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June 26, 2010

Gay Pride Weekend kicks off with a bang in NYC


While one venue was closing its door, many others were keeping them open extra late on Friday night as Gay Pride weekend kicked off in New York City.

As nearly 3am, the management at Club Rush (known for its twinkie parties) was still regulating the crowd outside and clearing the line off Sixth Avenue.


Our friends over at the new hot spot, Trip (formerly Elevate), were packed with papis from Louis Loca's insane Uncut Friday party where Reina performed.  The place was packed with gorgeous men of various shades.  It was like a Latino buffet! 

Meanwhile... downtown... Daniel Nardicio was fighting off the crowds at his Pride Kick off party, Mineshaft. Here's a picture from the phone paparazzi hanging out at Mineshaft.

Down in the East Village, Nardicio boasted fully naked go-go boys and the porn stars from Randy Blue!  We received other pictures from this party via text, but let's just say they weren't too suitable for publishing without permission from those within the pictures.

WANT TO BE A gaysocialites.blog CORESPONDENT? If you're celebrating Gay Pride in New York City, then we want to see pics from your party! Tweet them to us @gaysocialites or via e-mail at charles@gaysocialites.blog (make sure you put PRIDE PICS in the subject line!)

June 25, 2010

New York City's View Bar closes right in the middle of gay pride



Here's some interesting breaking nightlife news out of Manhattan. Long-time gay hang out, View Bar, has closed its doors.

This photo, ripped from former View promoter Jonny Mack's Facebook page, opens a can of worms.

Why would a New York gay establishment with such a long shelf life closed down during Gay Pride without warning? View Bar had a highly promoted rundown planned for the weekend, but that all seems to be out the door... literally.

We've got a team of GaySocialites working the story, and we'll bring you an update as soon as we have one.

BE A PART OF THE GAYSOCIALITES NEWS TEAM: Do you have information on this breaking story? Email me at or contact me via Facebook at www.Facebook.blog/thecharleswinters!

June 24, 2010

King Ralphy takes over Gooth Magazine for Pride


Our very own, King Ralphy, is the cover boy for Gooth Magazine's gay pride issue.  Gooth is a magazine that covers New York City nightlife and specializes in the outer boroughs.

Here is a video that Gooth released from behind-the-scenes at Ralphy's photo shoot.

Ralphy has come a long way in a short amount of time. He actually just started a new role at gaysocialites.blog as Marketing and Promotions Director and Contributing Editor.  

June 21, 2010

Nightlife Must: Young, Gay & Proud at Rush in NYC




RSVP on Facebook.

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June 20, 2010

Update: One of NYC's hottest gay clubs undergoes identity crisis


I told ya so! Here's a follow-up report to the news I told you that I heard earlier this week about the name change at Elevate and the return of Daniel Nardicio's Saturday weekly party.

[updated on 6/20/2010] After an article ran on Blackbook.blog late last week, the owners made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go with the name Access .  After meeting with their promotions and marketing teams, however, Scott Smith announced on Sunday that the club will actually be renamed "390" (as in the street address on 8th Avenue where the venue is located!)

"390" has an insane week planned in honor of New York City's gay pride celebration.

gaysocialites.blog is the first to report that the owners of the club formerly known as Elevate at 390 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan are changing the club's name to Access.

Just in time for pride, Access will launch their new name as New York City begins their week long celebration this upcoming weekend.

Rickey Mercado, one of the owners of Access, says the name Elevate evidently caused some confusion since there is already a club named Elevate in Los Angeles.

"This is the final step in a transformation that has taken one of Manhattan's most popular clubs and opened it to the LGBT community," Mercado said.

In addition to the name change, Access will introduce a new party starting on Saturday, June 26th.  Daniel Nardicio will kick off his new weekly soiree the night before the Heritage of Pride March in Manhattan.

Access (formerly Elevate) is located at 390 Eighth Avenue (between 29th & 30th) streets in New York City.

June 16, 2010

Save the date: Drama Saturdays at Rush



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June 15, 2010

Testing the doors at New York City's hottest nightclubs


The New York Post did some investigative reporting and decided to test New York City's hottest clubs.  Who is in and who is out?  They sent out six investigative reporters to try their luck at some New York's toughest nightclub doors. 

Their personas included a Jersey girl, a Bill Gates nerd, a square suburban dad, a guido, a Samantha-esque older woman and a geekette.  They hit the following Manhattan nightclubs:  Tenjune, Marquee, Boom Boom Room, 1Oak, Avenue and Griffin.

The results were surprising: The suburban dad, who got into 5 out of the 6 clubs, had the best partying average, while the guido, shirtless with bulging ab muscles, and the nerdette, wearing a “Little House on the Prairie”-style dress, fared the worst, getting into only two clubs each — and only one each for free.

You can read the complete results on The Post's website.  Some nightclub doors are clearly easier to crack than others.

