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June 23, 2010

Reports of Toronto eartquake felt in Rochester, the Hamptons, NYC

An earthquake in Toronto, Canada has evidently reached a broad spread with vibrations being reported across New York State including Rochester, the Hamptons and New York City.

The United States Geological Survey in Colorado, stated, “There was an earthquake up in the Western Quebec seismic zone which runs in a band right along the border just north of Ottawa and it looks like it was widely felt. The shaking seems to have affected a pretty broad area.”

Other cities that report feeling vibrations from the Canadian earthquake are Boston, Detroit, Baltimore and Buffalo.

Rochester's YNN is offering continuing coverage on their website.

June 16, 2010

Lesbian break-up leads to death for two New Yorkers

Cops in Long Island say an off duty corrections officer Kim Wolfe went on a killing spree ultimately taking two lives.  One was her former lesbian lover.  The other was her uncle.

Investigators say the 43-year-old woman went on a shooting spree killing her girlfriend Stacey Williams and her uncle and wounded her 88 year old grandfather.  She also took her 23-year-old niece hostage and headed to Atlantic City.

Kim and Stacey evidently met up to reconcile their relationship, but things went terrible wrong.  Police say Wolfe "snapped."  They say she turned on her family when they got into a fight over who would be the beneficiary of Williams' life insurance. 

A retired NYPD hostage negotiator eventually convinced Wolfe to turn herself in.

Proposition 8 trial enters final stage with closing arguments


Lawyers returned to court on Wednesday to deliver closing arguments to a federal judge in hopes of overturning the ban on gay marriage in California.

Two same-sex couples are suing to overturn Proposition 8, which voters passed in 2008. Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker is hearing the case in San Francisco.

It's the first federal trial to examine whether gay marriage bans violate civil rights. The case is expected to eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

Cop punches woman on video in Seattle [watch it]


We often see those videos of people doing things and ask "what were they thinking?"  This is definitely one of those situations.  

Our news of the weird comes from Seattle where video has surfaced in which a cop punches a woman.  CBS' Chris Wragge has the story.

That video Chris mentioned shows Officer Ian P. Walsh trying to arrest 19-year-old Marilyn Levias. The two were already struggling when Levias' friend, a 17-year-old, pushed the officer, and he responded by punching the friend in the face. 

Evidently the officer tried to approach the two women who faced charges of jaywalking.

June 15, 2010

Philadephia threatens to boot Boy Scouts over gay ban

If the Philadelphia chapter of The Boy Scouts of America wants to keep their $1/ year lease, then they have to stand up against the national ban on gays by the organization.

The city says the national rule violates a local law banning discrimination on sexual-orientation and other grounds.

Evidently several chapters of The Boy Scouts are having troubles raising money due to the ban.

[For full disclosure: I slipped through the Boy Scouts system having been a member before I was openly gay.  I was also a member of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity which was founded by the Boy Scouts.  I no longer make donations to either organization due to the ban.]

June 03, 2010

Gay McDonald's commercial in France debuts [video]


A McDonald's advertisement in France is causing a lit bit of controversy for simply saying "come as you are" and opening the doors to the gay community.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm hooked on McDonald's.  All last summer it was the McChicken (with a sweet  tea).  This year I'm still on the sweet tea, of course, but I've moved on to the McDouble.  However, I digress!

I'm glad that McDonald's are opening their doors to the gays!  Everyone who has their feathers in a ruffle over this ad can go fuck themselves.

May 28, 2010

Congress votes to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" [video]


The United States House of Representatives voted on Friday in favor or repealing the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

With passage, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said, "We honor the values of our nation and we close the door on a fundamental unfairness." 

This is considered to be a huge victory for President Barack Obama who ran for the White House with a promise to make sure "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is repealed.

From here the military bill will go to the Senate where some Republicans say they will do all they can to block the legislation.  However, several Democrats such as New York's Kirsten Gillibrand plan to do all they can to make sure "Don't Ask, Don't Tell is wiped out!

The House and Senate amendments stipulate that the repeal would not become law until after the study is completed and until the president, the defense secretary and the Joint Chiefs of Staff certify that it will not have negative effects on the military's fighting ability.

May 27, 2010

News of the Weird: 2 Year Old Smoking Cigarettes on Video


Here it is!  The video that everyone on the web is talking about.  The 2 year old smoking cigarettes video:

This two-year-old child from Indonesia, Ardi Riza, doesn't just have a puff here and there.  This kid smokes at least two packs a day.  The little chubster's parents say he pitches this horrible temper tantrums if you do not give him his cigarettes when he wants them.

Riza's parents also seem to think it is okay.  His dad said since he is a healthy baby, they let him have his smokes to shut him up.  According to some sources, the father actually introduced Ardi to smoking when he was 18-months.

Imagine how nasty his lungs are going to look by the time he turns five! Will the school give him smoke breaks? 

On another note, you know there are some hillbillies somewhere here in the US who are letting their young kids do the same thing right now.

May 19, 2010

Glenn Beck takes on Congressman with Weiner Facts

Glenn Beck is at it again.  This time, the Fox News pundit is going after Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

Beck debuted "Weiner Facts" on Wednesday.  This is Beck's way of firing back at Weiner after he revealed that one of Beck's biggest sponsors is scamming customers.

You can check out Beck's "Weiner Facts" at this website:

Adam Wheeler pleads not guilty to "Harvard Hoax" [video]

Adam Wheeler pled not guilty to what is being called the Harvard hoax, a scam he pulled to get into the prestigious school.

Wheeler evidently lied to recruiters about his crudentials and attended Harvard for two years without anyone ever figuring it out.

Now, the 23-year-old who is known for his jokes and hoaxes stands trial.  He was charged on Wednesday with 20 counts of larceny, identity fraud, and pretending to hold a degree. He also forged documents by faking transcripts.

Malawi gay couple could serve 14 years for acts "against the order of nature" [video]

A judge has ruled against a gay couple in Malawi for having their own gay wedding ceremony. 

Magistrate Nyakwawa Usiwa convicted both men of engaging in homosexual acts, which he said was "against the order of nature."

Human rights advocates from around the world are sending a loud message of disapproval to Malawi's government. Amnesty International referred to the two men as prisoners of conscience and issued a statement saying they should be released immediately. Several groups in South Africa are banning together to picket the embassy of Malawi.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza could be slapped with up to 14 years in prison for simply being gay.

Campbell Brown is quitting CNN due to low ratings

Campbell Brown says she is stepping down from her gig as the 8pm anchor on CNN.  Her self titled show, "Campbell Brown", just isn't pulling the ratings she wanted.

Brown said in a statement that she has been considering this for a while.

"I have never had much tolerance for others’ spin, so I can’t imagine trying to stomach my own," she said. "The simple fact is that not enough people want to watch my program, and I owe it to myself and to CNN to get out of the way so that CNN can try something else."

Rumor has it, they are going to replace "Campbell Brown" with a debate type show hosted by someone along the lines of former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

May 17, 2010

Watch Daniel Radcliffe's PSA for the Trevor Project


We told you this was coming, and here it is!  Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recorded this Public Service Announcement for the Trevor Project telling America's youth that it is okay to be who they are.

The PSA will run on MTV and, of course,

The Trevor Project is an organization dedicated to the safety of LGBT youth with an emphasis on suicide prevention.

When word starting getting around that Radcliffe was filming this spot for the Trevor Project, speculation once again arose that Daniel, himself, might soon be coming out of the closet as a gay man.  However, he says he isn't gay. He's just gay friendly.

Portuguese president signs gay marriage into law


Portugal's conservative president, Anibal Cavaco Silva, reluctantly signed gay marriage into law making his courty the sixth European nation to legalize same-sex nuptials. 

The bill passed through Portugal's Parliament in January.

President Silva said vetoing the bill would only send it back to Parliament where lawmakers would overturn his decision. 

"Given that fact, I feel I should not contribute to a pointless extension of this debate, which would only serve to deepen the divisions between the Portuguese and divert the attention of politicians away from the grave problems affecting us," Cavaco Silva said.

Trying to soften the blow to proponents in the predominantly Catholic country, he added that the country needed to focus on overcoming an economic crisis that has increased unemployment and deepened poverty.

He said that, in ratifying the law, he was setting aside "personal convictions."


Five jobs with high salaries and low stress!

Looking for a job that won't stress you out isn't exactly an easy task these days.  However, the folks over at Yahoo! have dug up five jobs that pay high dollar salaries but bring low levels of stress.

Did you know that technical writers make between $47,000 and $98,000 a year, and most of them work from home?  Can you think of any other careers that sound stress free but will keep money in your pocket.  I, honestly, couldn't think of one!

Yahoo!'s entire list is after the break.

Continue reading "Five jobs with high salaries and low stress!" »

Dannii Minogue comes out for gay marriage



X-Factor (and Australia's Got Talent) judge Dannii Minogue (yes, Kylie's sister) is coming out for gay marriage in Australia.

As the world celebrated International Day Against Homophobia, Dannii soaked up some free PR with this statement.

“It’s so important that gay people be given total equality and that includes marriage. I think the next generation will look back on this issue and wonder what all the fuss was about.”

Wouldn't you have been more surprised if Minogue would have come out against gay marriage?  However, there's nothing wrong with soaking up a little free publicity!

Episcopal church ordains second gay bishop


Over the weekend Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool became the second gay Episcopal bishop, and she's also making history as one of the first two female bishops in the church's 114 year history.

Rev. Glasspool was consecrated on Saturday at a ceremony attended by 3,000 people in Long Beach, Calif.  She and Rev. Canon Diane Jardine Bruce were elected last December.

While her new role doesn't seem to be getting much protest.  It wasn't that way in 2003 when the Episcopal church elected their first openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson.

May 10, 2010

Actress and singer Lena Horne has died


Jazz singer and actress Lena Horne has died.  She was 92 years old.

Horne died Sunday at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital according to a representative for the medical center.

In her day, Lena Horne was a sex symbol with a unique beauty that often overshadowed her work as an entertainer.

She wasn't seen much for the past few decades.  She removed herself from the spotlight after her husband, father and son all died in the early 70's.

May 07, 2010

Ms. Barbie Baits A Client

Meet Barbie my latest superstar!! Shes a transexual ho.. ahem "escort" and shes fabulous!! Here we see her talking to a potential client. He works in the kitchen and as you can see Barbies THRILLED about it! If you dont piss yourself laughing then somethings wrong with you! Stay tooned to EricHalliwellNights for more of Barbie! Trust me you don't want to miss out.


May 05, 2010

Umaru Yar'Adua, President of Nigeria, has died


Nigerian president Umaru Yar'Adua has died, an official from his office has confirmed.  Yar'Adua has been struggling with a heart ailment for five months and hasn't been seen in public since February.

"It is true that the president is dead," an official at the office said.

Yar'Adua had yielded power to Acting President Jonathan who has basically already installed his own cabinet and made his own appointments.

Former President Yar'Adua is expected to be buried on Thursday.


May 03, 2010

Flooding takes lives and destroys historic landmarks in Tennessee [video]

Things aren't looking so good for some people in my home state of Tennessee.  Flood waters in the Nashville area have resulted in many deaths and massive amounts of damage.

The Cumberland River is overflowing into the streets and destroying many businesses and homes.  The Opryland Hotel has been evacuated, and according to reports, may not re-open for the rest of the year.  Up to 10 feet of water stood in parts of the hotel.

There are also evidently a lot of damage at the Grand Ole Opry House and Opry Mills Mall, which replaced the legendary Opryland USA theme park.  No official survey of the damage has been done there yet.

Latest from Elle Magazine - 2010 Genius Awards




 This week I have some very important things to report - Our Obagi Clarifying Serum has won the Elle Magazine 2010 Genius Award -

The Kit - Alyria Intense Wrinkle Correction “increases collagen production after treatment with fractional lasers”; Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen SPF 46 is broad-spectrum protection for sensitive skin; Obagi-c rx System “helps maintain improvement of brown spots”; “a great antioxidant,” Skinceuticals Phloretin CF helps prevent new sun spots.

And today is Melanoma awareness week - To learn more visit 

With the weather starting to feel like summer, do not fool yourself. Make sure you have SPF available at all times. Skin Cancer is rampant in the USA. Keep in mind that it doesnt always manifest itself so easily. The best thing to do is make sure you have your yearly check up to be safe and SPF SPF SPF SPF. You CAN enjoy life and especially Fire Island this summer as long as you have proper protection. We have Physical Sunblock that has no chemicals and will protect your skin 100% against the damaging rays of the sun and you can enjoy your summer. To learn more about proper skin care for the summmer feel free to visit , email or call 646-290-0749. 

 Have a safe summer everyone!!!!!

April 28, 2010

Baskin Robbins offers 31 cent scoops for a good cause


Everybody can use a break every now and again, so Baskin Robbins is serving it up on Wednesday night with 31 cent scoops.

Participating Baskin Robbins locations are offering the 31 cent scoop deal between 5 and 10pm on Wednesday evening.

The Baskin Robbins deal is also a part of an annual fundraiser where they encourage patrons to throw in some money for a non-profit.  This year, they're scooping for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

April 24, 2010

New York's nightlife notables remember Marc Berkely as a legend, pioneer and friend

On Saturday, New York's gay nightlife scene lost one of its founding fathers when friends discovered Marc Berkley dead on Fire Island.

After complaining of chest pains on Friday night, he evidently died in his sleep while visiting a friend on the gay ole Island.

While working in New York nightlife, Berkley made a lasting impression.  He created the infamous "Fag Tag" card granting VIP treatment at various nightclubs and worked with names like Peter Gatien and John Blair to keep New York's nightlife at the top of its game.  He also co-founded the former fag rag, HX Magazine, with Matthew Bank.  Berkely is also known for donating massive amounts of money to various gay charities.

By Saturday evening, Marc's Facebook page had become a memorial for the nightlife pioneer as friends, colleagues and patrons remembered his contributions.

Here are a few statements from those who knew Marc Berkley:

Matthew Bank (co-founded HX Magazine with Berkley):

"I am deeply saddened by the passing of my longtime friend and business partner Marc Berkley. His energy, vision and creativity energized the nightlife of Manhattan for decades. He could take a tired, broken-down club and transform it into the hottest venue of the moment. He whipped up parties out of the air... and had so many ideas that it was hard to keep up with him. He loved working hard so that the rest of us could have fun. I will miss him terribly."

John Blair (nightclub promoter, former Berkley business partner):

"Nightlife will miss one of the most creative personalities with the passing of Marc Berkley. He was truly one of a kind. My 35 years knowing Marc had its ups and downs but no one can take away the fact that he was one of the most important and one of the biggest forces in New York Nightlife. I will miss him more than he would ever expect."

Rickey Mercado (nightlife club owner, Club Elevate):

"I will miss you very much. I loved your stories, you made laugh... my friend you have left a void and you will be forever remembered."

Dina Marie (recording artist):

"we lost a NIGHT LIFE LEGEND! R.I.P Marc Berkley. WHAT A LOSS!"

Lee Chappell (legendary gay promoter):

 "So long, farewell, auf wierdersehen, goodbye!!!"

Johnny McGovern (recording artist, gay promoter):

"You did it your way and made it possible for the rest of us to do it our way... R.I.P. Marc!"

Tony Forbiano (nightclub promoter):

"You were so instumental in NYC night life and will never be forgotten. My love goes to you always my friend. To your family and friends I wish all the best. xoxo"

Drew G (nightclub DJ):

"Oh Marc I will miss you. Thank you for everything. RIP and make sure I'm on the guest list up there."

Tony G (founder of

"You have always been my Mentor, a Comedian with hilarious stories that were Very true! You taught me that using the word Fu*k after every other word would close more doors than open them.. You also took many punches but always found the courage and strengths to stand rite ...back up. Ms. B - you were my friend and for that I will always be grateful! Good Bye Marc Berkley!"

Brandon Voss (former editor of HX Magazine):

"...remembering laughs with Marc S. Berkley, cofounder of HX magazine. RIP."

Joe Jervis (blogger at Joe.My.God):

"A sad, sad day for NYC."

Chip Duckett (nightclub promoter, DJ):

"Make the party in Heaven rock. xxx"

If you would like to share your memories of Marc Berkley, please feel free to do so below or head over to his Facebook page.

NY nightlife icon Marc Berkley dead at 57

BREAKING NEWS has just learned that legendary New York nightlife promoter and co-founder of HX Magazine, Marc Berkley, has died at the age of 57. A cause of death will have to be determined by the coroner, but our sources say Berkley suffered a heart attack on Saturday afternoon in Fire Island. May he rest in peace! Marc will definitely be remembered and missed. When we have more news about burial arrangements or information surrounding Berkley's untimely death, we will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Marc Berkley evidently died while sleeping after complaining of chest pains on Friday evening.  Meanwhile, NYC's gay community remembers a legend in nightlife.

April 21, 2010

It's all about the Benjamins with new $100 bill


I don't want this to sound like one of those late night makeover infomercials, but here is the before and after picture of the new $100 bill. 

That's right, Benjamin Frankin got a make over!  The gay review is that purple and orange work well together, and rumor has it orange is the new pink this summer (finally!)

