant homophobia that still exists in our country.  If I were a male DJ, no one would give us a second glance.  The facts are Kim and I worked together on the dance remix of her song, Tardy for the Party, released through my label, Ferosh Records.  We spent a lot of time in the studio and in the process, became close friends due to our shared interest in music."   

Notice how at no point did Tracy deny a relationship with Kim.  You know I'm a HUGE "Tardy for the Party" fan, and I actually think very highly of DJ Tracy Young.  I just feel like this is somewhat of a dodgy statement (for a lack of better words).

Zolciak has been denying the rumor too (kinda.)  Here's what she told People Magazine:

"All I'm going to say is that she is a great friend of mine, I adore her, and she's so talented."

Something seems to be missing if you ask me.

If you want to get a FREE copy of Young's remix of "Tardy for the Party" by Zolciak, grab in on Saturday (3/6) only at Amazon.blog!  

March 04, 2010

Joel McHale strips down on 'Community'. We're impressed!



In case you missed it (or haven't watched it yet), Joel McHale stripped down on Thursday night's episode of "Community," and all I can say is: wow!

Who knew that the "The Soup" funny man was hot as hell?!  McHale got naked in an intense game of pool with his instructor who simply wanted Joel's character to shoot in his shorts.  You'll have to watch the whole episode to see what I mean.

This episode of "Community" also featured a man-on-man kiss after McHale stripped down.  That wasn't so hot.  If you're into bears and hot blonds, then you might enjoy it.  I'm sure you'll agree that it would be nice if Joel showed off that bod a little more.  Maybe Naked Soup? We can always hope!

"Community" airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC, and "The Soup" airs Friday nights at 10/9c on E! 

Check back for our Afternoon Delight on Friday afternoon for more pictures of Joel McHale in his underwear or less!

It all unravels on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" finale [video]:


As we say hello to "The Real Housewives of New York City" on Bravo Thursday night, we must also say good-bye to "The Real Housewives of Orange County".

Here's what we've got to look forward to on the season finale:

The drama culminates when the fifth season ends with a bombshell: It's the final party of the summer and as Tamra and Simon prepare, the tension between them reaches the breaking point.  Is this the end of the road for the Barneys? (We know now that it was!) Meanwhile, Lynne tries to control her teenage daughters’ wild behavior at the party as the two girls sneak drinks behind their parents’ backs. And Gretchen and Slade show up at the party wearing coordinating white outfits. The question everyone wants answered is: are they getting married?

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" season finale is the lead-in to "The Real Housewives of New York" premiere.

"The Real Housewives of New York City" are back on Bravo Thursday night!


"The Real Housewives of New York City" are back on Bravo Thursday night.  We'll start the season with the same cast of ladies, but you'll find that friendships and alliances have shifted significantly.

Here's what is going on during episode one as we rejoin the first ladies of the big apple in the luxurious lifestyles:

A fun day on Ramona’s friend’s yacht with the ladies turns sour, and leaves Ramona in tears.  Jill shares that she is angry with Bethenny and that the two haven't spoken in months.  Meanwhile, after having spent the summer falling in love, Bethenny has the opportunity of a lifetime, posing nude in a photo shoot for PETA.  But when her and LuAnn meet for an afternoon cocktail to catch up, LuAnn comes with an agenda that leaves Bethenny blindsided.

The new season of "The Real Housewives of New York City" airs Thursday night at 11/10c on Bravo.

March 03, 2010

Shear Genius contestants help transform military wives into 1940's pinups [video]


Wednesday night on television, it's the reality hair competition "Shear Genius" on Bravo.  This week the contestants are helping some wives transforms into pin-ups for the military husbands.

Here's what we have to look forward to on this episode of "Shear Genius".

For the contestant’s short cut challenge, they must style a bunch of unruly models’ hair without getting it wet!  Will they be able to tame such wild tresses?  And Hollywood stylist and author Robert Vetica joins Camilla as guest judge to assess the stylist's skills for the elimination round where they must transform military wives into pinup girls for a 40's style video to send to their husbands overseas. Don’t miss this emotional challenge for both the contestants and their unique models! 

"Sheer Genius" airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

Is there really a FAMU orgy sextape?

Rumor on the web is that some students at the Florida A&M University (FAMU) taped a big sexy orgy and posted the video on the internet.  The big question is whether or not this really happened or if it is just a virus-laden link to faux-videos making its rounds destroying computers.

The original video was evidently posted on DareDorm.blog, a paysite that carries diy (do-it-yourself) porn.  Now, however, most of the sites that claim to carry the FAMU sex orgy video link to malware or viruses.

Officials from FAMU have not commented on the tape, nor have they confirmed if any current students are captured on the footage.

[Editor's note: We do not recommend downloading any of the videos that claim to be the FAMU orgy sextape, because there have been widespread reports of viruses and malware connected to those links.]

Watch Sarah Palin doing stand-up on Jay Leno [video]


Jay Leno is pulling out all the stops to help re-establish him as the host of "The Tonight Show".  On Tuesday's show, Leno welcome Sarah Palin who also took a stab at stand-up.

What is this lady thinking?  You can watch video of Palin's stand-up comedy debut on Leno right here:

I'm not sure if Palin is trying to look more personable or what, but I don't think one folksy person could try to be more likeable.

Leno's competitor, David Letterman, had a feud with Palin last year.

Palin also did an interview with Leno on Tuesday night. You can watch it after the break.

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March 02, 2010

Patti brings back Jimmy D on "The Millionaire Matchmaker" [video]


"The Millionaire Matchmaker" is back on Bravo tonight, and Patti Stanger is trying to help two rich men find love.

Here's what we have to look forward to:

Patti takes on former-client “Jimmy D” to see if she can find him love a second time around.  But Patti is nervous that the cocky, over-confident bachelor hasn’t changed his ways –including his infamous referral to himself in the third person!  Patti’s other client this week, Matt, proves to be a handful as well when he expresses his laundry-list of the perfect woman.  But when Patti presses him on his expectation for religious values and sex, Matt gets defensive; will Patti be able to deliver to his expectations? 

"The Millionaire Matchmaker" airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

Jay Leno makes his return to 'The Tonight Show'

Jay Leno is back on "The Tonight Show" for what seems to be more of the same.  Despite the Wizard of Oz-like opening starring Betty White, it was almost like Leno never left.

While I thought his return to "The Tonight Show" would be a little more Conan-friendly, it was more like Conan-who?  Leno wasn't afraid to murmur that there's "no place like home", and he even went desk shopping as one of his skits.

"I'm a little bit nervous," Leno joked. "Not because it's my first night back. Because I know Dave (late-night rival David Letterman) and Oprah (Winfrey) are watching!" 

Leno, of course, was referring to his appearance in David Letterman's Superbowl commercial.

"The Late Show" (once again with Jay Leno) airs week nights at 11:35 EST.

Jay Leno makes his return to 'The Tonight Show'

Jay Leno is back on "The Tonight Show" for what seems to be more of the same.  Despite the Wizard of Oz-like opening starring Betty White, it was almost like Leno never left.

While I thought his return to "The Tonight Show" would be a little more Conan-friendly, it was more like Conan-who?  Leno wasn't afraid to murmur that there's "no place like home", and he even went desk shopping as one of his skits.

"I'm a little bit nervous," Leno joked. "Not because it's my first night back. Because I know Dave (late-night rival David Letterman) and Oprah (Winfrey) are watching!" 

Leno, of course, was referring to his appearance in David Letterman's Superbowl commercial.

"The Late Show" (once again with Jay Leno) airs week nights at 11:35 EST.

Here's video of KTLA's 84 year old pole vaulter:


On Friday night, the Soup made a mockery of a news piece that ran on KTLA; and now everyone is talking about this video of the 84 year old pole vaulter.

Looking back, the reporter says maybe it wasn't the best idea to spotlight the elderly man who attempts to conquer pole vaulting; but she assures us that he eventually made it over the bar.

No word on what the 84 year old pole vaulter thinks of his new found fame.  Who knew that you could become a web superstar by just trying to jump over a pole.

America celebrates reading on Dr. Seuss' birthday [video]

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Theodor Seuss Geisel would have been 106 years old this week, if he were still living.

Dr. Seuss has been a staple in children's books for mostly all of our lives, and on Tuesday the nation will celebrate reading as we say happy birthday to the renowned children's author.

Seuss published over 60 childrens' books including "The Cat in the Hat" and "Green Eggs and Ham".

Grab a Dr. Seuss book or another work and enjoy a different form of entertainment today (after you're done checking out our site, of course).

Here are the Dancing with the Stars pairings for 2010 show

The Dancing with the Stars line-up was announced on Monday night during the Bachelor finale on ABC, and now they've released the dancing pairs.  

Who is dancing with who on this season's Dancing with the Stars?  Find out after the break!

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March 01, 2010

Is Kim Zolciak admitting her relationship with DJ Tracy Young?


Everyone is talking about a story we first broke back in December. Kim Zolciak is evidently now ready to take her lesbian love affair with DJ Tracy Young into the limelight.

Us Magazine is reporting that Zolciak showed up with Young at the Blacks' Annual Gala in Miami Beach on Saturday.  The magazine says they have been dating about three months.  

Back in December, when Kim was performing at Splash, she was spotted with DJ Tracy Young in the VIP room.  On stage, Zolciak joked that she might be dating another woman.

However, on a recent episode of "What What Happens", Andy Cohen asked Kim if she was dating women to which she said she was not.

According to the folks at Us, Tracy left her long-time girlfriend to be with Kim.

Over 5,000 strip down for naked photos shoot at Sydney's Opera House [video]


Our shot of the day comes from Sydney, Australia where more than 5,000 people stripped down to take a naked photo Morning morning.

The crowd doubled organizers expectations as they gathered in the nude outside Sydney's Opera House on a chilly morning.  American artist Spencer Tunick photographed them with hands raised, lying down and embracing.

"Gay men and women lay naked next to their straight neighbours and this delivered a very strong message to the world that Australians embrace a free and equal society," Tunick said.

The release of the photo is scheduled to coincide with Saturday's Gay Mardi Gras celebrations.

February 27, 2010

The Ego Awards are Tonight!


A bus of crazy New York Kids including yours truly (Eric Halliwell), Demanda Dahling, Monique Fontaine, Matthew Stetson, Brian Mills, Seth Clark, Francis Legge and many more; are traveling upstate to Poughkeepsie! Its going to be wild to say the least. If you're in the area (hell even if you're not) come by and say hello. We will all be at Prime Time Highland New York on 3353 Route 9w, Highland, NY. Click HERE for the clubs website. Hope to see you all there!!


February 26, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Valentines Day 02.14.10


This Valentines Day I spent it running around half massacared kids. (WAIT! Don't I do that everyday?) I ventured to Arrow Bar, Le Poisson Rogue and Greenhouse for some VDay fun. Here's what I saw:

SEEN: Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Trixie Tragedy, Tyler Stone, Isis Vermouth, Seth Clark, Pepper Mint, Michael T, Astro Erle and Chris Ryan.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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'Growing Pains' actor found dead, suicide suspected

Vancover authorities reported they have found the body of missing "Growing Pains" actor, Andrew Koening.  His father, "Star Trek" actor William Koening, said Andrew took his own life.

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, police said they found Koening's body "bridal path" in Stanley Park, which is over 1,000 acres and one of the largest urban parks in North America. 

At the same press conference, William Koening, said his son was in "a lot of pain" before he took his own life.

February 25, 2010

Blast from the Past Series : Too Fat to be A Drag Queen?

Introducing our Blast From the Past Series. Here's where we bring you old clips, news articles, pictures, etc. from the past so we can all reminice. Today we bring you talk show queen Ricki Lake and coincidentally she's surrounded by queens. Her topic of debate : Are You Too Fatt to be A Drag Queen? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comments below!


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Here's the video of the octomom on "The View":


The octomom, Nadya Suleman, was on the View earlier this week.  Here's the video, in case you missed it:

Suleman, who seems more than okay with her octomom fame, was pretty brave to appear on "The View".  She hasn't exactly always received positive criticism from the group after she gave birth to octuplets using in vitro fertilization and later accepting public assistance.

In the beginning of the video, Joy Behar asks Suleman if she's on something.  She says its just genetic energy.  You might need a little speed to take care of that many children!

Conan O'Brien takes his show to Twitter

Conan O'Brien has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, and he's already beating Leno.

With just one Tweet, Conan is already an officially Twitter verified celebrity, and he's garnered over 200,000 followers.

O'Brien, of course, is no longer at NBC.  He'll be replaced by Leno following the summer Olympics.  No word yet if or when Conan will return to late night.

If you'd like to follow us on Twitter, we're @gaysocialites.  My personal Twitter account is @charleswinters.

February 24, 2010

India crows first transgendered beauty queen [video]


In case you missed it, India crowned India's Bobby from Manipur as the "Super Queen" over the weekend in the nation's first transgendered beauty pageant.

Bobby nabbed a prize worth about $17,000 and beat out 17 other contestants.

She said, "Since my childhood I used to think of participating in beauty pageants meant for us. When I came to know about this contest, I participated. I had done no preparation for this; what all I knew, I just focused on that throughout the whole contest. I have not gone through any specific training for this."

Congrats to Bobby and India!

Nightlife Shots : The FWord 02.12.10

The FWORD is always AMAZING! One of, if not my favorite party of the week! There were several special guests this week including Adam Lambert, Rebecca Glasscock and Sahara Davenport (Rupaul's Drag Race seasons 1 & 2). This week also saw the return of Trixie Tragedy and my friend Mike Rivera's 16th Birthday. Here's what I saw :

SEEN: Formika, Joey Israel, Roze Black, Jane Lane, Eric Halliwell, Tiana, Trixie Tragedy, Francis Legge, Devin Stone, Monique Fontaine, James Orona and many many more!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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Whitney Houston pisses off some angry Australians


Whitney Houston fans in Brisbane, Australia are demanding refunds after feeling the shaft at a concert.

Evidently Whitney wasn't on her game that night.  Fans say you could barely understand the words she was singing and couldn't hit any of the high notes.  Houston also evidently walked away from the concert several times, once for 20 minutes.  At one point, her brother evidently took over for her.

Promoters of the Whitney Houston show say they aren't ready to hand out any refunds at this time.

You can watch the video of the Australian concert above.


February 23, 2010

Lindsay Lohan wants Samantha Ronson back (or a boy)

Lindsay Lohan is finally speaking out about her relationship with Samantha Ronson calling the lesbian lover affair "really scary" but said she hopes they get back together.

"It was a big deal for me because I've never had a relationship as public as that, especially being with a girl for the first time. That was really scary for me. But I didn't care because I love her," Lohan said.

Lohan, who doesn't really refer to herself as a lesbian, told The Sun that she'd probably go back to men if it doesn't work out with Ronson.

"If I wasn't with Samantha, I would probably be with a boy next. She's the only woman I've been attracted to.

"We love each other. We might reconcile the relationship, maybe. I don't know," Lohan said.

Lindsay and Samantha broke up in April after a few months of public fighting and turmoil.

Nightlife Shots : Vandam 02.21.10

I haven't been to Vandam in a while! I ventured over this Sunday for some Kenny Kenny lovin. I had alot of fun (don't I always). Here's what I saw!

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Sussane Bartsch, Dirty Martini, Eric Halliwell, Lady Fag, Tyler Stone, Herra C, Calli and clan, Danny Marr and many more!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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IHOP gives out freebies on National Pancake Day


It's National Pancake Day!  Yesterday was National Margarita Day, so this is just shaping up to be my week!

The folks over at IHOP are celebrating the day with a free short stack!  They've even teamed with the Children's Miracle Network and are asking for donations from patrons instead of paying for their pancakes.

Who could ask for anything more? I'm about to put away a huge plate of pancakes myself.  Since I'm in Manhattan, they aren't from IHOP.  Who really knows the difference anyway.  Other than the fact that mine aren't free?

February 22, 2010

"Kell on Earth" heads across the pond for Fashion Week


Monday night's "Kell on Earth" packs a punch.  The crew heads to London for Fashion Week, and evidently two a few people get canned.

Here's what we have to look forward to:

Scandal hits the People’s Rev office when “Page Six” runs a gossip item involving one of their events. When Kelly and the team find out that one of the assistants’ friends was involved in the scandal, will that assistant’s days be numbered?  And Kelly must crack the whip on a bunch of British seat crashers at an upcoming fashion show when they try to steal some of Kelly’s high-profile friends’ front row seats, will she cause a scene at the show? 

"Kell on Earth" airs Monday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.


RuPaul's Drag Race Tonight

Just a reminder that episode four will be on tonight on Logo. Here's a sneak preview!


Watch Gay Video & Lesbian Movies

Check out Rupaulsdragrace.blog for more behind the scenes look at your favorite queens.

Welcome to Robot City


Welcome to Robot City. Beware of the robots.

For more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

Afternoon Delight: Marco da Silva



Today's afternoon delight is about as tasty as they come!  According to his website, he's a choreographer and actor.  However, Marco Da Silva is probably most known as one of Kylie Minogue's back-up dancers.

We've got more pictures of Da Silva after the break, but some of them may be a little NSFW (depending on where you work, I guess!)

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Move over Valentine's Day, National Margarita Day is here!



It's National Margarita Day!  Let's celebrate!

Really, it's true.  As legit as Valentine's Day, but not quite a bank holiday; the Margarita gets its very own day!

Legend has it that the margarita was actually invented by a socialite named Margarita.  She was evidently vacationing in Acapulco when she decided to whip together a cocktail on a steamy summer afternoon.  Little did Margarita know that one day her drink would be the most popular cocktail in the United States.

Is Justin Bieber really dead? Again?


It looks like another celebrity has fallen victim to the fake internet deaths that have become almost like a weekly occurrence.

Coming off nearly every weekend for at least the past few months, there seem to be rumors circulating on the web that a celebrity has died.  This week's not-so-dead star is Justin Beiber.

Beiber is a teenie singer who seemingly rose to fame and popped out of no where over night.  As quickly as the internet can build you up, it can also kill you as an amazing avenue to report your faux death.

So just to clear things up, Justin Bieber is not dead.  He confirmed his livelihood via Twitter this weekend, and evidently this isn't Justin's first time through the deadly rumor mill.

Beiber tweeted, "and another rumor that I died?? The craziest stuff happens when I get on ong plane rides. lol. Im ALIVE and well and very blessed. thanks."

There you have it, because dead people can not use Twitter.

February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods: "I'm sorry," "in rehab", "foolish" says wife didn't abuse him

Tiger Wood interrupted "The View" today to tell us that he is sorry that he got so horny and had sex with so many women despite the fact that he had a beautiful wife at home.

With a tear in his eye and repeating the words "sorry" directed at his wife, Elin, and his family, friends and fans who were hurt by his actions.

"I was wrong, I was foolish," Tiger said as he stood before an SNL-like skit.

Tiger also took a moment to address rumors that Elin attacked him.  Woods vowed that there has never been a case of domestic violence in his marriage.  He also begged the paparazzi to "please leave my wife and kids alone."

Saying he recognized that he was wrong and brought this on himself, Woods reiterated that this is nor reason to harass his family. 

"I need help," Tiger admitted as he talked about continuing his rehabilitation for sex addition. "That's how people really do change," he said.  "I have a long way to go."

Tomorrow, Woods says he'll go back to rehab and continue to practice Buddism. He says he plan to return to golf one day, but he doesn't know when that will be.

He ended by hugging his mother.  Elin was not in the room.

Elton John says Jesus was a "super-intelligent gay man"


Elton John always says whatever he has on his mind, and this quote of the day is living proof of that as Elton calls Jesus a "super-intelligent gay man".

In an interview with Parade magazine, Elton said:

"I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems. On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don't know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East -- you're as good as dead."

In the same article, Elton also talks about falling in love with David Furnish saying he was attracted to him immediately.

February 18, 2010

Alexis challenges Vicki on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" [video]


On this week's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County", things come to head between the newest housewife and the veteran as Alexis takes on Vicki!

Here's what we have to look forward to:

Ladies lunch in San Fran ends with a bang when Alexis confronts Vicki on her judgmental and hypocritical attitude.  Will the rest of the ‘wives take sides when Vicki is driven to tears?  And the Lynne’s world seems to be crumbling around her when she must deal with the aftermath of her eviction notice.  When she and her daughter sit down with her husband Frank to spell out their financial troubles, will the Curtain family be prepared to deal with truth of the matter?  And will Lynne’s marriage fall victim?

You can also, of course, get a sneak peak in the video above. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

Next Magazine takes a look at gay male art


That's the cover of tomorrow's issue of the Manhattan's Next Magazine.  In this week's issue they're taking a look at something that has always intrigued me, naked man art.

It's actually a great piece by Brian O'Brian who blogs on the Fleshbot website.

O'Brian makes a great case on the importance of preserving our gay art legacy, illustrated with fantastic work from Leslie/Loheman Gay Art Gallery's new show Drawn Together

You can get a sneak peak on the Next website or wait and pick up a full copy on news stands tomorrow.

February 17, 2010

Here is the winner of the 2010 Westminster Dog Show


Here she is!  The winner of the 2010 Westminster Dog Show, Mercedes Of Maryscot or "Sadie."  She's a Scottish Terrier and almost four years old.

The Westminster Dog Show is an annual event held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  By many, it is considered to be America's most prestigious dog show. The first Westminster show was held in 1877.

For a complete list of Westminister results,  you can check out the WKC website.

February 16, 2010

Spice Girls Win Brit Award

After 10 years of not being an active band (aside from their huge Reunion World Tour) the Spice Girls have won another Brit Award. This adds to the four other Brits they have racked up over the years. They won for the Most Memorable Performance of the last 30 years. If thats not a huge aknowledgement, I dont know what is! Congrats girls!


Spice Girls in 1997 performing Who Do You Think You Are

Melanie B and Geri in 2010 collect their Brit Award

Rupauls Drag Race : Episode Three


Missed it this week? Here's your chance to catch up! Full recap will be up soon.

Watch Gay Video & Lesbian Movies

Wendy Williams welcomes Whoopi to show, cries and apologizes [video]


TV personality Wendy Williams broke down in tears on her show Monday morning as Whoopi Goldberg joined her as a guest.  It looks like somone had a piece of humble pie!

Whoopi's appearance on the "Wendy Williams Show" was a real classy move due to the rigid past bewteen the two daytime chat hosts.

Before moving to television, Wendy was a shock jock on the radio who was hired and fired from more stations that Don Imus and Howard Stern combined.  Evidently along the way, Goldberg was one of Williams' regular targets.

Wendy took some pretty low blows at Whoopi and her family over the years by saying that "The View" moderator is ugly, looks like a monkey and uses drug. Williams also said that Goldberg's daughter, Alex, had a cocaine addiction. 

During her appearance, as you can see in the video above, Whoopi even tells Wendy that her daughter is upset with her for coming on the show.  As Wendy cried like a baby, she publicly and personally apologize to Whoopi with two words, "I'm sorry" to which Goldberg replied with: "It's alright baby." Wendy did, however, try to justify her actions by saying she had to do a lot of things that she "wasn't proud of" to get her own daytime talk show. Whoopi reminded her that she didn't have to do everything she did!

I don't always agree with everything she says, but you've got to admire Whoopi.  She's a real class act.