June 13, 2010

I HEARD... Change is coming to Elevate NYC


I heard that Manhattan's "King of Sleeze," Daniel Nardicio, is returning to the Saturday night slot at Elevate NYC after having previously said he was leaving his post for a summer of Saturday nights in Fire Island.  Nardicio, who has helped orchestrate the resurgence of Playgirl, spends most of his time during the summer months promoting various events in Fire Island.  I also heard that the real reason Nardicio quit the party was because he couldn't see eye-to-eye with his partner, Michael T. Now Micheal T is out and Nardicio is in.

I also heard ... that the new owners of Elevate NYC are being forced to change their club's name. Evidently, some nightclub owners in California claim to own the Elevate brand. They they want the name changed stat!  The owners at Elevate NYC are moving quickly to determine a new name for Manhattan's newest gay club.  They even called in a brilliant marketing consultant to help them get started.

[For full disclosure, Ronnie Hokanson is that brilliant marketing consultant mentioned in the above article.]

June 11, 2010

Win Adam Lambert concert tickets at Rush!



BoiParty.blog presents Drama Saturdays at Rush!  You could win tickets to see Adam Lambert LIVE in concert.

Get 2-for-1 drinks from 10-idnight! Pop music all night long by DJ Steve Sidewalk!

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue (between 16th and 17th).  It's 18 to party and 21 to drink.  $15 reduced admission with flyer!

June 04, 2010

You're invited to all the Drama


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May 25, 2010

Peter Rahoufer announces plans for Work party during NYC Gay Pride


During last year's gay pride festivities in New York, superstar DJ Peter Rauhofer brought out a record breaking crowd for is Work party packing over 5,000 men into Roseland Ballroom.  And luckily for us... he's going to do it again this year.

On behalf of Peter Rauhofer, gaysocialites.blog would like to invite you to join us for Pride 2010 at Roseland Ballroom on Saturday, June 26th. 

Advanced tickets are on sale now for $80.  Get yours here!   Don't wait too long to get your tickets, because once they're gone - they're gone.  There are also VIP tickets available for only $150 with VIP entrance, access to the VIP section, a round of drinks and re-entry access all night long.

Roseland Ballroom is located at 239 West 52nd Street in Manhattan.  There will be no guest lists at the door, so take advantage of this opportunity to reserve your spot now! Get your tickets here NOW! 

May 16, 2010

I heard... gossip about recording artists Dina Marie, Kim Zolciak and Countess Luann



I HEARD...  Dina Marie has joined the team at Manhattan's newly gay, Elevate NYC.   Dina says she'll be producing a series of weekly parties for members of the transgendered community (and those whole admire them) as well as a monthly event that she's a little more tight lipped about.  If you remember her Circus and Blow Pop parties from last year, then you know what this nightlife-personality-turned-recording-artist is capable of pulling out of her weave!  Let's just say girl knows how to party.

I also HEARD... some of Dina Marie's singles that will be dropping later this year, and it looks like her parties aren't the only hits she's producing!  If you know Dina, you know you can expect a lot from any venture she undergoes.  Her debut album is no different.  Dina has been in the studio for the first few months of the year and even attended the Winter Music Conference in Miami to get the buzz started.  Get ready, because Dina Marie's tracks are going to blow your socks off!

I also HEARD... everyone's favorite train wreck, Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, has been talking lots of smack about her New York counterpart - Countess Luanna deLesseps after she ventured into Zolciak's territory and recorded her own song! "I don't like it," Kim has repetitively told anyone who will listen when referring to Luann's first single. "I admire what she's doing though," Zolciak added. Luann doesn't seem to care saying that people who don't like the song don't have to download it from iTunes.  The Countess evidently also has a record deal with Ultra Records while Zolciak is evidently working on her second single due out later this year.

[Editor's Note: In last week's edition of "I HEARD...", Dave Beatty says I evidently heard something wrong; and he has asked us to fix it.  Beatty may be out at Rush, but he evidently still owns his shares in the club while a deal is being brokered between he and the primary owners.]

May 10, 2010

On Saturday night, I felt the drama at Rush

"D" was the letter of the week for Drama Saturdays at Rush as a few D-listers decided to swing by and check out BoiParty.blog's weekly college fest.

In addition to the regular cast of characters (i.e. Steve Sidewalk, Jonathan Ladee and Alan Picus), I was also on hand and tasked with choosing the hottest guy in the building.  In the wee hours of the morning, we brought the hot-guy-hopefuls on stage to let the audience pick the winner.

After a little flashing of various body parts, a cute little latino named Irving won top prize and walked away with pair of VIP tickets to Sidewalk's Birthday party (next Saturday at Rush) and two tickets to see Wynter Gordon perform live.

Also seen: Reichen  BoiParty.blog, Malan Bretton, Dylan Pass, John Hernandez and scores of hot college cuties.