The US Department of the Treasury isn't trying to make Ben look better.  The folks at DailyTech say it's all about security:

The new $100 bill features new security enhancements to cut down on counterfeiting including a 3D Security Ribbon that has images of 100s and bells which change position as you move the bill and a "Bell in the Inkwell" image that changes colors from green to copper depending on how the bill is oriented.

The new $100 bill was introduced this week, but it won't make its official debut until February 10, 2011.

Have we already forgotten about the Craigslist killer?




The next time you're trolling around Craigslist looking for a quick hook-up, maybe you should remind yourself that many of these people are nut jobs!

As if the Craigslist killer story isn't fresh enough, a similar case is unfolding in California.  

Repeat offender, Angel Pena Ayala, was arraigned in Los Angeles County Court earlier this week after prosecutors say he targeted gay men looking for sex and love online through Craigslist.

Ayala's previous charges seem to mainly be associated with carjackings, but this time he was evidently robbing gay men after they agree to hook-up online.  He even went as far as making victims go to the ATM to withdraw more money for him to steal.  Mr. Ayala would be very disappointed if chose to rob me!

Doorman strike canceled after a deal is reached

Doormen and building service workers were prepared to walk off the job and abandon their posts at 12:01 on Wednesday morning, however both parties are working on a deal putting the breaks on the much anticipated doorman strike in New York City.

Although no deal was signed when the strike was supposed to occur, both parties said they had made "significant progress" and were hashing out the final details on a agreement between both parties.

New Yorkers were bracing themselves to live without the luxury of mail, newspapers, packages and no one to open the door.  The deal puts the breaks on any type of doorman strike, so the yuppies don't have to worry!

April 20, 2010

Tennessee High School decides to allow gay themed clothes after all

Strike up a win for the gays in my old stomping grounds, Tennessee. 

After meeting with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), administrators at Greenbrier High School have reversed their position after sending freshman Cole Goforth home for wearing an “I [Love] Lady Gay Gay” t-shirt to school. They say they will no longer censor students who wear gay themed shirts on campus.

“Students not only have a First Amendment right to be out at school, but the right to an education free from discrimination and harassment,” said Tricia Herzfeld, ACLU of Tennessee staff attorney. “We applaud the school for recognizing this and taking steps to ensure that they are providing a safe and equal learning environment for all students.” 

 The ACLU teamed up with Lambda Legal to represent Cole and his mother Julie Gordon in the case after he wrote a letter requesting their assistance.

April 16, 2010

Day of Silence 2010 speaks a loud message


Gay, lesbian and bi-sexual students across the country vowed to keep their mouths shut today in observance of the 15th anniversary of the Day of Silence.  The idea is that LGBT students don't say a word all day to send out a message to those who ignore that they exist or bully their mere existence.

According to, hundreds of thousands of students were expected to participate on Friday.

The 2010 Day of Silence was sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

All UK, many other European flights grounded after volcanic erruption in Iceland

That's what it looks like in just about every air port in Europe as all flights in the UK and many other parts of the continent are grounded.

This comes following a volcanic eruption in Iceland that has spread ash across Europe.  Many flights are not expected to resume until Monday.  Others may start as early as Saturday afternoon.

Thousands of passengers remain grounded without any accommodations.  Others are resorting to rail and road, both of which are experiencing over crowding.


April 14, 2010

Vatican's Secretary of State blames pedophilia on homosexuality [video]

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who also serves as the Vatican's Secretary of State, is a stupid bitch.  He is blaming homosexuality for child abuse.

"Many psychologists, many psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relationship between celibacy and pedophilia but many others have demonstrated, I was told recently, that there is a relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia," he said.

Bertone is now getting backlash from gay groups, but I seriously doubt he cares.  This is taking the spotlight off the Catholic Church's priests who molest young children.

April 10, 2010

"Designing Women" actress Dixie Carter has died at the age of 70

Legendary actress and my fellow Tennessee-native Dixie Carter has died.  She was 70 years old.

Carter was best known for her role as Julia Sugarbaker on the television show, "Designing Women."

"This has been a terrible blow to our family," her husband told Entertainment Tonight. "We would appreciate everyone understanding that this is a private family tragedy. Thank you."

And that is what we shall do.  May Miss Dixie Carter rest in peace.

April 09, 2010

NYC City Council Speaker Quinn calls on repeal of gay blood donor ban

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has introduced a resolution that encourages the FDA to lift the ban on gay blood donors.

"This policy is wrong and it should be rescinded immediately," Quinn said.

In a statement released on Friday, she added:

"Numerous public health groups, including the American Red Cross, the American Association of Blood Banks, America's Blood Centers, and the American Medical Association, as well as leading HIV/AIDS organizations have urged that the FDA's lifetime restriction be revised.  We have the technology to make sure that every pint of blood collected is screened for a variety of markers of transmissible diseases including HIV.  It's time for the FDA to acknowledge this and to change its policy."

The New York City Council's Health Committee will be holding a hearing on this topic this Tuesday, April 13th at 1:00 pm at 250 Broadway (in 16th floor hearing room). 

"Donating blood is literally giving the gift of life," Speaker Quinn added.  "Gay and bisexual men should be able to give blood and help save a life."

As such, she encourages members of the LGBT community to attend the hearing and testify.

April 07, 2010

Mom takes on school after her son was dismissed for his gay shirt

A high school student in Tennessee was sent home from school for wearing a "gay" t-shirt, and his mother is pissed!

Julie Gordon said her 15-year-old son's freedom of speech and expression was violated when administrators at Greenbrier High School told him to go home and remove a t-shirt that read: "I Heart Lady Gay Gay."  Go mom!

Her son, Cole Golforth, says he has been openly gay in school for a while and it has never been a problem before.  School officials say they were acting in the best interest of the school.  

"We've had a few disruptions the last few days, and we thought the slogan on that shirt would continue to escalate those incidents that had occurred," said Danny Weeks, assistant director of the school board.

The school said Gordon is welcome to appeal the dress code.

April 06, 2010

Brett Favre's daughter, Brittany, gives birth to son

The hottest topic on the web Tuesday seems to be the birth of Brett Favre's grandson.  Favre's daughter, Brittany, gave birth to her first son who she named Parker Brett.

The birth of Brittany's son makes her father the only grandfather in the NFL.

This story had basically stayed out of the media until late last week.  Now, it's everywhere.

If you're wondering... Brett Favre is 40 years and Brittany Favre is 21.

April 05, 2010

Openly gay wrestler, Chris Kanyon, has died at 40

Chris Kanyon (whose biological name is Chris Klucsaritas), an openly gay wrestler, was found dead at his home in Queens on Friday.  He was 40 years old.

According to reports, Kanyon died of an intentional overdose of prescription pills.  Nothing, however, is official until the coroner releases their report.  

Kanyon has tried to take his own life in the past.  In 2003, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after trying to commit suicide.  As recently as last week, he was also evidently struggling with depression and talking about ending his own life.

After graduating from the University of Buffalo and working as a physical therapist, Kanyon left that field to become a professional wrestler in 1992. He worked for both World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment (then known as World Wrestling Federation.)

When he came out to OutSports in 2006, he did so by saying that the WWE fired him because he was gay.

April 04, 2010

Is there a moritorium on discharging gay service members?

John McHugh, the secretary of the US Army, has backtracked on a statement he made about discharging gay soldiers who revealed to him that they were gay last week.

McHugh said last week that there was a moritorium on dismissing gays from the military at this time, but now he has corrected himself.  He did, however, say he was unable to take disciplinary action against three soldiers who he said admitted to him that they were gay, a clear violation of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

"I am unable to identify these soldiers and I am not in a position to formally pursue the matter," McHugh, a former Republican congressman, said in a statement.

This public apology from McHugh adds to the confusion currently circulating around the military's ban on gay service members.  While most military leaders seem to support the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", it still has be approved by Congress.


Earthquake rattles southern California and Mexico

An Earthquake struck near Mexicali, Mexico on Sunday evening killing at least one person.  Damage reports were still coming in on Sunday night, but the quake is said to have rattled most of northern Mexico and southern California.  Residents in Los Angeles say the quake shook them for about a minute.

The quake measured a 7.2 and some aftershocks even went over 5.0 on the Rictor Scale.

The earthquake was was centered about 108 miles east of Tijuana, Mexico and 10 miles deep below the surface. 

There are some reports of somewhat significant damage near the California/ Mexico border.  Information is still being gathered to get an accurate report of the effects of the quake.

March 27, 2010

Aspiring model, Chad Noel, found dead in New York City

RIP is sad to report that we have lost a long-time friend, Chad Noel.  While living in Manhattan, Chad worked as an aspiring model and was a popular figure in the New York nightlife for many years.

Chad died earlier this month from unknown causes at his home in Manhattan.  Authorities found him dead several days later when neighbors made a report to police. He was 25 years old.  The Noel family is currently making arrangements for his memorial and burial in Laramie, WY where Chad was raised.

Friends and family are mourning their loss through messages on his Facebook page.  May he rest in peace and find the happiness he always sought.

[Editor's note:  I knew Chad very well.  We met in 2001, and we learned the city together in many ways.  He was an amazing person, and he will be missed by us all.]

March 26, 2010

Marine officer says segregate gays and straights in military

Everyone seems to have their opinion on how things in the military should run after the ban on gays and lesbians is lifted.

Here's one Marine Commander's opinion:

"I would not ask our Marines to live with someone that's homosexual if we can possibly avoid it," Marine Commandant Gen. James Conway told "And to me that means we've got to build [barracks] that have single rooms."

Conway went on to say he would "want to preserve the right of a Marine that thinks he or she wouldn't want to do that -- and that's the overwhelming number of people that say they wouldn't like to do so."

He added that this wouldn't affect other branches of the military since Marines are the only ones who house two to each room.

It seems inevitable that the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy will be repealed.  It's just a matter of when and what will happen after wards.

What do you think? Leave a comment below or take the neck-and-neck poll at

Three new kings of Fire Island Pines ink $17 million deal

It's a done deal!  According to several reports (including The New York Post, The New York Times and, there are officially new owners of the Fire Island Pines!

For those of you who don't know, the Pines is a gay resort area isolated from the rest of New York on the tip of Fire Island.  A $17 million deal now puts the homo-destination in the hands of three new owners.

As we told you months ago, former local television news reporter Andrew Kirtzman, real estate developer Matthew Blesso and budding gay socialite Seth Weissman have purchased the gay ole strip of land, and they're evidently planning lots of changes.

We're told they'll be closing down the failing grocery store and bodega to create a general store, renovations to the Hotel Ciel (starting next fall), new restaurants and a new gym (both to be managed by outside parties).

As all of the plans are rolled out, we'll keep you abreast.

March 22, 2010

GaySocialites, Steel Gym gear up for AIDS Walk New York. Join the team!



It's that time of year again!  Yes, the time when people from all walks of life come together to raise money for AIDS research and awareness.  

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March 19, 2010

Anna Nicole Smith's estated denied any inheritance from late-husband's billions

The story that put on the map is back in the headlines.  It looks like the estate of Anna Nicole Smith will not get any of the billions left by her deceased Texas oil-rich husband.

Smith, of course, died in 2008 and J. Howard Marshall's son died in 2006.  Before that, the two fought over hundreds of millions of dollars.  After both heirs died, their beneficiaries and lawyers kept up the battle. One court even ruled that Anna Nicole's estate should receive $474 million.

The three-judge appeals court panel ruled unanimously that a 2001 jury verdict in Houston in favor of the Marshall family should be honored over two victories by Smith in federal court.

The appeals court said the Houston jury heard testimony from all the parties, including Smith, something that could no longer be done and thus felt they made the best decision.

March 16, 2010

General David Petraeus says "time has come" to repeal ban on gays in military

It looks like it is only a matter of time until "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a thing of the past.  General David Petraeus, the four-star Army general who is managing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, says "the time has come" for the military to rethink its policy of banning gays and lesbians in uniform from serving openly.

However, Petraeus told a Senate panel Tuesday that he wants to see the results of an internal study ordered by Defense Secretary Robert Gates before any changes are made.

Petraeus went on to say that he wants to know if allowing gays to serve openly might hurt recruiting and retention, or the military's ability to fight.

It doesn't seem like Gen. Petraeus is actually rooting for the change.  This seems like somewhat of an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" strategy.

Los Angeles area rattled by early morning earthquake



An early morning earthquake rattled California on Tuesday.  The 4.4 magnitude quake struck about 10 miles east of Los Angeles at around 4am local time.

The depth was recorded at about 11 miles making it a shallow earthquake, and no serious damage has been reported.

Los Angeles residents weren't the only ones shaken awake by the tremors.  The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake was felt in various parts of California from San Diego to Santa Clarita.

March 15, 2010

LAPD cracks down on gay cruising in parks [video]

The LAPD is evidently cracking down on cruising for sex in public parks, and they're starting with three areas known as an easy place for gays to get it on.

Griffith Park, Elysian Park and Sycamore Grove are evidently the target of a police investigation after undercover cops discovered that the gay sex is so bad used condoms and wrappers are taking over the ground.

You have to watch the video to get a full grasp of how bad things really are!  Lesson to be learned, if you're screwing in the park; don't throw your used condom on the ground.

Cops say most of the men cruising the park are married and do not identify as gay.

March 12, 2010

Lady Gaga Feat. Beyonce Video Premiere

March 10, 2010

80's actor Corey Haim dead, appears to be drug overdose

Corey Haim, the 1980's child star, died on Wednesday morning in his home.  Reports say he collapsed in front of his mother, and that it appears to be an accidental overdose.

Haim, is best known for his role in the infamous vampire flick, The Lost Boys, in 1987. He went on to star in 1988's License to Drive and 1989's Dream a Little Dream.

Throughout his life, Haim struggled with drugs.  In his recent life, he seemed to have pulled it back together.  At the time of his death, Haim was working on his return to acting and had at least nine projects in various stages of production.

March 09, 2010

Lil' Wayne finally goes to Jail.

Lil Wayne is in Rikers Island finally after two delays in going to jail. First his sentencing was delayed so he could have surgery on his diamond grill and then the courthouse caught on fire so he got another week of freedom. Wayne is going to serve a year for a gun charge.


I luv Weezy but guns are just too much!

March 04, 2010

Rumor control: Is John Roberts really resigning?


Rumors were flying all over the web on Thursday afternoon that Chief Justice John Roberts would be resigning from the Supreme Court. broke the story, but evidently they later retracted.  The Huffington Post is reporting that the rumor was started by a Georgetown Law Professor trying to prove a point to his students during a discussion about the validity of informants not explaining their sources.

I'm not sure how this got on the web.  Either a student wasn't paying close attention in class or they decided to run with it anyway.  Maybe they've proven their point to their professor using Radar as a tool.

Regardless, John Roberts is not resigning as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

March 03, 2010

Senator Joe Lieberman announces bill to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Senator Joe Lieberman introduced a bill on Wednesday that will repeal the ban on gays serving openly in the military.

Lieberman, I- Conn., made the argument that the "don't ask, don't tell" is both discriminatory and detrimental to national security.  Several Democrats from the Senate Armed Forces Committee stood with Lieberman as he made the announcement.

"Don't ask, don't tell," which was implemented in 1993 (under Bill Clinton), prohibits gay members of the armed forces from revealing their sexual orientation.

Many military leaders have come forward saying they support the repeal and believe that gays and lesbians serving our country should be able to do so openly.  Defense Secretary Robert Gates has called the repeal "inevitable."

Two men charged in Seattle gay bashing


Two men have been charged in a Seattle gay bashing.  Here's how the story goes, according to Seattle 911.

The man told detectives he was walking with friends when two men -- identified in charging documents as Adnan Basher Osman, 22, and Abdinasir A. Ahmed, 21 -- jumped him on a path outside the center. As Osman and Ahmed punched him, they yelled anti-gay epithets, the man told officers.

Osman was arrested at the scene, while Ahmed was able to escape before police arrived, according to charging documents. In the weeks that followed, the man told police he had heard Ahmed telling others he planned to kill him because of his sexual orientation.

The charges against the two gay bashers is actually listed as malicious harassment, the way the state categorizes hate crimes.  

Seattle 911 also reports that neither man is currently in police custody.

Naomi Campbell is in the clear, driver won't press charges

The hunt for vicious supermodel Naomi Campbell is over.  Not because Campbell turned herself over to authorities in New York, but because her driver has decided not press assault charges against her following an incident on Tuesday night.

According to reports, Campbell evidently slugged her driver and jumped out of his car to flee the scene.  Naomi was evidently wanted by the NYPD following the assault, but cops later called off their search when they discovered the driver doesn't want to press charges.  

I wonder what could po$$ibly make him decide that.  I hope he make a pretty penny off this!  Campbell has had plenty of run-ins with the cops over assault and even once evidently assaulted cops directly. 

Roberts refuses stay, gay marriage is legal in DC


After the Supreme Court refused to issue a stay, gay couples in D.C. started lining up for marriage licenses on Wednesday as marriage equality made its way to Washington.

Chief Justice John Roberts (pictured above) issued a three-page opinion saying that a stay is not warranted because judicial policy requires that it defer to the decisions of the courts of the District of Columbia on issues pertaining to exclusively local concerns.