Rupauls Drag Race Episode 3


And another one bites the dust. Mystique Summers Madison got eliminated tonight on Rupaul's Drag Race. Full episode recap will be up tomorrow.

February 15, 2010

Is someone getting fired on "Kell on Earth" [video]:


Fashion Week is in full effect in New York City, and we recommend "Kell on Earth" to get you in the mood.

Here's what we've got to look forward to on Monday night's episode.

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, the staff at People’s Rev must work hard to pull off one more event where Kelly and the team have a gaggle of young male models wearing body suits for the show.  Meanwhile in the office, employees ‘hit a road bump in their work relationship’ which Kelly will have to resolve – by getting rid of one of them…?

Ut oh!  It looks like Kelly might give someone the can!

You can watch "Kell on Earth" Monday night at 9/8c on Bravo.

What happens when Kelly crushes on the male models? FInd out in a bonus preview clip after the break!

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I heard... 'The View' is auditioning hosts. Is Barbara Walters leaving?


I HEARD... ABC is secretly auditioning hosts for "The View."  On Monday, Barbara Walters hyped a big announcement, but instead of saying that someone was leaving or coming from "The View" Walters said she will no longer host a "Barbara Walters Special" prior to the Oscars.

My inside source at ABC says it is evident that auditions are taking definitely taking place and names like Megan McCain, Kate Gosselin and Paula Dean have all been tossed around as possible candidates.  The question is... what position is open?

I also HEARD... that inside the halls of ABC the buzz is that Walters might be making an exit from the show herself.

You're invited to get Twisted in NYC

Click here for more!

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Did Taylor Lautner really drop $80K on his boyfriend for Valentine's Day?


This is one rumor that we can't seem to get under control! 

It's pretty clear that Taylor Lautner is a bit femme, and it wouldn't surprise me if he is gay... but surely he isn't dating this guy?!

That's Sean Fox.  He and Lautner are rumored to have been dating since November, but many find it hard to believe.  Taylor's female friends don't want to believe that their Twilight star might be a homo, and the gays find it hard to believe that this would be his pick of the boys.  Let's face it, Taylor can have any gay he wants with abs and a smile like that!

The website, Twighlight Blips is reporting that Taylor went all out for Sean on Valentines day with "a dozen roses, oversized teddy bear, Louis Vuitton Luggage set and a Cartier watch!"  They say Lautner dropped an estimated $80,000 on Fox for V-day.  Talk about a good catch for Mr. Fox!

February 14, 2010

See more of Levi Johnston's naked body for $9.95

Levi Johnston's naked body is taking over the world!  DirectTV users can now get the chance to see even more Levi as they offer a behind the scenes look at his Playgirl photoshoot for ten bucks.

In case you've been living life deep inside the closet, Johnston recently posed for Playgirl with a campaign led by gay nightlife personality Daniel Nardicio.  When the photos were released, one thing was missing... Levi's privates.

TMZ is reporting that this pay-per-view video is your chance to see the full Johnston since Levi's dick evidently makes an appearance in the video.

February 13, 2010

Man gets completely naked for photo at Vatican



Last week, artist Luizo Vega posed completely naked for this photo in front of the Vatican.  This is the latest in his series called "Sacré" something Luizo says is performance art.

So how hard is it to get naked in front of the Vatican?

"Due to the high level of security of the Vatican it was really difficult to carry out with the performance," Vega said. "The idea of having been able to achieve it fulfills me and I think it is a real contribution to freedom of expression."

Vega has also "performed" at other sacred places in Barcelona, Paris and many other stops along the way.

He added: "In the twenty-first century the human body can no longer be considered something forbidden. I propose a return to our true nature. “

Vega says he has stops for the performance also planned in Egypt, India. Mexico and Brazil.  You can check out more of his work here.

February 12, 2010

John Mayer's Playboy interview has everyone talking

Everyone is talking about John Mayer's recent Playboy interview in which he comes across as a little douche. 

When asked about dating, Mayer said:

"I hate being the heartbreaker. Hate it. If I date somebody and it doesn’t work out, it’s another nightmare for me. I don’t like the way the odds are stacked. If I date nine more girls before I get married—which I think would be completely appropriate—that would be nine more spats of character assassination. I don’t equate sex with release, I equate it with tension. It’s given me a lot of pause. Somewhere in my brain it has probably really fucked me up."

I credit him for being honest and witty.  If you want to read more of John Mayer's interview, then head over to the Playboy website.

I'll admit I have a little crush on Mayer, so maybe I'm in one of those "who can't do anything wrong" situations.

Regis loses it on Letterman while Dave hits on Joy [video]


Regis and Joy Philbin stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday night, and at first I was wondering why Joy was there.  It's clear, however, that Regis can't be left alone anymore.

It was clear that Regis had the intention of giving Letterman hell over his Super Bowl commercial with Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno.  He failed miserably at his own accord.  Every time Regis tried to deliver the punch line, he referred to Jay as Dave.  Joy pointed out that Regis is losing it.

Later, Letterman basically hits on Joy and invites himself over for dinner.  It's hilarious.  You have to watch the video above.

February 11, 2010

Rupauls Drag Race Episode Two Recap


This week on Rupaul's Drag Race the girls stepped it up. After all this isn't Miss America this is a drag competition. The claws came out once again as the girls had to fight to claim their positions. This seasons theme amongst the contestants is definitely CUNTY CUNTY CUNTY. Guest judges this week included Kim Coles and Dita Von Teese.

The first challenge given to the eleven remaining queens was every little gay boys dream come true. They had to dress up a Rupaul doll up and give her a complete makeover. Miss Rupaul paired the girls up into teams of two leaving Mystique to work alone. True to form Miss Tyra Sanchez grabbed the entire dish full of fabrics and supplies. The other girls had to fend for themselves. The winners of the challenge ultimately being Sahara Davenport and Pandora Boxx.

Later on Ru introduced the main challenge. Inspired by her box office hit Starrbooty. This of course got my panties all wet because it features one of my favorite queens of all time Lahoma Van Zandt! (See Lahoma's Foot Commercial) The queens had to pair up into two teams to perform a burlesque routine and earn the most coins. One by one team captains Sarah Davenport and Pandora Boxx picked their teams. Just like in high school you never want to be picked last, and that's just want happened to Nicole. 

Not only did the girls have to perform in front of Dita Von Teese and an audience of boys; but they also had to go outside and sell Cherry Pie gift certificates. Trya the least cooperative during rehearsal stepped up her game and showed that she truly had a personality. Mystique Madison seemed to have been practicing that split from last week because she landed it dead on!

Before judging a warm moment occurred between Jujubee and Pandora. While getting ready for panel they discussed their fathers struggles with cancer. I found this to be very heartwarming and needed. It's not always about being cut throat; we have to remember that under all that makeup are loving human beings.

I think its hilarious how narcissistic Rupaul is when coming out to judge the girls. He comes down the runway and struts his stuff. (Honey Tyra wouldn't do that, but that's what makes this show fabulous!) They revealed that Sarah Davenport was once again the winner of the challenge (representing NYC). It was no surprise when they announced that Nicole had the lost the challenge, earning the least coins.

My mouth did drop when Nicole was pitted against one of my favorite contestants Raven. Lipsyncing to My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) by En Vogue. Raven brought the house down and sent Nicole packing.

Stay tuned every Monday night to Logo for new episodes and Tuesdays on gaysocialites.blog for a full recap!

Rupauls Drag Race : Episode Two


Missed it this week? Here's your chance to catch up! I honestly havent seen it yet myself. This is why my recap hasn't posted yet. I do apologize. Watch it with me now and my recap will be up soon! See my full recap above or go to EPISODE TWO RECAP.

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Nightlife Shots : Black to the Future @ The FWord 02.05.10


Black to the Future hit the Fword with a vengence last week. Taking over the main dance floor downstairs. Adorned with Atari shapes and visuals to coincide. The DJ both was literally an arcade game. Along with all that came a performance of ALIENS and bubbles. Check it out!


To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

Lynne Curtin gets served eviction papers on "The Real Housewives" [video]


It's Thursday and that means its "Real Housewives" night on Bravo!  This week it is Lynne Curtin's week to be down on her luck.

Can Lynne handle the truth?

It’s a surprise that rocks the Curtin family to the core when Lynne’s daughters are handed an eviction notice while their parents are out.  When Lynne finds out and confronts her husband, the two must face the harsh truth – looks like she’s been kept in the dark about their finances for a while.  Will they be able to survive this hurdle?  

Vicki gets her moment in the spotlight when she goes head to head with Alexis.  Here's what we have to look foward to:

And when the ladies get away to San Fran, tensions between Alexis and Vicki mount when Vicki takes business calls at the lunch table after criticizing Alexis for taking too many calls from her husband.  Oh snap.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Thursday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

Afternoon Delight: Runway model Michael Camiloto



It's the first day of fashion week in New York, so to kick-off the festivities our Afternoon Delight is gorgeous runway model, Michael Camiloto.

Michael is a Brazilian model who has walked in the "Alessando Dell’Acqua", "Dolce & Gabbana", and "Louis Vuitton" shows in Milan and Paris.

Keep a look out for hot models this week in New York!!  There are more pictures of Michael Camiloto after the break modeling what he does best, swimwear.

You're invited!

Boy Crush this Saturday

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Alec Baldwin hospitalized in New York

Alec Baldwin was briefly hospitalized this morning in New York.

WNBC is reporting that Baldwin's 14-year-old daughter Ireland called 9-1-1 when she found her father "unresponsive."

When paramedics arrived at his Manhattan apartment, the 30 Rock actor evidently agreed to go to the hospital to get checked out.  Baldwin was released after being at the Lennox Hill hospital for about an hour.

It is uncertain what Baldwin was treated for at the hospital.

"New Afternoons on MTV" goes gay [video]

MTV is debuting their "New Afternoons on MTV" next week and they're going gay right off the bat!

The new line-up with include Is She Really Going Out With Him? and special episodes of MADE.

On the February 18th episode of  Is She Really Going Out With Him?, he is actually a she... it's a couple of lesbians!

Is She Really Going Out With Him? airs at 6pm and MADE follows at 6:30pm on "New Afternoons on MTV" starting Monday, February 15th.

Favorite snow pics: Video of "hot guy shoveling snow"


On Wednesday, we asked for your favorite shots of the snow.  We're getting some pretty interesting submissions!

Since we said you can send new pics or classics, we bring you this 2006 video of a hot guy shoveling snow in Denver.  How stalkerish is this video?  And it goes on for seven minutes!

The guy shoveling the snow looks really hot though.

Benjamin, who admits he found this video online, wins the prize on this one.  He gets a pair of underwear from Andrew Christian!  They say "life guard" across the butt, so you might wanna save them for summer!

If you've got cool snow photos please send them my way. E-mail with "SNOW PICS" in the subject line.  Don't forget to include your address (so we can mail your winnings).  We're looking for cute, funny and even strange pictures.  Send it our way, and if we publish it you'll get a prize!

Welcome to the House of Delicious

Call the police, someone has commited identy theft. Who knew there were so many Amanda Lepore's in the neighborhood. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the House of Delicious. It's full of all the misfits that run around New York City stealing candy from children and scaring old women. Fasten your seatbelts kids it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Go to EricHalliwellNights.blog and subscribe for more videos!

February 10, 2010

Favorite snow pics: Video of a "stupid Hot-Atlanta" guy in the snow


Earlier today, we asked for your favorite snow pics of past or present. Here's our first pick of the day. It's actually a little sexy to see hot guys playing around, especially in the snow.

This video evidently comes to us from the snow storm that hit the south earlier this year. The person who submitted the video wants to remain anonymous. (Think their friends might kill them??).

Regardless, they win an Andrew Christian necklace. We'll be sending that your way after we shovel ourselves out of the snow!

Keep the submissions coming, and you could win a prize from the closet!

Channing Tatum relives stripper past on Ellen Degeneres Show

If you're enjoying a snow day at home, you can't miss Ellen Degeneres and her sexy guest Channing Tatum.  You know I think the most unnatural thoughts about that guy.

I've heard his new movie "Dear John" is nothing to write home about, but I'm probably going to have to see it to stare at Channing's gorgeous body for 90 minutes.

Too bad we missed his stripper days.  On Wednesday's episode of Ellen, she asks Tatum about his stripper past.

"What kind of dancer were you, Channing?" DeGeneres asked.

"I was a stripper," replied Tatum. 

The audience (and I), of course, went wild! 

"Look," he said, "I'm not proud of it, but I'm not ashamed of it."

Degeneres, who of course is a lesbian, said she didn't know what male strippesrs do, so Channing relived his past a little and demonstrated for Ellen.

The Ellen Degeneres Show is syndicated, so you'll have to check your local listing.

Afternoon Delight: Scott Herman's "300 Spartan Workout" [video]


What have I been doing for the last 25 minutes of my life?  Probably the same thing you will be doing for the next 25 minutes of yours... watching Scott Herman working out.

Today's afternoon delight is one of the most beautiful men on earth, Scott Herman.  Thanks to this hunk, we have our first video edition of the afternoon delight.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.  I'm so glad he wore those sexy little 300-style underwear throughout the entire shoot!  Yummy!

Herman is, of course, a repeat offender for the Afternoon Delight.  The last time, he was featured Scott even showed off that perfect booty [link is NSFW].

To make a suggestion for the Afternoon Delight or to become the featured sponsor, e-mail

Anne Hathaway quits Catholic church for gay brother

Anne Hathaway reveals in the upcoming edition of GQ magazine that she and her family left Catholicism over the church's view on homosexuality.

Hathaway says she and the rest of her family decided to remove themselves from the religion after discovering the church's views on her gay brother.

"The whole family converted to Episcopalianism after my elder brother came out,” she told the magazine. “Why should I support an organization that has a limited view of my beloved brother?"

Who wouldn't want to have a family like that?!  That's an amazing coming out story!

Send us your favorite snow pictures!



We want your help with our shot of the day.  Please send us your favorite snow photos (from today or previous snow days).

We'll post our favorites here on gaysocialites.blog and give you a little prize out of the gaysocialites.blog prize vault.  (We're going to spend our day cleaning that out!)

If you've got cool snow photos please send them my way. E-mail with "SNOW PICS" in the subject line.  Don't forget to include your address (so we can mail your winnings).  We're looking for cute, funny and even strange pictures.  Send it our way, and if we publish it you'll get a prize!

February 09, 2010

It's time for this season's gay on "Millionaire Matchmaker" [video]


It's time for this year's 'gay-ionaire' (a term I coined last season) on the "Millionaire Matchmaker".  His name is Smike Wallen, and he's a handful.

Here's what we have to look forward to:

Smike Wallen is 41, handsome, rugged, smart, sensitive and, yes, gay! But…Smike can’t stay in one place long enough to actually have a relationship due to his insane travel schedule and insists on dating younger men.  See Patti working her magic at an “open call” where her staff meets a few characters (to say the least).

What gay man doesn't want to date younger men?  There's also a straight candidate this week, but who cares about him?!

"Millionaire Matchmaker" airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm on Bravo.

Joan Collins pushes new release: "Poor Little Bitch Girl" [video]


Jackie Collins is back on the media circuit pushing a new book, "Poor Little Bitch Girl."  Tuesday morning, she hit up Good Morning America.  

Collins new release is evidently a story of intrigue centered around murder and politics.  

Jackie has clearly been around the block.  I guess you noticed in the video above that she admits to the following: She slept with Marlon Brando as a teen, and she dared to say no to Warren Beatty.

It's funny how these old broads talk so much about their personal lives when they get older.  

"Poor Little Bitch Girl" is available in stores now.

Craig Ferguson goes white trash on Twitter


The CBS “Late Late Shows” Craig Ferguson has signed up for Twitter and is already making it splash.  It's only Tuesday, and Craig Ferguson is already our White Trash of the Week (WTOTW).

After only having been a Tweeter for less than 12 hours, @CraigyFerg started dropping F-bombs all over the place.  That's white trash (WT) if I've ever seen it.  (You know I'm totally WT myself, so take a look;)

Talk about White Trash on the move!  I'm definitely following Craig Ferguson on Twitter from now on.  White trash has got to stick together. 

Sherry Vine is back with Taylor Swift spoof [video]

She's back.  After blowing everyone away with her "Bad Romance" parody, Sherry Vine is back with her latest spoof.

This time the famed drag performer takes on Taylor Swift's "You Belong To Me" aptly titled "I Was So Off Key".

As I've said, Sherry Vine is setting herself up to become the drag version of Weird Al.  I love it!  Let's all jump on those coat tails and ride to stardom! 

February 08, 2010

Here is the first look at Levi Johnston's Playgirl cover


Here it is!  This what the print version of Levi Johnston's Playgirl is going to look like!

We already know that Levi didn't show his Johnston, but if you want a copy of the bare ass pics to hold onto... you can grab this issue on February 22nd.

Levi actually looks better on the cover than he does in any of the photos I saw.  Of course, you know I'll grab a copy of Levi Johnston's Playgirl.  I want to read the Sarah Palin scoop... duh!

My favorite Super Bowl ad: Letterman, Oprah and Leno [video]

This advertisement for the "Late Show with David Letterman" was probably my favorite Super Bowl commercial.

In 2007, Letterman was joined by Oprah Winfrey in a time when the two had a faux-feud on the airwaves.  To see Jay Leno show up in an ad for the competition is pop culture history in the making.

There is no love lost between Letterman and Leno.  Letterman, of course, was primed to replace Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show" when Leno swooped in and took over.  I guess Letterman is probably the only person who knows how Conan O'Brien really feels.

To keep this Super Bowl ad a secret, Leno evidently disguised himself with a mustache to sneak into the Ed Sullivan Theatre where Letterman's show is taped.

Neil Patrick Harris pops up at Superbowl as CBS character Barney Stinson

Neil Patrick Harris is everywhere.  Let's call him the super gay, shall we? NPH can even infiltrate the most testosterone driven event of the year and seem cool.

Harris actually showed up at the Super Bowl in character as his "How I Met Your Mother" character, Barney Stinson.  

Super gay was holding up a sign that read, "Call Barney Stinson at 1-877-987-6401".  The photo looks a little strange, so I'm not sure exactly where CBS is going with this.  It may even pop up in an episode of the hit show.

If you do 'call Barney Stinson', you'll get this recording:

"That, Lebron, is how you shoot a free throw. Hey, Barney Stinson speaking. A recording? No, this is really me! Anyway, glad you called 'cause you sound really special. Let's get to know each other. What are your hobbies? Oh my god, I like that too! Wow, I'm really feeling a connection here. You know, I never do this but what the heck. Let's meet up at MacLaren's Bar at oh, say, 3:45 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 12, 2016. I can't wait to meet you. I love you."

Talk about taking advantage of a good promotional opportunity!  CBS capitalized on this one.  Meanwhile, I'm falling in love with Neil Patrick Harris.

French Quarter cams offer live view of New Orleans' Super Bowl celebration [video]

The live cams in the New Orleans French Quarter would have made you think it was Mardi Gras last night.  Instead, of course, football fans are celebrating the Saint's Super Bowl win on Sunday.

Thousands and thousands of people flooded Bourbon Street and there was an instant party with plenty of booze, beads and posters proclaiming their pride in their hometown team.  Cops even had to break-up the Super Bowl party the same way they put an end to Mardi Gras, with officers on horseback.

The Saints upset the Colts in Sundays big game.

If you missed all those French Quarter live cams after the SuperBowl, then you'll definitely want to tune in Tuesday, February 16th when the actual Mardi Gras celebrations are underway.  It's untelling what you might see!

February 07, 2010

Carrie Underwood rocks Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl [video]


In case you missed it, here is Carrie Underwood's performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday.  She sang the National Anthem before the game began.

Underwood is the stand-out winner of "American Idol" having taken the country music industry by storm.  Carrie has an amazing voice, and she was probably the perfect fit to sing the National Anthem.

Queen Latifah also performed as a part of the Super Bowl pre-game show.

The Saints went on to defeat the Colts in what is being called an "upset victory".

Dockers Super Bowl ad offers chance at free pants


One of the Super Bowl ads getting the most attention this year is the Dockers commercial that offers viewers a chance to win free pants.

Have you registered for your khakis yet?  If not, head over to dockers.blog/freepants and register to win.  According to the website, you will receive an email on February 8 letting you know if you've won.

The main benefit here is the amount of marketing information that Dockers is going to get from this campaign.  They just got my name and e-mail.  I've never purchased any pants from Dockers, but you'll also guarantee we'll all be reading any junk that Dockers spams us with in hopes of some free khakis.

Doritos allows fans to create Super Bowl ads and earn big money [video]

The main things we'll be paying attention to on today's Super Bowl are clearly the commercials, some of which were created by viewers making some football fans overnight millionaires.


The producers of the first place ad will be paid one million dollars, the second place winner gets $600,000 and the third place ad gets $400,000.  Doritos also bought ads space to air all three spots during Sunday night's SuperBowl.

At times like this, it makes me wish I paid more attention to football advertisements!

February 04, 2010

Is Anderson Cooper bringing back a Haitian baby?



The National Enquirer is reporting that Anderson Cooper is going to adopt a Haitian baby.  Last week, we told you he's purchased a new home in the West Village with his assumed boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani.

The report claims that Cooper was so touched by the rescue effort that he decided to adopt one of the orphaned babies.  

Anderson and Benjamin don't seem like a couple ready for adoption.  As you know, Cooper jumps on planes and heads off to report on various breaking news across the globe for CNN.  Maisani is the owner of the East Village gay bar, Eastern Bloc.

Cooper has since denied the claims in the article.

Simon and Tamara's marriage continues to crumble [video]


As this season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" progresses, we're slowly seeing Tamara and Simon's marriage dissolve.  We now know the couple is getting divorced.

Here's what's in store for this week's episode:

In an attempt to stabilize their marriage, Tamra and Simon get a group together for drinks, but when Tamra confesses a secret to Simon, will their fun-filled day be ruined? And Lynne gets all the ladies and husbands together for a housewarming party in her new home.   But, what starts off as a civilized gathering doesn’t last too long when a heated argument breaks out between Simon and Vicki.  Whose side will Tamra choose? 

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Thursday nights at 10pm on Bravo.

February 03, 2010

Shear Genius is back on Bravo starting Wednesday night [video]


As we told you earlier, it's a big double-header night on Bravo as "Launch My Line" says good-bye and "Shear Genius" says hello.  

Here's what we can expect from the season premiere of "Shear Genius":

In the premiere episode, the twelve stylists arrive in Los Angeles where for their first challenge, the stylists must give unruly punk rockers a more polished look. The competition gets even more edgy during the elimination round when the contestants collaborate with a hot new swimwear company to create sophisticated styles for a risqué fashion show.  Which contestant will be the first to stand out and which will be sent home packing their scissors.

"Shear Genius" airs at 10/9c right after "Launch My Line" on Bravo.

Launch My Line wraps Wednesday on Bravo [video]


There's a bit double header for homos on Bravo tonight starting at 9pm, it's the second part of the season finale of "Launch My Line."

Here's what we've got to look forward to...

When a major Grammy Award-winning entertainer stops by for a surprise visit, the designers are inspired to pull out all the stops to impress the judges. After weeks of hard work, the remaining contestants finally get the opportunity show their full collections in the final fashion show.   Who will go home disappointed?  And who will get to launch their line?  