Nightlife Shots : Crisis! on 8th Avenue @ Elevate 05.08.10


I work every Saturday night at Crisis on 8th Avenue at Club Elevate with Michael T, Paul Short, Rich King and Cynthia Powell. Last week was AMAZING!! Look at what I saw :


To see more of this set head on over to www.erichalliwell.blog!

Continue reading "Nightlife Shots : Crisis! on 8th Avenue @ Elevate 05.08.10" »

May 07, 2010

Ms. Barbie Baits A Client

Meet Barbie my latest superstar!! Shes a transexual ho.. ahem "escort" and shes fabulous!! Here we see her talking to a potential client. He works in the kitchen and as you can see Barbies THRILLED about it! If you dont piss yourself laughing then somethings wrong with you! Stay tooned to EricHalliwellNights for more of Barbie! Trust me you don't want to miss out.


May 06, 2010

gaysocialites.blog's Shealita Babay celebrating her birthday in NYC. Here's her weekend line-up:



gaysocialites.blog is pleased to announce that our very own Shealita Babay is coming to New York City with weekend to celebrate her birthday!  We're calling it "The Coming of Shealita!"

For those of you who don't know Shealita Babay, she's like a Sarah Palin for the gays.  She isn't afraid to spread love (or hate) in the Lord's name, and she loves to further the GOP agenda.  However, just like Pain, Shealita is strangely likeable.

If you'd like to raise your glass of holy water with Shealita this weekend, she'll be at the F-Word on Friday night and guest hosting "Crisis on 8th Avenue" Saturday night at Elevate.

You can reach Shealita by e-mail shealita@gaysocialites.blog or via Facebook.  Make sure you wish her a Happy Birthday, and join her as she wreaks havoc with weekend if you're in Manhattan!

End of the Semester Student Special for Drama Saturdays at Rush



This Saturday BoiParty.blog is kissing the Spring Semester good-bye and saying hello to summer with an End of the Semester party!

gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson will be in the house rewarding those who aren't afraid to show off their summer body with free drinks and random prizes all night long!  After everyone gets good and drunk, he'll be hosting a Best Buns contest (we all know what's his favorite body part!)

DJ Steve Sidewalk will spin POP music all night long!  Admission is only $10 with your student ID!  There is also a happy hour from 10-midnight with 2-for-1 cocktails and 25 cent drink specials throughout the nice at the upstairs bar with Rush's freshest meat, Casey.

If you're headed home for the summer, then you MUST come by Rush and see why this is the nation's longest running gay college themed party in the country!  It is easy to see why every cute gay boy loves a little Drama!

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue between 16th and 17th streets in Manhattan.  For more information, check out the invite on Facebook.

To get your event listed as a sponsored event or to book one of the GaySocialites for your event, e-mail for more information.   

May 05, 2010

I HEARD... gossip on New York nightlife from Ronnie Hokanson


I HEARD... that Dave Beaty is out at Rush in New York.  After acting as managing partner for a few years at that location, Beaty tells us he's been bought out by his partner and replaced by legendary nightlife manager Morgan McLean.  Dave told me he's opening up a new spot in Hell's Kitchen that he plans to have up-and-running by June for Gay Pride.  It seems as though Rush will currently remain status-quo focusing on the flagship Saturday night party for the college kids.

I also HEARD… that John Blair is virtually out of Splash.  My insiders tell me that the only thing "John Blair" about that Saturday night party is that it carries his name.  "John's been gone for 3 weeks," an insider told me.  When we asked for an official statement, we were told John Blair Productions is contracted to promote Saturday nights at Splash for at least a few more months.  If you go to his website, it is clear that Splash is in Blair's past as he focuses on the opening of XL Hell's Kitchen which will be housed inside the new gay Out NYC Hotel coming next year.

I also HEARD... about a new party in Brooklyn.  This time, the gays are hitting Dumbo for a party called Gumbo.  Its held at the Galapagos Art space usually monthly. The schedule, however, varies. In May, you'll have two chances to check out the hot homos at Gumbo. On May 13th, the party starts at 8pm and on May 21st at 10pm. 

"I HEARD..." is a syndicated column by homo-journalist Ronnie Hokanson.  For more information, e-mail charles@gaysocialites.blog.

April 30, 2010

Drama Saturdays says good-bye to this semester with wild weekly at Rush


On Saturday night, I'll be making my return to Drama Saturdays at Club Rush in Manhattan as a special guest host!

This week, BoiParty.blog is using their bustling weekly soiree to say thanks to the students for a wildy successful semester!

DJ Steve Sidewalk will spin pop music all night, and yours truly (Ronnie Hokanson) will be hosting a "Hot Buns Contest" in the wee hours of the morning.  They've asked me for a my nicer, toned down version of their infamous "Hot Body Contest", so they're displaying my favorite quality in a guy - their buns!