Roberts added, "A joint resolution of disapproval by Congress would prevent the Act from going into effect, but Congress has chosen not to act."

March 02, 2010

Naomi Campbell wanted by police for familiar charge: assault


If you live in Manhattan, be warned there's a crazy on the loose.  She's armed and dangerous and she's wanted for assault.  She might have a lethal cell phone.  A repeat offender, here's a previous mug shot.

That's right!  It's Naomi Campbell.  The super model is evidently, once again, wanted by police for questioning in an assault case.

Naomi is accused of slapping and punching a driver on the east side of Manhattan and is wanted by the NYPD.  Campbell evidently assaulted the driver before she jumped out of the car and fled the scene.

Her publicist says we shouldn't be so quick to judge.  "There shouldn't be a rush to judgment. Naomi will cooperate voluntarily, and there is more to the story than meets the eye."

As you know, Naomi has been known to slap some people around.  In 2006, she was arrested for slugging her housekeeper with a bedazzled Blackberry.  She got community service.  In 2008, Campbell was slapped with 200 hours of community service and fined $4500 for assaulting two police officers in London's Heathrow airport.

Lock your doors, New York!

March 01, 2010

DC Gay marriage goes to the Supreme Court


Gay marriage opponents are asking the Supreme Court to put a hold on gay marriage in the nation's capital.

The new law, passed in December by the DC Council, is supposed to take effect Wednesday. Court papers filed Monday with Chief Justice John Roberts could prevent that from happening.  The papers say that the matter should be brought to vote by Washington residents.  Local courts have rejected the same argument.

The gay marriage opponents include a Baptist minister, Walter E. Fauntroy, who was Washington's delegate in the House for nearly 20 years.

The city says the first day same-sex couples can apply for a marriage license is still set for Wednesday, but they have to wait three days before official getting married.

Daniel Radcliffe shoots PSA for Trevor Project, embraces gay rumors

Daniel Radcliffe is speaking out about his involvement in a PSA for the Trevor Project and says the gay rumors don't bother him at all.

Radcliffe told MTV:

"It's something I've always been quite passionate about,Because I grew up around gay men, it was always a natural thing to me. It was never something I ever gave a second thought to. When I went to my second school, I heard terms like ‘puff’ and ‘homo’ getting thrown around. It never occurred to me that some people might have a problem with it.”

If it sparks gay rumors, Daniel says he doesn't care.  He even poked fun at a blogger who said he has "gay face" saying it "was kind of an odd thing to say..."

The Trevor Project runs a non-profit suicide prevention line for LGBTQ teens.

Clay Aiken speaks up for gay rights at HRC dinner

Former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken spoke during the Human Rights Campaign dinner in North Carolina on Saturday and proclaimed that "Our time is now, and it's about damn time."

Aiken, who came out over a year ago, explained his situation to the crowd that included former Family Ties star Meredith Baxter.

"What the hell took me so long? I was waiting like so many folks are waiting…for change," Aiken said. "I realized the time for waiting has passed. The power of truth and living honestly is very liberating".

You can watch Clay's entire HRC speech in the video above.

Uganda activists petition against anti-gay bill

Hundreds of activists in Uganda have sent a petition to lawmakers asking them to reject an anti-gay bill that is calling for extreme penalties against homosexuality, including the death penalty.

Around 400 activists presented parliament speaker Edward Ssekandi with a petition saying the bill violates Uganda's constitution.

The parliament speaker says the bill has to go through due process before it could be dismissed.

The crazy bill not only condemns homosexuality, but it also threatens punishment to those who support them by doing things such as renting property to gay people.

February 27, 2010

Maryland's Attorney General says recognize gay marriages from other states


Maryland's Attorney General says his state should recognize gay marriages performed legally in other states.  The news from Douglas F. Gansler is a major step forward for marriage equality in Maryland.

A bill that would legalize gay marriage in that state is currently being debated in the State Legislature.

Even though the Attorney General's opinion doesn't immediately change the law, it might urge state officials to do so.  At this point, it looks like Gansler would defend a state agency in court for recognizing a same-sex marriage from another state.

Marie Osmond's son Michael kills himself in Los Angeles

Marie Osmond is mourning the loss of her son after he killed himself Friday night.

Michael Blosil, who was 18 years old,  jumped to his death from his downtown Los Angeles apartment.

Marie Osmond released this statement Saturday:

“My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

Michael evidently left a note saying that he didn't feel like he could win his lifelong battle with depression.

Her brother, Donny Osmond, was quoted as saying; "Please pray for my sister and her family."

Michael was one of eight children Osmond has with ex-husband Brian Blosil.

Hawaii braces, tsunami hitting at any moment


Hawaii is bracing for a tsunami that looks like it will be hitting there at any moment.

They're calling it a "waiting game" as Hawaiians are apprehensive about what could happen next.  People are moving to higher grounds to wait out the first waves just to see how bad this could possibly be.

Local news station, KITV is reporting that cars and people are literally just packing into the hills of Honolulu in hopes that they're getting far enough away from the coastline where the tsunami is expected to do the most damage.

Waves could be as tall as seven feet high and the waves could travel up to 450 miles per hour.

All coastal areas in Hawaii could be affected by the tsunami depending on its speed as it hits the islands.

Student who hung noose in UCSD library suspended


Administrators at the University of Califoria, San Diego say they have suspended a student who admits to hanging a noose in one of the campus' libraries.

On Friday, students hit the street and even locked the Chancellor's office door in protest of the situation.  Is suspending a student for such an act enough?  Protesters say it is not.  UCSD administrators say they are working with police to investigate the situation and come to a rational decision.

"We are feeling real pain, and we will take real action," said UCSD chancellor Marye Anne Fox told reporters. "The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is my primary concern."

The student, whose name has not been released, confessed to police that he hung the noose in the Geisel library on Thursday night.

Fatal, massive earthquake shakes Chile. Damage seems widespread


An 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile overnight, and the after shocks continue to come.

This earthquake is evidently one of the biggest ever in history. The after shocks have measured over 6 on the Rictor Scale.

At least 147 people are believed to be dead, and that number is expected to increase.

Buildings caught fire, major highway bridges collapsed and debris lay in the streets across the majority of central Chile. 

The huge quake has triggered a tsunami alert for the entire Pacific region including Hawaii.

February 26, 2010

Tourists video footage of killer whale attack, experts call for Tili's release

Some tourists from New Hampshire captured Dawn Brancheau's last moments alive on video.  [The footage can be seen here.]

The incident doesn't occur until near the very end of the video, and thankfully it doesn't show the killer whale grabbing Dawn, but it does show a bit of her struggle after the whale already has her in the tank.  It is interesting to see how Dawn and the whale, Tilikum, interact before witnesses say he pulled her into the tank and drowned her.

Rather than leave Tilikum in a SeaWorld tank in Orlando, expert Naomi Rose says they should give the killer whale the same semi-freedom as Keiko, the star of the 1993 movie Free Willy.  Keiko spent his last five years living off the coast of Iceland with other sea animals but returning voluntarily to be fed, at a distance, by trainers. 

“He is a very important part of our team,” Sea World President Jim Atchison said. “This is one of the largest marine life facilities in the world. We have created an extraordinary opportunity for people to get up close. We can educate people. We make no apologies for that.”

SeaWorld has decided to keep Tilikum in captivity despite the fact that he has now been involved in three human deaths.

Did Citibank really close a customer's account for being gay?

Citibank is being criticized for closing a gay social networking company's bank account due to “objectionable content” on their website. Citibank is crying "misunderstanding."

In a statement, Citibank said it “sincerely apologizes to [Jason] Goldberg for this misunderstanding. This situation had nothing to do with the content of his web site and any comments by our staff to the contrary were incorrect; we are reviewing what happened.”

This isn't the first time a Citibank compliance officer has closed an account for what they consider questionable practices.  They also evidently did the same thing to a company that sells underwear.

Was there really a noose hanging in a UCSD library?

Students at the University of California San Diego campus are evidently planning a huge riot like protest on Friday after a noose was found hanging in the school's Geisel Library. 

This isn't the first noose found on campus and students are abuzz saying they expect to see more.  Evidently racial tension has been mounting on the UCSD campus for a while.

Protesters lined up along Library Walk on the UCSD campus wearing black t-shirts to show their protest to the racist act.

The website, LaLate, this noose (pictured here) was found hanging around a light fixture in the library.  Local police say they are looking into it, and the campus newspaper says they have don't have an official report on the noose story.

Snow Day for New York City. Even city schools are closed!


New York City and the surrounding area is digging out of yet another blizzard.  The snow continued to fall Friday morning as most areas are reporting between one and two feet.  It looks like a lot of people have decided to just stay home today.  New York City schools are even closed.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg cites safety concerns as reasons for closing schools, a rare occurrence for New York City.

There are 1.1 million students in NYC, nation's largest school system.  This is their second snow day this month, but only the fourth in six years.

February 25, 2010

Is New York City's Gay Pride parade really getting cut short this year?

It's true. New York City's Heritage of Pride parade will be about 25% shorter this year, but don't go crying discrimination just yet.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to help cut the city's budget by shortening parade routes by 25%, and organizers must keep their marches to under five hours.

The order goes into effect April 1, so that means the Gay Pride Parade, Puerto Rican Day Parade, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and others will have to adhere to the new rules.

Parade cuts will save the city $3.1 million.

February 24, 2010

Trainer killed by whale in Shamu tank at Sea World [video]


A trainer at Sea World is dead tonight following an accident at the Shamu tank.  Trainer Dawn Brancheau evidently slipped or fell into the tank and was attacked by a killer whale, and it all happened right in front of a crowd of spectators.

"He was thrashing her around pretty good. It was violent,'" said one witness.

The whale involved in the incident was named Tillikum, a male or bull whale, has lived at the park since 1992.  He is one of 8 killer whales living at Sea World in Orlando.  The trainer was evidently getting the crowd riled up for a show in the Shamu tank.

February 23, 2010

Jayson Williams breaks down at sentencing


Former NBA player Jayson Williams broke down in tears at his sentencing as a judge slapped him with five years in prison for a shooting death in his home over eight years ago.

They originally went after Williams for aggravated manslaughter, but he was acquitted in 2004.  He was, however, convicted on four counts of trying to cover up the accidental shooting.  

On Tuesday, Williams was charged with aggravated assault in the fatal shooting of limo driver, Costas Christofi, back in 2002.

Lieberman to take the lead on repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Independent Senator Joe Lieberman will leading the fight to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that bans gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military, he announced on Monday.

“I have opposed the current policy of preventing gay Americans from openly serving in the military since its enactment in 1993,” Lieberman said in the statement. “To exclude one group of Americans from serving in the armed forces is contrary to our fundamental principles ... and weakens our defenses by denying our military the service of a large group of Americans who can help our cause.”

He isn't exactly the pioneer for the movement.  Kirsten Gillibrand, Hillary Clinton's replacement in the Senate, has been the chief advocate for repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the Senate.

Having Lieberman, a former Democrat-turned-Independent, sponsor the legislation may be better for the bill.  These days, he seems to be more of a Republican anyway.

Tony Kornheiser gets suspended for talking smack about Hannah Storm

Sportscasters fight like little kids!  Tony Kornheiser evidently got a little too wrapped up in what "Sports Center" host Hannah Storm was wearing on his radio show.  Now, he finds himself suspended.

Here's what Kornheiser said on his ESPN radio show:

"Hannah Storm in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today. She's got on red go-go boots and a catholic school plaid skirt ... way too short for somebody in her 40s or maybe early 50s by now."

He went on, "She's got on her typically very, very tight shirt. She looks like she has sausage casing wrapping around her upper body ... I know she's very good, and I'm not supposed to be critical of ESPN people, so I won't ... but Hannah Storm ... come on now! Stop! What are you doing? ... She's what I would call a Holden Caulfield fantasy at this point."

She is actually 47.

Kornheiser eventually apologized.

Natalee Holloway's alleged killer makes strange murder confession


The suspect accused of killing Alabama teen, Natalee Holloway, has evidently confessed to killing her and dumping her body in a marsh in Aruba.

The lead prosecutor is calling Joran van der Sloot's confession "unbelievable."  

"The locations, names and times he gave just did not make sense," an investigator told NBC News.

Investigators in Aruba evidently opened the closed case again after the young man made the confession.  The entire case has been packed with misinformation and conflicting stories.

Natalee was last seen leaving a bar in the Aruban capital on the final night of a high school graduation trip in May 2005. Her body has never been recovered.  The Holloway family has made several trips to Aruba since Natalee disappeared.

February 18, 2010

Airplane crash in Austin seems to be deliberate


An airplane has crashed into a building in Austin, Texas.  ABC is reporting that authorities are investigating reports that the pilot may have burned down his house before flying into the building to commit suicide.

Eye witnesses say it was just shocking to witness.  It almost seemed evident that the pilot intended to fly right into the side of the building.

The office of Homeland Security was briefed on the Austin plane crash, but they do not believe it to be an act of terrorism.  Two F-16's jets were launched from Ellington Field in Houston as a precautionary measure.

It's not clear how many people were hurt or killed by the crash.

February 17, 2010

Walgreens to acquire Duane Reade, keep name


New York's leading local drug store chain, Duane Reade, is evidently being purchased by Walgreens.  The 257 stores in New York will retain their name as the owners recognize the importance of keeping one of the city's most recognized brands in any field.

Walgreens, a national chain, evidently picked up Duane Reade's stores for $1.08 billion.

"By combining the strengths of our two companies, we can improve our position as the most convenient provider of consumer goods and services, and pharmacy, health and wellness services in the country," said Greg Wasson, chief executive.

Shares of Walgreens were up on Wednesday following the announcement of the acquisition.

February 12, 2010

Will there really be snow on the ground in all 50 states?


An Oklahoma forecaster is making a pretty weird weather prediction.  Patrick Marsh, am National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Severe Storms Laboratory, says a winter storm passing through could lead to snow on the ground in all 50 states including Hawaii and Florida.

A storm that looks like it will hit the southern part of the US could dump snow on the southern part of the country and that could help him collect photos of snow on the ground in all 50 states.

Marsh says he isn't sure whether or not this type of weather phenomena has occurred in the past.

Gay man has power to shut down government


Think you've got a cool job?  This gay gets to determine whether or not the Federal Government is opened or closed.

John Berry, who is head of Office of Personnel Management, makes the call for the District’s 250,000-plus government employees on whether they're opened or closed due to snow.

Let's just say John was a popular guy this week.  Berry closed Federal Government offices for several days this week and made Friday a "half-day".

Poll shows 75% of American's support repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

A new poll shows that most Americans support letting gays and lesbians serve openly in the military.  A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 75% of Americans support the repeal of the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy.

This should give momentum to the President Barack Obama's hopes to repeal the policy set by the Clinton administration in the 1990s.

Several members of the Democratic party and military leaders have come forward in support of ending the policy that requires gay and lesbian men to lie about their sexual orientation.

February 11, 2010

Publicist confirms Alexander McQueen's death

As King Ralphy first told you here on, British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has died.  He was 40 years old.

There are little known facts at this time, but the New York Times is reporting that McQueen was found dead in his home of what seems to be suicide.

McQueen's publicist, Ed Filipowski, confirmed the news of the British designer's death; but he said the family has not yet made a statement regarding the way he died.

This is shocking news for the fashion world, especially as they prepare to launch New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park on Thursday.

As we also previously told you, McQueen was devastated when his mentor Isabella Blow killed herself three years ago.  He also lost his mother earlier this month.

NYC Pride announces Lt. Dan Choi as Grand Marshall for Pride March

At this year's New York City gay pride parade, "the Heritage of Pride March," history will be made.  NYC Pride announced this week that Lt. Dan Choi will be the Grand Marshal for the 41st Annual LGBT Pride March.

This is the first time in US history that an openly gay male on active service with the US Armed Forces will act as an LGBT pride march Grand Marshal.

This announcement comes as the military and many members of the Democratic party are calling for the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy which bans LGBT members of the armed forces from serving openly.

New York City's annual Pride March is one of the largest.  It began in 1970 to mark the one-year anniversary of the Stone Wall Riots.

This year's march takes places on Sunday, June 27th in Manhattan.

ABC releases photos with different view of 9/11 attacks

ABC News has obtained these photos offering a different look of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.

These photos, shown here on ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer, were released as a part of an investigation into the structural integrity of the World Trade Center buildings.

Notice in some of them you can see tugboats and commuter ferries moving towards the shore to help rescue those who were stranded at ports along lower Manhattan trying to get out of the city. 

February 10, 2010

Blizzard puts New York City at snow storm stand still [video]


There are very rarely times when New York City comes to a stand-still, but Wednesday was one of those days as the first major blizzard for the city in 2010 came rolling in. offered the first look at our new LIVE capabilities and the unofficial launch of GaySocialites TV (


That live shot was taken at around 9:30 on Wednesday morning, and by noon the snow accumulation has doubled.  Local meteorologists say we have a whole day of snow ahead of us in the northeast that could last until about midnight. will offer another live look at the snow fall from New York City at 3pm EST.