"Launch My Line" airs at 9pm on Wednesday night on Bravo.  Check back later, and we'll have clips of the season premiere of "Shear Genuis" which airs at 10pm.

Nightlife Shots : Formikas Birthday at The Fword 01.29.10


Michael "Misstress Formika" Jones turned about 105 last week and he threw a party to end all parties at the FWORD last week. Performances included Sherry Vine, Joey Arias, Michael T, Pepper Mint and many more. I got some great shots :


To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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February 02, 2010

Rupauls Drag Race : Episode One


Missed it last night? Here's your chance to catch up! Read a full recap of the episode .


Watch Gay Video & Lesbian Movies

Demanda Does Her Dishes

Have you ever visited Demanda? Come on in to say hello as Demanda does her dishes. If you're lucky she might come do yours! Not that you would want her to.

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Watch the gay ad that got banned from the SuperBowl [video]:


This ManCrunch.blog advertisement has evidently been banned by CBS for being a bit too controversial for the SuperBowl.

ManCrunch.blog is evidently a dating site for gay men, but I guess having two men crawling all over each other or touching hands is too much for the SuperBowl.  Wait a minute... don't the players in the game actually pile up on top of each other and touch hands all the time?

While it seems to be a bit hypocritical, CBS won't run the ad.  ManCrunch.blog has gotten plenty of coverage though.  I don't think they really need to pay to run the ad now anyway.

Here's a full list of Oscar noms for 2010 Academy Awards

The Oscar nominees for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards were announced on Tuesday morning, and there were few surprises.  Avatar lead the pack with nine nominations.

In 2010 there are 10 films up for the Best Picture award.  It will be interesting how this will affect the academy's choice for the top Oscar nod.

There is a complete list of Oscar nominees after the break.

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I Heard... One of the 'Jersey Shore' boys is getting naked for the camera (and cash, of course)


I HEARD... that after revealing (on the Wendy Williams Show) that one of the cuter cast members from "Jersey Show" is about to get naked for cash!

I ALSO HEARD… that after the whole disappointing shoot with Levi Johnston and his failure to go full frontal, Playgirl won't be doing anymore partial nudity.  Show it all or don't bother!

However, I ALSO HEARD... that this "Jersey Shore" cast member doesn't seem to mind showing it all off, because while he might not be gay - he loves to show off and be admired by both sexes.  I think that makes him tri-sexual!

I guess that means if this "Jersey Shore" boy plans to do Playgirl, then he's gonna let it all hang out!  Not like all those people who spent the summer down the shore with him hasn't seen it anyway!

Rupauls Drag Race Season 2 Premiere

On your mark, get set, GO! Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2 premiered tonight on Logo. As predicted this season the show had a bigger budget and with that came production. The first celebrity guest judge was gay loving Kathy Griffin. The show seems to still have the likeable factor that made the first season such a success. Twelve beautiful girls representing the "best" of American drag.

This week the contestants had to straddle a cannon while being blown away by a wind machine. Some did great as others flipped their wig; literally. Morgan McMichaels came out on top with a beautiful photograph. Later the girls made their first garment of the season out of curtains.

Ultimately good friends Shangela Laquifa Wadley and Sahara Davenport (representing NY) had to lipsync for their life. Sahara was told "Shante, you stay" as Shangela sashayed away.

The three contestants that stood out to me were Raven, Morgan McMichaels and Sonique. Coincidentally those were the three that did the best in the challenges and are looking to be the top contenders. The Hot Tranny Mess of the Week Award goes to Mystique Summers Madison. Not only was her assemble a train wreck but her split wasn't eye pleasing either. (You gotta work harder for the big girls!)

Stay tooned every Monday night to Logo for new episodes and Tuesdays on gaysocialites.blog for a full recap!


And the winner of the Miss'd America pageant is....


This weekend, the GayScoialites ventured to Atlantic City for the Miss'd America pageant which turned out to be a little more like a Broadway show.

After several scenes of musical and dance performances; the pageant was finally underway with a evening gown division, talent and even a question-answer.

It was clear that Michelle Dupree was the winner just after her talent performance. 

It looked a little rigged as the judges including our good buddy (ahahahaha) Michael Musto got up multiple times during the competition and were gone for a while.  

Sorry the pictures are so blurry, you know how drag queens are moving around all over the place.

Thanks to Caesar's (Harrah;s resorts) for the accommodations!

January 31, 2010

Nightlife Shots : The Happening at the Hudson Hotel 01.27.10


The Happening is a very suitable name for the Wednesday party at the Hudson Hotel. It's usually packed to the brim and lots of fun. This week.. not so much! I did get some great shots! Here we go :

SEEN: Jackie Birdy, Markus Kelleman, Hunter, Eric Halliwell, Amanda Lepore, Demanda Dahling, Nole Marin, Andretti Andretti, Danny Marr, Lee Chappell and Erickatoure Aviance.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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January 29, 2010

We're going to the Miss'd America Pageant in Atlantic City


This weekend gaysocialites.blog will be on the road in Atlantic City to celebrate the return of the Miss'd America Pageant to Atlantic City.

Ok get this... it's just like the real Miss America pageant only for DRAG QUEENS!  That means I probably won't fall asleep during this one, but we also probably won't have any Carrie Prejean moments.

The pageant has been on hiatus for five years, but this weekend drag queens from coast to coast will come together to compete again!  This year's host is even reality star Carson Kressley.  He's like the head gay or something, so we're expecting a real shit show!

We're heading down Saturday morning for all of the pre-pageant activities.  You might even catch some live glimpses of what's going on as we test some new technology with capability for me to provide live streaming footage over the Android system using my Cliq.  We'll see how it goes!

Before we set foot on this trip, we must thank one of the best publicists in the biz - Heather Jansen at RF Binder for introducing us to a cooler side of Atlantic City.  I had never been, because I thought it was just a bunch of gray haired yankee bitches with more money than common sense.  I was wrong, and Heather can be thanked for that!  We honored that you've asked us to come along for the ride once again.

We must also thank the folks at Caesar's Atlantic City for providing our accommodations for the weekend.  You can always expect the best from a Harrah's property! For the first time, we're also hopping the ACES train to arrive in style.  This should be a hoot!  We'll see what happens when pack NYC's VIP gays and best in homo-media into a train car for a ride to Jersey!  I'll be your fly on the wall, don't worry!

Make sure you follow @kingralphy and @charleswinters on Twitter.  We'll be keeping you abreast of the drama!

Nightlife Shots : The Spicky Hilton Show @ Boots and Saddle 01.26.10


My third stop of the night was at Boots and Saddle where every Tuesday night Spicky Hilton hosts The Spicky Hilton Show! Spicky is an amazaing vocalist not to mention gorgeous. She pulled all the stops by performing hits by Mariah and Leona Lewis. I got some great shots of her!

SEEN: Spicky Hilton, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Yuhua Hamasaki and Diva Steve.

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

More photos after the jump! You don't want to miss them.

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January 28, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Find Fred at Vlada & Scotty Rox Spins at Posh 01.26.10


Tuesday night I descended on a world tour! My first two stops were at Vlada where FindFred was hosting a charity gig and Posh where Scotty Rox was spinning! Here's what I saw :

SEEN: Holly Caust, Yuhua Hamasaki, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Diva Steve, Scotty Rox and Felicity Starr Dust.

To see more photos head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

More photos after the jump!

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Thanks Apple! Now we get "Guys with iPads"!!


We've all spent some quality time on guyswithiphones.blog, it looks like thanks to Apple's newest creation - there's a spin-off! 

Take a look at guyswithipads.blog!  Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they just announce this product this week?  If so, how did so many hot guys already get their hands on one!

Maybe Apple knows what they're doing with this who iPad thing.  Give them to the sexy, slutty guys who will post hot pictures online complete with iPad logo.  That's one way to get the word out, especially among the gays.

Who doesn't love Patti Stranger's chutzpah? [video]


Patti Stranger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, is known for her sharp tongue and sassy attitude.  Patti calls it chutzpah.  Others might just say she's a bitch!

Our shot of the day is a montage of Stranger's casting sessions.  

"Millionaire Matchmaker" airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on Bravo.

January 27, 2010

ABC canceling 'Ugly Betty' after fourth season

I'm a bit more shocked that most people seem to be, but ABC has evidently informed the producers of Ugly Betty that this will be their last season on the air.

That's right, my favorite TV show is getting canceled! ABC also evidently cut their episode order down from 22 to 20, but that still gives Ugly Betty producers time to plan a season finale.

What happened to ABC's gay friendly kick they were on? We have several open gay story lines here!  Will Marc St. James ever become an editor? Will Justin Suarez ever come out of the closet?  We may never now.

January 26, 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker finds its so difficult because its so Hollywood! [video]


For some reason the kick-off of this season's "Millionaire Matchmaker" seemed to have slipped by my radar, but no worries Patti Stranger is back tonight and matching up lovers!

This week Patti takes on a successful entrepreneur who can't seem to get as passionate about his love life as he is with his career.

And Patti's second client is childhood actor Justin Shenkarow from Picket Fences.  The problem is that Justin has that kiddie actor attitude.  The question is whether Patti will be able to knock him off his Huffy long enough to walk with the commoners to find love.

"The Millionaire Matchmaker" airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on Bravo.

Nightlife Shots : Vandam 01.24.10


Vandam was so much fun this week. There was something in the air, it felt new and alive! This was the third stop of the night on Sunday and the fantasy continues.

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Ajoshua, Dirty Martini, Lady Fag, Malik So Chic, Eric Halliwell, Dina Delicious, King Ralphy, Demanda Dahling, Celso, Danny Marr, Rainblo and the list goes on and on!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

More photos after the jump!

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Nightlife Shots : Alphabet Sundays 01.24.10


Our second stop of the night was at Arrow Bar for Alphabet Sundays. Seth "PHDJ" Clark was spinning  so we payed him a visit. We showed him the full fantasy! Here's what I saw :

Get the "seen" and check out more photos from Sunday night after the break!

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January 25, 2010

Nightlife Shots : The Pill Awards 01.24.10


Last night were the Pill Awards hosted by Hedda Lettuce and porn star Colton Ford. What a kiki to say the least. The who's who of nightlife and underground entertainment came out to support their fellow artists. Performances included Cazwell "I Seen Beyonce at Burger King" and Amanda Lepore "Cotton Candy". I had tons of fun!

More AMAZING photos and the "seen" list, after the break!

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Another picture of Taylor Lautner with suspected gay lover Sean Fox?


Here we go again!  Another picture in our inbox that just happens to feature Taylor Lautner, who may or may not be gay, with Sean Fox Zastoupi, who may or may not be Taylor's boyfriend.

On the web right now, you've got a battle going between those who claim this whole Taylor/ Sean Fox relationship is made up.  And you've got those who are desperately trying to prove that Lautner is indeed gay and dating this dude. Some have even gone as far as photoshopping Sean Fox into pictures where he doesn't belong.

I recently received this picture from a Lautner fan who said they got their picture snapped with Sean and Taylor together.  What do you think? Is this a legit pic of Taylor and Sean Fox with a fan or another good photoshop job?

While the validity of this picture wouldn't prove much.  It would show that Taylor and Sean sure do hang out a lot!

Like many of the commenters have said on other stories related to this topic at gaysocialites.blog, you'd think Taylor Lautner and his gorgeous teenaged body would be all over a much hotter gay than Sean Fox.  I'm just saying agreeing!

"8: The Mormon Proposition" debuts at Sundance

There sure was a rukus at the opening of "8: The Mormon Proposition" at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday.

Protesters showed up to rally against the LDS Church's involvement in overturning gay marriage in California and show their support for the film.

We are not here to be anti-LDS," rally organizer Eric Ethington said Sunday, outside the documentary's premiere at the Racquet Club venue in Park City. "We are here to share our own stories." 

During the 2008 campaign, the Mormons sunk a lot of time and money into making sure that Proposition 8 passed and that gay marriage was banned.

Live Bourbon Street cams show excited New Orleans fans

You know I don't normally give a crap about sports, especially football; but it was cool to watch the Bourbon Street live webcams online showing the celebration going on in New Orleans after they beat Minnesota on Sunday night.

This means that the New Orleans Saints will go against my former classmate, Peyton Manning, and the Colts in the Super Bowl.

Like at our Alma Mater, the University of Tennessee, and in Times Square; the streets tend to erupt in New Orleans when their sports teams do well.

Here are some of the sites that offered live streaming footage of Bourbon Street:

New Orleans Live Web Cam: http://www.earthcam.blog/usa/louisiana/neworleans/bourbonstreet/

Bourbon Street Web Cam: http://www.tropicalisle.blog/webcam.html

Jackson Square Live Web Cam: http://www.nola.blog/jacksonsquarecam/

Lee Circle Livestream: http://www.wdsu.blog/video/16117072/index.html

January 24, 2010

Here's that Wal-Mart clown commercial [video]


Twitter is abuzz over this Wal-Mart commercial in which a clown clearly busts up the party and scares the shit out of a bunch of kids.

I love annoying children as much as the next guy, so this commercial is right up my alley.   If you haven't seen the Wal-Mart clown commercial then check it out here:

Who knew he would jump on top of the unicorn and sceam in horror rather than joy.  This Wal-Mart Commcercial first aired Sunday night during the NFL play offs.

I love scared kids.

Nightlife Shots: Vandam 01.17.10


Vandam was insanely packed last week because of the Holiday weekend. We could hardly sip our vodka let alone move. None the less I got some great shots:

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January 22, 2010

Which 'Big Brother' contestant is going to star in gay porn?



Former "Big Brother" contestant Steve Daigle is taking on a new career.

When he entered the "BB" house, Daigle was working for the gay rodeo.  Now, he's going to be riding stallions of a different type.  Steven is breaking into the gay porn industry.

He evidently landed a gig after meeting ChiChi LaRue at a "BB" wrap party.  No word yet on when Steven's gay porn will hit the shelves, but we do hear he's also landed the cover of Unzipped magazine as well.

It's amazing what doors a show like "Big Brother" can open for you, huh?

January 21, 2010

Conan wins money, non-compete battle; loses characters

The new "Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" will say good-bye at the end of this week.  As you've probably heard, O'Brien struck a $45 million deal with NBC after they decided to bump Jay Leno back into his old spot.

In the deal, NBC will evidently get to keep most of the characters that Conan and his team created while working at the peacock.  O'Brien will also be allowed to return the air on another network in September.

Word on the web is that David Letterman was trying to book O'Brien as his guest on May 1st when Jay Leno returns to his old gig; but the deal covers that too.  Conan can't do any interview for a unspecified amount of time after Leno returns.

The "Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" will end on Friday, January 22nd with Will Ferrell as the guest.  Ferrell was the first guest on the show when it debuted a few months ago.

Welcome to the Ginger Club: Hayden Panettiere has red hair!


Welcome to the ginger club, Hayden Panettire!  The "Heroes" star was snapped by the paps sporting a new red hair do this week.

I think Hayden looks amazing with red hair.  Does this finally mean we can say red is the new blonde? LOL.

Panettire was spotted traveling with her boyfriend, boxer Wladimir Klitschsko.  I'm sure he looks like her daughter anyway.  He's a monster compared to her, and she's 13 years younger than he is.

BUT, Hayden has red hair now - and I love her for it!

Lesbian kiss in "Chloe" trailer has people talking [video]

The French trailer for Atom Egoyan's movie "Chloe" is causing a little bit of controversy for a girl-on-girl kiss involving Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore.

Seyfried plays the lebian role well, evidently.  Last year she was in "Jennifer Body" where she locked lips with Megan Fox.

According to moviefone.blog, this isn't your typical girl meets girl lesbo flick.  The plot of the movie is that a wife (played by Moore) attempts to prove that her husband (played by Liam Neeson) is cheating by hiring a hooker (played by Seyfried) to seduce him.  Somehow, the wife ends up hooking up with the hooker. 

Heidi Montag, pictures before and after her 10 cosmetic surgeries


That's the big before and after reveal of the newly reconstructed Heidi Montag in the pages of People Magazine.

Heidi dishes about her 10 cosmetic procedures inside. 

"I was made fun of when I was younger, and so I had insecurities, especially after I moved to L.A. People said I had a "Jay Leno chin"; they'd circle it on blogs and say nasty things. It bothered me. And when I watched myself on The Hills, my ears would be sticking out likle Dumbo! I just wanted to feel more confident and look in the mirror and be like, "Whoa! That's me!" I was an ugly duckling before."

Personally, I don't think she looks that different in the two pics.  But that's just me! If you want to see the 7-page interview and more photos, they're in the latest People magazine.

Sale of Eric von Kuersteriner's Fire Island Pines properties a 'done deal'


As I told you yesterday, I heard that Eric von Kuersteriner was selling his portion of the Fire Island Pines which includes the Pavilion and the Blue Whale.

Next Magazine and Queerty independently confirmed that the sell was in the works, so we decided to dig a little deeper.  An anonymous source confirmed a report on the Nexus Blog that Seth Weissman will be purchasing von Kuersteriner's properties in Fire Island.  "It's a done deal," my source says.

Our insider says that the Ascension Party, the dock and freight service will be the only things that Weissman won't own out of Eric's fleet.  That means the resort, which includes the Pavilion and the Blue Whale will change ownership.

Our source, close to Weissman, says you can expect immediate change and a whole new team in place that seems to involve names like Daniel Nardicio who last year ran the competition across the Island.

Jennifer Lopez takes over 'Lopez Tonight' [video]


Jennifer Lopez thrust herself into the late night wars earlier this week when she did a spoof acting as if she had taken over "Lopez Tonight" bumping smaller named host George Lopez.

During her monologue, she took a stab at Sarah Palin calling her a bitch in Spanish. I'm sure that's going to give Palin something to talk about at her new Fox News gig.

Jlo, of course, isn't really the new host at Lopez tonight. She pulled off a great monologue though, and she took a good jab at NBC bumpiing Conan O'Brien with Jay Leno.

January 20, 2010

It's down to four on 'Launch My Line" [video]


On tonight's Launch My Line they've roped in Kara Saun from the first season of Project Runway. She's no Gaga, but this on Bravo for goodness sakes.

There are only FOUR designers and TWo challenges left, so the stakes are higher then ever".

And with only FOUR designers remaining and TWO challenges left, the stakes of the competition couldn’t be higher!  When the final four are asked to create a three-piece outfit that allows their target client to alter the look for different events, the pressure is on to make a flawless garment. 

And while they are under the gun to get their piece done, will special guest star, Kara Saun, “yay” or “nay” the designer’s looks?

January 19, 2010

Amanda Lepore Feels the Fantasy


Lets take a trip down memory lane back to when the FWORD was hosted at Santos. After a chat with Amanda Lepore she proceeded to tell me.... well just watch and see!

To see more videos head on over to EricHalliwellNights.blog! Don't forget to subscribe to be the first to see all future videos!

Clash of the Titans : Who wore it best?




All three of these party goers wore the same style get up 3 weeks in a row to hot spot Vandam. The real question is who wore it best? Let us know in the comments below!

Is this Taylor Lautner and his gay lover stepping out?



We recently asked you to help us catch your favorite celebrities in action by snapping a photo with your phone or digital camera if you see any stars out and about.

Today's phone paps might have help us solve an open case!  Is Taylor Lautner really gay, and is the "Twilight" star really dating this kid - Sean Fox Zastoupil?

[Editor's note:  the following section of this article was re-written to retract certainty about the photo above.]

Taylor may be gay, and he might be dating Sean... however, this photo means nothing!  This pic was evidently altered and Sean is actually dubbed over Taylor Swift.  You can see the real photo in the links provided below by our always friendly commenters.

Even though Lautner says, 'You can pretty much believe 10 percent of everything you read online."  He won't say whether or not the gay rumor is part of that believable 10 percent.

Lautner and Fox-Zastoupil have been spotted together a lot like in this phone paps photo above, and Taylor even evidently took Sean with him when he hosted SNL.

There Sean was bragging on his man, "Taylor is an amazing performer and a great actor. He really represented SNL and I hope that they continue having him back. He is truly doing what he loves to do and having a great time with it."

We're not 100 percent sure whether Taylor is gay, bi or try; but he clearly isn't ready to come out of the closet or he would have already done so.  If he isn't gay, that's one waste of a beautiful man on some breeder.


Mr. Gay China Pageant blocked by police

A Chinese pageant for gay men was evidently shut down by cops, and organizers find themselves wondering why and how it all happened.

Just as the scene was set for the Mr. Gay China pageant, cops came in and shut the sold out show down.  Many of the contestants even said they were planning to come out of the closet or the first time during the Mr. Gay Pageant.

The pageant isn't all about beautiful hot gay men, I guess that's why it has a reputation as a huge platform for Talent. as well as as well as a question-and-answer

It doesn't however look like China will ever have a Mr. Gay contest.   The offered me a trip down and a limo back with all expenses paid trade too if I'm lucky!

Cops say they closed down the party due to lack of proper licensing.

Conan and NBC divorce latest: who will get the dog?

The latest word on the gossip mill from NBC is that Conan O'Brien is nearly a deal that would let him out of his contract and give him the chance to take characters he has created under the network's watch.

Just like his character Triumph, the insult slinging puppet; Conan's deal to take his make believe friends with him has strings attached.

Evidently if O'Brien wants to work again immediately, he will have to leave his characters behind.  TMZ is reporting that the only way Conan will walk with the dog is if he isn't willing to compete with NBC for a while.

January 18, 2010

Mariah Carey and her golden globes cause award show fashion fall out [video]


The outfit that normally gets the most buzz on award show red carpets is typically the one that is bold and over the top.  Instead, at the Golden Globes, it was the lack of fabric that landed Mariah Carey on many worst dressed lists. 

Carey wore a somewhat simple Hervé Léger gown with plenty of décolletage, and its the girls who are getting all the buzz.

Mariah has been back in the headlines after a less-than-sober acceptance speech at last week's critic choice awards where she was being honored for her performance in the movie Precious.

As for her gown at the Globes, I'm allergic to boobies and I didn't even feel like this was too much of a dosage.

"Real Housewives of New York" sneak peak at new season [video]

I can't wait for the "Real Housewives of New York" to return, so I wanted to give you this sneak peak! 

My most favorite of all the "Real Housewives" franchises on Bravo would have to be the ladies of New York.

This season, we're going to see Bethenny leave the show for a spin-off.  We'll also get the latest on Luann's relationship with the Count (or lack-there-of) and some wacky Romona behavior.

The best is going to have to be in Jill Zarin knocks the shit out of Jill Bensimon.

Sandra Bullock talks about making out with Meryl Streep



While everyone is talking about the Golden Globes, many are still a buzz about Sandra Bullock's lip lock with Meryl Streep at the Critic's Choice Awards.

Bullock even addressed it on the red carpet for the Globes.

"It was mindblowing and unbelievable," Bullock said on the red carpet at the Golden Globes Awards.  "It ranks like in the top two moments in my life."

I wonder where her marriage to reality star Jesse James lands on that list.  On Sunday night, her marriage seemed to be the last thing on her mind. 

"She kind of wants me," Bullock joked. "I think we may do a movie together that has a little sapphic element to it. Everyone's been like, 'Let's get them together as lovers.' "

I'm not sure what Meryl Streep thinks about all of this.