Come by Rush on Saturday and see why Drama is one of the nation's most talked about college parties for gay students!

There's also a 2-for-1 happy hour until midnight and .25 drink specials all night long! Club Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.  For more information, visit www.BoiParty.blog!  You can also RSVP via Facebook!

To get your event listed as a sponsored event, e-mail for more information.  

April 24, 2010

Win Ke$ha tickets Saturday night at Rush



If you're in the metro- New York area, then you won't want to miss this!  Saturday night at Rush, BoiParty.blog is giving tickets to see Ke$ha live in concert!

All you have to do is pop by Drama Saturdays and get drunk!  Each drink you buy gives you another chance to enter the Ke$ha giveaway.  At 2am, I'll be in the house to announce the winner.

Club Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in New York.  It's 18 to party and 21 to drink!

April 17, 2010

Drink-o-Rama at Drama Saturdays



Get a free drink on Saturday night at Rush.  Just print this and take it with you!

Drama Saturdays at Rush, 579 Sixth Avenue, NYC!

To get your event listed as a sponsored event, e-mail for more information.  

April 09, 2010

Celebrate Christina Aguilera's release of "Not Myself Tonight" on Saturday in NYC



This week Club Rush and BoiParty.blog are celebrating Christina Aguilera's new single "Not Myself Tonight" at their weekly Drama Saturdays!  Come early for 2-for-1 cocktails and the chance to win a copy of X-Tina's new single!

DJ Steve Sidewalk spins pop music all night long.  Drama Saturdays at Rush are always 18 to party and 21 to drink.  Get reduced admission with RSVP or college ID.

Club Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in NYC.

To get your event listed as a sponsored event, e-mail for more information. 

Janice Dickinson hits up Rock It and Club 57 in NYC


Last weekend, Brandon Voss and Tony Forbiano celebrated one year in New York nightlife with none other than Janice Dickinson.

Janice hosted by of the FornabaioVoss events last weekend stopping by both Rock It and Club 57.  Of course, Miz Dickinson couldn't get enough of the scantily clad young men who frequent these spots!

Congrats to the FornabaioVoss Events duo.  They have definitely taken New York nightlife by storm.

Seen (in addition to Dickinson): X-Men Director Brian Singer, Agnes Carlsson, Lance Bass, Bebe Zahara Benet, Sahara Davenport, a slew of Abercrombie, Epiphany, Shequida, Acid Betty and many more!

[Photo by Marco Ovando]

Get Trashed on $3 beers and $2 shots on Tuesday in NYC


The "Trashed Family" invites you to come get TRASHED on TUESDAY at Club Elevate in NYC!

DJ SCOTTY ROX will spin pop music, funky remixes and take your requests all ngiht long!

YUHUA HAMASAKI hosts, loves you long time and flops around on the floor while lip sycing to Kelly Rowland's "When Love Takes Over!" You never can tell what she will do this week.

$3 beers,
$2 shot menu (with 15 selections), and
NO COVER charge

Everyone is talking about the gay take over at Club Elevate, and the venue (still in the process of realizing its new found success) already boasts an impressive guest list of cameo appearances from such nightlife notables as Lee Chappel, Nicho Mendez, Next Magazine's Jeff Eason and Chris Dilley, DJ Steve Sidewalk, Drew Zailen, Spicky Hilton, Vlad, some sexy latino go-go boys, Hiran (behind the bar), Odyssey magazine's Frankie C, Rush owner Dave Beaty and many more! 

Are you or a friend celebrating a Birthday party? Email to find out how you can get a FREE party at Trashed Tuesday.

Club Elevate is located at 390 Eighth Avenue (between 29th and 30th) in NYC. RSVP here.

To get your event listed as a sponsored event, e-mail for more information.

gaysocialites.blog Nightlife Musts for New York City


There's a lot planned over the next week in New York, and the requests to be listed as a MUST on gaysocialites.blog sure are rolling in.  Here are some of our favorites based on what they have planned and our past experiences there.


The F-Word at Rebel
251 West 30th Street

If you're an F-Word, then this is the place to be on Friday night as DJ's Lina and Bill Coleman both celebrate their birthdays with a live performance by "The Ones".  This club boasts four dance floors on three different levels including a lounge hosted by Jane Lane.  Those on a guest list get in FREE before 11pm and only pay $10 til 1am. $20 after 1am and for those without a guestlist or invite.


Drama at Club Rush
Christina Aguilera Release party
579 Sixth Avenue (between 16th and 17th streets)

Tonight the infamous Drama party at Club Rush is celebrating Christina Aquilera's release of "Not Myself Tonight" with free giveaways and a double-sized happy hour from 10-midnight with 2-for-1 cocktails!  Music by DJ Steve Sidewalk. 18 to party, 21 to drink.  Reduced admission with invite or student ID.  boiparty.blog


Alphabet Sundays at Arrow Bar
85 Avenue A between 5th and 6th streets 

Demanda Dahling hosts this weekly drunk-fest.  DJ JRoc spins and Drew Zailen mixes 2-4-1 drinks from 9-10pm, $5 Vodka drinks with $4 drafts all night.  FREE Zailen.blog


Woof at View Bar
232 Eighth Ave

Mike Dreyden’s hosts this weekly get together for the bigger boys with for $2 Bud Lights, a free buffet, go-gos boys and various porn stars. $5.