Illinois Earthquake also rattles Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan

Several Illinois residents who live near Chicago were woken up a little early on Wednesday morning as a small Earthquake shook the area.  No major damage has been reported.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the 4.3-magnitude earthquake hit near the town of Virgil, about 50 miles northwest of Chicago, at  around 4 a.m. Wednesday. The vibrations could evidently be felt in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan.

The Associated Press is reporting that while alarms on cars and businesses sounded as the ground shook, they have only gotten reports of residents being shaken out of bed and items that fell off the shelves.

New York City braces for snow, closing galore


Lock me up with this one and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

New York City school students have known since before noon on Tuesday that classes are canceled on Wednesday, and they're not the only ones.  The city, like many parts of the northeast, is getting ready for a blizzard.  

Even some gay New York businesses are closing up shop in a rare day when it looks like Manhattan might stand still!

Additional closings also far reported to include Wednesday night's trendy Cupcake party at Red Velvet.  Tuesday night's Twisted grand opening at Vlada lounge was postponed until next week, and Steel Gym in Chelsea also says they're closing due to the snow too (and will re-open at 6:30am on Thursday).

Mayor Bloomberg has made it very clear that NYC offices are open, and that public transportation has taken special precautions to get them to-and-from work. 

Do you need our help spreading the word about your snow closing in New York City?  Email me at with "SNOW" in the subject line, and we'll try to get it posted up here for you! We have started a list after the break.

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February 08, 2010

Paper's source confirms gay marriage judge is openly gay


The judge is gay, the judge is gay!  LGBT advocates could have won their first victory as rumors that Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker, who is hearing the first federal case to decide if a gay marriage ban is illegal, is a homosexual.

So far, Proposition 8 opponents aren't commenting.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story on Sunday in which a source verified for the first time that Walker is gay.

“The biggest open secret in the landmark trial over same-sex marriage being heard in San Francisco is that the federal judge who will decide the case, Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, is himself gay,” the paper wrote.

Evidently, the judge doesn't hide his sexuality.  The source, a friend of Walker, says he is basically open about it; but for obvious reasons keeps his personal life private.

This just makes the gay marriage ruling all the more interesting.

Did a cell phone company really send out a homophobic tweet?


Evidently a crappy cell phone company called vodafone has at least a few homophobic bigots within their ranks.

"VodafoneUK is fed up of dirty homo's and is going after beaver..."

The company later apologized with a Tweet of their own.



At least they were honest about.  You gotta give them something.

February 05, 2010

Michael Jackson doctor to be charged in his death [video]


Michael Jackson and his doctor, Conrad Murray, are all over the news.  Murray is expected to turn himself over to the cops on Friday to be charged with the death of the King of Pop. 

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dateline is dedicating the hour on Friday night to "The Secret Life of Michael Jackson".

Here's what they're promising...

Tonight on Dateline we hear more about his life, how Dr. Conrad Murray came to be hired as Michael Jackson's personal physician, while authorities reveal why he should face involuntary manslaughter charges for the singer’s death. Dateline reveals the key piece of evidence that has been uncovered to finally put the story, and Jackson, to rest.  

And, of course, a video preview:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dateline airs Friday night at 9/8c on NBC.

11 year old girl REALLY gives birth to baby


This is probably as white trash (WT) as it comes!  An 11-year-old girl in the Northeast has given birth to a baby!

The names and location of those involved are not being released.  

"My daughter and baby are fine, and the baby is absolutely beautiful," said the 11-year-old girl’s mother.

We don't know much about how she got knocked up or what have you, but doctors say the girl's age could make recovery difficult.

Honestly, I don't know much about the female anatomy; but isn't 11 a bit early for even your period?

February 03, 2010

"Don't ask, don't tell" almost a thing of the past [video]

It looks like the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy is all but lifted.  

The Pentagon's top uniformed officer, Adm. Mike Mullen, told the Senate Tuesday he's personally opposed to the policy that requires gays and lesbians to lie about their sexual orientation.

Colin Powell also shifted gears on Wednesday and said he now opposes "don't ask, don't tell" as well.

"In the almost 17 years since the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ legislation was passed, attitudes and circumstances have changed,” General Powell said in a statement issued by his office. He added: “I fully support the new approach presented to the Senate Armed Services Committee this week by Secretary of Defense Gates and Admiral Mullen.”

President Obama made the repeal one of his campaign platform issues.  Many expected it to have already been checked off his list.

February 02, 2010

"Boston Legal" actor Justin Mentell dead at 27

Former "Boston Legal" star Justin Mentell has died as the result of an SUV accident near Madison, Wisconsin.

The 27-year-old actor was evidently driving an SUV that went down into an embankment hitting two trees and ultimately killing him. 

Investigators says Mentell was not wearing a safety belt, and neither drugs or alcohol seem to be involved.  Cops say they aren't sure how the accident started.  

Justin Mentell played Garrett Wells on "Boston Legal" from 2005 to 2006 and had a part in the 2009 Disney movie "G-Force".

Rupauls Drag Race Season 2 Premiere

On your mark, get set, GO! Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2 premiered tonight on Logo. As predicted this season the show had a bigger budget and with that came production. The first celebrity guest judge was gay loving Kathy Griffin. The show seems to still have the likeable factor that made the first season such a success. Twelve beautiful girls representing the "best" of American drag.

This week the contestants had to straddle a cannon while being blown away by a wind machine. Some did great as others flipped their wig; literally. Morgan McMichaels came out on top with a beautiful photograph. Later the girls made their first garment of the season out of curtains.

Ultimately good friends Shangela Laquifa Wadley and Sahara Davenport (representing NY) had to lipsync for their life. Sahara was told "Shante, you stay" as Shangela sashayed away.

The three contestants that stood out to me were Raven, Morgan McMichaels and Sonique. Coincidentally those were the three that did the best in the challenges and are looking to be the top contenders. The Hot Tranny Mess of the Week Award goes to Mystique Summers Madison. Not only was her assemble a train wreck but her split wasn't eye pleasing either. (You gotta work harder for the big girls!)

Stay tooned every Monday night to Logo for new episodes and Tuesdays on for a full recap!


January 28, 2010

JD Salinger dead at 91 [video]

He wasn't someone we ever really got to see, because he was a recluse; author JD Salinger has died.  He was 91 years old.

Salinger stopped publishing in 1965, because he valued his privacy so much.  I guess its a good thing "Catcher in the Rye" hit required reading lists in schools across the world.

He was, of course, romantically linked to Joyce Maynad.

Those close to the legendary author say Salinger died at his home in Cornish, N.H. of natural causes. 

January 27, 2010

PETA model gets naked in State of the Union undress [NSFW video]

PETA does what they do best and shocked us all with their annual State of the Union undress. Here's the censored version.  The NSFW version is after the jump.

PETA's 2010 State of the Union Undress (Safe for Work Version)

PETA spokesmodel, Marissa Lewis, starts out wearing an American flag and strips down while recapping PETA's accomplishments over the past year.

"It has always been our policy to show people as much as they need to see to make them stand at attention," says Lewis, recounting some of PETA's campaigns and accomplishments in the last year, including its ongoing campaigns against McDonald's, KFC, and the Ringling Brothers circus, as well as successful actions that convinced Urban Outfitters, H&M, Sprint, and Dollar General to change their business practices, and swayed Texas Tech to halt vivisection research involving cats.

That sure is an interesting way to look back at your accomplishments.  Don't forget you can watch the NSFW version of PETA's State of the Union Undress after the jump.


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Anderson Cooper buys firehouse where he'll live in NY

Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani, are evidently going to shack up in a 1906 Firehouse that is no longer in use.  New York City's West Village just got a whole lot gayer!

Here's a peak.

Rumor has it that both Cooper and Maisani bought the firehouse together, but the owner is listed as Firepatrol LLC, which lists Cooper's business agent as Carolyn Rossip Malcolm. Cute, kitchy and super gay!

According to city records, they're already working inside ripping out partisans and plumbing. 

How cool is that?  Anderson and his boyfriend are going to live in a firehouse!  They're going to be the gayest things in the gay ole West Village.

Cooper and Maisani haven't confirmed that they're a couple.  Anderson won't even say whether he is gay or not. 

Maisani is the owner of the East Village dive bar, Eastern Bloc.

January 26, 2010

'All My Children' star James Mitchell dead at 89

"All My Children" actor James Mitchell has died according to his long-time partner.  Mitchell was 89 years at the time of his death.

Mitchell had suffered from heart disease for a while, but recently had contracted pnemonia.

Although he played a gruff character who enjoyed his power over his family, Mitchell is described by his partner Albert Wolsky as a kind and loving man.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

January 23, 2010

Cops arrest Justin Waller in fatal stabbing of John Lea


Cops in Vermont say they've caught Justin Waller (pictured right), the suspected in a New York City murder case.  The NYPD believes that Waller killed his roommate, John Lea (pictured left).

Waller was evidently down on his luck and living with Lea.  As we reported on Saturday his body was found face down on his bed with multiple stab wounds and covered in laundry.

Police say they were able to find Waller partially by tracking the use of the victim's credit cards. Waller had charged “a few hundred dollars” to one of Johns’s credit cards to hire a car to drive him to Vermont, according Sgt. Michael Hall of the Manchester Police Department.  Waller also evidently used the credit cards to buy food, including “eggs and bananas and things like that,” at a grocery in Manchester, Sergeant Hall said.

Investigators believe the two men got into a dispute over the living arrangement when Lea asked Waller to move out since he wasn't paying rent.  Other reports have said that the two men were lovers.

Official statement on the sell of the Fire Island Pines

It seems to be a done deal!  According to a press release posted on Next Magazine's Nexus blog, FIP Ventures (aka Seth Weissman, Matthew Blesso and Andrew Kirtzman) are planning to purchase the majority of the Fire Island Pines as we reported earlier this week.

It looks like we'll have an exciting new summer on Fire Island! The official statement is after the break.

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January 22, 2010

NYC Man found dead in apartment, cops looking for live-in partner

John_lea_killed.jpgA New York City man, 41-year-old John Lea, was found dead in his Hell's Kitchen apartment, and cops are looking for his live-in partner.

Lea was evidently found laying on the bed in nothing but boxers with stab wounds all over his body signaling that he probably fought for his life. The NYPD is looking Justin Waller, John's "down on his luck" live-in partner.

Whoever killed John covered him up in clothes and blankets, locked the door as they exited and left the cat roaming around with Lea's dead body.  

'The bloody knife was right next to him,' one source said. 

Friends and co-workers became concerned when John didn't show up for his event planning job.  A cop eventually helped a concerned friend climb in through the window where they discovered the gruesome scene.

Watch Hope For Haiti Now Here:


Watch live video from on

Here is the live feed of the Hope for Haiti Now fundraiser.  Stars like George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Mary J. Blige and many more have come together to help raise money for the rescue effort in Haiti.

If you can, please make a donation.  Things in Haiti are bad, and it seems that the ground continues to shake following that horrible earthquake over a week ago.

The number is 1-877-99-HAITI or online at

January 21, 2010

New Hampshire homophobes call for gay marriage repeal


They've been marrying gays for three weeks in New Hampshire, and it must be mayhem as concerned citizens are asking lawmakers to repeal the measure.

The closed minded gaycists want the law to be repealed long enough to allow voters to approve or deny marriage equality.

Heaven forbid if we allow people to marry the person they love in the land or the free, right?  It might even generate a little money in this horrible recession.

Aren't the courts and legislators supposed to help minorities that might be discriminated against in popular votes? Seems a little backwards to me!

Is this El Chupacabra or just a bald raccoon? [video]


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El Chupacabra is back!  Well, its dead again.  But some folks in Texas believe they have found it!

Some residents in Wise County thought they had finally captured El Chupacabra, the legendary beast.  

As it turns out, according to biologists, this is just a bald raccoon.

The small, hairless animal was found dead January 13th by a maintenance worker at Runaway Bay Golf Course near Lake Bridgeport.

January 20, 2010

Another earthquake in Haiti, here are the first pics:


Another earthquake hit Haiti on Wednesday morning.  Considered an aftershock, this tremor measured a 6.1 on the Ritchter scale.

The U.S. Geological Survey is reporting temor hit 35 miles northwest of the capital city of Port-Au-Prince in the countryside.

It's unclear if there's any new damage. Nervous Hatians who survived last week's earthquake evidnetly ran into the streets screaming.

Last week's earthquake in Haiti carried  7.0 magnitude and killed an estimated 200,000 people.  At least 1.5 million homeless.

January 16, 2010

President Obama calls on Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to lead US fundraising effort for Haiti [video]

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Putting politics aside in a time when humanitarian need should come first, President Barack Obama was joined by Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush for a historic moment on Saturday morning.

Obama said he had called on his predecessors to ignite America's compassion to help the devastated Caribbean nation.

"Americans have always come together to lend a hand, serve others, and do what's right," Obama said as he stood with President Clinton to his left and President Bush on his right.

Both former Presidents praised Obama for the United States' initial response to the Hatian earthquake. Both Clinton and Bush urged those who can to donate money Americans as soon as possible to finance relief workers who are already arriving in Haiti.

How to help Haiti earthquake victims

On an average month I send over 5,000 text messages; and to many of you that probably seems like a small number. 

For once, we've got a chance to use our cell phones, PDAs, Blackberrys, iPhones and Androids to make a difference.

There are two ways that you can help victims on the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

1.  Make a donation hip hop star Wyclef Jean's Yéle Haiti charity where you can text YELE to 501501 to give $5 to help with earthquake relief efforts.

2.  Donate to the Red Cross, where you can text "HAITI" to "90999" to donate $10 to the Red Cross.

Americans have already donated $11 million through text messages, but that's still nothing compared to the damage done by this horrible natural disaster.

If you can donate, please do so.  Several organizations are even holding food and medical drives collecting non-perishable foods and over the counter medical supplies.

January 14, 2010

Pentagon begins talks on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal

The Pentagon took a huge step forward to repeal the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.  Doing so would fulfill a huge campaign promise for Barack Obama and possibly earn some much needed brownie points for the President.

According to the New York Times, a small group was assembled by Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in preparation for a possible Senate hearing on the 1993 law this month.

The repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was expected to be one of Obama's first tasks; but gay groups claim the Pentagon has dragged their feet on making the President's promise come true.

CA Assembly paves path to fully legalize marijuana

A key committee in the California Assembly approved a bill that would fully legalize marijuana in that state.

This committee's aspproval is a major step towards statewide legalization and taxation of pot.  This could definitely help California's budget woes in two ways.  Legal weed can be taxed, and the state would save a lot on prosecuting marijuana offenders.

Don't get too excited, the full California Assembly isn't expected to take up the measure until at least 2011.

DC gays win major court ruling in gay marriage battle

A Superior Court in Washington DC has ruled that gay marriage opponents do not have the right to hold a public referendum on whether those marriages should be legal in the District.

That means that DC gays may be getting married as soon as March!

The DC Board of Elections and Ethics has twice ruled that a referendum or initiative on same-sex marriage would violate a city law prohibiting a public vote on a matter covered by the Human Rights Act.

This is a major victory for gay rights in the nation's capital!

January 13, 2010

Steel Gym and Ken Hunt honored with 2010 Talk of the Town Award

Fitness expert Ken Hunt and Steel Gym have been honored as recipients of the 2010 Talk of the Town Award in the category for top gym. The Talk of the Town Awards recognize leading businesses and professionals who have been noted by their customers through multiple websites for their excellent customer service.

With the motivational atmosphere and friendly staff at Steel Gym, it’s no surprise that Hunt and his staff were honored. Located in the heart of New York City, Steel Gym prides itself in being one of Manhattan's only independently owned gyms offering individualized attention often forgotten in larger chains.

Ken Hunt says he is surprised and humbled by the Talk of the Town Award.

"It’s great to get nominated for awards, but it really means a lot to win an honor like this solely based on the feedback of our customers," he said.

The 2010 Talk of the Town Awards also honored companies and professionals other industries such as hospitals, dentists, physical therapists, veterinarians, optometrists, chiropractors, lawyers, financial planners, restaurants, spas and salons.

January 12, 2010

First photos of Haitian earthquake [video]


The first photos from the disastrous earth quake that struck Haiti on Tuesday evening.  The streets are evidently chaotic as fires burn aimlessly and people search for loved ones.

The Haitian Ambassador spoke with Katie Couric and described what could be a catastrophic scene.  

The 7.3-magnitude earthquake which struck just off the coast of Haiti may have caused extensive loss of life and unmeasurable damage.

We may have to wait until morning falls to find out how much damage has really been done.

Proposition 8 trial opens in California with tearful testimony [video]


The trial over the constitutionality of proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California, started in San Francisco this week.

Out of fear for their lives, the Supreme Court Justices who are hearing the case decided to ban cameras in the court room.

The case opened with tearful testimony from gay and lesbian couples who have been denied the right to marry since Proposition 8 overturned marriage equality in California.

January 01, 2010

New Hampshire gays can now get married


New Hampshire is now the fifth state with marriage equality.

By the time the clock struck midnight, about 150 had people gathered in the state capital of Concord to witness the marriage of at least a dozen gay and lesbian couples.

New Hampshire state joins Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and Iowa in permitting full marriage equality for same-sex couples.

The DC council just voted to legalize gay marriage in the nation's capital, and New Jersey's legislature is expected to vote on the issue as soon as Thursday.