Complete list of Golden Glober winners

The Golden Globe Awards were handed out in Los Angeles on Sunday night, and the list of winners offers some surprises but really seems to honor those who deserve it!

Some of the highlights included wins by Toni Collette, Julianna Marguiles and Mo'nique for her performance in the hit film "Precious."

We've got a full list of Golden Globe winners after the break.

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January 17, 2010

Nightlife Shots: FWORD! 01.15.10


If you havent been following me on twitter, then you might not know that Ive been sick as a dog for the last few days. I managed to force myself out of bed on friday for the fword. I'm so glad I did too! It was such an amazing night. Here's what I saw:


To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

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January 16, 2010

"Real Housewives'" Tamra addresses divorce live on the air [video]


In case you missed "What What Happens Live" this week on Bravo, Tamra Barney from "the Real Housewives of Orange County" confirmed that her husband, Simon, has filed for divorce.

This OC divorce seems to be off to a nasty start.  Simon was casting "What What Happens Host", Andy Cohen, throughout the night accusing Tamara of infidelity.

The "Real Housewives" star insists, "I did not cheat on my husband."

Tamara says that Simon is just too controlling because she was having casual conversations with an ex-boyfriend.

The couple, once highly successful, have fallen on hard times with the recession.

January 15, 2010

Lady Gaga tweets about canceled Purdue concert

Lady Gaga sent gays at Purdue University into a tizzy when she abruptly canceled her concert scheduled there on Thursday night.

It looks like Gaga has just played her first "exhaustion and dehydration" card. 

To explain herself, Gaga hit Twitter:

Gaga went on to say that the paramedics said she was suffering from "exhaustion and dehydration."

I don't think there's anything in the world wrong with it!  It happens to anyone who works too hard.  It's happened to Mariah Carey, Susan Boyle and even yours truly.

Lady Gaga says she'll be back at Purdue on January 26th.

You can follow @gaysocialites and @charleswinters on Twitter!

January 14, 2010

The Real Housewives of Orange Country get psychics [video]


To be a bunch of struggling bitches stricken by the bad economy,  "the Real Housewives of Orange County" are living it up.

It’s psychics, sleepovers and, of course, tons of drama on tonight’s episode when Lynne confronts Gretchen about overstepping her boundaries with her daughter Alexa.

Will the two bicker or will they handle the situation calmly?  And to make up for the husbands crashing their recent trip to Florida, Vicki invites all of the housewives to a “girls only” slumber party at her house.  But when Vicki surprises everyone by inviting a psychic to reads their auras, the ladies are caught off guard by some of his insightful readings.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs at 10/9c on Bravo.

Nightlife Shots: Vandam 01.10.10


Vandam was so much fun this Sunday! Rose Mcgowan made an appearance! Heres what I saw:

SEEN:Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Malik So Chic, Lady Fagg, Eric Halliwell, Rose Mcgowan, Demanda Dahling, Herra C, Celso, Tiana Reeves, Paul Alexander, Yuhua Hamasaki, Kyle, Nancy NoseCandy, Tyler Stone and MANY MANY MORE!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

'American Idol' contestant debuts 'Pants on the Ground' [video]


This season's "American Idol" defunct superstar has arisen, and his name is Larry Platt. 

Platt is 34 years too old to compete in the "American Idol" competition, that didn't stop Larry from debuting his song "Pants on the Ground" during the "Idol" auditions.

This 62-year-old 'singer' had the judges cracking up as he introduced them to "Pants on the Ground".  Judge Simon Cowell even said that Platt could have a hit on his hands.  Watch the video above, and you be the judge!

Nightlife Shots: Alphabet Sundays @ Arrow Bar 01.10.10


I had 2 stops to go on Sunday night. My first was at Arrow Bar where my good friend Seth "PHDJ" Clark was DJing. I've never heard Seth spin, so I had to check him out. We had a great time. Here's what I saw:

SEEN: Seth Clark, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling & Herra C.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

GLAAD Awards nominate Lady Gaga. Joy Behar, Glee, more

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has released the nominees for their annual media awards.  GLAAD announced 116 nominees for outstanding coverage of gay issues in categories in film, television, documentary, music, theater, comic books and journalism.

Among the list of nominees are singer Lady Gaga, U.S. indie band Gossip, U.S. singer Brandi Carlile and American Idol runner up Adam Lambert.

Television shows that earned nominations included "True Blood," "Grey's Anatomy", "Mad Men," "Skins," "Glee," "the Joy Behar Show" and "The United States of Tara."

There is a full list of GLAAD Media nominees after the break:

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January 13, 2010

Late night hosts take jabs at NBC over second late night shake-up


Late night TV has become extremely popular over the past week as NBC announced they'll be changing their line-up again.

Conan O'Brien says he can't imagine the historic "Tonight Show" getting bumped to another slot and claims he won't do it.

On Tuesday night he joked, "I've been giving the situation a lot of thought. When I was a little boy, I remember watching 'The Tonight Show' with Johnny Carson and thinking 'One day, I'm going to host that show for seven months.'"

The other network hosts also took jabs.  Jay Leno took his own stab at the network, "The folks here at NBC, they don't handle these things well. They don't have a lot of tact. After they canceled the show, they told me if I gained 10 pounds I could join 'The Biggest Loser.'"

On CBS, Letterman took credit for the chaos, "You know what this means -- that's right, I knocked off another competitor."  He later joked that Conan might even come after his job!

The funniest was probably on ABC where Jimmy Kimmel dressed up like Leno and said, "Hello, hello, my name is Jay Leno and let it here by be known that I'm taking over all the shows in late-night," he quipped, referring to the recent dustup at NBC. He went on to joke that "It's great to be here on ABC," he adds. "You know what ABC stands for? Always Bump Conan."

Get your DVR ready and record them all, because you never know who might be the funniest in the late night wars tonight!

Tonight's 'Launch My Line' goes denim [video]:


On tonight's Launch My Line, things might seem a little lackluster as there is no Gaga or high-profile pop stars; but Bravo is still promising some denim drama!

Tonight, the designers take a trip to a denim warehouse to learn fabric-distressing techniques.  I must admit, I've always wanted to know how to really stone wash jeans!

The teams are asked to make their own denim-centric garment to add to their line, but when the designers are asked to use their fellow competitors as inspiration, the truth comes out about how they feel about each other!  With only five teams left, which teams will find the perfect fit, and which will be left in “distress?”

Launch My Line airs Wednesday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

Miss'd America Pageant is coming back to Atlantic City [video]

The Miss'd America Pageant is returning to Atlantic City, and gaysocialites.blog is gearing up for another trip down to Jersey to see what it is all about.

After a 5 year break, drag queens will once again be strutting down the world's most famous runway just like the Miss America bitches!

The pageant started as a spoof of the world-famous Miss America Pageant 14 years ago to raise funds for a local charity.

We're very excited to be involved, and we'll provide comprehensive coverage live from the pageant which takes place on Sunday, January 31st!  If you're up for a trip, then join us in Atlantic City.  We're promised that Trump Entertainment Resorts, Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., the Greater Atlantic City GLBT Alliance, and the Schultz-Hill Foundation are going to make sure this is a weekend we'll never forget!

Kara DioGuardi vs. Andrew Fenlon on 'American Idol' [video]


Everybody knows I have huge thing for sexy geeks, and everyone knows that American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi has to pick a fight with a few contestants to keep the drama levels high.

During the first week, Kara has already gone after teh sexy geek - Andrew Fenlon.

While being pre-interviewed by host Ryan Seacrest, Fenlon acted like a distracted geek.  When he got into the judge's room, he came across a bit cocky when he expressed his anger over having to wait so long for his Idol audition.

I think Andrew is a total babe, and here's to hoping he shows up in another city with a better attitude and a different song!

January 12, 2010

When do we get to see some Ellen Degeneres start on American Idol?

Everyone tuned into American Idol as the new season debuted this week hoping to see some of America's favorite lesbian, Ellen Degeneres.

The problem is, Ellen isn't on the earlier shows.  Degeneres won't join the Idol judging panel until the show goes live.  That's after the months-and-months-and-months of auditions.

Simon Cowell also announced this week that he'll be leaving the show to focus on an American version of highly successful competition show. X Factor.

Cowell will stick around for this season of American Idol, and he has already dropped some hints that he and Paula Abdul might be working together again soon.

Warning to photogs, a car carrying Lindsay Lohan is likely to run over you


By now, we have all heard about Lindsay Lohan's latest fender bender, but this time the poplet wasn't even driving.  It was her cousin-assistant-bff-ish type.  Same type story though, Lindsay Lohan is in a car that manages to run over a paparazzo.

I bring up a couple of valid points here.  

The first is that Lindsay Lohan has the worst luck when it comes to running over members of the paparazzi, and the second is that you would think these folks would learn their lesson after a few photogs get crushed by a car after getting too close to celebrities (i.e. Lindsay Lohan).

So while everyone's favorite lesbian poster girl isn't to blame here, I'd still warn the paparazzi to stay away from any car carrying her.  I'm just saying.

January 11, 2010

David Beckham drops his pants during soccer match



One of the sexiest men in the world gave some soccer fans in Milan the show of the century as he dropped his pants right on the field.  

Beckham, who is on loan to AC Milan, gave the crowd their money's worth as he changed his shorts in the middle of a game.


Later in the game, Beckham also ripped off his shirt to reveal that he also has a new tattoo of Jesus.   Needless to say, his abs look great too!

David is, of course, no stranger to showing off his undies after working as a model for the Armani Underwear campaign in 2009.  We hope to see more of Beckham showing skin in 2010.

Is Ovie Mughelli really gay with a discruntled former lover?


Celebrity outtings are not my favorite thing around it here, but the folks over at the missjia.blog think they've hit the mother load with this photo, some others and a few receipts showing that Atlanta Falcon Ovie Mughelli might just have been a kept man for a while. 

The story seems to have a few cracks, and it all came from an anonymous writer.  This means someone over at missja.blog must be pretty comfortable with their source.  The story evidently dates back to a high school college romance.

The website writes:

"Aside from the pictures that the anonymous writer sent showing Ovie getting comfy in a hotel (and showing off his bod), he also sent in a receipt for a rental car, with Ovie’s name on it that also shows the last four of the credit card number. Additionally, there is a hotel receipt in the writer’s name that was also paid for by Ovie (check the last four of the CC) during his time in Baltimore with the Ravens..."

They have photos of the receipts and more photos on their site.  You be the judge.  Is Ovie Mughelli playing on our team?

NBC announces new late night rundown (again)

NBC execs are moving Jay Leno back to late night.  In a move to help out local news affiliates, NBC has decided that the 10 o'clock Leno hour must go.

Even though airing The Jay Leno Show during prime time isn't such a bad thing for the network, local affiliate stations said they were losing around 30% of their audiences for news shows that followed Leno.

NBC Universal television entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin said the network had to act fast.

Mr. Gaspin said Leno's show will get cut by 30 minutes and would move to 11.35 pm starting on February 12. The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien will get bumped to 12.05am while Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will be aired at 1.05am.

Is Taylor Lautner really dead?


Each week we manage to get wind of a dead celebrity (who isn't actually dead), and this week the word on the web is that New Moon actor Taylor Lautner.

That's right, this week's dead celebrity rumor is on Taylor Lautner - the sexy teenaged warewolf who might be on the bi-now-gay-later program.

In most cases, like with previous celebrity death rumors, there was an elaborate story as to how the person died; but that doesn't seem to be the case with the rumors about Taylor being dead.

So, this one is just a rumor and the beautiful ab'd teeny bopper, Taylor Launtner, is not dead.

January 09, 2010

BLAST FROM THE PAST Nightlife Shots : The Yuhua Hamasaki Show @ Boots and Saddle 11.19.09


I dug up some photos from last year. Here's my good friend Yuhua Hamasaki's show at Boots and Saddle from November.

SEEN: Yuhua Hamasaki, Eric Halliwell, Herra C, Demanda Dahling, Seth Clark, Nicho, Kyle Sluttmuffin, Dallas Dubois and Matt Stetson.

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

Nightlife Shots: The Dallas Dubois Show @ Boots and Saddle 01.07.10


I've never seen Dallas Dubois perform and decided it was time to do so. So Demanda Dahling and I headed on over to Boots and Saddle last thursday to see what all the hype was about. Much to our surprise we had an amazing time. Dallas is truly an all around great performer. Everyone should go check her out every Thursday night at Boots and Saddle (76 Christopher St.). Heres what I saw:

SEEN: Dallas Dubois, Demanda Dahling, Eric Halliwell, Logan Hardcore and Claudio Maddox.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

January 08, 2010

Nightlife Shots: Ongina's Birthday @ The Happening 01.06.10


It seems like I did a world tour this Wednesday night. I stopped at 4 parties. The best one hands down was The Happening at The Hudson Hotel, where Ongina (RuPauls Drag Race Season 1) was celebrating her birthday. I had such a good time! Everyone came out to wish her a Happy Birthday. Heres what I saw:

SEEN: Jackie Birdy, Markus Kelleman, Ongina Ryan, Eric Halliwell, Erickatour Aviance, Felicity Starr Dust, Demanda Dahling, Nancy NoseCandy, Seth Clark, Celso, Dallas Dubois, Tiana, One Half Nelson, Diva Steve, Kyle Sluttmuffin, Vanila Noir, Bryant 'DexStar' Simms and MANY more!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog.

January 07, 2010

Nightlife Shots: Blonde Leading the Blonde 01.06.10


I made my debut appearance last night at the Blonde Leading the Blonde at Vlada. Heres what I saw:

SEEN: Sherry Vine, Epiphany Get Paid, King Ralphy, Eric Halliwell, Jane Lane, Felicity Starr Dust, Kyle and Seth Clark.

To see more of the set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog.

January 04, 2010

Nightlife Shots: BonBon 12.29.09


Kenny Kenny and Susanne Bartsch's newest tuesday night venture, BonBon a night of Glamour.

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Malik So Chic, Jordan Fox, Lady Fag, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Herra C, Amanda Lepore, Vanity Society and many more!

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

December 31, 2009

Afternoon Delight: porn superstar Brent Everett



I'm always getting e-mails from you desperate bitches asking how you can meet the hot guys featured in the Afternoon Delight.  On the last day of the year, we'll give you that chance.

Today's Afternoon Delight is gorgeous porn superstar, Brent Everett.  Tonight you can meet Brent at the New Year's Eve party at Rush!  gaysocialites.blog is teaming up with Alan Picus' BoiParty.blog to countdown to 2010 with Brent Everett!

I'll host a FREE champagne toast at midnight, and Brent Everett will be performing live all night long!  There are more pictures of Brent after the break to tide you over!  Some, of course, may be NSFW!

Join the GaySocialites for New Year's Eve at Rush | RSVP now on Facebook!

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MTV's "Real World: DC" on the bi now gay later program


A new "Real World" debuted on Wednesday night on MTV, and this season DC is their home with what seems to be a political theme.  Instead of one hot gay or a crazy lesbian, the "Real World" is on the bi-now-gay-later program this season with two bi-sexual roommates in the house.

The bi guy is  Mike Manning, a self-proclaimed "star athlete, prom king, popular with all the girls".

That's him looking damn good in his NO H8 campaign picture. He's also extremely religious and sparked the first God-fight of the season on the premier episode of the season.

Emily Schromm is the bi gal.  She grew up as a part of a fundamentalist Christian cult, and now she's looking for greener pastures and a sampling of new things.

MTV did a good job of casting a beautiful group to live in DC, and there are clearly going to be political differences.  And, of course, there's a gorgeous muscular black guy.

[Photo by Adam Bouska]

December 30, 2009

Rosie O'Donnell has a new girlfriend!

Rosie O'Donnell is single no longer!  After news recently broke that O'Donnell and her long-time partner Kelli Carpenter had split a long time ago, Rosie stepped out with a new woman earlier this week.

The new lady is Tracy Kachtick-Anders, a Texas-based artist and LGBTQ activist.  

Rosie and Tracy were spotted walking hand-in-hand on Miami Beach on Tuesday, People reports.

Both O'Donnell and Kachtick-Anders are active in LGBT parenting and adoption rights.

Afternoon Delight: James Ellis by Adam Bouska



It's almost time to say good-bye to 2009!  This week seems to be dragging on FOREVER.  Too bad we aren't all floating around in a pool, but James Ellis sure does take your mind off of that and just about every thing else!

Here is James shot by one my favorite photographers, Adam Bouska.  There are more pictures of James Ellis after the break.

Join the GaySocialites for New Year's Eve at Rush | RSVP now on Facebook!

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December 29, 2009

Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass to ring in 2010 on CNN

If you're staying in on New Year's Eve this year, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin will offer the gayest countdown over on CNN.  They've even got Lance Bass live in Las Vegas, and it doesn't get much gayer than that!

Last year, Kathy referred to the dick in one heckler's mouth; and there's always a fun drinking game involved.

Plus, you never go wrong with Kathy Griffin; and Anderson Cooper is never bad to look at either!!

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin's CNN special airs 11pm to 12:30am (ET, of course).  If you're going to be out partying with the GaySocialites that night, then we suggest you set your DVR!

Next Magazine's website gets a new look

We here at gaysocialites.blog aren't the only ones getting a new look for 2010! Our good friends over at NextMagazine.blog got a much needed facelift over the holidays with new listings, amazing features and a blog called Nexus!  You gotta check it out!

You can also still find all of your old favorites on NextMagazine.blog too like Club Control, Shot in the Dark and even the infamous escort ads.  Sometimes it's just easier to buy it, I'm sure!

Hats off to the new NextMagazine.blog!

Sneak peak of Lady Gaga on Bravo's "Launch My Line" [video]


Here's a reason we're all going to want to watch Launch My Line on Bravo.  Lady Gaga is coming!

It's the hideous reality show that has teamed up freaks who think they have already created a brand and legit designers.  Together they have to a launch a line.

When Launch My Line returns from break on January 6th, Lady Gaga stops by to try and inspire the designers.

The teams are asked to create an avant-garde outfit, but they must make sure they are pushing the boundaries of fashion without crossing the line of good taste. While the lines of fashion might not be crossed, the tension between some teammates gets intense and someone pushes their teammate to the edge. 

Tyra Banks pulls an Oprah and quits daytime TV

Tyra Banks says she is calling it quits on her daytime TV talk show, The Tyra Show.

In an interview with People.blog, Banks, said she was ending her talk show after the current season. “This will be the last season of The Tyra Show, " Tyra told People. "I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past five years."

What the hell is she thinking? Tyra has a good thing going, and she clearly needs to keep it going.  I, personally, can't stand the show; but people seem to like it.  She's winning ratings wars and Daytime Emmy Awards.  I'm not sure if she's trying to be like Oprah or prime herself for Oprah's job.  Neither seems likely.

Tyra says she'll be focusing on a new film production company, Bankable Studios, and would remain involved with the CW reality show “America’s Next Top Model,” which she created and hosts, as well as the ABC reality series “True Beauty.”

Latest internet death rumor: Nick Jonas dead


Every now and again, there is a crazy internet rumor that a certain celebrity is dead.  This time, the dead celebrity is Nick Jonas.  That's right, one-third of the Jonas Brothers who has taken his own Justin Timberlake-role and broken off with his own band.

Regardless, word on the web is that he's dead.  I'm sure he is not.  There doesn't seem to be any story to support the claims.  I can't figure out how things like this spread on the web.

This decade, we even had several internet death claims that turned out to be true like Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson and Bernie Mac to name a few.

This isn't the first time Nick Jonas has been rumored to be dead.  In August, word was that Nick had died of pancreatic cancer.

If I had to guess, we'll mark this one up in the rumor column.  I still don't see how they start this stuff though?  I can't get a rumor about myself on this website, much less all over the web!

December 28, 2009

Psychic predicts Kirstie Alley and Chaz Bono will become an "item"

New York Post gossip queen Cindy Adams has brought in psychics Paula Roberts and Frank Andrews, and they're predicting the future.  They even believe that Kirstie Alley and Chaz Bono are going to become an "item."

Are you kidding me? Can you imagine the fat actress and the former actress together?I actually love them both, but I just can't see it.

Other Hollywood couples on list of future predictions:

  • Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Split

  • Posh Spice and David Beckham do not.

  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, bad news.

  • Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are on-again-off-again

The list goes on and on.  Few that I actually believe.

Is Rachel Uchitel really a lesbian? What about Tiger?


Evidently there was a rumor that I totally missed claiming that one of Tiger Wood's mistresses, Rachel Uchitel, is a lesbian.

The New York nightlife personality set this rumor straight with Hollywoodlife.blog.  It supposedly started when Rachel and a gal pal were leaving a club in North Palm Beach with two gal pals when they told photographers they were her “lesbian lovers." Rachel says, "it was a joke [my friend made] and the cameraman is an idiot for twisting it."

Oh and if you've rumors that Rachel is pregnant.  That's evidently not true either.

"I am not pregnant!” Rachel declared.  Her high power attorney, Gloria Allred, also reiterated the same talking point.  "Rachel is not pregnant,” Allred said. “Rumors to the contrary are false."

I'm sure it's hard to play the slutty party promoter role if you're knocked up.  Of course Rachel and her attorney are going to shoot down those rumors fast. 

And how the hell does she afford Gloria Allred?

Afternooon Delight: Jerrad V Swodeck


We don't know much about our Afternoon Delight, but we sure do know that these pictures of Jerrad V. Swodeck will definitely put some pep in your step on a dragging Monday!

Jerrad is a 26 year old model who lives and works in New York, and he's beautiful!  There are more pictures of Jerrad V. Swodeck after the break!

Get reduced priced tickets while they last!

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Will it be harder for Gareth Thomas now that he's out?

Former NBA player John Amaechi, who came out in the 90's after retiring, says that Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas may have a tougher time now that he's openly gay.

"When people learn you are gay, often that can squash your definition so all the good stuff goes and you just become 'some gay rugby player', which is quite difficult for many athletes to deal with," Amaechi told the BBC.

Amaechi warns Thomas that homophobia still exists in sports.

"Sport still needs to grow up in certain areas," he added. "As much as society has moved on, sport is still dragging behind."

 Thomas revealed last week that he is a gay man.

December 23, 2009

Sex and the City 2 Trailer


This looks FABULOUS!

December 22, 2009

No autopsy report yet, but lots of notes on Brittany Murphy's death from investigators [video]:


Even though the autopsy report for actress Brittany Murphy hasn't officially been released, notes written by an investigator from the L.A. County Coroner's office have evidently leaked. TMZ got their hands on a copy.

Here are some notes from what they saw:

  • Brittany Murphy "had been complaining of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pain" for 7 to 10 days before she died.
  • Murphy's mother and husband "attempted to revive the decedent by placing her in the shower and running the water." 
  • "The decedent remained unresponsive and purged her stomach contents prior to the arrival of the paramedics."
  • Brittany was "without signs of life" when paramedics arrived.
  • "A check of the nightstands revealed large amounts of prescription medication in the decedent's name. Also noted were numerous empty prescription medication bottles in the decedent's husband's name, the decedent's mother's name and unidentified third party names."
  • TMZ reports that the notes said: "the medications included Topamax (anti-seizure meds also to prevent migraines), Methylprednisolone (anti-inflammatory), Fluoxetine (depression med), Klonopin (anxiety med), Carbamazepine (treats Diabetic symptoms and is also a bipolar med), Ativan (anxiety med), Vicoprofen (pain reliever), Propranolol (hypertension, used to prevent heart attacks), Biaxin (antibiotic), Hydrocodone (pain med) and miscellaneous vitamins."
  • "The night prior to her death, the decedent had consumed some noodles, leftover Thai food, Gatorade, water and tea with lemon."
  • The investigators notes also say Murphy had "a history of hypoglycemia and was hospitalized in April 2009 for low blood sugar while on location in Oregon."
  • Her husband said Brittany complained of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pains but that didn't alarm him since "she often suffered from severe menstrual pains."
  • Police told the investigator "foul play is not suspected."