Trashed at Elevate
390 Eighth Avenue

Come get Trashed with hostess Yuhua Hamasaki while DJ Scotty Rox keeps you dancing.  With $5 beers and a shot menu for only $2 each, it is easy for anyone to get Trashed on Tuesdays at Elevate.  FREE trashed.gaysocialites.blog.


It's easy to get your event listed at gaysocialites.blog for FREE.  Just email us all of the details, your contact information and a photo to listings@gaysocialites.blog!

April 06, 2010

Get Trashed this Tuesday on $3 beers and $2 shots at Elevate in NYC



If you missed last week's grand opening of Trashed at Club Elevate in New York City last weekend, don't worry - you can always try it out this Tuesday!

To help you get Trashed more easily, Elevate lets you chose from 15 different shots for only $2 each and select beers for just $3.  The icing on the cake: no cover charge at the door!

DJs Scotty Rox and Todd Doncourt provide the sexy beats while Hiran pours cocktails at the bar.  Miss Yuhua Hamasaki hosts.

Elevate is located at 390 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan.

April 04, 2010

On Saturday, I discovered a Crisis on Eighth Avenue in New York


After realizing I'm too old to be hunting Easter Eggs, I headed over to one of Manhattan's hottest new venues.  Club Elevate was hosting the "Crisis on Eighth Avenue" party, and the place was packed with debauchery and nightlife-lebrities.

Club Elevate is under new ownership in Ricky Mercado (Speed, Boysroom, HK) and the place has suddenly come alive.  In addition to successful parties on Friday and Tuesday nights, Elevate launched "Crisis on Eighth Avenue" last Saturday hosted by Michael T, Daniel Nardicio, Chris Ryan, Paul Short, Rich King and Cynthia Powell.

I'm not really sure why they refer to it as a 'Crisis', because I had a blast.  Of course, the first thing we saw when we walked in the door was Go-Go Harder Faster Stronger (aka Mrs. Daniel Nardicio) wearing nothing and dancing on a box with the Easter Bunny.  Who couldn't have fun in an environment like that?!

Dee Dee Luxe lit up the crowd with live performance.  She was also joined by the naked go-go.  Still, no one is complaining!

Also seen: Dee Dee, Daniel Nardicio (and his Go-Go boyfriend), Eric Halliwell, Lee Chappell, Demanda Dahling, Herra-C, Pam Ann, Acid Betty, Anthony Cocchi and many more!

Elevate is located at 390 Eighth Avenue in New York City.

[Photo by Eric Halliwell]

On Saturday night, I got egged at Rush in NYC


On Saturday night, my friend and I decided to swing by Club Rush in NYC for the weekly Drama party to see what all this talk of an Easter Egg Hunt was really about. 

We easily learned that it meant the staff hid eggs throughout the club, and the twinks found them.  It was that simple.  Some lucky egg hunters won cash, some got free tanning and others got pretty little plastic eggs.

Recording artist Matisse was also in the house celebrating her new single "Better Than Her."  Steve Sidewalk kept the crowd dancing to pop music all night and reminded us at least 25 times that Ricky Martin is gay.  Steve is sooo excited to have confirmation, needless to say!

The room was pretty packed for the entire time that I was there.  The guys at BoiParty.blog do a great job of offering weekly themed parties such as this week's Easter Egg Hunt and the reinvention of the party under the name "Drama Saturdays."

Whether you're young or you're old, if you want to dance like you're 18; then you need a little Drama!

Seen: Matisse, Sidewalk, Morgan McLean, Jonathan Ladee, Wolly, Daniel Cota, John Hernandez, Oh my Josh and lots of college boys.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in New York City.  Drama Saturdays are always 18 to party and 21 to drink.  There is generally a discounted cover charge with your student ID or invitation from promoters.

April 02, 2010

On Tuesday, I got Trashed at Elevate in NYC



[Let me start by saying I ripped this picture from Next Magazine's blog, so make sure you show them some love by checking out Chris Dilley's review on their site!]

On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of working with Scotty Rox, Yuhua Hamasaki, Vlad, Todd Doncourt and Nicho Menedez on the opening night of Trashed at Elevate. 

The crowd was adorable and the dancers were gorgeous!  The name fits, because we all got trashed by the end of the night.  With $3 beers, $2 shots and no cover charge; there's no question why.  The shot menu is really cute with 15 different shots for only a couple of bucks.  There's even one named after me, "the Red Headed Slut!" This party is now weekly, so swing by and slurp on one this Tuesday.