Rush Limbaugh released from hospital, "nothing wrong" [video]


Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has evidently been released from the Hawaii hospital where he has been recovering from chest pains for the past few days.  After running several tests, doctors evidently found "nothing wrong."

In a statement to his followers on his website, Limbaugh said he was "leaving Queens Hospital in Honolulu, feeling strong and rested."

Limbaugh also said that he would recover over the weekend and for part of the upcoming week. He did, however, promise to "be back on the radio with you sometime next week."

December 31, 2009

Limbaugh rushed to hospital with chest pains, heart attack symptoms

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is evidently recovering in a Hawaiian hospital after suffering chest pains.

Local media in Hawaii is reporting that Limbaugh suffered a heart attack and is in serious condition.  However, his personal website said he was now "resting comfortably" in hospital in Honolulu.

Hawaii seems to be the place for politicos this holiday season.  President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are both also evidently vacationing there separately with their families.

December 30, 2009

Bomb square prompts Time Square evacuation [video]

The coast seems to be clear in Time Square after a bomb scare on Wednesday that left authorities scrambling to evacuate the area and check out an abandoned van.

Patrol officers spotted the van around 11 a.m. on Broadway between 41st and 42nd Streets. Counter terrorism and bomb squad crews responded, but they eventually cleared the area when no explosives were found.

During the investigation, two high rise buildings that housed the Nasdaq and Conde Nast publishing company were partially evacuated.

Earthquake rattles California near Mexican border



A 5.8 earthquake has rattled California and parts of Mexico.  The shaking could evidently be felt in San Diego, but there have been no reports or damage, death or injury.

The main quake was centered about 20 miles southeast of the Mexican border city of Mexicali and quickly followed by aftershocks and another quake that measured 4.9.

Julie Dutton, a geophysicist with the USGS, said the area is seismically active.

"It's definitely nothing that's unusual," she said.

The quake occurred 4.3 miles deep and is considered shallow. Shallower quakes have the potential to cause more damage than deeper ones, Dutton said.

Myth Busters star Erik Gates dead (pictured here)

If you're a fan of the show "Myth Busters," then this might be some new you're sorry you missed.  We are too!

Evidently, "Myth Busters" star Erik Gates (pictured here) died of a freak accident on December 20th. 

The Gatherer is calling it a "freak accident."  They're reporting that Gates was working on a site in Newbury Park, California when he "he fell through a skylight and plummeted 30 feet." 

He was evidently taken to the hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

Gates leaves behind a wife and three children.

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African gay couple arrested for same sex marriage

Yesterday, I told you about a wedding between two gay men in Argentina.  The same thing evidently happened in Malawi with much different results.

Jose Maria Di Bello and Alex Freyre made history as the first two men to get married in Latin America.  In Africa, Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza were also married.  They, however, were arrested and charged with gross public indecency.

The couple took part in a symbolic, traditional ceremony on Saturday with hundreds of on lookers.  In Malawi, homosexuality is illegal and carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years.

December 29, 2009

Custody battle gets nasty between Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin

New court documents reveal a heated custody battle between Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, and her Playgirl model baby-daddy Levi Johnston.  The first win, however, goes to Johnston.

A judge has ruled that the custody battle for the couple's baby, Tripp, will be open to the public.  Bristol and the Palin's wanted the proceedings to take place behind closed doors.

"Levi is not yet mature enough to take on significant parental responsibilities," Bristol says in her petition, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

Johnston wants it all out the open, so that a certain former Vice-Presidential contender can't manipulate the situation.

"I know that public scrutiny will simplify this matter and act as a check against anyone's need to be overly vindictive, aggressive or malicious, not that Bristol would ever be that way, nor that I would," Johnston writes in his affidavit, according to the Daily News. "But her mother is powerful, politically ambitious and has a reputation for being extremely vindictive."

He added, "...So, I think a public case might go a long way in reducing Sarah Palin's instinct to attack."

Bristol Palin insists her mother is not involved in the case.

Senate confirms first openly gay person US marshal

The United States Senate has confirmed the first-ever openly gay US marshal. 

Minneapolis assistant police Chief Sharon Lubinski, a lesbian, will also be the first women in the state to hold that office.

The U.S. Senate confirmed Lubinski to be the U.S. marshal for the Minnesota district.  She was recommended to President Obama by her Senator.

U.S. marshals oversee federal courthouse security, witness protection and the apprehension of federal fugitives.

Two men become the first to marry in Argentina



These two Argentine men are the first same sex couple to marry in Latin America.

Alex Freyre, 39, and Jose Maria Di Bello, 41 were married in small ceremony on Monday in the southern Argentine city of Ushuaia despite the fact that national law does not allow gay marriage.

The men were granted a marriage license by a judge in Buenos Aries in November were wed by a provincial governor who ignored a court ruling earlier this month which blocked their plans for marriage.

"We're extremely excited and happy about what this means for all gays and lesbians in Argentina," Di Bello said.

"We weren't going to give up until we married," Freyre said.

Freyre and Di Bello, both HIV positive, planned to marry on World AIDS Day.  However, a federal judge blocked that union.

Steel Gym and team up to raise money for AIDS Walk NY and Steel Gym announced this week that they will be teaming up to raise money for AIDS Walk NY.

The Steel Gym AIDS Walk Team will be lead by fitness guru Ken Hunt, and the two organizations say they will work together holding various events and fundraisers to bank money for their joint team.

Ronnie Hokanson, who represents both organizations and Hunt, says the team will focus just as much on awareness as raising money.

"We hope to not only drive in a lot of cash for the AIDS Walk, but we also want to use this as an opportunity to educate our members and web community about the importance of getting tested, " Winters said.

Winters added that the team will also offer internal fundraising contests with prizes and t-shirts for every participant on the team.

Anyone interested in joining the Steel Gym AIDS Walk Team is welcome to participate.  Those interested should e-mail for more information.

December 28, 2009

Five Republicans condemn ban on homosexuality in Uganda

Five Republican representatives – Chris Smith, Frank Wolf, Joe Pitts, Trent Franks and Anh "Joseph" Cao are standing up against the gay ban in Uganda.

These five members of the GOP wrote this letter to Ugandan President Yoweri Mouseveni urging him to block proposed legislation that would criminalize homosexuality and in some cases impose the death penalty for committing gay acts.



In case you don't want to read the whole letter, the five Republicans say their religious faith requires them to oppose the legislation because it contradicts the "foundational Christian belief in the inherent dignity and worth of all men and women."

At least they're finally seeing how dangers homophobia can be.  Maybe they'll start focusing on equality in the US as well.

Our hats go off to them!

Mexico City to get marriage equality [video]


It looks like Mexico City will soon legalize gay marriage.  Lawmakers there voted for marriage equality last week, and now the mayor says he'll sign the bill into law.

Mayor Marcelo Ebrard is described as "eager" to sign the bill. 

Assembly member Victor Romo called it a historic day. "For centuries, unjust laws banned marriage between blacks and whites or Indians and Europeans," he said. "Today, all barriers have disappeared."

The bill changes the definition of marriage in the city's Civil Code. Marriage is currently defined as the union of a man and a woman. 

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has said he will challenge the bill in the courts.

Anti-gay ads pop up in DC against same sex marriage


A conservative group in Washington, DC is calling for a referendum on gay marriage in the nation's capital.

The DC council voted overwhelmingly to legalize same sex marriage, and Mayor Adrian Fenty has already signed the bill into law.  Congress can contest the measure, but it is unlikely.

conservative group Stand for Marriage D.C. has launched an ad campaign through the city’s transportation system that say  "Let the People Vote on Marriage."

Full Equality Now says the advertisements are discriminatory towards members of the LGBTQ community and wrote the following in a letter to Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) General Manager John B. Catoe:

“While we understand that WMATA allows politically-oriented groups to purchase advertising on its transit system, this advertisement is not merely political,” the group wrote. “This advertisement specifically targets citizens on the the basis of sexual orientation, in direct opposition to both common decency and the standards of non-discrimination in WMATA's own policies.”

As it stands, gays in Washington, D.C. are expected to be getting married by March.

December 22, 2009

Did a dog really get swine flu?

It looks like a dog in New York is the first K-9 to contract the H1N1 Swine Flu.

The 13-year-old mixed breed male, which is recovering, apparently caught the virus from his owner.  He was evidently taken to the vet for suffering breathing problems.

The dog's tests were sent to two different H1N1 specialist who both concluded that the dog had the swine flu.

"In theory it could happen, but so far it's really looking like a dead end in pets," he Michael San Filippo, a spokesman for the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Anne Schuchat of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday that animals can carry and spread flu viruses, but such cases are rare and people should not be afraid to enjoy their pets.

No autopsy report yet, but lots of notes on Brittany Murphy's death from investigators [video]:


Even though the autopsy report for actress Brittany Murphy hasn't officially been released, notes written by an investigator from the L.A. County Coroner's office have evidently leaked. TMZ got their hands on a copy.

Here are some notes from what they saw:

  • Brittany Murphy "had been complaining of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pain" for 7 to 10 days before she died.
  • Murphy's mother and husband "attempted to revive the decedent by placing her in the shower and running the water." 
  • "The decedent remained unresponsive and purged her stomach contents prior to the arrival of the paramedics."
  • Brittany was "without signs of life" when paramedics arrived.
  • "A check of the nightstands revealed large amounts of prescription medication in the decedent's name. Also noted were numerous empty prescription medication bottles in the decedent's husband's name, the decedent's mother's name and unidentified third party names."
  • TMZ reports that the notes said: "the medications included Topamax (anti-seizure meds also to prevent migraines), Methylprednisolone (anti-inflammatory), Fluoxetine (depression med), Klonopin (anxiety med), Carbamazepine (treats Diabetic symptoms and is also a bipolar med), Ativan (anxiety med), Vicoprofen (pain reliever), Propranolol (hypertension, used to prevent heart attacks), Biaxin (antibiotic), Hydrocodone (pain med) and miscellaneous vitamins."
  • "The night prior to her death, the decedent had consumed some noodles, leftover Thai food, Gatorade, water and tea with lemon."
  • The investigators notes also say Murphy had "a history of hypoglycemia and was hospitalized in April 2009 for low blood sugar while on location in Oregon."
  • Her husband said Brittany complained of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pains but that didn't alarm him since "she often suffered from severe menstrual pains."
  • Police told the investigator "foul play is not suspected."

Murphy passed away over the weekend at a house in Los Angeles that belongs to her husband, Simon Monjack where she was staying with him and her mother, Sharon Murphy.

December 21, 2009

Brooke Astor's elderly son, Anthony Marshall, is headed to jail

Anthony Marshall, the elderly son of late New York City socialite Brooke Astor, has been sentenced to prison for one to three years on multiple charges.

CNN reports:

"Marshall, 85, had been found guilty of 14 of the 15 counts against him. Marshall was convicted of the most serious charges -- first-degree grand larceny and scheming to defraud. He faced a minimum of one to three years, or as much as eight to 25 years in state prison...

One of the most serious convictions involved Marshall giving himself a $1 million-a-year raise for handling his mother's affairs, said Assistant District Attorney Joel Seidemann. Marshall's former lawyer, Francis Morrissey, was also convicted of five counts against him relating to the case, including forgery and scheming to defraud Astor.

Marshall has been ordered to turn himself back in by January 19th. Astor passed away in 2007.

December 20, 2009

A look back at the life of actress Brittany Murphy

As King Ralphy told you earlier here at, actress Brittany Murphy died on Sunday morning. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Spokeswoman Sally Stewart has confirmed the news.

Even though her career and life were both too short, Brittany is not someone we will soon forget.  Let's take a look back at the life of Brittany Murphy.

Continue reading "A look back at the life of actress Brittany Murphy" »

Brittany Murphy Dies

I was just watching Clueless last night!

Multiple News sources are reporting that Brittany Murphy has died of a Heart Attack. She was 32 years old.

"A 911 call was made at 8:00 AM from a home in Los Angeles that is listed as belonging to her husband, Simon Monjack, the Los Angeles City Fire Department" - TMZ

December 19, 2009

Two 10-year-olds walk into a Miami gay bar...


Two 10-year-old boys walk into a bar... It sounds like the setup for a joke, right? WRONG!  Thais actually happened on Saturday afternoon at Score in Miami where GaySocialite Don Hood was working.

Hood posted this alarming humorous sad Facebook bulletin:

Don's right.  Something isn't right here.

Score, a nightclub that caters to the gay audience, clearly isn't the right place for a child.  For some reason, I picture some redneck parents in a pick-up waiting outside and laughing after allowing the youngsters to give it a shot. Earlier this week, a cross dressing 4-year-old was caught roaming the streets in Tennessee carrying a beer and wearing a stolen dress.  Now this.

I asked Don if the little tots that wondered into Score ordered cocktails, but Hood said they did not.  I guess his fatherly instinct kicked in, because he bounced the pre-teens right away.

 "They ran in, and I chased them out," Don said.  At least someone had these little brats' interest at heart!

If you experience News of the Weird as it happens, e-mail with your story.

December 18, 2009

4 year old drunk cross dressing boy wonders the streets in TN [video]

Here's some sad, but true news from the homeland (Tennessee).  A drunk 4 year old kid was evidently picked up by cops in Chattanooga as they found him wondering through the streets wearing a dress and carrying a beer.

Hayden Wright's mother said her 4-year-old drunk kid wanted to break the law so that he could go to jail and spend Christmas with his father who is already locked up.  Now that's one of the saddest Christmas stories I've ever heard.

Young Hayden was taken to the hospital and treated for alcohol poisoning.  How does the whole story come together?  Wright evidently took the beer from a cooler in his own back yard and started sipping (hence the 4 year old drunk), and he stole the dress and other gifts from underneath the neighbor's Christmas tree.

The child has evidently also been taken out of the custody of his mother.

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty signs gay marriage bill into law


The mayor of Washington has signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the nation's capital, but that doesn't mean gay couples will start walking down the aisle just yet.

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty signed the bill Friday morning in a public ceremony at a local Unitarian Church.  The City Council overwhelmingly passed the legislation on Tuesday.

Congress has final say over D.C.'s laws, so the bill must pass a 30-day period of Congressional review.

Congress isn't expected to make too big of a deal about this so that it doesn't become a national referendum on gay marriage.  This means that DC gays may be getting married as soon as March.  Some conservative Congressman (who don't even represent DC) says he will challenge the new law.

Cops in Puerto Rico investigating another murder as gay hate crime

Authorities in Puerto Rico say they believe a man who was murdered at the Las Colinas Motel in Ponce may have been the victim of a hate crime.

His name hasn't been released yet, but the man is evidently believed to be gay.  Staff at the hotel told police that he checked in with another male.

The victim was evidently short and heavy-set between 40 and 45 years old.  Cops say he had 20 stab wounds on other parts of his body.  It looks like it was a hate crime.

"Due to the circumstances, the hate involved and the clear signs of violence that are similar to other hate crimes in the past, we are asking authorities to investigate the hate crime angle in this case," said National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Spokesperson Pedro Julio Serrano. He added: "The Puerto Rico hate crimes law forces Police officers to file if they suspect that the crime was bias motivated in their investigative report. It should be a standard procedure for every crime. We urge authorities to follow the law and investigate this and every crime without prejudice."

This could become the second hate crime in less than a month in Puerto Rico. 

Mary & Joseph billboard causes controversy in New Zealand


This billboard is causing a stir in New Zealand.  The sign was vandalized with paint just hours after it went up outside the St. Matthew-in-the-City Anglican church in Auckland.

Church vicar Archdeacon Glynn Cardy said the billboard which reads, "God is a hard act to follow," was meant challenge stereotypes about the way Jesus was conceived and get people talking about the Christmas story.

"This billboard is trying to lampoon and ridicule the very literal idea that God is a male and somehow this male God impregnated Mary," said Cardy, who described his church as having very liberal ideas about Christianity.

"We would question the Virgin Birth in any literal sense. We would question the maleness of God in any literal sense," he said.

Conservative and religious bloggers and radio talk shows have been going nuts about it!  


Hillary Clinton says US is working for LGBT community world-wide [video]

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered a question this week about what the United States is doing to protect members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender community at Georgetown University.

A member of the audience asked, "You spoke about the situation in Uganda. Could you please talk to us a little bit more about how the United States can protect the rights of LGBT people in areas where those rights are not respected?"

Clinton said this is "at the top of our list" saying America should not only stand up LGBT abuse world-wide but educate other counties as well so that we can create more allies.

December 16, 2009

Roy Disney dead at 79


Walt Disney's nephew, Roy, has died.  He was 79 years old.

According to reports, Roy Disney lost his battle to cancer on Wednesday.  

Roy has been involved with the Disney corporation since the 50's, and in 2004 he led a successful battle to unseat Michael Eisner from power and took over the company's board of directors.

"Roy was a man who was steadfastly loyal to his principals and his friends," Stanley Gold, his business partner of 35 years, said in a statement Wednesday. "He was a gracious gentleman who could make the tough decisions life sometimes requires. I will miss him greatly."

When he died on Wednesday, Roy Disney owned about 1% of the company.

Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz wants to block gay marriage in DC


Mayor Adrian Fenty says he'll sign the bill, but Congress can vote to override all of that if they would like.

Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz says he is going to stand up against the bill.  This could turn into a national referendum on gay marriage.  To override the vote taken by the DC council, both chambers of the House must vote to do so.  Then, President Obama has to sign it.

Chaffetz realizes he has an up-hill battle.

"It's going to be exceptionally difficult because Democrats have us outnumbered by large amounts,” he said. “Nevertheless, we're going to try."

Why not? Let's suppress as many people as we can! Right?!

Watch the DC Council legalize gay marriage in Washington [video]


Our shot of the day comes from Tuesday's City Council meeting in Washington, DC in which the members voted to legalize gay marriage in the nation's capitol.  The mayor says he will sign the bill into law.

As we told you then, the measure still has to be approved by Congress.  However, Congress did not act when the same council voted to recognize same sex marriages performed outside the District.  Many believe that any action by Congress will automatically create a national referendum on marriage equality.

It doesn't seem that anyone involved in the gay marriage battle wants to take the issue to the Supreme Court at this point.  One decision could either bring marriage equality to the entire United States or shut the issue down completely for a while.

Feds monitoring Mercado hate crime investigation in Puerto Rico

Gay rights activists say the United States Government is keeping a close eye on the hate crime investigation into the death of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado in Puerto Rico.

Juan Antonio Martinez Matos (pictured above) is in police custody for Mercado's murder, but there has been a lot of speculation around the legitimacy of the investigation after an officer said Mercado deserved to die due to the "type of lifestyle" he chose to lead. 

Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado's body was found decapitated, dismembered, and partially burned on the side of the road in Puerto Rico.  Rosa Emilia Rodríguez, the U.S. Attorney for the district Puerto Rico, says her office plans to monitor the case closely from here on out.

December 15, 2009

DC council votes to legalize gay marriage


Gays may not be able to get married in most parts of the country, but same-sex couples in Washington may soon be able to tie the not.

The council voted 11 to 2 in favor of gay marriage, and mayor Adrian Fenty has promised to sign the bill.  The only problem could be that Congress gets to approve all measures for DC, so they could vote it down.

One of the two 'no' votes came from former mayor Marion Barry who is now a council member.  Rather than voting now, he voted "I don't."

Proponents to gay marriage say they will fight the bill in Congress and later at the polls.  With no opposition, gay couples in DC could be getting married as soon as March.

The council passed a bill earlier this year to recognize gay marriages performed elsewhere in the country.  Congress allowed that measure to become law with little opposition.

Gay porn star dies after being tased by police [video]


Andrew Grande, who performed in gay porn under the name Dustin Michaels, has died after being tasered by police.  Sadly, Grande's last moments played out on film.  The video below is very graphic and may not be appropriate for everyone.

Grande was evidently being apprehended by cops when he swallowed a bag of marijuana.  Cops then tasered him which eventually led to breathing problems. Before you know it, Andrew was dead.

TruTV has addition video on which police officers predict that they've probably just killed Grande.

“Yeah, I don’t want to see nobody die,” one of the Bay County Police officers says. “Not over this. I ain’t never seen nobody eat something like that. I don’t know how many bags he got in his mouth.”

Another can be heard on a cell phone saying that Andrew is probably dead.

“My gut is, probably signal 7, but we’ll see,” the officer said. "Signal 7" is the cop code to describe a dead person.

Under the name Dustin Michaels, Grande appeared on such website as Broke Straight Boys and Naked Kombat.  He also evidently maintained an Xtube channel that has since been deleted.

December 14, 2009

Houston becomes largest city to elect openly gay mayor [video]

Houston became the largest US city to elect an openly gay mayor over the weekend as Annise Parker earned a solid victory with 53% of the vote.

Parker never really made her sexual orientation an issue.  Some conservative groups condemned her for "homosexual behavior", but that didn't seem to affect voters.

LGBTQ groups are cheering Parker's victory.

"The fact that an openly gay candidate wins for mayor in the nation's fourth-largest city, in the South, in Texas, shows that when Americans get to know gay people as people, not as stereotypes, their resistance to treating gay people equally reduces," said Evan Wolfson, director of Freedom to Marry, which advocates for legalizing gay marriage.

December 10, 2009

Uganda may tighten laws against homosexuality

The Ugandan government is considering harsher punishments against homosexuality, and it is time that other world leaders intervene.

Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda, but under the new laws anyone diagnosed with HIV or AIDS could be sentenced to death.  Anyone caught having gay sex could be jailed or sentenced to death.

Rallies are being held world-wide to try and draw awareness to the horrible changes, but that doesn't seem to be changing the minds of those who want to punish homosexuals in Uganda simply because they're gay.

Time Square shooting leaves one man dead


Holiday shopping and festive events in Time Square turned deadly on Thursday as cops chased and killed a man who opened fire on them first.  The shooting was evidently pretty dramatic breaking windows of nearby shops and theaters.

A police sergeant says he noticed a known conn man scamming tourist on Broadway near West 46th Street in Time Square.  When the NYPD officer approached the man he started running and firing a Mac-10 at the cop. An NYPD spokesperson said the sergeant returned fire killing the suspect.  It is unclear how many shots were fired.

The shooting evidently took place near the Marriott Marquis Hotel.  According to a spokesperson for the Time Square landmark said the shooting took place near the bellhop area of the valet parking lot.  No one else was injured in the shooting.

December 08, 2009

Who went to the hospital in an ambulance from Tiger Wood's house?


There was more drama at Tiger Wood's house over night.  At around 10 o'clock eastern standard time, an ambulance was called to Wood's Florida home.  They evidently left with a blond woman.  As it turns out, it was Wood's mother-in-law. 

Barbro Holmberg, the mother of Tiger's wife Elin, was evidently taken to the emergency room and later released in stable condition.

Woods has been in the news since he crashed outside his home.  New reports show that he may have been under the influence of the sleep medication, Ambien.

December 03, 2009

New Jersey could legalize gay marriage next week


New York couldn't do it, but maybe neighboring New Jersey can.  Evidently a gay marriage bill has been posted for a vote next week on that side of the river.

Sen. Ray Lesniak, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says the bill is scheduled to go before that committee on Monday and will be voted on by the full Senate next Thursday.

Gay advocates and supporters of the bill say they aren't sure whether they have the votes to bring marriage equality to the Garden State or not.  Both houses of the Legislature must pass the bill before it goes to the governor.

Let's hope it happens before the end of the year.  Outgoing Governor Jon Corzine says he'll sign gay marriage into law, but Chris Christie says he'll veto it if the bill comes across his desk after he takes office next month.

New Jersey currently recognizes civil unions.

Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan but kicking gay ones out?

It doesn't make much sense, but Barack Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan next year despite the fact that some are being thrown out of the armed forces all together simply because they are gay.

It's about time someone asked this, and that's what just happened.  Advocate's Washington correspondent, Kerry Eleveld, popped the question on White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs.

Here's how it went down:

Continue reading "Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan but kicking gay ones out?" »

If Carl Kruger is gay, why is he against gay marriage?

The shit has hit the fan for New York State Senator, Carl Kruger.  The unmarried old Democrat from Brooklyn got heckled by gay rights activists as he exited the Senate Chambers on Wednesday after he voted against a bill that would legalize gay marriage.

Kruger, who is rumored to be gay, might be one of the many Senators who voted on the issue for political gain.

New York Governor David Paterson called out some of those self righteous politicans on Thursday morning calling Wednesday "as sad a day as I've had since I joined public service"

New Yorkers to rally for gay marriage Thursday in Union Square


A huge demonstration is planned for this evening in Manhattan. Gay rights activists are scheduling a protest to denounce the New York State Senate's decision to deny marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples.

The rally is scheduled to begin at 6pm in Union Square on the northern end of the park near 17th street.

On Wednesday, Senators in New York voted down a bill 24-38 that would have legalized gay marriage. Click here to see where each Senator voted on the issue.

December 02, 2009

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg responds to gay marriage defeat

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a statement saying how disappointed he was that the state Senate decided not to legalize gay marriage today.

Here's Bloomberg's complete statement:

"I've been urging the State Senate to stand up and be counted on an issue of importance to me and millions of other New Yorkers: marriage equality.  Although I'm deeply disappointed with today's result, and know that the sense of anguish and frustration is even more pronounced among gay and lesbian New Yorkers, at least we now know where individual legislators stand.  And so now, we begin a new effort to secure the additional votes needed to pass this bill. I want to thank the leaders of the State Senate finally bringing this bill to the floor for a vote and I applaud the 24 senators who courageously and compassionately voted 'yes.'  Historic change does not come easily, but this vote was a crucial step that, I believe, will ultimately lead the State to extend full marriage rights to all couples."

Bloomberg has been a long time support of marriage equality in New York.  He stood with Governor Paterson earlier this year when he introduced the legislation.

NY Senate votes against gay marriage 24-38


Sadly, in a sense, it wasn't even close.  New York's State Senate voted down a measure on Wednesday  that would have legalized gay marriage in the Empire State.

After hours of emotional testimony, the bill was defeated by a vote of 24 to 38.

Senator Tom Duane of Manhattan made this emotional plea before the vote: "This legislation would merely provide me and tens of thousands of other New Yorkers with equal rights in New York State. It would make me equal in every way to everyone else in this chamber." 

I guess Sen. Duane's peers in the State Senate don't see him or us as equal.  It's a sad day in New York State. is working to obtain the roll call to see which Senators are against us and which ones are for us.  We'll publish that as soon as we receive it.

Breaking: State Senate denies marriage equality in New York


The New York State Senate has just denied a measure that would legalize gay marriage in New York.  The votes are now on record, and we know which Senators are for us (and which are against us.)

A similar marriage equality bill will likely be introduced in 2010.  Senate leadership said they may not have the votes to legalize gay marriage, however Governor David Paterson put it on the agenda for a special session anyway.

We're following this story on gay marriage here in New York, and we'll give you all the details as they are made available.

November 27, 2009

Conflicting reports on Tiger Woods condition following car accident is reporting that golfer Tiger Woods was in a car accident on Friday near his home in Florida but was released later in the day.

Woods evidently wrecked his 2009 Cadillac sport utility vehicle at around 2:30 in the morning.  No one else was in the vehicle.  He evidently pulled out of his driveway and hit a fire hydrant and a tree.  Maybe he was in a hurry to get to Wal-Mart for the Black Friday sales?

Original reports showed Woods in serious condition, but according to his representative the injuriries were deemed 'minor'.  The rep also says Woods has already been released from the hospital.

Josh McDaniel's f-bomb makes it past editors on pre-recorded game [video]


Since it is Thanksgiving weekend, we may as well add a little football to the mix - right?  Our shot of the day comes from the Giants, Broncos game which aired on Thanksgiving.

In the video, Denver coach Josh McDaniels says the word "motherfucking".  That's no surprise, right?  Well, the shocker here is that this was pre-recorded game and the McDaniel's f-bomb slipped by editors.  Now it is the talk of the web.

If anyone cares, the Broncos went on to be New York Giants 26-6 to end their horrible losing streak.

November 25, 2009

Is Anderson Cooper moving in with his boyfriend?

CNN's silver fox, Anderson Cooper, might be ready to settle down with his new boyfriend, Ben Maisani.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Cooper and Maisani might be moving in together, and Cooper's new relationship with Ben might lead him out of the closet.

"Anderson has found his 'Mr. Right' in Ben. Their relationship is so solid they want to move in together, and they've been looking at Manhattan real estate," a source said.

Maisani is the co-owner of East Village sleeze bar, Eastern Block.

Cops in Puerto Rico to investigate Jorge Steve Lopez Mercado's murder as hate crime

Puerto Rico is evidently set to investigate Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado's murder as a hate crime.

After rallies across the country, a call for attorney General Eric Holder to get involved and a meeting with local representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union; authorities say they will proceed with a look into whether this brutal murder was committed simple because Mercado was gay.

"The ACLU has tried to get the government to accept its responsibility to investigate cases... that are hate crimes, particularly that of young Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado," said ACLU director William Ramírez. "We should not be satisfied with the possibility the federal government will do what our government is not interested in doing; which is to protect every citizen."

Cries are also coming from around the country against investigator Angel Rodriguez Colon, who said Mercado contributed to his own death simply because he was gay.

Photos show Katie Couric can deliver news and dance moves


Here's another reason why I love "CBS Evening News" anchor and managing editor, Katie Couric.  The lady can evidently bust a move, and in today's "Facebook-age" nothing is private.

These photos of Couric celebrating her new gig a few years ago have hit the web via her daughter's Facebook page.

In a photo album titled, "Four Martini Minimum," Couric daughter posted these pictures of Katie from 2006 while she partied at the Hudson hotel following the announcement of her as the new boss over the "CBS Evening News.

Katie had reason to celebrate.  When she moved to CBS News, Couric became the first woman ever to serve as the solo anchor of an evening news cast.   

November 24, 2009

Google won't remove offensive Obama photo

Some folks are pissed after a racist photo of First Lady Michelle Obama popped up in the Google Image search.

The photo, which evidently features the First Lady with monkey like features, won't be removed though.

Google says the images in their search are chosen with "algorithms using thousands of factors to calculate a page's relevance to a given query," and had nothing to do with the "beliefs and preferences of Google employees and the general public." 

So will the offensive photo of Mrs. Obama be removed? The answer is no.

The Google ad explains: "Accordingly, we do not remove a page from our search results simply because its content is unpopular or because we receive complaints concerning it," the disclaimer says. "We will, however, remove pages from our results if we believe the page (or its site) violates our webmaster guidelines, if we believe we are required to do so by law, or at the request of the webmaster who is responsible for the page." 

Google delivered the news through an ad on their network titled, "Sometimes our search results can be offensive." Duh. "We assure you that the views expressed by such sites are not in any way endorsed by Google," the ad explained.

November 23, 2009

New Yorkers hold candle light vigil in memory of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado [video]

On Sunday, New Yorkers gathered in the West Village for a candle light vigil in memory of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, the teenage boy in Puerto Rico who was brutally murdered because he was gay.

Puerto Rico has never tried a person for a hate crime against a member of the LGBTQ community, and people across the world are calling for this to be the first time.

Christine Quinn, the openly gay Speaker of the New York City Council, spoke to those who gathered at Pier 45 reminding them that justice must be served against those who discriminate against someone based on their sexual orientation.

November 20, 2009

Gay-on-gay feud: Adam Lambert vs. Out editor Aaron Hicklin

It looks like some gay-on-gay hate is brewing between American Idol loser Adam Lambert and Out magazine editor Aaron Hicklin.

Lambert is evidently not happy that people have been questioning his image.  Many media outlets believe that Lambert isn't asking as gay as expected, and they're blaming his record label.

In the recent Out 100 edition, Hicklin wrote that Lambert's people refused to let him on the cover unless there were some straight people on there too as to not make Adam look "gay, gay."

Then Adam took a blow at Hicklin via Twitter saying,

"Dear Aaron, it's def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine. Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications' agenda onto my career."

Then Lambert told Entertainment Weekly,

"What people don’t realize is, I am managing my image, more than maybe the editor of OUT magazine likes to give anybody credit for. My team is a team. And I really feel fortunate that 19 Management and Simon Fuller said to me, from the get-go, “We want to do what you want to do. You need to tell us how you want to do things, what interests you have,” and they’ve been incredibly supportive of me. I really mean it. I’m not being puppeted around. I didn’t want to jump onto a gay magazine as my first thing, because I feel like that’s putting myself in a box and limiting myself. It was my desire to stay away from talking about certain political and civil rights issues because I’m not a politician. I’m an entertainer. That is not my area of expertise. I can talk about relationships and personal experiences because as an artist those things involve writing lyrics and that part of my process. But I didn’t feel comfortable talking about the March on Washington. I didn’t feel comfortable, so I asked my publicist to ask the interviewer to stay away from the political questions. I take full responsibility for that. I think that the editor has his agenda and has his opinions, which I respect, but they’re not necessarily my opinions. And I wish there was a little respect for that. Not every gay man is the same gay man."

I wish Adam would feud with us!  That would be the best publicity ever!

November 19, 2009

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair fight to promote their fight [video]


Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are stepping back in the ring this weekend (no, it isn't 1984); and the two broke out in a fight while promoting the show in Australia.  That's typical wrestling, but Hogan's camp claims the fight between the two geriatrics was legit.

Hogan suffered a terrible blow to the head and blood gushed everywhere when Flair attacked him.  Sounds like typical wrestling, huh?

Well, TMZ is reporting that the entire fight, including Hogan's injuries, were legit.  Did Rick Flair get out of control or is this just stunt to promote a career for these two would-be retirees?  Either way, it will definitely make for a good fight this weekend!

Chaz Bono talks to GMA about his sex change and being the face of trans-America [video]


The new face of transgender, Chaz Bono, is making the media rounds to help clear up any confusion about his recent sex change.  Today he spoke with Good Morning America.

Bono, born as the daughter of Sonny and Cher, is currently undergoing a sex change from a female to male.

So are women who feel like they are born in men's bodies really lesbians? 