Murphy passed away over the weekend at a house in Los Angeles that belongs to her husband, Simon Monjack where she was staying with him and her mother, Sharon Murphy.

December 21, 2009

Jasper James Click List


Go vote for Jasper James for the Click List on Logo! Her video "Rocket" is up for voting. You can vote as many times as you want. Lets get her to number 1! CLICK here to VOTE!

Nightlife Shots: Eric Halliwell's Birthday at Vandam


Last night was AMAZING! Everyone came out to wish me a Happy Birthday. I was so happy to have all my friends there with me. It was deffinitely a night for the books. Thank you to everyone especially Kenny Kenny! Since it was my birthday I had my friend Robin Souma come cover it. Heres what she saw!

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Herra C, Nancy NoseCandy, Kyle Slutmuffin, Tiana Reeves, The Blonds, Danny Marr, Astro Erle, Shawn and Ronnie Brown and MANY MANY MORE!

To see more shots from the night check out Robin Souma's album on facebook.


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Carrie Underwood is engaged to hockey player Mike Fisher


Carrie Underwood is getting married! Her fiance, Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher, put a ring on it!  That's right, the American Idol winner turned country music superstar is marrying this piece of meat:

Yummy! Good job, Carrie!

These two have done a good job of keeping their relationship on the down low, but I guess now the cat is out of the bag.

"The couple couldn't be happier," said publicist Jessie Schmidt.

Mike and Carrie haven't set a wedding date yet.  They've been dating for about a year.

Kate Hudson speaks with James Lipton on 'Inside the Actor's Studio' [video]


Inside the Actor's Studio is all new tonight with Hollywood 'it' girl, Kate Hudson.  Hudson recently sat down with James Lipton to discuss her high-profile childhood with her famous family including Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and Bill Hudson.

Kate also takes viewers behind the scenes of her role in the new musical, "Nine."

Lipton even dives into Kate's rocky relationship with quasi- boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez.

Inside the Actor's Studio airs on Monday night at 7/6c on Bravo.

Which celeb is outted by this blind item? You tell me!


I'm stumped, and if I'm the only idiot who doesn't get this... then I have to really thank God for you GaySocialites for filling me in.

This blind item was posted on blindgossip.blog, and I can't figure who the hell they are talking about!  Can you?

This a traditional “shopping” weekend for this established celebrity couple. She will likely be combing the aisles of every exclusive store, looking for that perfect flat panel TV or watch or digital camera or set of golf clubs for him. He will be busy too, but not in the way you think.

Since he must keep up appearances by spending the holiday with his family, his boyfriend gets this weekend. Our star will be very busy instructing him on how to properly unwrap and handle his gift. Don’t worry about his SO, though. His assistant will pick out a very nice gift for her – as is done every year – and she will feign excitement over her gift and their lovely and picture-perfect Christmas. We can’t wait for the photos of the whole family gathered around the tree, smiling, smiling, smiling. Fake, fake, fake!

So who do you guys think it is? Is it clearly obvious, and I'm just missing it?  Leave your comments and let me know!  To me this is more than a blind item.  It's more like a shot in the dark, but then again - I could be the only one who can't see.

James Franco makes out with Will Forte on SNL [video]:


The always sexy James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and he definitely didn't disappoint!

In a skit titled "Kissing Family", Franco actually made out with SNL star Will Forte.  While that wasn't the cast member we would have picked for James to tongue (Andy Sandburg, incase you're wondering)... it was hot nonetheless.

Yay for this man-on-man kissing movement! Both Franco and Forte are straight men, so we'll have to wait and see if there is any back lash from the Palin-ites.  Gay singer Adam Lambert was practically banned from ABC after he made out with an androgynous guy during the American Music Awards.

December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy Dies

I was just watching Clueless last night!

Multiple News sources are reporting that Brittany Murphy has died of a Heart Attack. She was 32 years old.

"A 911 call was made at 8:00 AM from a home in Los Angeles that is listed as belonging to her husband, Simon Monjack, the Los Angeles City Fire Department" - TMZ

December 19, 2009

GT Magazine gets 32 fit men naked including cutie actor Jason Dottley


The folks at UK's GT magazine asked 32 male stars to bare all for their December/ January edition, and superstar GaySocialite Jason Dottley got naked!  We've got Jason's nudie pic after the break!

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December 18, 2009

Nightlife Shots: Bitch Ass Trick 12.16.09


Our second stop this night was at Cazwell, Paisley and Amanda's party BITCH ASS TRICK. We got there too late to see Cazwell and Vogue Evolution perform but we got to see everyone.

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Sherry Vine's 'Bad Romance' Parody [video]


I've gotten a lot of e-mails asking why we didn't keep good on our promise to post gaysocialites.blog contributor, Sherry Vine's, new video that was expected to debut here on gaysocialites.blog on Wednesday.  We apologize.  There seems to have been an error and the story never posted.  So without further ado, here's Sherry Vine's "Bad Romance" parody.

Could Sherry Vine be the drag version of Wierd Al Yankovic?  Everyone has to have a schtick, and Sherry has a lot of talent.  If anyone can turn it into a career, it's Sherry Vine!

Shot of the day: RuPaul as Sarah Palin


Last year at this time, RuPaul dressed up as the Obama family, and this year she's back as Sarah Palin.  That must only mean one thing... RuPaul's Drag Race is back!

The second season of RuPaul's drag queen competition will be back on February 1st over at Logo.  If you've been living in a box or in the closet (or both), that's the show where the world's most famous drag queen teaches other to "lip sync for your life."  It's areal shit show. 

I bet the super conservative former Alaskan Governor turned author, Sarah Palin, is going to love this pic of RuPaul almost as much as she love seeing Levi Johnston in Playgirl! 

December 17, 2009

The Happening @ The Hudson Hotel 12.16.09


Such a great night last night. Our first stop was at the Hudson Hotel where our friends Jackie Birdy and Markus Kelleman host The Happening every Wednesday night.

SEEN: Jackie Birdy, Markus Kelleman, Herra C, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Erickatoure Aviance, One Half Nelson, Vanila Noir and Bryant Simms.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

NYC Gay Men's Chorus pops up on 'the Wendy Williams Show' [video]:


Wendy Williams gave a shout out to the gays this morning by airing a video clip of the New York City Gay Men's Chorus performing her theme song.

I'm a huge Wendy fan, and I'm really impressed with The Wendy Williams Show. Williams also seems to be a big fan of the gays.

To find out more about where you can hear the New York City Gay Men's Chorus, check out their website.

Why is everyone upset over this Twiggy Olay advertisement?


This touched-up advertisement featuring 1960's supermodel Twiggy has been banned in England.  The problem is when this photo was taken, Twiggy was 59-years-old.

So, what's pissing everyone off?  It's the fact that Twiggy doesn't have a wrinkle or even a crinkle in sight!

The British Parliment took up the issue saying that Twiggy's Olay ad is too misleading.  On Thursday, U.K's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the ad completely.

What happens when the guys crash an "all-girls" housewives get away? [video]


It's Thursday and that means it's "Real Housewives" night on television!  On tonight's Real Housewives of Orange County, when Vicki plans a get-away for the housewives in Florida.  She, of course, stresses this is a "girls only" trip. 

That, however, doesn't stop Tamara, Alexis and Gretchen's men from crashing the party.  Let's just say Vicki was less than thrilled. 

Will new alliances emerge as Tamara and Gretchen actually start to agree?  Will Tamra and Vicki's friendship pass the test as Tamra struggles to take Vicki's side?  

Tune in to The Real Housewives of Orange County tonight at 10/9c on Bravo.

December 15, 2009

Full list of Golden Globe nominees, who got the shaft?

The 2010 Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning.  There were, as always, a few snubs and stand-outs.

Tops nods went to Up in the Air with six nominations, Nine got five with Avatar and Inglourious Basterds taking four each. In the television categories Glee swept with four nods. 

HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm pretty much got the shaft with Entorouge stealing the show for that network.  Much to my surprise, Ugly Betty didn't get any nods at all.  Modern Family only got one.

There's a full list of nominees after the break.

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Will Tabatha walk away from her first 'Salon Takeover' [video]


Tabatha’s Salon Takeover is all new tonight on Bravo, and this could be the day we see Tabatha lose it!  It seems Tabatha is coming to her breaking point when she flips out on the employees of her latest salon takeover!

When the salon staff proves to make classic, lazy, and amateur mistakes, Tabatha gets fed up.

Will she give up and walk away for the first time or will she pull it together to whip them into shape?

"Tabatha's Salon Takeover" airs Tuesday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

December 14, 2009

Here are the final performances from X Factor [video]:


The web is a buzz Joe McElderry's win on Britain's X Factor.  Some even say it is this performance with George Michael that may have pushed him over the edge.

McElderry beat out Olly Murson who preformed his X Factor finale with Robbie Williams.  That video is below.

McElderberry is 18-years-old, so he'll be starting off an early career! I didn't watch the X Factor much this season, but Joe somewhat reminds me of David Archuletta.

December 11, 2009

Diane Sawyer says good-bye to gay ole friends on GMA [video]


Diane Sawyer said good-bye to Good Morning America on Friday as she moves to her new gig as the anchor of the ABC evening news program World News.

Sawyer becomes only the second female to be the sole anchor of an evening news cast behind her new competition on CBS, Katie Couric.  Sawyer and Couric will take the majority in a slot traditionally dominated by male news anchors. As a matter of fact, this will leave Brian Williams as the only male anchor on the evening news.

After 10 years behind the GMA desk, Sawyer will start her new gig on December 21st as Charles Gibson retires.  ABC has announced that George Stephanopoulos will replace Sawyer on GMA.  We had hoped they might pick Suze Orman to solidify GMA as the gayest morning news in the land.  GMA weather forecaster Sam Champion and co-anchor Robin Roberts are both gay.


Is Rihanna thinking about dating women now too?


Kim Zolciak might not be the only one who isn't feeling an Almond Joy these days.  After all, sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't (or so we hear).  It looks like Rihanna might consider some tacos too!

After getting abused by her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, Rihanna says she might consider dating a woman if the opportunity arises.

The singer recently said, "All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I could see myself in a relationship with a girl."

According to BET, Rihanna is rumored to already be involved with her manly looking assistant, Melissa (picture here).  I don't know about you, but I think Melissa looks like she'd kick a bitch's ass too!  Rihanna sure knows how to pick 'em don't she!

Is Kim Zolciak dating another woman?



UPDATED: On Thursday night in between her dual performances of "Tardy for the Party" at Splash in New York City, Kim Zolciak announced that she is "with someone" and "happier than ever".  The shocker is that all signs point to lesbianism.

When Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen joined Kim on stage, he asked who the lucky guy was.  To which Zolciak answered, "who said it was a man?"  Kim went on to lead the crowd to believe that she might just be involved with another woman!  Could this Real Housewives cast member be on the bi now gay later program?

After spending some time giggling and cuddling backstage with this woman who introduced herself as DJ Tracy Young!  It leaves us wondering if Tracy might be Kim's girlfriend.  While on stage at Splash, Zolciak admitted she had kicked big papa to the curb.

What do you think, is this Kim's new big mamma?

Here is Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song" [video]


Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, and in honor of our Jewish friends - here's Adam Sandler's infamous "Hanukkah" song.

Whether you're spelling it Chanukah, Chanukkah, Hanukkah, Hanuka or Channuka; Sandler's little song is guaranteed to bring some laughter into your festival of lights.

Growing up as a Christian in the Bible belt, I never knew much about Judiasm.  After beginning my study of Kabbalah, I try to dedicate a little time to Hannukah each year whether I celebrate or not.  It is great way to learn about how it all began.

Happy Hanukkah!

Jill Zarin kicks off Hannukah by cooking on Today [video]


Its like Real Housewives day around here or somethin'!

Jill Zarin, my favorite housewife and a member of the Real Housewives of New York City cast, popped up on the Today show this morning to kick off Hanukkah by sharing her family latke receipe.

Visit msnbc.blog for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

While Zarin whipped up her family latke receipe, we got a heaping helping of her zany personality.  As for the food- Jill calls it a light-latke, but her husband Bobby says it actually isn't a real latke.  Al Roker compared it to a knish.

I'm not Jewish, but I love Hanukkah food!  I'd take a latke right now, real or faux!

December 10, 2009

'The Real Housewives of Orange County' plastic surgery night [video]


The Real Housewives of Orange County is all new tonight, and there seems to be some major drama brewing!

The day has finally come for Lynne and her daughter to go under the knife and the two are both anxious for their surgeries, will each procedure go smoothly? 

And it’s a meeting of the frenemies when Tamra and Gretchen sit down to try and bury the hatchet. 

But when Tamra presses Gretchen about past rumors that she refuses to let die, will Gretchen walk out on her?  Or will the two finally find civil ground?

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs tonight at 10/9c on Bravo.

Adam Lambert tones it down for "The View" [video]

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert appeared on The View this morning in a pre-recorded interview and performance.

During his interview, Lambert basically said the same ole' same ole'.  While he didn't seem apologetic for his behavior during this AMA performance that led to the cancellation of all live performances on ABC, Lambert had the women of The View agreeing that there should be bigger things for people to worry about.

The co-hosts seemed to want to some fire during Lambert's performance, but they got a watered down version of "Whataya Want From Me":

Lambert also admitted that while he is a sexual person, this isn't how he wanted to get started with his professional career.



Michael Voltaggio takes twin-face off in "Top Chef: Las Vegas" finale [video]


It came down to the two cutie twins on last night's Top Chef: Las Vegas finale. Despite the fact that they didn't get naked and smother themselves in chocolate and whipped topping, it was still a pretty good way to say good-bye to what seemed to be the longest season of Top Chef ever.

In the end, it came down to Bryan and Michael Voltaggio.  

“I was literally in shock at that moment,” Michael said of his win.  “I was totally, 100-percent sure [my brother] won.”

Voltaggio went on to say that a victory over his brother was bitter sweet, but I'm sure he'll take it just the same.

December 09, 2009

It's the 'Top Chef: Las Vegas' season finale [video]


The time has come!  After an incredible season, tonight is the season finale of Top Chef: Las Vegas!  It has all come down to three chefs in the dramatic season finale! 

The final three chefs –Kevin Gillespie along side twins Bryan and Michael Voltaggio compete – with some twists and surprises– to determine who will be crowned the winner of Top Chef: LasVegas.  Will it be one of the Brothers Voltaggio?  Or will Kevin show the judges some winning Southern cooking?  There can only be one "Top Chef."  Who will take home the title?

Top Chef: Las Vegas airs Wednesday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

December 08, 2009

Is a Levi Johnston porno really getting released soon?


gaysocialites.blog can confirm a rumor circulating the web about Sarah Palin's would-be son-in-law, Levi Johnston.

Evidently there is going to be a pornographic film to feature Johnston's story line in a "what could have been" type fantasy.

The folks behind the flick have evidently landed a damn good Levi-look-a-like who isn't afraid to go for some full frontal nudity.

We ran into Daniel Nardicio over the weekend who said he heard that porn twinkster, Brent Corrigan, was being tapped to play his role as the creative director at the Playgirl shoot.

This one is going to be hilarious. Our own King Ralphy suggests that they team up with the "Nailin Palin" producers and offer a two-for-one deal.

Afternoon Delight: Craig Malozzi (photographed by Kristopher Kelly)


Our Afternoon Delight is the lovely Craig Malozzi who was shot in these photos by esteemed photographer Kristopher Kelly.

Malozzi is a model who is often remembered for his chiseled good looks and heavenly body.

If you like Craig Malozzi, there are more photos after the break.

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Tonight on TV: Tabatha takes on 'the boss from hell'


Tonight's episode of Tabatha's Salon Takeover is a bitchier than usual as Tabatha takes on what could be 'the boss from hell.'  Nikki is unwavering, unsympathetic and basically a real bitch!  Can Tabatha tame her?

The disgruntled staff agrees to sit down with Nikki, Tabatha and a mediator - but will that even help?!

And will Nikki push it too far when she jumps all over Tabatha?  You'll have to tune in tonight to see if this could be the first salon takeover that Tabatha bails on.

Tabatha's Salon Takeover airs Tuesday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

Spotted: Adam Lambert at Splash in NYC



American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert was spotted last night at Splash in New York City.  It's like ar ight of passage for any gay visiting New York City.

No big shocker, but Adam picked to stop by the "Musical Monday" party where queens belt out sho2w tunes and aspiring Broadway superstars show off what they've got.

Adam and his friends didn't sing, but they evidently got a lot of attention.  They were overheard saying their next stop was Barracuda.  I wonder if they ever made it.


Vandam turned 1 last night and what a night it was!! All Vandam royalty were present to celebrate the night. Take a look at what I saw.

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Dirty Martini, Juanita More, JoJo Baby, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Nancy NoseCandy, Diva Steve, King Ralphy, Vanity Society, Tiana, Jonte, Brian Mills, Seth Clark, Ronnie Hokanson, Dina Delicious, Erickatoure Aviance and MANY MANY MORE!!

To see the rest of the set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

Stay tuned for footage of the night coming soon!!

December 07, 2009

Afternoon Delight: Drew Van Acker



This Afternoon Delight got his start on the cover of Genre Magazine, but Drew Van Acher went on to become the face of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Van Acker has also modeled for "International Jock", "American Eagle", and "fantasticmag", among others.

There are more pictures of Drew Van Archer after the break!

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December 03, 2009

At least 38 New York Senators inducted into gaysocialites.blog "Stupid Bitches Club"


On Thursday, gaysocialites.blog inducted more members into their Stupid Bitches Club as the 38 New York Senators who voted against gay marriage each earned their spot in the coveted organization.

The Stupid Bitches Club (or SBC) recognizes stupid people who do bitchy things to promote hate or general stupidity.

Other members include Britney Spears, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean.  There's a full list of the Senators who were inducted into gaysocialites.blog's SBC after the break.

Some of those names include girlfriend beater Hiram Monserrate, defector Ruben Diaz Sr and alleged self-hating homosexual Carl Krueger

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Do you want to chop down your own tree this Christmas? Here's where:

New York's don't often get the luxury of chopping down your own tree around Christmas time.  Most of us go to a lot or get an artificial tree.  Some of us do both!

Our good friend, Dan Avery, did a cute little piece in Time Out New York letting us know where you can go to chop down your own tree this Christmas.

We've got Dan's picks for New York after the break.  He also listed tree farms in New Jersy and Connecticut.

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BLAST FROM THE PAST! James Coppola's Bday!

James Coppola's Birthday at Greenhouse was insane this summer. I was going through my photos and found the jackpot! Heres a sneak preview:

SEEN: Eric Halliwell, James Coppola, Acid Betty, Epiphany, Dina Marie, Yuhua, Jane, Brian Mills, Japser James and many many more!

To see more photos from the night head on over to EricHalliwell.blog

December 02, 2009

Meredith Baxter confirms she's a lesbian [video]


Actress Meredith Baxter says she's a lesbian.  The former Family Ties star says it is something she discovered much later in life and hints at the struggles of coming on television.

Baxter says she has been with her girlfriend Nancy Locke for four years, but she said she actually realized she was a lesbian about seven years ago.

Meredith seems to be happy, and it also looks like she and Nancy have been living pretty openly for a while.

Baxter says her five children were the first to know about her lifestyle change. Meredith has been married and divorced to a man three times.

Is Marilyn Monroe smoking pot in this home video?


This Super 8 home video of Marilyn Monroe has surfaced in which the late actress was evidently busted smoking weed.  Take a look for yourself.

This video of Monroe and her friends was evidently shot over 50 years ago in New Jersey when they were passing around what is identified as "reefer" and looks like marijuana.  The man behind the camera is an unidentified film maker.

Wanna get your hands on the original copy of this Marilyn Monroe home video (whether she's smoking pot or not?)  It's about to go up for sale on Ebay.  It is expected to bring in at least a half a million dollars.

December 01, 2009

Alicia Keys to air AIDS day benefit concert LIVE online

Alicia Keys is streaming her concert live tonight on the web in honor of World AIDS Day.

The concert will stream live from the Nokia Theatre in New York City beginning via Keys' YouTube channel.

Alicia Keys is a co-founder and the global ambassador for Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit dedicated to providing life-saving anti-retroviral treatment, care and support services to children and families in Africa and India whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Tonight's benefit concert begins at 8pm EST.

November 30, 2009

Vandam Visuals

Have you been to the haus of Delicious lately? Demanda Delicious that is! Here we are, getting ready for a night at Vandam. Demanda Dahling, Nancy NoseCandy, Kyle Slutmuffin, and Eric Halliwell. You think you know whats going on, but you have NO idea! These are the Club Kids.

Go to EricHalliwellNights.blog for more mayhem!! 


Here are the sexy pictures of Grady Sizemore (NSFW)


If this sexy picture of Grady Sizemore doesn't put a pep in your step on this Monday morning....


Then this one will...

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November 29, 2009

Meet Cherry Jubilee, the woman behind the Glammy Awards


One week from today, the 11th Annual Glammy Awards will recognize the best in nightlife.  Over the past eleven years, the Glammy's have become a well renowned awards ceremony honoring everyone from drag queens and musicians to nightclub promoters and bloggers.

You might think that such a large production has to be planned by a huge corporation or a gaggle of committees, however that isn't the case.  The woman behind the organization that honors others has a tendency to stay in the shadows herself.  gaysocialites.blog wants to give you the chance to get to know the woman behind the Glammy's, so we grabbed a valuable moment of Cherry Jubilee's very busy day!

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November 27, 2009

ABC-banned, Adam Lambert, pops on 'CBS Early Show' [video]


Adam Lambert is working the talk circuit rounds to promote his new album, "For Your Entertainment".  After his mindblowing performance during last Sunday's Video Music Awards, Lambert is getting tons of free publicity.

In a Kathy Griffin-sort-of-way, Lambert has been banned from ABC's daytime television.  Thus, CBS picked it up and his hoping for a ratings bonanza on their bore-fest, The Early Show.

Just a few interesting facts, CBS chose to blur Adam kissing what evidently is an androgynous boy during his AMA performance; but they didn't put the fuzzies on Britney, Madonna and Christina's infamous kiss.  Here's why, or so they say:

"We gave this some real thought. The Madonna image is very familiar and has appeared countless times including many times on morning television. The Adam Lambert image is a subject of great current controversy, has not been nearly as widely disseminated, and for all we know, may still lead to legal consequences."

Here's Lambert's performance from CBS.  

How about Adam's hair?!  The higher the hair, the closer to God? It looks like someone is looking for some serious repentance!

Afternoon Delight: Miro Moreira


Black Friday's Afternoon Delight is one of my favorite male models!  His name is Miro Moreira, and he's Brazilian.