Seen (in addition to those already mentioned): Chris Dilley, Frankie C, Lady K, Hiran Acosta and Ken Hunt.

March 30, 2010

Trashed kicks off on Tuesday at Elevate


It is finally here!  Join us for the grand opening of Trashed at Elevate.  There is no cover charge.  Hiran serves up the cheapest drinks in town while the hottest dancers work it on the bar.  Scotty Rox and Todd Doncourt will provide the beats.  Hostess Yuhua Hamasaki will be joined by special guests Nicho Mendez and fitness guru Ken Hunt.  Win a membership to Steel Gym and register for the AIDS Walk!  We'll see you there!

March 27, 2010

Celebrate Lady Gaga's birthday Saturday in NYC



At the strike of midnight, it is Lady Gaga's birthday!  We're celebrating at Rush!  Come by for 2-for-1 drinks from 10pm until midnight.  Legendary pop DJ, Steve Sidewalk, spins all night long. 

There's also a special live performance by the Ferocious Monsters! Go to the Facebook invite and print it out for reduced admission ($10 til midnight and $15 after).

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue (between 15th and 16th) in New York! 

March 26, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Urge & Lady Boi @ Happy Ending Lounge


Check out Clarence Johnson singing her latest single "La Chocha" at Lady Boi.

SEEN: Eric Halliwell, Logan Hardcore, Yuhua Hamasaki, Claudio Maddox Lake, Clarence Johnson, Francis Legge, Cherry Jubilee and JFortino.

To see the entire set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

March 23, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Blonde Leading the Blonde @ The Ritz

Went to the Ritz last week to check out Sherry Vine and Epiphany in the Blonde Leading the Blonde. This is what I saw :

SEEN : Eric Halliwell, Sherry Vine, Epiphany Get Paid, Jane Lane, Adolfo and Hannah Ulrich.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


Continue reading "Nightlife Shots : Blonde Leading the Blonde @ The Ritz" »

March 22, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Mad Tea Party @ Primetime

It's been a while! Ive been laying low for a few weeks but I'm back! Today I bring you photos from an Alice in Wonderland themed party my friend Isis Vermouth hosted. There were Queen's, Mad Hatters, Cats and lots of shenanigans! Check em out:

SEEN : Eric Halliwell, Isis Vermouth, DJ Michael Como, Yuhua Hamasaki, Anna Budget, Bambi Starr, Naomi Starr and Nikita Starr.

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


Continue reading "Nightlife Shots : Mad Tea Party @ Primetime" »

March 20, 2010

Get Trashed on Tuesdays in NYC starting March 30th


Tuesday, March 30th
Come out and get TRASHED tonight as we kick off this new weekly party featuring DJs Scotty Rox and Todd Doncourt with hostess Yuhua Hamasaki. You can get $3 drafts and $2 shots at the bar all night long from Hiran at the bar, and there's no cover at the door! 

The grand opening party will also feature several VIP appearances and giveaways from Steel Gym! 390 Eighth Avenue (between 29th and 30th sts). 21+, FREE

March 19, 2010

Another shot at Spring Break, this weekend at Rush in NYC


If you missed the Drama Saturdays Spring Break Party last weekend at Rush, then you get another chance!

It's always 18 to party and 21 to drink plus this week you can win cash money in our wet underwear contest hosted by gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue at 16th street.

March 18, 2010

Odyssey Magazine New York gets leathery for the Black Party


Here is a look at the latest edition of Odyssey Magazine in New York.  It's the leather issue in honor of the 2010 Black Party.

The Black Party lands in New York this Saturday night.  You can get more details about this issue of Odyssey Magazine at thegayleather.blog.  It is also available on stands now!

March 11, 2010

Steel Gym offers Black Party workout special, ticket sales

Steel Gym in Manhattan announced this week that they will offer a special weekend rate for those attending the Black Party on March 18th through 21st.  A portion of the proceeds will help sponsor the Steel Gym AIDS Walk New York team.

For only $45, party goers gain full access to Manhattan's only real gym.  Steel Gym is ranked as one the top 5 fitness centers in the country by Muscle & Fitness Magazine (#1 in New York), and already received the 2010 Talk of the Town for excellent customer service. 

Steel is also a popular place to be spotted especially on Black Party weekend.  At Steel Gym you'll find bears, muscle queens and everything in between!  You'll likely even see a few familiar faces as Steel Gym boasts an impressive list of celebrity clientelle and is the exclusive fitness facility for many of New York's top nightlife personalities, bartenders and go-go gods.

Haven't picked up your tickets for the Black Party?  Don't worry, you'll be able to grab those at Steel Gym too!

This rare Steel Gym Black Party pass will activate starting at 7am on Thursday, March 18th and expires at closing on Sunday, March 21st.  Both New York visitors and local residents are encouraged to take advantage of this rare deal!