"A lot of female-to-male transgender people end up doing a stint in the lesbian community because it just kind of makes sense," Bono explained. "At 13, 14, I was real clear at that point that I was attracted to women. So I was like, 'I'm attracted to women, I am a woman, I guess I'm a lesbian.' … That's the simple answer."

Bono said he is dedicated to fighting for trans-inclusive legislation.  Having always been an LGBT activist, Chaz says he'll just be focusing on the T a bit more now.

Dog gets stuck on the roof in New Jersey


Cops in Hoboken, New Jersey got a surprise on Wednesday afternoon when someone called to report that a dog was on their roof.  We're not talking about a small dog here either.  This guy was a Husky.

The dog, whose name is Sebastian, had been at doggie daycare and wanted to make his way back to the fun.

"Clearly he is having such a good time at Unleashed he is now trying to escape to get back there,"
 the dog's owner, Phil Kennewell, joked on the Hoboken Unleashed Facebook Fan page.

Kennewell went on to say that Sebastian "is now curled up on the sofa looking very sorry for himself."

The dog evidently jumped out of a higher window and landed on the building's garage.

John Kerry's daughter, Alexandra, arrested for DUI [video]

Alexandra Forbes Kerry, the oldest daughter of Senator John Kerry, was evidently arrested early Thursday morning for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Cops say She was given a field sobriety test and taken to jail.

"She was arrested for driving under the influence," confirmed Officer Sara Faden. "She bailed out on $5,000 and was released at 5:25 a.m."

TMZ reported that Kerry refused to take a breathalyzer test.

John Kerry and his family made their way to spotlight when he ran for President in 2004.

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November 18, 2009

Investigator says gay man in Puerto Rico deserved to die, gay rights groups ask FBI to step in

People across the globe are reacting to what seems to be a hate crime that took place in Puerto Rico causing one teenager to lose his life.

The body of 19-year-old George Lopez Mercado was found by the side of the road in Cayey, a city near his hometown of Caguas, Puerto Rico.  Cops have arrested Juan Antonio Martínez Matos for the murder.  Matos evidently told cops that he killed Mercado out of fear and panic when he found out he was having sex with another man.  The murderer evidently thought his victim was a female prostitute, not a gay man.

Mercado was practically mutulated.  Matos not only burned him, but he also appears to have been decapitated with his limbs removed from his torso.

The case is evidently being treated as a hate crime, but it might be hard when even homophobic cops are justifying the killer's action.n  The police office investigating the case insinuated that the young man deserved to die  because of the “type of lifestyle” he was leading. 

Gay rights groups are calling for the FBI to get involved. New Yorkers are planning a rally and candle light vigil on Sunday in Lower Manhattan at 7pm.

LGBT activists say Puerto Rico has never classified the murder of a gay man as a hate crime.

November 17, 2009

Can the former Washington Blade staffers still produce a paper without a company to back it?


The former staff at the Washington Blade reported back to the old building where their offices once were to try and resurrect the gay weekly that was closed Monday when Window Media decided to deck out of the gay print business.

Former Blade editor Kevin Naff and his staff (now working pro bono) met at a coffee shop in the lobby this morning trying to come up with a plan to press forward.  Naff still handed out assignments and sent his reporters on their way to gather the gay news.  The only problem is that they don't know how they're going to pay for it, distribute it or even what they'll call it.

"It could be a four-page Kinko's job, it could be an eight-page professionally printed paper, we're still figuring it out," Naff said. "It's to let people know we're still here, and still reporting the news." 

As an online magazine, our team here has to wonder if they're beating a dead horse.  As more and more people begin to rely on the web, it might be logical for the Blade to take their show online.

Is HX making an online comeback?



It looks like HX is making a comeback, of sorts, online.  I couldn't help but notice on Monday night that the HX website is no longer redirected to the Next Website.  Both magazines cover local gay news, entertainment and gossip in New York City, but each represented themselves very differently online. 

A few weeks after HX Media announced that they had sold HX Magazine and, their website started automatically directing visitors to the Next Magazine website.  That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Continue reading "Is HX making an online comeback?" »

November 16, 2009

Another gay media empire collapses taking down the Washington Blade


And another one bites the dust.  The Washington Blade delivered the news on Monday morning via Twitter.

"Washington Blade, like all Window Media publications, is closing today. Thank you for your support." The message went on to ask followers to "Keep following us for developments."  Why would they say that?

Politico is reporting that Washington Blade staff is going to try and resurrect the paper or create a spin-off.  The staffers are evidently meeting tomorrow to discuss their options.

This latest blow to gay print media will close several gay publications including the Washington Blade, Atlanta’s Southern Voice paper and David magazine as well as the  the South Florida Blade.  The company fell into receivership when they failed to pay their government bailout back.

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  Many gay publications have collapsed over the past year including big names like Genre and HX Magazine.

The worst part about it was how the douche bag management notified their staff.  They posted a note on the door telling them to come back later for their stuff. Shady, shady, shady!

Lou Dobbs says he left CNN on good terms, reports show they paid him $8M to leave

Lou Dobbs abruptly resigned from his long running post as CNN news anchor last week, but he insists it was all on good terms.

When asked if he felt like he was pushed out of CNN, Dobbs described the split as "amicable."

"Not at all," he said in a weekend interview. "I don't know if people will believe it, but we had a very amicable parting on the best of terms. I spent 29 years there building that company, and I wish everyone there nothing but the best, and they have reciprocated with me."

However, the New York Post is reporting that CNN paid $8 million to Dobbs to leave his gig earlier before his contract expired.

Dobbs, who was always vocal about his political views, has also made it very clear that he hasn't ruled out running for office.

CNN veteran reporter, John King, has already replaced Dobbs. King also anchors "State of the Union" which airs on Sunday mornings on CNN.

November 13, 2009

Governor Don Carcieri says he would consider offering legal protection to gay couples [video]


Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri says he would may back a domestic partnership system offering legal protections for same-sex couples.

Carcieri, who is completely against gay marriage, made his announcement after meeting with a group of gay rights activists in private.

Earlier this week, we told you that Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri vetoed a bill that would have allowed same-sex couples to make funeral arrangements for their partners.

"The important thing here was a broader discussion that ... hopefully could go somewhere that I think might deal with a lot of these situations short of what we call marriage," he said. 

This isn't the first time Governor Carcieri has considered supporting gay rights.  In 2006, Carcieri told The Associated Press that he opposed gay marriage and civil unions designed specifically to benefit same-sex couples.

Dogs greet soldiers returning from active duty [video]


This is just to die for!  We always think about wives, husbands and children of soliders - but we often forget about the pets.  They clearly miss their loved ones at war aw well.  Check out this video :

Lt. Schmidt posted this video his dog Gracie greeting him when he came back from Kandahar.

There are more pictures of dogs reuniting with their war heroes at the Huffington Post.  It will definitely give you that warm fuzzy feeling even if it is freezing cold outside.

I can't imagine leaving my little Parker for one night, much less long enough to go to war!  Then again, they don't want me in the military.  Plenty of people have asked, and you can trust I have told!

Evangelist Tony Alamo gets hefty jail sentence after child brides testify

An judge sentenced Evangelist cult leader wannabe Tony Alamo to 175 years behind bars on Friday.  Alamo is accused of taking teen girls across state lines to have sexy with them.

At 74, Alamo will spend the rest of his life in prison.

"May (God) have mercy on your soul," U.S. District Judge Harry Barnes told Alamo, according to reports.

Alamo is still a bit diluted and clearly doesn't think he's done too much wrong.  Before the judge slapped him with his sentence, he said: 

“I’m glad I’m me and not the deceived people in the world.”

Three women testified that Alamo tried to make them his child brides and used his role as pastor and father figure to control the young girls.

New Yorkers call on State Senators to legalize gay marriage [video]


Earlier this week, the New York State Senate decided to delay a vote on gay marriage.  The night before, however, rallies like this one took place in Buffalo.

It's amazing to see how many people are turning out to support gay marriage in New York.

The leadership of the Senate said they do plan to vote on marriage equality by the end of the year.  New York will become the sixth state to currently allow gay marriage if the measure passes.

If you live in New York and haven't contacted your senator, please do so now!

November 12, 2009

Video from 'The Oprah Winfrey Show" with chimpanzee attack victim

You know I've been all over the chimpanzee attack on Charla Nash, well now we have the video from her recent interview with Oprah. 

The video is a bit graphic as it shows photos of Charla being attacked by the monkey that dismantled her face.

Here it is:


The video and this photo put it all into perspective.  I respect Charla for going on Oprah to share her heartbreaking story. This proof that we shouldn't have undomesticated animals as pets!  I'm just saying...

Warning to gays: Don't die in Rhode Island [video]

Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri has vetoed a measure that would allow gay couple to plan funerals for their partners. 

My advice is make sure you don't die in Rhode Island!  You may end up without a funeral.

This seems really dumb!  Why shouldn't anyone who wants to put someone to rest be able to do so whether you're gay or not?!

Thanks Governor Carcieri for making us feel like second class citizens again.  His opponent, Attorney General and Democratic Governor hopeful Patrick Lynch, has criticized the government.

Miley Cyrus slips with homophobic slur in Kentucky [video]


Miley Cyrus made a homophobic slip while performing in Kentucky by shouting "you're gay" during her concert.

In her her song, 7 Things, Miley changed a line from "your games" to "you're gay."

I'll admit, I'm a little disappointed in the teen queen.  Dressing like a slut and ruining your own life is one thing, but why in the world would she come after the gays?

Billy Rae and the rest of Kentucky were probably sooo proud!

I'd suggest that Miley start apologizing stat.  Can we just set up a rehab to teach celebrities to be a little more politically correct? I'm just saying...

John King to replace Lou Dobbs at CNN [video]

Long-time CNN news anchor, Lou Dobbs, announced on Wednesday that he'll be leaving the network.  Dobbs resignation comes effective immediately, and he'll be replaced by John King.

King is currently the anchor of CNN's Sunday Morning program, "State of the Nation".  He'll evidently remain in that post until early 2010.  Most people probably know him from his work on CNN's "magic wall" during the 2008 election season.

Dobbs didn't say where he was going next, but did say he has some plans up his sleeve.

"Some leaders in the media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond my role here at CNN and engage in constructive problem-solving," Dobbs said mentioning the growth of the middle class, health care and immigration. "I will continue to strive to deal honestly and straightforwardly with those issues in the future."

Dobbs was one of the first anchors on CNN in 1980, so it seems a bit odd that he would resign so abruptly.

November 11, 2009

Here are the pictures of Chandra Nash after the chimpanzee attack


That's Charla Nash, she's the woman who was attacked by a friend's pet chimpanzee earlier this year in New York.

Nash appeared on Oprah Wednesday, and this photo blew my mind!

Evidently the chimp was drugged up on Xanax, so he had some behavioral issues.  No one seems to be sure whether the Xanax was meant for people or pets.

Charla told Oprah that she rarely touches her face to avoid knowing how bad her injuries really are. "I don't ask a whole lot about my injuries and I know that I have my forehead."

New York Senate delays gay marriage vote


The New York State Senate has delayed the vote on gay marriage, but leaders say they will vote on the measure by the end of the year.

This gives us more time to promote our cause!  If you're a New Yorker, please take time to contact your Senator and ask them to vote in favor of marriage equality in the Empire State.

New York is known for being a pioneer.  Our state should be a leader in civil rights and legalize gay marriage.  

November 10, 2009

Who knew cops wouldn't like two gay men massaging each other in a Chelsea store's window?

On Friday, we told you about a massage exhibit set to take place in New York at the Blue Chelsea on 8th Avenue.  Evidently cops shut the live erotic massage down, but organizers of the event don't seem to know why.

A police officer evidently stopped at the Blue Chelsea and told's director Daniel Lee that he had to shut the exhibit down. The NYPD officer told Lee that he needed a permit for what was happening.

Lee challenged the cop asking if Macy's needed a permit for their holiday windows, and the cop refused to debate and walked away. made the call to shut the display down, but not before a few photos were snapped!

November 09, 2009

Special legislative session in New York could legalize gay marriage


Tuesday is the big day in New York!  The Democratic-lead Senate is expected to vote on gay marriage in a special called by Governor David Paterson.

Gay advocated planned rallies across the state on Monday night in hopes of reviving an issue that some say died when Maine repealed their new law on gay marriage last week.

Five U.S. states have already legalized gay marriage -- Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

The New York state legislature has already passed a similar bill.  Governor Paterson, who supports gay marriage, says he'll sign marriage equality into law as soon as he gets one on his desk. will be following the special session as soon as it convenes tomorrow at noon.

Is Barney Frank smoking the ganja?

After a confession on Friday by openly gay Representative Barney Frank, many are wondering today if the Congressman is a pot head.

Evidently, when Frank's boyfriend James Ready got arrested in his home on marijuana charges, Frank was there.

MyFoxBoston is reporting that Ready was charged with marijuana possession, cultivation and use of drug paraphernalia.  He pleaded guilty to civil possession and paid a fine.  The rest of the charges were dropped last year.

Frank said he did not know his boyfriend was growing weed and was not charged.  He continues to be an advocate for the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

I saw legalize it, and we'll all light up together!

Is 'Seasame Street' on team Obama in the Fox News battle? [video]


Conservative bloggers are pitching a fit over this two year old re-run of "Seasame Street."  In the video, Oscar the Grouch is working for GNN (Grouch News Network.)

During the skit, on the children's television show, Oscar is evidently boring one of the female viewers who shouts "From now on, I'm watching Pox News. Now there's a trashy news show!"

This re-run seems to have hit at a bad time as conservatives scurry to protect Fox News from the wrath of President Obama and the White House press room.

November 06, 2009

Is Ted Haggard starting a new church from home?

I'm not sure if Ted Haggard still has the homosexuality or not, but it looks like the Lord is calling him again.

Just like he did in the mid-80's, Haggard seems to be laying the ground work for starting another church in his home.

Ted sent out a tweet earlier this week inviting friends to a "prayer meeting" in their home.


There are lot of pros to having church at home for Haggard.  He can have a prostitute and a meth pipe waiting in case he needs to a break for a hit or to hit it.

Haggard was, of course, the preacher at New Life Church before his hooker outted him as a homo who likes to do lots of crystal meth.

Follow me on Twitter @charleswinters, and follow the website @gaysocialites.

Why is everyone trying to out Anderson Cooper?

With new speculation around a new man in his life, the bloggers are once again trying to out CNN's Anderson Cooper.

From Michael Musto and Perez Hilton to Page Six and Gawker, everyone is trying to yank the sexy silver fox out of the closet.  But why?

The answer is simple.  It's because Anderson is hot!  You know if he was fat and ugly, we wouldn't care!  I can see where he is coming from.  With people from the back woods who leave comments like this, some people may not want to get their news from a homo.

GLAAD isn't laughing at "South Park" F-Word episode

On Wednesday night, the writers of "South Park" took on the F-Word.  I'm not talking about fuck.  Fag was the word of the night.  Now, GLAAD says they got the joke - they just aren't laughing.

Regular readers know that I use the word Fag and all of its dirivitives (fag, faggot, faggoty, faggish, fagged out).  In a sense, I guess am trying to own the word.  If someone is going use the word, I figure it may as well be us.

GLAAD seems to want to pull all of the negative stigma from the word all together.

In a press release, members wrote: "Though this seems to represent a well-intentioned effort by the creators of South Park to delegitimize a vulgar anti-gay slur, the fact is that the word is and remains a hateful slur that is often part of the harassment, bullying and violence that gay people, and gay youth in particular, experience on a daily basis in this country."

So what do you think?  Should we all stop using the word fag or is it ours to own? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Here's video of the Yankee's ticker tape parade [video]


Whether you're a sports fan or not, today's ticker tape parade gave me the warm fuzzies.  I don't give a shit about the Yankees or any other team for that matter, but it was exciting to see so many people getting that excited over the same thing!  It reminded me of my college days at the University of Tennessee.  Only there, our sport is football.

Just in case you're wondering what the deal is the title, ticker tape parade, I did a little research.  The first ticker tape parade was evidently held in lower Manhattan after the dedication of the Statue of Liberty in 1886.  The "ticker tape" refers to the paper that was previously used to get stock numbers (way before the days of modern communication.)  In celebration, people in the office buildings threw the ticker tape onto the street to form the illusion of a confetti like snow.  Today, they used ripped up papers and toilet tissue.

The Yankees, of course, are celebrating their World Series win.  The parade also featured a "key to the city" dedication by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a performance by Jay-Z.  All of the major news stations covered the celebration live, and many media outlets offered the opportunity to watch online.  However, hundreds and hundreds of people lined the streets of New York's Financial District to celebrate.

November 05, 2009

Death toll rising at Fort Hood following shooting on military base [video]



A shooting on a military base in Texas has shaken America.  Evidently two men in military uniforms opened fire at Fort Hood killing many people, some reports say up to a dozen.  CNN is reporting that at least 30 people were injured.

There is little information, and the death toll is rising.  No one has confirmed whether the shooters were actually members of the military or not. 

Initial reports say the two men walked into a processing center and started shooting.  Evidently one of the shooters has been captured and the other is "cornered" by military police.

We'll keep you posted.