Miro has done lots of runway work and has appeared in print spreads ranging from and editorial piece V Magazine to camaigns for D&G and Levi's.  He's also appeared on "The Boy" and risen to fame among the gays using that route.

There are more pictures of Miro Moreira after the break!

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Is Taylor Lautner gay? Is this his boyfriend?


The bloggers and the tabloids are desperately trying to figure out whether 17-year-old New Moon star, Taylor Lautner is gay or not.

While he is rumored to be dating Taylor Swift, there is another name popping up as a love interested for Lautner .  His name is Sean Fox Zastoupi. That's him here.

Lautner admits he's been hanging with Swift, but it doesn't sound too lovey dovey to me.

He tells Rolling Stone: "We instantly clicked. And she's – she's an amazing girl. Aside from being beautiful, she's extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around, and so we definitely get along. We're close." Sounds so sexy doesn't it?! hee hee.

Then there's Sean who is tweeting about he and Lautner:

"LMFAO now i got people screaming faggot at me because of this #taylorlautner chaos! even if we were together it is no ones business!"

In the Rolling Stone interview, Taylor even acts a little ambiguous about his own sexual orientation:

Rolling Stone: "… As a young person trying to figure out his sexual identity in the world."

Lautner: "OK. I see where you’re going. Interesting choice."

Rolling Stone: “It is a possibility."

Lautner: "There’s a lot of rumors out there."

While it's none of our business whether Taylor is gay, bi or bi-now-gay later; we, like our friends at Queerty, would be happy to have such a successful actor on our team!

November 25, 2009

Is Anderson Cooper moving in with his boyfriend?

CNN's silver fox, Anderson Cooper, might be ready to settle down with his new boyfriend, Ben Maisani.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Cooper and Maisani might be moving in together, and Cooper's new relationship with Ben might lead him out of the closet.

"Anderson has found his 'Mr. Right' in Ben. Their relationship is so solid they want to move in together, and they've been looking at Manhattan real estate," a source said.

Maisani is the co-owner of East Village sleeze bar, Eastern Block.

Afternoon Delight: Mixed Martial Arts fighter Matthew Riddle



Today's Afternoon Delight is mixed martial arts fighter Matthew Riddle aka "The Riddler."  Tell me you wouldn't all have fantasy of this one slapping you around a little... ok, maybe not...

Regardless, Riddle sure is pretty to look at!  If you're down with our fighting fantasy, there are more pictures of Matthew "The Riddler" Riddle after the break.

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Bravo's "Launch My Line" is coming next week [video]

Bravo has become the home of reality TV, and now they're taking it to the next level with "Launch My Line".

The new competition reality show features ten well-known professionals, who are highly regarded in their own field of expertise, but want to launch their own clothing line.  They'll each be paired with an established fashion expert. The ten teams are put to the test, as they have to rely on each other's expertise to produce a cohesive fashion line.

"Launch My Line" debuts on Wednesday, December 2nd at 11pm.

Donny Osmond takes down Mya, Kelly Osbourne to win "Dancing" trophy

Donny Osmond was crowned the winner on Tuesday night's "Dancing with the Stars" finale after a hard earned battle against Mya and Kelly Osbourne.

Going into Tuesday night's show, Mya was at the head of the leader board and considered the favorite to win.  However, after the judges score was added to the popular vote, Osbourne pushed Mya back to second place leaving Osbourne to take third.

Osbourne is the 10th person to win the coveted "Dancing with the Stars" championship.  Kelly Monaco, Drew Lachey, Emmitt Smith, Apolo Anton Ohno, Helio Castroneves, Shawn Johnson, Brooke Burke, and Kristi Yamaguchi have also taken home the mirror ball trophy.

November 24, 2009

'Tabatha's Salon Takeover' shapes up Bang and their unprofessional staff [video]


On tonight's "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" episode, when Tabatha encounters her next project, Bang salon, she is appalled with the lack of professionalism and the profane staff. 

Tabatha finds the root of the problem when she accompanies him to “career day” at an elementary school. 


Will Tabatha be able to help this negligent owner take responsibility of his business before his staff gives up on him?

Tune in to "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" on Tuesday night at 10/9c on Bravo to find out.

What's the story on Levi Johnston's goods? Did he avoid full-frontal nudity in Playgirl for a reason?


We may not get any full frontal shots out of  Levi Johnston's Playgirl pictorial, but gaysocialites.blog caught up with the man who designed the shoot and got a glimpse of the goods.

Playgirl's artistic director, Daniel Nardicio tells gaysocialites.blog exclusively that Levi has a lot to be proud of down there.

"He's hung!" exclaimed Nardicio.

So if Levi is so gifted below the belt, why didn't the 19-year-old stud show it off?

"He didn't show it cause he's got a custody battle coming," Nardicio explains.

I guess that's a good point. Johnston will likely have to battle former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and his baby's mother, Bristol, for custody over their baby son.

You can see a sneak peak of more photos from Levi's Playgirl photo shoot here. The entire spread will be released at Playgirl.blog in January.

November 23, 2009

Barbara Walters hits on Zac Efron [video]


Zac Efron appeared on The View along side Claire Danes, his co-star in "Me and Orson Welles".

I'm sure they talked about the Orson Welles flick, but it was Barbara Walters who stole the show as she moved in on Zac Efron.  

Joy Behar even referred to Walters as "Mrs. Robinson" as she babbled on about Efron having the best chest.

I guess you never get too old for some things.  This gives a whole new meaning to the term cougar.

Taylor Lautner tells story of creepy Twighlight mom and her panties [video]


I'm no gay cougar by any means, but you have to admit "New Moon" actor Taylor Lautner is a good looking guy.  However, the Twightlight moms seem to forget that Lautner is only 17 years old.

In this video, Taylor tells Jay Leno about one Twightlight mom who wanted to take off her panties so he could sign them.

Lautner refers to the Twightlight moms as "passionate," but I call that scary!  To each their own, but if I'm obsessing over a 17 year old when I'm in my mid-40's just put me down.  I can't carry on a conversation with an 18 year old at 32.  By the time I make to my mid-40's I'm going to be so jaded!

At least my imaginary boyfriend, Zac Efron, is over 18!

Exclusive look at Levi Johnston's Playgirl photo shoot



Here is the best look we've seen yet from the Levi Johnston's photo shoot for Playgirl.  The photos are leaking out left and right, but we're told this might be the closest thing we'll get to seeing a full frontal shot of Levi.

This photo is the steamiest photo I've seen yet.  Having seen what appears to be all of the photos from the spread to appear on Playgirl.blog, this one is the most revealing from the front.

When the photos are officially released by Playgirl in January, you'll get to see some cute shots from the rear too.  While Levi isn't in amazing shape, he's got a cute tush!

Jennifer Lopez falls during AMA performance [video]


You would think that the water cooler talk today would be that country starlette, Taylor Swift, beat the late Michael Jackson for the artist of the year award at the American Music Awards on Sunday night.  However, the AMA talk today is around Jennifer Lopez and her onstage fall.

Lopez took a pretty embarassing fall during the performance of her single, "Louboutins."

During a pretty complex dance routine of jumping over people and off of others, Lopez whiped out after landing from a stunt.

J.Lo is, of course, fine.  I think she only bruised her ego.

Afternoon Delight: Kheel



This gorgeous model is Kheel, and he's our Afternoon Delight.

While working as an actor and model, Kheel has been in music videos for Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire and Jennifer Lopez as well on the pages of T Magazine, Surface Magazine, and Tribe Magazine.

There are more pictures of Kheel after the break!

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First review of Levi Johnston's nudie pics

We've been talking about the release of Levi Johnston's Playgirl photos like school girls waiting for prom.  Over the weekend, I got to see the pictures.  Unless Playgirl is holding out on something, I'm not hugely impressed.  Still, however, it something you won't want to miss when Playgirl.blog officially releases the photos in January. 

There were a few butt shots in the lot of photos that I saw, but that's about it.  I didn't see even a peak at Levi's 'Johnston'.

Playgirl released a few photos of Levi over the weekend cropped from the waist up.  I think he looked a little gay in those, but the others seem to be a little more rugged.

In most of the shots that I saw, Levi is standing in a shower playing in the water.  There was some talk of a hockey stick, but I didn't see that.

And I know you're wondering about the butt.  Yeh, it's pretty cute.  I expected Levi to be a little more buff, but he has warned us that he isn't in the shape that he wanted to be for the shoot.  I guess he wasn't lying.

Adam Lambert leaves us more confused after Sunday's AMA performance [video]


Adam Lambert's performance at Sunday night's American Music Awards sealed the deal... this guy is confused!

Lambert is all over the place in life, and lets just say this performance emulated life!  Not only did the American Idol runner-up over-sing his first live national television since losing Fox's singing competition to cutie Kris Allen, he also confused the hell out of everyone.

From making out with girls [or trannies or how ever that keyboardist identifies him or herself] to rubbing a male back-up dancers' face in his crotch, Lambert seemed a bit confused with not only who he is but what his style represents.  Some say its the label, but Lambert is taking credit for it all himself. 

That could explain it.  Adam started out as a drag performer in Los Angeles.  Last night, he served up drag.  Is America ready for boy drag? Is anyone ready for boy drag?

I wanted to like Adam Lambert so badly (simply because he's gay), but I'm less than impressed and worried that his career might be much more short lived than I ever expected.

November 22, 2009

Which 'Chef Academy' competitor has a porn past? [video]


We're normally reporting on gay porn pasts, but on Bravo's upcoming Chef Academy, one contestant fesses up to having a straight porn past.

Emmanuel Delcour (or as his adult movie fans call him, Jean Valjean) was evidently a very successful porn star before he became a student on Bravo's Chef Academy, a show that teaches non-chefs how to cook and compete.  

Thanks to  the Wikipedia page for Jean Valjean (the porn star), we have discovered that he "is the premier straight porn practitioner" of rimming female pornsters.  Classy!  At least we know he can toss a salad!

The funny thing is that Bravo seems to be capitalizing on it!  In the video above,  fellow Academy members Kup and Kylie discover Emmanuel's alter ego as Jean Valijean and his porn past!

Playgirl releases teaser photos of Levi Johnston's photo shoot


Playgirl.blog has released a few teaser pictures of Levi Johnston as they continue to build the hype around his nudie debut.

These on-revealing waste-up photos were released online over the weekend by Playgirl.blog showing a tease of Johnston's photo shoot.

Creative director, Daniel Nardicio, sure knows what he is doing!  By introducing a tid bit of Levi's Playgirl shoot this weekend, people began flocking to the website signing up for memberships. All while trying to catch a glimpse of Sarah Palin's would-be son-in-law in the buff.

A few weeks ago, Levi's publicists/ manager/ bodyguard Tank Jones said: "People are going to see more of Levi than they thought." Evidently that isn't the case.

Levi says he never planned on showing his penis in the shoot.  Rumor has it, he covered it up with a hockey stick.  C'mon, a little butt action at least?

And correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Levi come across as a little... errr... gay in these pictures?  I'm just saying...

November 21, 2009

Scott Nevins brings his "birthday suit" back to New York City

If you're looking to add a little excitement to your weekend, maybe you should just give up and let Scott Nevins do it for you!

Everybody's favorite New York City boy is back from Los Angeles for one night only for Scott Nevins: "Birthday Suit" this Sunday night with a benefit for the New York City Gay Men's Chorus.

Nevins is known for his stand-up comedy, musical numbers and impressions; so you never know what you might see.  He's adorable and charming yet crass and inappropriate.  You'll love him!

Scott and I co-hosted a show at Heaven several years ago.  He's fun to work with and extremely entertaining!  It might even be a fun date!

Scott Nevins: "Birthday Suit" takes place Sunday at 7pm at Julia Miles Theatre, 424 W. 55 Street.  Regular tickets are $35, but there is a block of seats for Scott's New York friends and fellow GaySocialites here for only $25!

[Dina Marie contributed to this article]

November 20, 2009

Oprah gives tearful good-bye to TV. Show ends in 2011 [video]


Oprah Winfrey said good-bye to The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday despite the fact that she has another year two years on the job.

Her eyes filled with tears as Oprah announced she won't renew her talk show. 

While you would have thought that the show was ending immediately, Oprah can emotional if she wants!  As a pioneer for television talk, Oprah has paved the path for such names as Ellen Degenres, Rachel Ray and even the women of The View.

As we told you earlier, this won't be the end of Oprah.  She'll continue projects with her television network.

Afternoon Delight: His name is Chest, come see why:



Whether you think his best quality is his chest, ads or eyes; it is Chest that you'll be screaming out during sex.  That's because today's Afternoon Delight is actually named, Chest.

We don't know much about Chest, but he's a total hottie!  There are more pictures of Chest after the break.  Some may be NSFW.

$4 Fridays at Club Rush in NYC

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Levi Johnston admits he never planned to show it all for Playgirl

The gays (and a few girls, I'm sure) are counting down the days until we get to see Levi Johnston in the buff for Playgirl.  Despite rumors that Levi showed his full 'Johnston', we might be a bit disappointed when the photos hit the web.  Evidently Levi never planned to go full monte.

"I was never going to do that," said Johnston. "I'm not into that x-rated stuff... come on now, I'm only 19!"

Levi evidently covered his penis with a hockey stick.  

He did, however, bulk up for the shoot.  Levi doesn't seem to think he did enough.

"I wasn't in as good of shape as I wanted to be. But with the little time I had I couldn't have done better," Johnston said. "We worked hard."

Johnston, of course, knocked up Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol while the former Alaska Governor was running for Vice-President.  Since the announcement of his Playgirl photo shoot, Levi has soared as a gay icon.

We better at least see some butt shots or the gays will probably freeze Levi out!  We'll have to wait and see. 

Oprah to announce end of her show this Friday [video]

All signs are pointing to the end of the world in 2012.  Oprah Winfrey has decided to pull the plug on her show in late 2011.  That's right, in less than two years- "The Oprah Winfrey Show" will be a thing of the past!

Oprah is expected to make the official announcement on her live show Friday.

Winfrey will deck out of the business with 25 years under her belt.  This won't be the end of Oprah in television.  She evidently has several big projects planned for her TV network.

The final episode will air on September 9, 2011.  

November 19, 2009

Jeanna says good-bye to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" [video]


Thursday night on Bravo, Jeana Keough says good-bye to The Real Housewives of Orange County.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the housewives, Jeanna's the one who provided the eye candy via her beautiful children.

Like many people across the country, the housewives seem to have been hit pretty hard by the economy.  Jeanna, a real estate agent, has evidently taken the hardest blow.  She hasn't given that as a reason for leaving the show, but it has put a wedge in her friendship with Vicki.  Will there be tension between these two former besties on Jeanna's final episode?

Continue reading "Jeanna says good-bye to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" [video]" »

November 18, 2009

Out: Adam Lambert's record label is pushing him into the closet



It may appear that American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert, is struggling with his sexuality as he prepares to drop his debut album.  A few weeks ago, we asked "Who is trying to straighten Adam Lambert up?" The newest issue of Out Magazine answers my question.

If you believe what they say at Out, it is the record label who is trying to prevent Lambert from coming across as too gay.

Out Editor Aaron Hicklin writes that Lambert was “the real winner for those of us who saw your success as a test of America’s growing tolerance … it’s unfortunate, therefore, that your record label and management don’t share the same view."

Commenters here at gaysocialites.blog beat me up for claiming that someone wanted Adam to seem less gay.  Whether we want to recognize it or not, Lambert is not being as openly gay as he'd like.  Back in those days, he dressed in drag and wore make-up.



I'm just saying... TOLD YA SO!

Only five contenders left for "Top Chef: Las Vegas" [video]


There are only five chef'testants left on "Top Chef", and this week the pressure causes things to get a little heated in the kitchen.

The finals are almost here, so there is a lot at stake as the contestants must take a classically difficult dish involving many different proteins in one.  I'm already confused?!@!  I guess we'll have to see it to understand it.

Notable chef Thomas Keller serves a guest judge, and you'll have to watch what happens when Tom throws them a curve ball.

"Top Chef: Las Vegas" airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

Johnny Depp takes People's Sexiest Man Alive title

People Magazine has crowned Johnny Depp as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2009.  This is Depp's second time to pick up the honors.  His first win was in 2003.

"Johnny Depp was someone who was sexy 10 years ago. He'll be sexy 10 years from now. He's someone who appeals to multiple generations of women," said People's senior editor, Kate Coyne.

Hugh Jackman (last year's winner), Zac Efron, John Legend, Robert Pattinson and David Beckham also made the list - just to name a few.

People's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue is on newsstands this week.

November 17, 2009

Levi Johnston opens up about Playgirl pics and Sarah Palin [video]

Levi Johnston's photo shoot for Playgirl is done, and the pictures will evidently be available online early next year.

Yes, we all have to wait until January to see the full Johnston; but it seems that the shoot went well.

As a would've-been Palin in-law, Levi and his mangers/bodyguard/publicist Tank Johnson are both bragging about the shoot calling it "fantastic!"

While in New York for his Playgirl shoot,  Levi sat down with the CBS Early Show for this interview:

He isn't the most well-spoken fella, but he's country.  I, for one, can't wait to see Levi in the buff.  Our good friend, Daniel Nardicio, served as artistic director.  Some shoots evidently also involved a hockey stick.  Prrrrrrrrr

My favorite part of the interview above is when Levi talks about all of the cougar prisoners hitting on him while he visits his mother in jail.  Classy.

It's a good thing we all just want to see Johnston naked.  Who care whether or not he can hold a conversation?!

Palin, the person who dragged Levi into the spotlight, released a statement trying to fight off any negative comments that Johnston has made about her and her family.  CBS read a part of the statement and stressed that they have invited Palin on their show several times.  

Remember what happened the last time Sarah Palin went to CBS?  Katie Couric kicked her ass!

November 16, 2009

UK gay claims Prince Harry kissed him to get a free beer

Some chubby gay guy in the UK is floating on cloud nine after he evidently gave Prince Harry a beer in exchange for a kiss (on the cheek).

What?!  Things like this don't happen to me, but card carrying homo Rocky Bennett claims it happened to him.

Rocky's story goes like this: "I went up to him and told him I would love to buy him a drink - if he gave me a kiss, Harry just burst out laughing, threw his arms around me and kissed me on the left cheek."

Like Harry can't afford his own brew.

Against his better judgment, Bennett added, "I'm not going to wash my face for a month now!"

I would advise against that, Rocky. The only thing you seem to have going for you right now are the residuals of royal spit. Maybe a diet and some extra face washing might be in order.  You can see the butt ugly fag Rocky's lovely mug on the News of the World website.

Rosie O'Donnell admits she and Kelli Carpenter have split

Rosie O'Donnell is changing her story about her relationship with Kelli Carpenter.

After having denied problems in the marriage last month, Rosie revealed on her Sirius Satellite Radio Show on Friday that she and Kelli split up years ago.

While speaking with a pet psychic about her puppy, Rosie spilled the beans.

"What happened [was] when Kelli moved out two years ago, I got the dog," O'Donnell casually explained. "Because I wanted another child or something to love. And I got the dog."

Whether she meant to drop that bomb or not, it looks like Rosie and Kelli are over.

November 13, 2009

Lindsay Lohan knocks father while he tries to get her back in rehab

Lindsay Lohan made an appearance on Thursday night at Kitson Men in West Hollywood for the Jermaine Dupree and Pascal Mouawad's Nu Pop Movement launch party.  Not only was she looking like a hot mess, but she also took a few low blows at her father.

As the paparazzi surrounded Lindsay, she suggested that the photographers should be swarming her father, Michael Lohan.

"Why don't you go find my dad, he's the one who wants to be in the pictures," Lindsay joked.

Michael says he is trying to release a series of recorded messages to try and get Lindsay to check into rehab.  He says the recorded calls prove that his daughter was dating Heath Ledger at the time of his death.

In a recent interview, her mother says Lindsay drinks, takes Adderoll and cuts herself.  Dina Lohan even suggests that Lindsay might kill herself the same way that Heath Ledger did.

Kathy Griffin lands a role on 'Law and Order: SVU'

Kathy Griffin is evidently going to appear on an upcoming episode of "Law and Order: SVU."  

"SVU" executive producer, Neal Baer, confirmed the news via his Twitter page.  The episode will evidently air on February 10th.

Griffin will be playing a gay activist which goes right along with her real "life on the D-list."

ABC recently announced that Miz Griffin will host their new "Just Dance" show.

You know I love Kathy!  I'm glad she loves the gays too, both on SVU and in real life!

Afternoon Delight: Austin A



Our new Friday sponsor for the Afternoon Delight has us thinking about twinkies as we head into the weekend.  Do you remember Austin A?  He is one of the many men who got tied up with designer Marc Jacobs after he dumped Jason Preston but before he tied the knot.

Now, Austin tells us he's living in England where he recently became engaged to get married.

There are more pictures of Austin A after the break!  Some of them are NSFW!



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Rep: 'People are going to see more of Levi than they thought'

Little tid bits about Levi Johnston's Playgirl photo shoot are slowing starting to leak out, and his manager tells Us Weekly that "the shoot was fantastic!"

"People are going to see more of Levi than they thought," Tank Jones said. "There was a hockey stick involved."

Oh sweet Jesus!  I can't wait to see what Levi does with said hockey stick!

Tank also says that Levi has been as cool as a cucumber during the entire shoot.  As a nude model, Us reports, Johnston wasn't nervous in the slightest.

You know that means Levi is in great shape and hung like a horse!  I can't wait to see Johnston in Playgirl!!

Sarah Palin invites Levi Johnston over for Thanksgiving dinner

When Levi Johnston wraps his Playgirl shoot in New York, he's got another invite on the calendar.  His would-be mother-in-law, Sarah Palin, wants him to come over for Thanksgiving dinner.

"It's lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing," Palin told Oprah Winfrey in an interview set to air the day before the publication of her memoir titled "Going Rogue." />

"Because," she said, "he is a part of the family and you want to bring him in the fold and kind of under your wing. And he needs that, too, Oprah. I think he needs to know that he is loved and he has the most beautiful child and this can all work out for good."

I'm sure Sarah doesn't really want Levi to come over to her house.  I mean this week he's posting nude and hanging with New York City's King of Sleeze, Daniel Nardicio.  Next week, he's having Thanksgiving dinner with the most conservative woman on the planet.  I seriously doubt it.

The entire Oprah interview with Sarah Palin airs on Monday.  Check your local listings.

November 12, 2009

Lynne finally dominates an episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" [video]


On a Thursday night's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," we find out how the dinner feud between Tamra and Gretchen ends. Will the first ladies of Bravo be forced to choose sides?

Lynne also takes her daughter Raquel to a plastic surgeon for a nose job consultation. Does she really want the procedure or is she being pressured into it?

And Gretchen's controversial relationship with Slade heats up at her "tanning party". Is she jumping into a new relationship too soon?

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Thursday nights at 10/9c.

Fergie admits she is bi-sexual


Fergie is opening up about her sex life, and it as it turns out - she's bisexual.  When asked about her getting busy with other women, Fergie admitted she has done it.

"Put it this way, I’ve experimented definitely, but I have never had a steady girlfriend,” Fergie recently told The Sun.

So is she still having sex with women?  Not exactly.

