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February 22, 2010

Fitness guru Ken Hunt offers free fitness tips


In lieu of Ken Hunt's weekly "Fit Factor" column here at gaysocialites.blog, this week he has asked us to direct you over to his Facebook Group "Ken Hunt Fitness & Steel Gym" for some FREE fitness tips all week long.

Every day this week, Ken will release another fitness tip via his Facebook group.  Hunt says most of the tips will be aimed at those who wouldn't typically find themselves working out in group fitness or at the gym.

For more information on Ken Hunt or Steel Gym, you can visit their website at steelgym.blog.  Of course, everyone is encouraged to join the Facebook group.  You never know when Ken might start giving away free gym memberships and personal training sessions.

February 10, 2010

Fitness guru Ken Hunt offers advice on body image issues


By: Ken Hunt

Does this sound like you?

You are the first one at the gym in the morning. You continue to train despite a nagging injury. Your idea of free time is heading back to the gym for an hour or so of cardio. Missing a workout is not an option. Are you obsessed with exercise? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I feel that I absolutely cannot miss my workout? If I do miss a workout, do I feel extremely guilty and uneasy?
  • Do I feel that I have to exercise even if I notice that instead of helping my body, I am damaging it?
  • Am I preoccupied with my body's appearance, weight and muscle mass?
  • Do I spend a lot of time looking at myself, scrutinizing myself and measuring myself?
  • Am I getting more injuries?
  • Do I hear family and friends expressing concern about my exercise regimen or appearance, yet I still don't stop exercising?
  • Do I feel like I can't stop exercising?

If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more questions, then exercising might be interfering in your life. And you may be at risk for developing an exercise disorder.

Continue reading "Fitness guru Ken Hunt offers advice on body image issues" »

January 27, 2010

You Betta Work! Workout at Work


by Ken Hunt

It’s hard to find time to exercise, but now you don’t have that excuse: How about working out at work?

There are opportunities everywhere if you pay attention. All it takes is a little planning and some inspiration to squeeze in some exercise all day long.

You already know the drill about being more active to, from and at work, but there are some other things you may not have considered.

Continue reading "You Betta Work! Workout at Work" »

January 18, 2010

Ken's Rules to Gym Etiquette


by Ken Hunt

Just some simple suggestions to make your gym experience good for you—and everyone around you. I call it “Ken’s Rules of Gym Etiquette.”

Share: If you’re doing multiple sets on a machine, it’s common courtesy to let others work in during your rest periods. This may not always be practical, but offer to share whenever you can.

Clean-up: Please don’t walk away from a machine, leaving a pool of sweat behind. Always bring a towel with you and wipe the machines down when you’re finished. At Steel Gym, we have paper towels and sprays strategically located for this purpose.

Leave no trace: Don’t you just love the person who leaves four million pounds on the leg press machine? Pick up after yourself. Your mother isn’t around to it for you anymore. Always put your weights back when you’re finished.

Don’t hog the treadmill: Some gyms have time limits on cardio machines during busy hours. There’s a reason for that, and you should obey it. And no, throwing your towel over the display doesn’t fool anyone.

Keep it down: Most gym-goers I know have seen That Guy or That Girl. The one pumping away on the treadmill while screaming into a cell phone. Is someone really that important ? Unless it’s an emergency, save your chats for after your workouts.

Cover it up: I respect the confidence that allows some people to walk around the locker room naked. Know what else I respect? Seeing you wearing a towel after your shower to keep the locker room a comfortable place for everyone What’s that smell? When you’re headed to the gym,
please go easy on the cologne and perfume. It’s almost, but not quite, as bad as body odor. And while we’re on the subject, please take your gym clothes home and wash them. Trust me, everyone will love you for it.

Ken Hunt is an internationally renowned fitness expert who owns and operates New York City's Steel Gym.  For more information on training with Ken Hunt or a Steel Gym membership visit steelgym.blog.

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