For more information on the Exclusive Black Party offer at Steel Gym, contact us now at 212-352-9876.

10 Reasons why you don't want to miss The Black Party Expo and Bazaar [video]


Our friends over at the Black Party sent this over to us and we couldn't resist.  After the break are the Top 10 Reasons why you don't want to miss the BPX: The Black Party® Expo & Bazaar.

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March 10, 2010

It's a Spring Break party at Rush in NYC!



This Saturday night you're invited to celebrate Spring Break in New York City at Club Rush for Drama Saturdays.

DJ Steve Sidewalk spins the best pop music while gaysocialites.blog's very own will host a wet underwear contest.  Wear you cute drawers ya'll!

Drama Saturdays are always 18 to party and 21 to drink.  Print this flyer for reduced admission.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.  www.boiparty.blog 

March 08, 2010

You're invited to the final Twisted party: College Night at Elevate


Due to circumstances beyond our control, tonight's event at Elevate has been canceled.  

The next event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 30th.  It's the grand opening of their Trashed party.  Check it out. 

On Tuesday night, you're invited as we team up with Dougie Meyer, Steve Sidewalk and DJ jRoc to bring you the final installment of the Twisted series of events.

Twisted is venture lead by King Ralphy with a weekly line-up of hosts and characters.  So far we've spotted host like Demanda Dahling, Herra-C, King Ralphy and PhDJ.

This week it's College Night at Twisted.  Get $5 vodka drinks from 10-midnight.  There's no cover charge at the door!  You can also register to win a free membership to Steel Gym.

Elevate is located at  390 8th Ave (between 29th and 30th) in Manhattan.

March 04, 2010

Tuesday night: Twisted College night at Elevate


On Tuesday night, gaysocialites.blog is teaming up with Steel Gym and Dougie Meyer to bring you Twisted College Night at Elevate.

There's no cover charge, and you get $3 beers with $2 shots all night long.  Register to win a FREE membership to Steel Gym!

DJ's Steve Sidewalk and JROC spin today's hottest music!

Come get twisted with us as we introduce you to a new venue, Elevate.

Elevate is located at 390 8th Ave (between 29th and 30th streets).  RSVP on the Facebook page here!

March 03, 2010

KULT Records announces star-studded bash at WMC



KULT Records has just announced the line-up for their bash at the Winter Music Conference, and you'll notice some familiar names!

The impressive DJ list includes Eddie Cumana, A-LUV and Tengo.  On the host side you'll fine Dina Marie, Alan T and Phat Mike.

We're going to following Dina Marie on Twitter while she's at the Winter Music Conference, and we think you should too.  You can follower her @dinadelicious.

Next Magazine takes an indepth look at the go-go boy


This week's Next Magazine in New York City is spotlighting the evolution of the go-go boy!  Talk about a good investigative piece!

Everyone knows I have a sweet tooth for the go-go boy.  While they aren't good to date, they're definitely good for a lot of other things.  One of my go-go exes took the liberty to clean and rearrange my apartment often.  It was great!

Check out a sneak peak at this week's Next cover story (and some great go-go boy pics) on their website.

March 01, 2010

I HEARD... there's a new mess brewin' on Tuesday nights in NYC


I HEARD... there's a new party coming to Tuesday nights in New York, and its at a venue most of us have never seen before!

I also HEARD... this party is somewhat of the anti-Bon Bon with cheap drinks, a variety music, rotating hosts and NO COVER!  It sounds like we're going to get trashed!!

I also HEARD... its just between Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen!  That means every gay can go (and you can bounce by there while you're on your way to your other events.)

When we hear more about this exciting new event, we'll let you know!

February 27, 2010

The Ego Awards are Tonight!


A bus of crazy New York Kids including yours truly (Eric Halliwell), Demanda Dahling, Monique Fontaine, Matthew Stetson, Brian Mills, Seth Clark, Francis Legge and many more; are traveling upstate to Poughkeepsie! Its going to be wild to say the least. If you're in the area (hell even if you're not) come by and say hello. We will all be at Prime Time Highland New York on 3353 Route 9w, Highland, NY. Click HERE for the clubs website. Hope to see you all there!!


February 26, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Valentines Day 02.14.10


This Valentines Day I spent it running around half massacared kids. (WAIT! Don't I do that everyday?) I ventured to Arrow Bar, Le Poisson Rogue and Greenhouse for some VDay fun. Here's what I saw:

SEEN: Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Trixie Tragedy, Tyler Stone, Isis Vermouth, Seth Clark, Pepper Mint, Michael T, Astro Erle and Chris Ryan.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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February 25, 2010

Reduced admission to Drama Saturdays in NYC



This Saturday Rush will add a twist to their infamous Drama Party with karaoke on the second floor!  It's all included in the price of one cover charge, and there's a happy hour from 10-11pm!