Trevor Project to honor Neil Patrick Harris and AT&T

The Trevor Project has announced that they will honor LGBT actor, Neil Patrick Harris, and AT&T at their holiday event in December.

The press release calls Harris, the star of "How I Met Your Mother",  a compelling example for LGBTQ youth through his extraordinary professional and personal success.

For many years, I have been a passionate and enthusiastic supporter of The Trevor Project’s lifesaving work, and I’m deeply honored to be recognized by an organization which has such a vital mission,” said Harris. “Everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, should be able to live their lives proudly as exactly who they are. I’m hopeful that in accepting this award, and in helping to build further awareness of The Trevor Project’s resources, I can in some small way make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning] youth.

As for AT&T, the Trevor Project described their company as "a champion of diversity and a progressive corporate leader committed to equality, as demonstrated by its continuous 100% Index rating by the Human Rights Campaign."

The Trevor Project is a national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among LGBT youth.

The awards will be handed out at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles on December 6th.

November 04, 2009

Rally planned in Manhattan's Union Square for gay marriage in Maine and New York

There's a rally being formed right now in New York City to show support for the marriage equality effort in Maine.  A proposition passed in that state on Tuesday that revokes the right of same-sex couples to wed.

According to the Facebook invite, the group will meet at Union Square at 5:30pm to rally behind same sex marriage in both Maine and eventually New York.

There is a chance that New York might bring gay marriage to a vote later this year in a special session despite the fact that supporting senators say they may not have the support to get the bill passed.

Another rally is planned for November 9th at Union Square in Manattan beginning at 6pm!

November 03, 2009

United States lifts HIV travel ban

President Barack Obama has finally lifted the ban on HIV Positive travelers who want to enter the United States.  The ban was 22 years old and was put into place in 1987 when HIV/AIDS was added to a list of commuicable diseases.

HIV/ AIDS advocates say this is a huge step forward in lifting the negative stigma associated with those battling the disease.

"This comes as very good news for us," Michael Angaga, regional coordinator for the Network of African People Living with HIV/AIDS said.

"For so long HIV-positive people have felt isolated by one of the greatest nations in the world, which should be spearheading human rights." Angaga added.

Advocates hope this move by the United States will influence other nations who similar bans to do the same.

Will New York really get marriage equality this year?

Things aren't looking too good for marriage equality in New York these days.  Evidently, the Senate isn't in a hurry to vote since the votes for passage may not be there.  Still, Governor David Paterson wants to bring gay marriage to a vote before the end of the year.

John Sampson, the new leader of the Democratic controlled Senate, is now on board for marriage equality in New York.  However, he does not seem to be pushing Senators who are on the fence to vote yet. Republican say they may be able to deliver a few votes, but they aren't willing to put their necks on the lines if Democrats can't step up to the plate.

Gay advocates are also concerned that the conservative revolt against Republican Dede Scozzafava, who voted for gay marriage in the Assembly, may scare off some Republican votes.

It looks like we're basically still at the starting line.

More bodies found in Cleveland home of apparent serial killer [video]


Authorities in Ohio are scrambling to identify at least six bodies if not more found in a home in Cleveland.  CNN is reporting that police have just found at least one more body, if not more, near the home. 

Destruction materials including a large backhoe have been called in to dig around the home to see if more bodies remain.

Those on the scene are comparing it to the Jeffrey Dahmer killings in the 1980s.  The smell around the home is reportedly so bad that it burns your nose to enter the house's proximity.

The home belongs to Anthony Sowell, and cops say they now have him in custody.

Voting no on Proposition One in Maine makes Twitter Trending Topics

If the trending topics on Twitter mean anything, then things aren't looking good for Proposition in Maine.  As of Tuesday afternoon, Vote No on 1 was a trending topic on the popular micro blogging social networking site.


Twitter maintains a list of the hottest topics of discussion at all times.  If these trends mean anything, then it looks like Maine will be the first state where voters vote to allow gay marriage.

Go Maine!  Vote No on One! 

[Follow @charleswinters and @gaysocialites on Twitter!]

November 02, 2009

Have Black Friday deals already started this year?

It looks like the Black Friday sales have already begun this year, and I couldn't be happier!

Black Friday, of course, normally starts the day after Thanksgiving.  For most of our lifetimes, it has been the biggest shopping day of the year.  That has all changed in this economy.

Department stores like Sears, Wal-mart and Target have all already started offering Black Friday deals.  Amazon, Ebay and all the cell phones companies are running sales online.

We hope to keep you abreast of those Black Friday deals this season.  In a few days, we'll even kick off the annual Favorite Things listings!

Did a fired Advocate staffer really send out a naked pic of himself to everyone?

Regent Media is going on a firing spree as gay print media continues to fall, but it is what production manager Brian Lindsey did that is really making headlines about whats going on over at the Advocate.

Lindsey evidently sent out this picture to the entire staff at the Advocate on Friday when he found out he was getting fired.


I'm not exactly sure what Lindsey's message is on this one, but it's a pretty hot picture.  There seems to be some debate as to whether Brian is the guy in the skirt or the guy with the sock.  Either way, they're both easy on the eyes!

Maybe that was Brian's parting gift to his former fellow Advocate staffers? It may have also been a stunt to try and get a gig at another gay media outlet.  If he wears skimpy clothes like this to work every day (and if we had the need for a production manager), I'd probably hire him!

Managing editor John Jameson, art director Craig Edwards, photo editor Meghan Quinn, copy editor Teresa Morrison and associate publisher Mike Phelps were also fired at the Advocate.  They, as far as we know, didn't send out nearly naked photos of themselves though.

Rumor has it the Advocate is going to fold and become an insert to sister publication, Out.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Meanwhile, we have to thank Brian Lindsey for the sexy photo!

Watch what meat your putting in your mouth!


You better watch what meat your sticking in your mouth these days, because folks along the eastern sea board are being warned to check the beef in their meat locker!  There's a beef recall under way, and it could be killing folks!

Evidently, beef eaters from North Carolina to Maine should check for ground beef that could contain E-coli, including meatloaf or meatball mix, possibly related to two deaths and more than two dozen illnesses in other states.

The tainted meat came from Fairbank Farms of Ashville, N.Y.  The packages were sold under a variety of brand names, ranging from Acme Markets' Lancaster Brand Ground Beef and Extra Lean Ground Beef to Giant Food Stores Meatloaf and Meatball Mix to Trader Joe's Butcher Shop Fine Quality Meats Ground Beef.  There is a full list after the break.

Bad meat will be in packages with sell-by dates of Sept. 19 through Sept. 28. The number "EST. 492" is also stamped across the packaging.

Continue reading "Watch what meat your putting in your mouth!" »

October 28, 2009

Senator Chuck Schumer says we "must not rest" until gay marriage in legal in all 50 states

Senator Charles Schumer told gay marriage supporters last week that we "must not rest" until it is legalized in all 50 states.  The third ranking member of the Senate made these comments as Maine prepares for Tuesday's vote to decide the future of marriage equality in their state.

If Proposition 1 passes it will overturn a new state law that legalized same-sex marriage in Maine. But if it fails it will be the first time that any state approves gay marriage through a state-wide vote.

"Ten years ago, many thought that civil unions were about the best we could hope for. But the time for marriage has come," Schumer, speaking at the Empire State Pride Agenda dinner, said. "I call on all of my colleagues -- Democrat and Republican, in the Congress, in the state senate, in the state legislature, to support full marriage equality now.... Equality should know no bounds, and we must not rest until we have [gay] marriage in all 50 of these United States."

Schumer is the senior U.S. Senator representing New York.  New Yorker's state legislature has approved a measure to legalize gay marriage, and the Senate is expected to pass the bill later this year in a special session.

Barack Obama signs Matthew Shepard Act into law [video]

Barack Obama signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act into law today.  The measure was passed by both the House and the Senate this year.

"After more than a decade of opposition and delay, we've passed inclusive hate crimes legislation to help protect our citizens from violence based on what they look like, who they love, how they pray, or who they are," Presidnet Obama said.

I promised Judy Shepard, when she saw me in the Oval Office, that this day would come, and I'm glad that she and her husband Dennis could join us for this event.

Judy is, of course, the mother of the late-Matthew Shepard who was brutually killed in a gay bashing.

Attorney General Eric Holder, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Judy Shepard, Ted Kennedy's widow Vicki, Vice-President Joe Biden, Sen. Carl Lein, Sen. Patrick Leahy, and Rep. Jerry Nadler were all by Obama's sign as he signed the bill into law.

Larry Johnson suspended over homophobic slur on Twitter

Stupid bitch Larry Johnson has been suspended for week 10 of the NFL season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy after making a homophobic slur on Twitter.

The Kansas City Chief's player went to his Twitter to bitch about another loss and bash his head coach Todd Haley.  When one of his followers responded, Johnson told him "Christopher Street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u."

Johnson was, of course, referring to the gayest street in the land in New York City's West Village.

This Twitter gay bashing was just the icing on the case.  Johnson has a long line of violations including assaults on various women.  It looks like we have another Michael Vick on our hands!

October 27, 2009

Boston Market and KFC offer cheap (or free) chicken


Do you feel like chicken tonight?  If so, you can definitely get a good deal at both KFC and Boston Market.

Five thousand KFC's across the country are offering free chicken today.  The marketing folks at KFC have tagged today as "UNFry Day," and will be handing out one free piece of grilled chicken to customers.

Over at Boston Market, you'll need a dollar; but you get a full meal!  One dollar gets you chicken, mash potatoes and cornbread.  You can print the coupon here.  The offer expires on November 1st.

Now, I bet everyone is feeling like chicken tonight!

October 25, 2009

New York's 98.7 Kiss FM offends gays with homophobic commercial


There's a major call to action going on among tweeters in New York and nationwide. Associate Editor King Ralphy, DJ Samantha Ronson and others are drawing awareness for an anti-gay marriage ad running on KISS FM 98.7.

The ad has also infiltrated other markets where local government is currently working to legalize gay marriage.  LGBT advocates want your to call the station and express your concern for this hate laced advertisement.

You can hear that horrible, homophobic commercial above.

Please take a moment to call 98.7 and tell them to stop running this discriminatory ad. Their number is 212-242-9870. As an R&B station that caters to a minority, you would think those folks might understand how it feels to be discriminated against better than anyone.

You can follow on Twitter, and me @CharlesWinters.

October 23, 2009

New York Governor says he expects gay marriage to pass in coming weeks



New York Governor David Paterson says he expects to soon see a same-sex marriage bill on his desk, and he says he'll sign it into law.

Paterson says he expects the state Senate to give the measure final legislative approval in the coming weeks making New York the seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Paterson's statements to the Empire State Pride Agenda dinner in Manhattan on Thursday night brings to light a lot of behind-the-scenes work by advocates and bill sponsors trying to get the bill passed.

The bill should have already passed but was blocked by a coup that disrupted the end of the Senate's regular session this summer. Governor Paterson says he plans to put the bill on the agenda for a special session in the coming weeks. The Assembly already passed the measure.

October 22, 2009

Matthew Shepard Act passes, its in Obama's hands now


The Matthew Shepard Act passed through the Senate today, and now it is up to Barack Obama to make it a law.  The bill will add much needed hate crime protection to gays and lesbians across the country.

Democratic supporters attached the measure to a must-pass $680 billion defense policy bill the Senate approved 68-29. The House passed the defense bill earlier this month.

This was a top priority for late-Senator Edward M. Kennedy.  The measure is named for Matthew Shepard , the gay Wyoming college student murdered 11 years ago.  His mother, Judy, lobbied hard for the bill.  We can't thank her enough!

October 21, 2009

Are you suffering from drunkorexia?

My classmates and I at the University of Tennessee would have considered this too much like work, but college kids these days are drunkorexic.

Here's how it works.  You basically don't eat, then you go out and drink. 

"An epidemic like this is really bad. As RAs we're trained to deal with people who have eating disorders as well as how to help people who drink to an excess. This is a detriment since it would be nearly impossible to help someone who significantly suffered from both of these illnesses. This is a serious problem," Madison Shelton, second-year RA and a senior majoring in anthropology, said.

On an empty stomach, its easier to get drunk.

Six year old girl getting evicted


A six year old girl might be getting evicted from her grandparents retirement village, because she isn't old enough.

It's true, evidently you have to be 55 years old to live in the retirement village.  At this point, it looks like the people have to chose to either give up their house or their kid.

The family has evidently decided to keep the kid.  They're so hard up to sell their home that they recently lowered the price of their residence from $255,000 to $129,000.

October 20, 2009

Are pet owners soon getting tax deductions?


Taking care of your pets may soon get easier financially.

A new proposal working its way through congress may give pet owners an annual income tax deduction. If passed, animal owners could see a $3500 deduction for pet care expenses, including veterinary care costs.

Most pet owners evidently spend about $1700 each year on their pets.

Get romantic tonight with a meteor shower

If you're looking for something romantic to do tonight, then grab your loved one (and a blanket) for what seems to be an amazing meteor shower.

The Earth will run into the debris left behind by Hailey's comet, and as we speed by it will all smash into our path like bugs on a windshield.  The meteor shower, however, will probably be much more beautiful than dead bugs going splat.

The best time to view the meteor shower, no matter where you are, is evidently between 1am and dawn.  The most optimal viewing may be around 6am on the West coast and 3am on the East.

October 19, 2009

No more cross dressing at Morehouse college


Atlanta' prestigious Morehouse College has made a bold move and banned cross-dressing on campus. They must have a horrible problem at this all male school, right?  Wrong.  It looks like a hand full of people are being targeted.

"We are talking about five students who are living a gay lifestyle that is leading them to dress a way we do not expect in Morehouse men," says Dr. William Bynum, vice president for Student Services.

Putting a stop to these five students who are experssing themselves in college has seemingly become top priority.

How the hell are they going to have drag shows if you can't cross dress?  I bet no one thought of that did they?

Here's the new Droid Does commercial. Genuis. [video]

This is the new Droid commercial that everyone is talking about.  

Basically, the message is that everything iPhone doesn't do, Droid Does.

I think it is about time someone went directly after the iPhone.  I'm an out and proud Blackberry user, so all of this doesn't affect me too much.  I can't type on the damn iPhone, and I don't really care too much about all of the apps.

If the phone is as great as the commercial, we have a lot to look forward to!

October 16, 2009

California judge takes a stab at Proposition 8, refused to dismiss lawsuit


A California judge said he refuses to dismiss a lawsuit against Proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage.

U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker asked Charles Cooper, a lawyer for the group that sponsored Proposition 8, how allowing gay couples to wed threatens conventional unions.  The attorney said he did not know.

Cooper had asked Judge Walker to throw out the suit or make it more difficult for those civil rights claims to prevail.

The judge also made it very clear tht Cooper needs to present evidence showing that male-female marriages would be undermined if same-sex marriages were legal.


Do something nice for your boss or boss someone around today! It's Boss's Day!!

It's Boss's Day!

Someone who works for me in one of my many business ventures had better plan to do something nice for me today. Even if it's just a McDonald's Sweet Tea or a McChicken. It's the thought that counts so someone better be thinking of me!

Do something nice for your boss today. I'm gonna do something nice for the people who think they are my boss today. I mean it's Boss's Day for goodness sakes! Maybe I'll even do something for my editors and supervisors. They are someone's boss!

Regardless, I wish you all a Happy Boss's Day... even if you aren't anyone's boss. Boss someone around today, and it's your day too.

And you better hope some people at least tweet me a Happy Boss's Day message or there are going to be lots of jobs posted on Monday morning!

October 15, 2009

Cops catch second suspect in Queens gay bashing [video]


Cops have finally captured the second suspect in a Queens gay bashing.  Daniel Rodriguez, Jr was picked up in Virginia after running from authorities.

Rodriguez and his friend, Daniel Aleman savagely attacked Jack Price.  Price, an openly gay man, was nearly killed.

Despite the fact that both Rodriguez and Aleman are being charged with a hate-crime, both men claim this was not a hate crime.

Rodriquez's father even begged for his foregiveness today.

"I want to say to Mr. price that I'm sorry for my son, and that he wasn't the one that caused him harm," Daniel Rodriguez, Sr., said. "I caused him the harm the minute I stopped being a father to my son. I hurt him."

Neighbors have accused Price of blowing kisses and provoking the attack.  Gay activists say nothing could have warranted such a brutal attack.

Boy from balloon found, you know him from 'Wife Swap'


The 6-year-old boy who was believed to be in a home-made balloon over Denver, Colorado is no stranger to national TV.  Falcon participated in the ABC show, "Wife Swap", with his parents - Richard and Mayumi Heene.

Falcon was found near in his home in Colorado after an intense search. The boy was evidently hiding in a cardboard box in the garage.

The helium balloon traveled about 50 miles over two counties and went thousands of feet into the air.  After about 2 hours, the balloon gently landed in a field.

Cops search for missing boy believed to be in balloon [video]


Colorado cops were evidently on a wild goose chase for a home made helium balloon carrying a 6-year-old boy who was believed to have crawled into the balloon and set sail.

Denver authorities have evidently landed the balloon, and there is no sign of the boy.

Police are still searching for the boy around where the balloon launched and within the area surrounding his neighborhood.

The whole event dubbed "the boy in the balloon" played out on live television.

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