When speaking with the Advocate, Fergie added.“Just because I enjoy women doesn’t mean I’m allowed to have affairs in my relationship,” the magazine quoted her. “I learned through talking with my therapist that it is still cheating even if it’s with girls, so there is a rule there.”

Her husband on the other hand, is being accused of having an affair with some ugly stripper.  I doubt that too!

20 LGBT authors to convene on Philadelphia

One thing I love to do in the winter is curl up with a book, my dogs and a coffee with Kahula or a blue cheese stuffed Greygoose martini.

If reading is your thing, then you'll definitely want to check this event out:

On Saturday November 21, 2009, Giovanni’s Room and the Lambda Literary Foundation will be hosting a Read-a-thon fundraiser at Giovanni’s Room bookstore in Philadelphia.

This historic bookstore will play host to  twenty LGBT authors who will read from their works, answer questions and sign books.

The rundown is expected to include such names as Steve Berman, S. Renee Bess, Perry Brass, Tim Brough, Victoria Brownworth, Rob Byrnes, David Carter, Mark Hardy, Ken Harvey, Bill Konigsberg, Livia Lllewellyn, Malinda Lo, Bobbi Marolt, Mark Merlis, Thom Nickles, Radclyffe, Paul Russell, Scott Sherman and Bob Smith.

Giovanni’s Room is located at 12th & Pine Streets in Philadelphia.  Giovanni’s Room and the Lambda Literary Foundation will split the proceeds.

Afternoon Delight: Gregory Nalbone


Gregory Nalbone is a model who works and lives in New York, and today he's our Afternoon Delight.

Nalbone says he appreciates artistic photos that strong, beautiful images.  He has a lot of those in his portfolio.

We have more photos of Gregory Nalbone after the break.

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Miley Cyrus slips with homophobic slur in Kentucky [video]


Miley Cyrus made a homophobic slip while performing in Kentucky by shouting "you're gay" during her concert.

In her her song, 7 Things, Miley changed a line from "your games" to "you're gay."

I'll admit, I'm a little disappointed in the teen queen.  Dressing like a slut and ruining your own life is one thing, but why in the world would she come after the gays?

Billy Rae and the rest of Kentucky were probably sooo proud!

I'd suggest that Miley start apologizing stat.  Can we just set up a rehab to teach celebrities to be a little more politically correct? I'm just saying...

Carrie Prejean cuts Larry King Live interview short [video]


Carrie Prejean, a previous inductee into gaysocialites.blog's Stupid Bitches Club has done it again!  On Wednesday night, Prejean cut an interview on "Larry King Live" short and deemed King "inappropriate."

Prejean is, of course, the ousted Miss USA who hates the gays.  Larry kept pressing her about negotiations over a sex tape in which classy Carrie masturbated inappropriately for her boyfriend on video.  It ruined Carrie's lawsuit against Miss California USA.  Carrie got pissed off at King and started squirming.  When the first caller was a gay man, Prejean decided to step!

And Prejean is in trouble, because if you can't handle Larry King - you can't handle anyone.  He's one of the NICEST interviewers on the tube!

On the same day, Carrie survived the women of "The View".  The following morning, Whoopi Goldberg said Prejean appeared "bitchy" on their show.

November 11, 2009

Dina Marie signs on for radio show on KULT fm


gaysocialites.blog can exclusively report that nightlife personality Dina Marie has signed on to host a talk show on the new KULT fm.

According to the KULT fm website, Dina Marie will be one of a few talk show hosts.  She tells us her format is currently being created, but she has some exciting tricks up her sleeve.

"There's going to be a big emphasis on DJs and making music," a source close to the show told us.

KULT fm is latest venture of KULT records, a label based in New York City.

November 10, 2009

Sparks fly when "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" heads to Florida [video]


On the off-season, I got hooked on "Tabatha's Salon Takeover," so you can guarantee it has a spot on my DVR list for tonight!

On tonight's all new episode of "Tabatha's Salon Takeover", Tabatha heads to Florida to help out a desperate young salon owner with little experience.

Things get heated (to say the least) when one of the hairdressers tries to rationalize her mistakes. It is the last straw for Tabatha who calls for a complete overhaul!

First step? Promotion! The stylists must head out to the beach to get their name out to the consumers, will their attempt be successful?

"Tabatha's Salon Takeover" airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

November 09, 2009

Club Kid Misfits

Check out my latest video Club Kid Misifits! This is what happens when you take the kids out of the club. Once again we find ourselves with Herra C and Demanda Dahling as they decend their way back home after a long night out on the town. Watch to see what hi-jinx theyre up to now!

For more videos head on over to EricHalliwellNights.blog. Dont forget to subscribe!

TV Review: The Wanda Sykes Show [video]


On Saturday night, late night TV got added an openly gay woman to the mix as "The Wanda Sykes Show" debuted on Fox.  

Unlike the new late night leader David Letterman or any of his followers (Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson and now George Lopez), Sykes has to go up against "SNL."  For that vary resaon, Wanda's show is all over the place.

It's part skit comedy, part news satire.  However, unlike the others, Wanda Sykes has a drag queen:

I think Sykes is hilarious, and you know I mostly support the gays.  I'm hoping "The Wanda Sykes" show can work through their kinks so she can stick around late night for a while!

"The Wanda Sykes Show" airs Saturday nights at 11:00pm.

Gwyneth Paltrow is going gay for Nicole Kidman

Gwyneth Paltrow is set to play Nicole Kidman in "The Danish Girl", an adaptation of a novel about the first post-operative transsexual.

Paltrow will replace Charlize Theron who was originally scheduled to take the roll.

The film follows Danish artists Einar and Greta Wegener who found success using Einar as a female in Greta's painting.  Eventually Einar loved being a woman so much that he had a surgery to become a full-time female.

In 1931, Einar shocked the the world by having a sex change thus threatening their marriage.

Everyone is talking about Kelli Pickler's new red hair [video]:

The web is a buzz today over Kellie Pickler's new red hair.

The former "American Idol" hopeful has become a successful country singer making headlines and often drawing media attention.

The gays are obsessed with Kelli's new hair, and I wouldn't be surprised if a few girls go ginger with her!  I've already got the red hair, so I'm on the latest trend (for once!)

I'm sure we'll get to see Kelli's new hair on Wednesday at the CMA Awards.  She'll be presenting the Song of the Year.

Is Sammy Sosa bleaching his skin to look whiter?


Reputable Baseball 'roid user, Sammy Sosa, is looking a little white these days.  Did he catch the Michael Jackson syndrome or is he bleaching his skin?

We may never know, but it sure looks like Sammy is bleaching.

“He is going through a rejuvenation process for his skin,” according to Rebecca Polihronis, a friend of Sosa's said. “Women have it all of the time. He was surprised he came out looking so white. I thought it was a body double. Part of (the photo appearance) is just the lighting.”

“People who saw him in person did not react the same way. He can’t believe it is such a big deal…He is in the middle of doing a cleansing process to his skin. The picture is deceiving. He said, ‘If you saw me in person, you would be surprised. When you see me in person, it is not going to seem like the picture.’”

Was it just the lighting or Sammy really going white for winter?  We'll have to keep a look out for more pics over the next few weeks.

November 06, 2009

Daniel Nardicio to direct Levi Johnston photo shoot for Playgirl [video]

It looks like one of New York's gay socialites are behind the Playgirl shoot with Levi Johnston that is taking place this weekend!

"King of Sleeze" Daniel Nardicio, who works with Playgirl in various capacities, will serve as art director for the shoot.

As you know, Johnston is trying to get buff for the shoot.  Here's CBS' coverage of Levi's plan to get fit for Playgirl.  There are some pretty hot pics within!

Watch CBS News Videos Online

We spoke with Nardicio just a few moments ago, and he informed us he'll be picking Levi up at the airport late tonight with "Entertainment Tonight" in tow!

Daniel also tells us he'll be having a party next weekend with Johnston.  You know I've got a huge crush on Sarah Palin's would-be son-in-law, so I'll be there lusting!

Playgirl has been on a slump lately, but they're clearly going for the gays by adding Nardicio to the staff.  You think Levi Jonhston can save Playgirl?

Here is Kim Zolciak performing "Tardy for the Party" [video]


In case you missed Thursday night's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion, here's the video of Kim Zolciak's first performance of her hit song "Tardy for the Party."

That was a horrible train wreck, but it must have been hard for Kim to perform in front of a small group of peers who were sitting there laughing at her.

Kandi Burress, also a member of the "Real Housewives" cast, produced the song and joined Zolciak on stage.

During the episode, you could also see that Nene Leakes is still bitter about being cut out of the whole "Tardy for the Party" fantasy.  

Burress also revealed that she may collaborate with Zolciak on a second song.

Erotic massage viewing in Chelsea?

If you're looking for something to spice up your Friday evening, then might we suggest checking out the live male erotic massage taking place in the window of The Blue Chelsea in New York?

Manworks.blog, an erotic male masseur listings company in New York, will host a live erotic massage demonstration in the window with a different one rubbing it out every hour from 6pm until 10pm.

If you want to do some window shopping, its free!  The Blue Chelsea is located at 206 8th Avenue (between 20th and 21st Streets) in Manhattan.

November 05, 2009

OUTinAC on "Chelsea Lately" Thursday

Last month, King Ralphy and I attended the OUTinAC festivities in Atlantic City.

We've just been informed that the gay takeover in Atlantic City will be mentioned on "Chelsea Lately."

For those of you aren't familiar, OUTinAC was sponsored by Harrah's Casino and Resort.  The plan was to open up Atlantic City to the gays, and it worked.

We had a blast, and I'll hope you're able to see that on tonight's "Chelsea Handler!"

Here's a sneak peak at Kim Zolciak's "Tardy for the Party" performance [video]


This will be what everyone is talking about!  Here's a snippet of Kim Zolciak's performance set to air tonight as a part of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion special on Bravo.

This is evidently Kim's first performance  of "Tardy for the Party", and that somewhat explains why... I guess.

On tonight's special, host Andy Cohen even asks Kim's producer, Kandi Burress, if she thinks she is tone deaf.  I can't wait to see what happens there! 

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion special airs at 9/8c.

Afternoon Delight: David Rich



It's almost Friday, and I'm feeling it! Today's Afternoon Delight is guaranteed to make our evening a little more exciting!

David Rich is a fitness instructor and model in Los Angeles.  You can visit his website, www.davidrichfitness.blog, for a private session!

There are more pictures of David after the break.  Some may be NSFW!!

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Trevor Project to honor Neil Patrick Harris and AT&T

The Trevor Project has announced that they will honor LGBT actor, Neil Patrick Harris, and AT&T at their holiday event in December.

The press release calls Harris, the star of "How I Met Your Mother",  a compelling example for LGBTQ youth through his extraordinary professional and personal success.

For many years, I have been a passionate and enthusiastic supporter of The Trevor Project’s lifesaving work, and I’m deeply honored to be recognized by an organization which has such a vital mission,” said Harris. “Everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, should be able to live their lives proudly as exactly who they are. I’m hopeful that in accepting this award, and in helping to build further awareness of The Trevor Project’s resources, I can in some small way make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning] youth.

As for AT&T, the Trevor Project described their company as "a champion of diversity and a progressive corporate leader committed to equality, as demonstrated by its continuous 100% Index rating by the Human Rights Campaign."

The Trevor Project is a national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among LGBT youth.

The awards will be handed out at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles on December 6th.

November 04, 2009








SEEN: Peter Rauhofer, Offer Nissim, King Ralphy and the Band of Misfits.

To see the rest of this set and more go to EricHalliwell.blog


Highline Ballroom 10.30.09


Jonni Rendi

Jonni, Jane & Nancy


Eric Halliwell

SEEN: James Coppola, Dina Marie, Demanda, Jonni Rendi, Tiana Reeves, THE Browns, Nancy Nose Candy, Yuhua, Kyle, Hannah Ulrich, Brian Mills, Seth Clark, the RETURN of Jane and Eric Halliwell. 

To see more photos from this set and all my photos head on over to EricHalliwell.blog


Carrie Prejean has a sex tape! It's true!

Carrie Prejean has evidently settled her lawsuit, but she didn't get a dime!  Prejean was shooting for a cold million from Miss California USA, but after they revealed her sex tape fiasco - she walked away WITH NOTHING!

According to TMZ, Carrie's video is extremely graphic and has never been released publicly.  The Pageant is paying around $100,000 to her lawyers and publicist.

Top Chef's "Angry Dinner" airs tonight [video]


It's the night for dish on "Top Chef" with a special episode dedicated to the drama of seasons past.

Season 5's Fabio Vivani hosts this elegant dinner for previous "Top Chef" contestants, but can he control the when things get a little heated?

What will happen when old rivals like Ilan and Marcel confront each other?

And what was the real story behind season 5’s finale between Casey's role in Carla's failed dishes?

You'll have to tune in to "Top Chef" tonight at 10/9c on Bravo.

Night of 1000 Herras!

Missed my latest video? Heres your chance to see it!! Where do I even begin to describe this night? You start off with a red leotard and the night just really goes downhill from there. Watch as Herra C destroys the town and then paints it pink and Demanda gives her recap of the night.

To catch more videos head on over to ERICHALLIWELLNIGHTS.blog

Ellen Degeners scares Taylor Swift for Halloween [video]


Our shot of the day comes from last week's "Ellen Degeneres Show". For Halloween, Ellen dressed up as an "O Magazine" with she and Oprah on the cover.

The funniest part of the video comes when Ellen shoes video of her scaring a previous guest, Taylor Swift.

It's hilarious.  I feel sorry for Swift, but it's hilarious.  At least she can laugh!

November 03, 2009

'Tabatha's Salon Takeover' returns for second season [video]


It looks like Bravo's Tuesday night programming will fill up my DVR tonight as I sift through election results.  

At 9pm, Kathy Griffin is back with her latest recorded stand-up show titled "Balls of Steel".  Then, its time for season two of "Tabatha's Salon Takeover."

I didn't watch the first season of 'Takeover' as it aired live, but I did manage to catch most of the repeats.

Tabatha's first assignment proves to be a bit of a challenge when she must help a local Chicago salon owner whose 23-year-old establishment is going down the drain.  And when a hot-tempered employee flips out and causes a scene from a little of Tabatha's constructive criticism, will the salon loose all of its credibility?

Kathy Griffin to host new ABC 'Dance' venture


ABC is getting a new dancing show, and everyone's favorite fag hag is the host.  That's right, Kathy Griffin might find her way off the d-list as the new host of "Let's Dance," a competition among celebrities who re-enact famous dance routines from pop culture.

So far, ABC has ordered five episodes of "Dance," which lets contestants choose their favorite celebrity routines. The top finishers return for a grand finale in December.

"Let's Dance" is set to premier on Monday, November 23rd immediately after the "Dancing with the Stars" champ is crowned.  The following week,  "Let's Dance" will move into its permanent slot at 9pm.

How to do "The Wendy Williams" greeting: [video]


Everyone knows I'm obsessed with Wendy Williams, so our shot of the day comes from "The Wendy Williams Show".

This is actually her personal instructions on how to do the official greeting of "The Wendy Williams Show".  All you have to do is say, "How YOU doin?"  The key is, evidently, to flatten out your bottom lip so you don't sound like an Italian-American who hails from Brooklyn.

You'll have to watch the video above to get the Wendy Williams greeting down correctly.  You never know when she might ask you to introduce her [hint, hint!]

November 02, 2009

Million Dollar Listing: Are these guys really straight? [VIDEO]


The Cali douche bags are back tonight for a new episode of "Million Dollar Listing".

Chad surprises his girlfriend with a romantic home-cooked meal but it is quickly clear that he is "buttering her up" to come out of the closet for a loaded question:


Then Josh (who also claims to be straight) meets a land developer for an out-of-the-ordinary adventure to explore some undeveloped land in West Malibu – could this be a potential to expand his real estate reach?

And Madison (who is on the bi-now-gay-later program) helps a difficult client look for an investment property, but with a client who has verrry specific details for his "vision", will they ever find the right estate?

"Million Dollar Listing" airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

Who is trying to straighten Adam Lambert up as he dumps his boyfriend?

Despite the fact that Adam Lambert went totally fagged out for his debut album cover, it still looks like "the man" is trying to straighten him out a bit.

Just before the photos of Lambert sucking on a girls tit was released, it seems that Adam dumped his boyfriend.  That's right, Drake LaBry, is no longer the "American Idol" runner-ups' lover boy.

Coincidence? I think not!  The record label is probably trying to make openly gay Adam appeal to many audiences.  Maybe he should have thought about that before he went on "American Idol" in full make-up or before he worked as a drag queen in WeHo.  I'm just saying...

Sir Elton John hospitalized in London with the flu


Head gay Elton John is evidently in a British hospital suffering from the flu.  As a result, Sir Elton has canceled the final leg of his Red Piano tour.

His hubby, David Furnish, is evidently by Elton's side at the King Edward VII Hospital in London.  Access Hollywood has a source that says the singer is “feeling much better" now.

Elton has evidently been battling the flu for about two week and canceled other shows along the way as he battled the illness.  

October 30, 2009

Call for funny headlines and ads

As you're scouring the web, please keep a look out for funny ads with misspellings, funny headlines, mis-implied comments or hideous grammatical errors like this one below:



Straight men might "loves" jockstraps, but they clearly aren't too smart.

If you stumble across any funny ones and want to share them, e-mail them to charles@gaysocialites.blog!

Who won the daytime Halloween costume war? [video]


Each Halloween all of the day time talk show hosts dress up in costume and battle it out. This year Rachel Ray went for a "Wizard of Oz" theme with Rosie O'Donnell as Glenda, the good witch. Wendy Williams dressed as Dolly Parton, the women of "The View" dressed as Vampires and the "Today Show" cast went with a Star Wars theme for their Halloween costumes.

This year, however, the highest honors of Best Halloween Costume on daytime TV goes to... Regis and Kelly!  The duo had at least two dozen costume changes that included Regis and Kelly dressed up a Jon and Kate Gosselin, Lady Gaga, Susan Boyle, Michael Jackson, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Survivor, Beyonce's "Single Ladies", Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor.  Kelly Ripa even did a "Thriller" tribute to Michael Jackson.  Here's the video of that one:

The "Today Show" gets an honorable mention for their Star Wars costumes, and "The View" gets a HUGE thumbs down for their lame-ass Vampire costumes. I expected so much more from them and Wendy Williams (even though I do love Dolly Parton!)

Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope to see you at Lucky Cheng's in New York City tomorrow night as I co-host "The Demented Circus" with Manhattan's nightlife elite.

First photo of Chaz Bono - the man!

chaz_bono_man_photos.jpgHere it is!  The first photo of Chaz Bono as a man.  Sonny and Cher's little girl is now a big boy, and he barely even had to change his name.  Chaz was already his nickname when he was known as Chastity.

How did all of this come about? Chaz has known for a long time he was meant to be a man even though he was born a woman.  So, he decided to have a sex change for his 40th birthday.

The first photos were released today after the first stage of the change.

Chaz doesn't look that much different, just a little bigger.  Maybe he'll get another spot on "Celebrity Fit Club."

Bono's father, Sonny, turned from singer to conservative Congressman and voted against gay marriage before he died.  Chaz's mother, Cher, has publicly supported his decision.

October 29, 2009

Afternoon Delight: Travis Davenport



Today's Afternoon Delight is cutie Travis Davenport.  You may recognize Travis from his international Ralph Lauren Polo campaign.

You may also recognize Davenport from "A&F Quarterly", "Style Magazine (Italy)", "Details Magazine" and "V Man".

There are more pictures of Travis Davenport after the break.

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Jay Leno to reveal Chelsea Handler's Playboy cover on tonight's show

chelsea_handler_playboy_leno.jpgTwo late night hosts will collide tonight when Jay Leno welcomes Chelsea Handler to his new 10 o'clock show. 

The episode was taped earlier today, and Leno revealed Handler's Playboy cover for the first time.  Chelsea said it was even her first time seeing it.

She wouldn't tell Jay whether she is fully naked inside, but she did state the obvious: "I'm not naked on the cover."

The December issue of Playboy does feature Ms. Handler in a skimpy bikini on the cover with a candy cane pulling down her bottoms.  You can see the whole cover after the break.

"The Jay Leno Show" airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

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Have you checked out Ricky's this holiday season


We've been making suggestions on costume ideas this year, and we haven't forgotten to tell you about New York City's Halloween superstore, Ricky's.

I'm sure every New Yorker has been into a Ricky's at some point, and most of us have even waited on line to get into the store in the final days before Halloween.  This year, Ricky's has taken old store fronts in and around New York to pop up temporary Halloween stores.  

You can pick up your crazy colored hair sprays, vampire teeth, wigs, boxed costumes and all the make-up you need.

Reps from Ricky's also tells NY-1 that they've created at least 1,000 jobs for the Halloween season.

Kandi responds to fiance's death on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" [video]


Tonight is part one of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion special on Bravo.  Andy Cohen will sit down with the cast, and those who have watched HOTlanta's "Housewives" reunions know that they can get pretty heated.

This "Real Housewives" reunion is guaranteed to carry some heavy emotion as Kandi Burress responds to the sudden death of her fiance, A.J., for the first time.  Since the show has wrapped, A.J. died outside a nightclub in Atlanta.

Kandi will talk about how her life has changed since A.J.'s passing.

The "Real Housewives of Altanta" reunion special airs tonight at 10/9c on Bravo.

Shot of the Day: Marine in Iraq doing the "Thriller" dance [video]


Things must get pretty boring in Iraq, but this cute Marine has been occupying his time by learning the steps to the dance that accompanies Michael Jackson's "Thriller." 

Let's just say that the "Thriller" dance has NEVER looked so hot.  I won't tell if you don't tell!

All we know about this dude is that his name is Cory.  I'm just thankful that he's defending our country and knows how to bust a move!

Now tell me that isn't a shot of the day!

October 28, 2009

Shot of the Day: Transgender lady maces kids on subway [video]


Our shot of the day comes from the subway where some kids got maced by a transexual on a train.  It sounds like a horrible story, but the boys were teasing the big tranny (the day before her birthday!)

The lesson here:  don't mess with the tranny!  Those girls go through a lot of torture, and they're likely to have a can of mace in their pocket.

I also wonder why the adult in this situation didn't tell Bebe's kids to shut the hell up.  Stupid adults make stupid children, I guess.

At least the transsexual looks good.  Those poor fat kids will probably be ugly for the rest of their lives!   We're clearly on Team Tranny here!

Here are some home made Halloween costume suggestions


Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're like me - you haven't even picked a Halloween costume yet.

Here are some suggestions on affordable Halloween costumes that you can make at home.  Some of the best costumes (and generally the contest winners) are home made.

Making your costume at home is a great way to save money, add your personal touches and incorporate pop culture into your theme.

Of course, if you're in New York City for Halloween - the GaySocialites will be partying at the Legendary Lucky Chengs for the Demented Circus - A Halloween Fantasy.

Natalie Portman guest judges tonight's "Top Chef: Las Vegas" [video]


On tonight's all new "Top Chef: Las Vegas", the chef'testants are faced with a TV dinner Quickfire Challenge. Don't worry, there's a twist. The TV dinners were influenced by TV shows compiled by the editors of TV Guide!

The remaining chefs visit Tom's restaurant, Craft Steak at the MGM Grand, and are tasked with cooking for Oscar winner Natalie Portman and friends.  It may sound fun, but they're met with an interesting twist that makes their mouths drop.

To find out what happens, catch "Top Chef: Las Vegas" at 10/9c Wednesday night on Bravo.

GLAAD honors advertisers who are afraid to go for the gays


On Tuesday, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) recognized award recipients at the 1st GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising.

Winners included Ortbitz, Subaru, Bertolli and others.

Alan Cumming hosted the event. Also seen at Tuesday nights ceremony were David Mixner, Judith Light of "Ugly Betty", Bryan Batt of "Mad Men" and Jay Manuel of "America’s Next Top Model."

GLAAD is, of course, the nation's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy and anti-defamation organization.

There is a complete list of GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising after the break.

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October 27, 2009

Here is a list of the 2009 Glammy nominees

The 2009 Glammy nominees are out, and you're definitely going to recognize a few familiar names and faces... including mine!  That's right, I'm please to say that I was nominated for the Best Writer/Blogger.

Dina Marie, also a contributor to gaysocialites.blog, was nominated for Best Hostess.  

I hope we'll get your votes when the ballots go out next month!  The 2009 Glammy Awards will be given out on December 6th at Splash in Manhattan.

There is a complete list of nominees after the break.

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Larry Johnson apologizes for anti-gay slur. Is it enough?


We hope to have the archives up soon so you can see the other members, but this is our first induction into the Stupid Bitches Club (SBC) as an Online Magazine.  The honor goes to Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson.

Johnson evidently used the slur during an exchange with one of his Twitter followers. A day later, he used it again as he brushed off reporters and told them he would not comment.

Now he's been told to stay away from his team while the NFL investigates.  Even though Johnson apologized, gay rights advocates want him let go.

Johnson is no stranger to controversy.  Last spring, a court ruled that the Chiefs could release the running back and not owe him $3.5 million in guaranteed money because he had violated contract conditions by pleading guilty to disturbing the peace in another incident.

"I regret my actions. The words were used by me in frustration, and they were not appropriate," he said through a spokesman. "I did not intend to offend anyone, but that is no excuse for what I said."

Jarrett Barrios, president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, called on the NFL and the Chiefs to take disciplinary action and seize a chance to educate "on the dangers of homophobia in sports."

Barrios said he accepted Johnson's apology.  What about you?

Will we see lots of Beyonces with single ladies this Halloween?



If you're looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea, then might we suggest you and your crew dress as Beyonce and the single ladies.

This costume would be perfect for a group of men or women.  You might even want to grab your fag hag and get all dolled up in your leotards and high heels.  Add some syncronized dancing and boom box, then you're set!

Beyonce and the single ladies would make a great costume for a group of college students especially frat brothers.

If you're in New York City for Halloween, we'd love to see your costume.  Come by the legendary Lucky Cheng's for the Demented Circus: A Halloween Fantasy.

"Flipping Out" reunion: Jeff vs. Ryan [video]


The "Watch What Happens: Flipping Out Reunion" airs tonight on Bravo, and we'll finally get to see if Jeff Lewis can put the past behind and move on or if he'll kick his business partner and former lover, Ryan, to the curb.

As you can imagine, this episode of "Flipping Out" gets pretty dramatic as Jeff and Ryan go at it on national television.  Host, Andy Cohen, says this is the first time Jeff and Ryan have come in contact since the last season of "Flipping Out" wrapped.

During tonight's reunion special, Jeff says he's been "a weak, emotional little bitch" over the past few months because of his issues with Ryan and that he feels like he's going through menopause!

Let's see if these two can work it out.  "Flipping Out" airs Tuesday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

October 26, 2009

The sexiest, scariest and grossest Halloween Costume suggestions [video]


If you're like me, then you're still scurrying around looking for a Halloween costume.  Here are some suggestions if you're looking for the sexiest, scariest or grossest costume.

Associated Press reporter Bonny Ghosh takes a look at everything from straight jackets to costumes that beat up Bernie Madoff.

Don't forget, if you're in New York City on Halloween, our pick is the Demented Circus: A Halloween Fantasy in Manhattan.

Battle of the bratty boys, Chad vs Madison on "Million Dollar Listing" [video]


On tonight's douche bag hour "Million Dollar Listing"; Chad and Madison are each invited to speak at a real estate conference in Arizona, and both diva boys are bratty when they find out their sharing the stage.

The drama, of course, doesn't end for Chad.  An agent brings him an offer that's way below listing price, but he somehow winds up playing hardball to get a reasonable deal.

Meanwhile, Josh shows a couple a $10 million mansion in Orange County's Newport Coast, but the prospective buyers seem unimpressed by their tour of the home.

See more of these two douche bags on "Million Dollar Listing" airs tonight at 10/9c on Bravo.

Afternoon Delight: New Jersey's pretty Peter


Sorry that the Afternoon Delight is more like an evening joy tonight; but there was lots of nightlife news today!

This is Peter M from New Jersey.  We don't know a lot about him, hell we don't even know his last name; but he really is pretty -huh?

If you're into Peter, despite not knowing much about him, there are more pictures after the break!

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Drag deviant Shealita Babay weighs in on gay marriage debate


by Shealita Babay

[DISCLAIMER: This article is meant to be satirical.  Still, the view points reflected here are NOT REPRESENTATIVE of gaysocialites.blog, Ronnie Hokanson & Associates or anyone employed or associated with CWA or any of its subsidiaries. Please send your hate mail to shealita@gaysocialites.blog]

My name is Shealita Baby, and I am a devote Christian Baptist Evangelicalist! I speak the truth and virtue of the Lord King Jesus.

I would first like to thank King Ralphy, Ronnie Hokanson and all the other Faggots at gaysocialites.blog for giving me the time to write this letter to talk with you and share with you the other side of the argument.

For those of you homos out there that have been too busy out there doing a mixture of cocaine, poppers, and drinking Zima’s at the local disco, there’s a Same Sex Marriage fiasco going on in this country.

I, for one, am totally against this notion of a man having the right to marry another man, and visa versa. It is this kind of thinking that is destroying this fine Christian Nation we call The United States of America were Jesus Christ resides.

If you give the homosexuals the right to marry; what next?! The only thing to come out of gay marriage is  that the ability to marry your dog, or cat, or maybe even horse with his 15 inches of Clydesdale glory will be legal! Then it will be that the damn pedophiles want their rights to sniff  bike seats and cruise playgrounds. This kind of thinking has got to stop!

We do not need this sort of embarrassing gay fag marriage debockle going on in our great country. Last time we decided to change things up a bit, the white man lost his right to the front seat of the bus and was forced to share a bathroom with a person of color!

This is was ridiculous cause everyone knows that the colored mans bowel movements destroy the toilet bowl, all them collard greens and fried chicken skins are deadly enough to rupture the septic tank.

We need to get America back on track and in the White Direction! Hallelujah! Go in the name of Christ and spread his love..but just not that nasty faggot buttcheek poundin kind of love.

With Love and Compassion,

Shealita Baby, Lady of the Lord

[DISCLAIMER: I REPEAT! This article is meant to be satirical.  Still, the view points reflected here are NOT REPRESENTATIVE of gaysocialites.blog, Ronnie Hokanson & Associates or anyone employed or associated with CWA or any of its subsidiaries. Please send your hate mail to shealita@gaysocialites.blog]

October 25, 2009

Another gay bashing ignored by NYPD?

nicho_gay_bashing.jpgBREAKING NEWS

gaysocialites.blog has learned that the New York City Police Department has neglected to report yet another gay bashing in Manhattan.

New York nightlife personality Nicho Mendez says he was traveling with two friends when they were attacked by a group of thugs bellowing homophobic slurs.

Mendez says it all started when one of the men asked him for a cigarette.  "I said 'we don't have any hun,'" Nicho wrote in a Facebook note to friends.

That's where the story spirals out of control.  Mendez says the man called him a fag and started pushing him.  He then says his friend, Johnny Robovsky, came to defend him and eventually chased after Nicho's attacker.

From there, things got worse.  Mendez says his attacker returned with two other men who also assaulted him.  He also says those same men kicked another friend, Amanda Mills, in the stomach.

The cops didn't even fill out a police report to document the incident (other than Johnny's ticket..)!

Meawhile, Mendez has lacerations on his face at the cost of some low-life haters.  The attackers evidently lied to the cops saying they too were gay, so the cops let them go. 

Mendez had to reach out to a detective in that precinct for assistance. Things seem to be looking up for Nicho's case, but they'll probably never track down the gay bashers.

October 23, 2009

Afternoon Delight: Baptiste Giabiconi



Baptiste Giabiconi is a French model who finds himself in world-wide demand.  From Karl Lagerfield to Chanel, everyone seems to want Baptiste in their ads.

We've got more pictures of Baptiste Giabiconi after the break.  Some may be NSFW!

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Halloween Costume Ideas: The Illegal Alien [video]


This year, I'm trying to help you come up with some creative Halloween costume ideas. If the Kim Zolciak wasn't for you, maybe you could be an illegal alien.

Yea, so maybe the illegal alien Halloween costume might be a little controversial, but isn't that what Halloween is all about?! I know its a great chance for gays to dress as women and girls to dress as sluts; but let's think outside the box with this year's Halloween costume - why don't we?

October 22, 2009

Mario Lopez strips down for Breast Cancer Awareness [video]


My imaginary caliente lover, Mario Lopez, stopped by the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" earlier this week, and in case you missed it - he stripped down for a good cause!

Not only did Ellen and Mario raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but they also made me very happy.  If you can't handle delayed gratification or don't give a shit about the Ellen interview - forward to the 8:00 mark.

Mario Lopez should keep doing things for a good cause, especially if it means taking off his clothes!

Afternoon Delight: Joseph Sanchez


Today's afternoon delight comes from our friends YVY Magazine.  Say hello to Joseph Sanchez!  In these photos, Joseph is shot by phenomenal New York photographer Hudson Wright.

If you like Joseph Sanchez or just love Hudson Wright's work, then there are more pictures after the break!

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It's the season finale of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" [video]


I'm sad to report that tonight is the season finale of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", and though it might be a bitter sweet good-bye - it's bound to be explosive.

NeNe tells her family that she has finally met her real dad, but her husband Gregg is not quite sold on her "real" father's credibility, urging her to take a DNA test – will NeNe take Gregg's advice?

Meanwhile, the day of Shereé's fashion show for 'She by Shereé' has finally arrived, but when Shereé decides to abandon Dwight and the last-minute details to go get her hair done, Dwight warns her that he will start the show with or without her.

And Kim invites NeNe over before the show to finally hash out their rocky relationship once and for all – can they put the past behind them or will this be the end of their friendship?  We definitely get the best quote of the season from NeNe!  Don't miss it!

Watch the drama unfold tonight once and for all @ 10/9c only on BRAVO

October 21, 2009

Is Suze Orman going to gay-up "Good Morning America"?

If power lesbian Suze Orman has her way, she might gay-up "Good Morning America" a little more.  Evidently Sam Champion and Robin Roberts are both out behind-the-scenes, so adding Orman will make it a gay trio.

Diane Sawyer is ending her 10-year run on "GMA" to replace Charles Gibson as the second female to take solo the evening news behind Katie Couric on CBS.

According to Queerty.blog, Orman has officially thrown her name into the hat for the job.  The problem is that ABC wants to go back to a male-female format by replacing Sawyer with a man.

"A short list of candidates," says the Los Angeles Matea Gold, "is widely believed to include "This Week" anchor George Stephanopoulos, "World News Saturday" anchor David Muir, "GMA Weekend" co-host Bill Weir and GMA news anchor Chris Cuomo." 

Gibson is retiring to spend more time with his family.

It's restaurant wars on Top Chef! [video]


It's restaurant wars on "Top Chef" tonight, and this could be the nastiest one yet! But first the chefs are separated into two teams for the Quickfire Challenge.

The two teams compete in a hand-off race where they must contribute to one delicious dish. – will they be able to keep in-synch with the chef before them to complete the perfect plate? 

Then the "Top Chef" contestants will need their teamwork skills when they take on "Restaurant Wars". Things get really steamy in the kitchen when Michael steps in to try and help Robin get her plate complete, but she flips out claiming that he is taking over her dish –will she sabotage their team's restaurant?

Watch what happens Wednesday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

October 20, 2009

Here is the much talked about Chuck Bass male-on-male kiss [video]:


Things went gay on last night's episode of "Gossip Girl" as Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick, locked lips with another guy.

Ok, so it wasn't really hot-and-heavy; and Westwick's character isn't going gay.  Chuck Bass isn't even on the bi-now-gay-later program.  It was all a plan thought up by his girlfriend.

Leave it to the girls to give us all the man-on-man action.  Now that we've seen Westwick's gay Chuck Bass, when do we get to see him making out with former real-life boyfriend, Chace Crawford?

Looking for a halloween costume idea? Try the Kim Zolciak!


"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak will do anything for her five minutes of fame even if it means making a complete mockery of herself.

I mean, I guess if you can't laugh at yourself - who can you laugh at?!

For an episode of the Style Chanel's chat show, "The Dish", Zolciak took a minute to market her own "Tardy for the Party" halloween costume.

I'm still deciding what to dress up as this year.  Anyone think I should be Kim Zolciak? Feel free to comment below! Maybe I should let the viewers of gaysocialites.blog pick my costume?!

Afternoon Delight: Fitness model Jose Ibarra


Today's Afternoon Delight just got out of the army, but he has taken the modeling world by storm.  After spending nearly three years in Iraq, Jose Ibarra, is back in the states and working hard to earn his place as a fitness model.

Ibarra is also currently working a personal trainer and has a background in body building.  There are more pictures of Jose after the break!

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Will Jeff and Ryan make up on the "Flipping Out" finale? [video]


It's the season finale of "Flipping Out" on Bravo tonight, and things could either go for better or worse between Jeff and his business partner Ryan.

With his current project "Buena Park" finally finished and renovated to tip-top shape, Jeff finds himself new opportunities to explore.  Jeff gears up to flip his current residence "Valley Oak", but declares that if it doesn't sell, he will stay there permanently.

Will he be able to commit to a piece of real estate?

And with the potential of settling down, Jeff considers the prospect of having a child – and having Jenni as his surrogate!  Will there be a baby Lewis in his future?

"Flipping Out" airs Tuesday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

"Real Housewives of New York" star Bethenny Frankel is pregnant!

She may be leaving "The Real Housewives" franchise for her own spin-off, but it looks like Bethenny Frankel is ready to enter the real life of a housewife.  The reality star has revealed that she is pregnant, expecting her first child with new fiance Jason Hoppy.

Bethenny broke the news via her Twitter page and spoke exclusively to People.blog.

"It's premature to be telling people this," Frankel said nearly in tears.  Someone evidently broke her cover by blabbing to celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton.

"It's not like, 'Did I Get Botox?' It's not the way I wanted it to get out," she says. "I haven't even gone through my first trimester. We haven't even heard the heartbeat. My [fiancé's] parents didn't even know." 

Over the past few days, Bethenny has evidently been hanging with fellow reality star Dennis Richards and the "Insider" host Laura Spencer.  They've been helping her cope.

Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski arrested on on drug charges


Everyone knows I'm hooked on the CBS reality show, "Big Brother"; so I love to hear what the winners are up to after the show.

It looks like "Big Brother 9" winner Adam Jasinski is back in the headlines.  Guess what Adam did with his $500,000 "Big Brother" winnings... he started his own street drug program.  Wait, what I mean to say is that he started selling oxycodone on the streets and got busted this weekend.

Adam "Baller" Jasinski is 31 years old and said he did public relations for an autism foundation but once referred to the children as "retards."

He sounds like a real winner.  Adam's drug scheme got busted when he tried to sell meds to an undercover government agent.

October 19, 2009

Big gay kiss tonight on "Gossip Girl"


I have never watched an episode of "Gossip Girl" before, but tonight I might lose my virginity to the teeny bopper show with cruel intentions.  That's because one of the main characters, Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick), will engage in a gay kiss!

Don't get too excited.  It doesn't seem that Chuck Bass is on the "bi now gay later program."  As it turns out, Westwick's on-screen girlfriend Leighton Meester, divulges that her character, Blair Waldorf, could be behind it all.

"Well, I guess that I can tell you some things," she told MTV. "No, it's not tied into a threesome. I think all of this is just so everybody grabs their attention, and we're all in college now, so we can definitely push the limit with the sexuality, which is fine by me. I sort of make the kiss happen. I can tell you that much, and that's it." 

"Gossip Girl" airs Mondays at 9/8c on the CW.

Whitney Houston rocks "X-Factor" despite wardrobe malfunction [video]


Whitney Houston rocked the house with a live performance of "Million Dollar Bill" after she advised the contestants on Simon Cowell's British talent competition "The X-Factor".

Houston spent the week working with the contestants along side her mentor and boss, Clive Davis.

While performing on the show, Whitney had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction that she later described as "dancing out of [her] clothes."

After the performance, Whitney seemed a bit out of it not even knowing when her record dropped.  that might, however, be poorly translated on TV.  Let's not start assuming she's back on the laced weed or nose candy... yet! 

October 16, 2009

How did Kandi Burruss' fiance AJ Jewell really die?

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member and R&B recording artist, Kandi Burrus lost her fiance AJ Jewell following a bar fight outside a strip club in Atlanta earlier this month.  Now, we have more information on what might have lead to AJ's death.

Originally, authorities said that AJ was beaten to death; but now there seems to be more to the story. 

E News [via MediaTakeOut.blog] is reporting that AJ may have have suffered from sickle-cell anemia.

"Preliminary results are suggestive of [sickle-cell]," said

Dr. Kelly Rose of the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office.

Burress is still morning AJ's death, but according to Bravo - it will not interfere with the taping or airing of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion special scheduled to air in two parts starting at the end of October.

October 15, 2009

Afternoon Delight: Taylor Lautner



Today's Afternoon Delight is an American model and actor by the name of Taylor Lautner.  If you ask me, this one is gorgeous!

Since moving from Michigan to Los Angeles, Taylor has landed roles on "Cheaper by the Dozen 2", "Twilight", "My Wife and Kids" and "The Bernie Mac Show."

He also just did a spread for GQ on how to dress like the hottie he is!


If you're loving Taylor Lautner too, there are more pictures after the break!

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Alan Cumming and Josh Wood team up for Empire State Agenda benefit

New York nightlife promoter, Josh Wood, is teaming up with singer Alan Cumming for a one night show to benefit the Empire State Agenda.

The show takes place on Sunday, October 25th at 8pm at the HighLine Ballroom in New York City.  Tickets range from $25 to $100 and are available on TicketWeb.

Cumming's one man show has sold out across the globe from Lincoln Center to The Syndey Opera House, so this could be your last chance to see it and help a good cause.

Are you playing McDonald's Monopoly this year?

Everyone who reads the site regularly or knows me personally knows that I live for McDonald's Sweet Tea (and McChickens too!)  I'm on this low calorie, small meal diet (gotta keep that boy-ish figure) - so I eat at McDonald's at least once or twice a day.

This means my odds are good at winning this year's Monopoly game!  However, I just discovered that you can also play online!

Even though I haven't gotten a Broadway or even a Short-line railroad, I have won 3 McFlurries and two breakfast meals!

If your luck is going like mine, then maybe you should play the Monopoly Online Game on their website.

"The Real Housewives of ATL": Sheree's fashion show, Kim's wigs and Nene's dad


Tonight on a new episode of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta", Shereé only has 4 days until the "She by Shereé" fashion show so she invites her friend over to preview the samples. But when Shereé reveals that "sixth housewife" Dwight is helping to produce the show, the two get nervous that he might not be able to pull it all off with Shereé’s vision.

Meanwhile, Kim gets a surprise from her wig stylist when he comes over to prep her for an event.  This woman could make anything dramatic!

And NeNe is shocked when her uncle sets up an impromptu meeting with the man claiming to be her real dad. Will she be able to go through with the meeting?

Find out how it all ends up tonight on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" at 10/9c on Bravo.

It is really "National Grouch Day", how'd that start?



I find it strange that we would actually observe this day, but today is actually "National Grouch Day".

If you're a grouch, then today is your day! The entire nation is celebrating those who spread hate and forget to smile. Those who work with me and for me might think this day is for me, but they're probably afraid to tell me.

National Grouch Day is evidently meant to be a light-hearted holiday and originated with Oscar the Grouch on "Sesame Street."

So, I think all of the grouches should walk around with a smile on their faces today since it is their day. They finally have a reason to be happy!

August 13, 2009

Rify Royalty's Birthday at VANDAM

To see the full set go to Eric Halliwell's Flickr.
SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Malik So Chic, Rify Royalty, King Ralphy, Lady Havok, Diva Steve, Jordan Fox & Dirty Martini.

August 12, 2009

FWORD! 8.08.09

To see the full set go to Eric Halliwell's Flickr.

SEEN: Formika, Amanda Lepore, Cazwell, Paisley, J Fortino, Sherry Vine, Epiphany, Joey Arias, Herra C, Brian Mills, Joey Israel, James Coppola, Jasper James, Brad, Monique, Demanda and MANY MANY MORE!

August 10, 2009

Campus Thursdays at Splash

Go check out the full set at Campus Thursdays.

August 04, 2009

Look what you missed at Vandam this Sunday

Have you ever been to a pussy party? Apparently Geo Vaughn throws them every nite. Join us at Greenhouse for Vandam, legendary disco queen Kenny Kenny's party. Another night, another party in New York City with me, Eric Halliwell.

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August 02, 2009

Tragic Tranny Trainwreck!

Another night of debauchery with King Ralphy, Bad Luck Nicho, Yuhua, and Jane at our weekly party Breakout at Rush.

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July 30, 2009

Outlaw Party at Dunkin Donuts

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SEEN : Cazwell, Amanda Lepore, Brian Mills, Paisley, Jane & Kids, Lady Fag, Demanda, Astro Earl & Herra C.

What a Drag!!

Watch as Bad Luck Nicho, Mark, Demanda and me Eric Halliwell walk home from Breakout and terrorize the unsuspecting citizens of NYC in the wee hours of the morning.

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July 29, 2009

DRAG OFF! at the Fword

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SEEN : Formika, Cazwell, Paisley, Sheality Babay, Busted, Demanda, Herra C, Joey Israel, Francis Legge, Jane & Kids, Acid Betty & Epiphany.

October 01, 2006

This is why I always brag on John Blair and Alan Picus

 You're invited...


SUNDAY, OCT. 1, 2006



Blade or Dance with
DJ Chad Jack & Vito Fun
on the Main Floor

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This is why I always brag on John Blair and Alan Picus

 You're invited...


SUNDAY, OCT. 1, 2006



Blade or Dance with
DJ Chad Jack & Vito Fun
on the Main Floor

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This is why I always brag on John Blair and Alan Picus

 You're invited...


SUNDAY, OCT. 1, 2006



Blade or Dance with
DJ Chad Jack & Vito Fun
on the Main Floor

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This is why I always brag on John Blair and Alan Picus

 You're invited...


SUNDAY, OCT. 1, 2006



Blade or Dance with
DJ Chad Jack & Vito Fun
on the Main Floor

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This is why I always brag on John Blair and A