DJ Steve Sidewalk provides the beats.  gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson will also be in the house to host a show that generally ends up in public humiliation, semi-nudity or both!

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue.  There's reduced admission with your student ID or by printing the flyer above.  BoiParty.blog 10pm.

February 24, 2010

Nightlife Shots : The FWord 02.12.10

The FWORD is always AMAZING! One of, if not my favorite party of the week! There were several special guests this week including Adam Lambert, Rebecca Glasscock and Sahara Davenport (Rupaul's Drag Race seasons 1 & 2). This week also saw the return of Trixie Tragedy and my friend Mike Rivera's 16th Birthday. Here's what I saw :

SEEN: Formika, Joey Israel, Roze Black, Jane Lane, Eric Halliwell, Tiana, Trixie Tragedy, Francis Legge, Devin Stone, Monique Fontaine, James Orona and many many more!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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February 23, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Vandam 02.21.10

I haven't been to Vandam in a while! I ventured over this Sunday for some Kenny Kenny lovin. I had alot of fun (don't I always). Here's what I saw!

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Sussane Bartsch, Dirty Martini, Eric Halliwell, Lady Fag, Tyler Stone, Herra C, Calli and clan, Danny Marr and many more!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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February 22, 2010

Welcome to Robot City


Welcome to Robot City. Beware of the robots.

For more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

February 20, 2010

Drama Saturdays to celebrate Mardi Gras this weekend in NYC



This weekend Club Rush's Saturday Drama Party is celebrating Mardi Gras.  You know those twinks are late for everything!  But you can guarantee it will be one hellva party! 

From 10-midnight, well drinks are 2-for-1.  After midnight, authentic New Orleans hand grenades and hurricanes are 2-for-1!  We're gonna get wasted!

Drama Saturdays are always 18 to party and 21 to drink.  Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in New York City.

Peter Rauhofer wants you to work!



Peter Rauhofer's infamous WORK! party returns to NYC before its departure south to Miami on March 7th. Peter will be playing on NYC's most amazing sound system from 11pm-6am. WORK! takes place on Saturday February 20th, 2010 at Club Love, 40 west 8th st in NYC. WORK! is hosted by Matheus Rafaelli Chaves & King Ralphy. 

February 16, 2010

The GaySocialites want you to get Twisted at Vlada



Come rain, snow, sleet or hail, the GaySocialites are heading to Vlada Tuesday night to host the Twisted party!

Join King Ralphy, Demanda Dahling and yours truly as we host this new Tuesday night party that  has one goal... to get you TWISTED with TWO happy hours!  DJ VTONE will provide the beats!

From 10-11pm and again from 1-2am, Vlada's infamous infused vodkas are 2-for-1!  There's no cover at the door, so there shouldn't be a reason why you don't come get Twisted with us!

Vlada is located at 331 West 51st Street in New York [map it].

February 13, 2010

Boy Crush Valentine's Party Saturday night in NYC



On Saturday night, BoiParty.blog presents the Boy Crush Valentine's Party at Drama Saturdays.  There will be 2-for-1 drinks from 10pm until midnight, and you get reduced admission with the invite above.

Don't have a Valentine?  This is your last chance to pick one up!  Facebook users are encouraged to RSVP here.

Club Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in New York.

Adam Lambert parties hard at the F-Word in NYC


Thank God for Twitter!!  PhDj (@sethclark) was at the F-Word in Manhattan on Friday night where Adam Lambert was evidently drunk off his noodle!

PhDj broke the news by tweeting that Lambert is hanging out at Rebel nightclub tonight for Mistress Formika and Mark Nelson's weekly Friday freak fest.  According to PhDj, Lambert's security bitches wouldn't allow any pictures.

Thank goodness we have @sethclark to follow on Twitter for updates like those above.  OMG, did Adam seriously try to rip Roze Black's wig off?  I feel a statement from the Black family coming!

You can follow @gaysocialites and @charleswinters on Twitter too!

February 11, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Black to the Future @ The FWord 02.05.10


Black to the Future hit the Fword with a vengence last week. Taking over the main dance floor downstairs. Adorned with Atari shapes and visuals to coincide. The DJ both was literally an arcade game. Along with all that came a performance of ALIENS and bubbles. Check it out!


To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

Welcome to the House of Delicious

Call the police, someone has commited identy theft. Who knew there were so many Amanda Lepore's in the neighborhood. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the House of Delicious. It's full of all the misfits that run around New York City stealing candy from children and scaring old women. Fasten your seatbelts kids it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Go to EricHalliwellNights.blog and subscribe for more videos!

February 09, 2010

Sample Vlada's infused vodka with free shots Tuesday night


Join us on Tuesday night as we get Twisted at Vlada!  I'll be co-hosting with King Ralphy, Demanda Dahling and whole list of who's who in New York nightlife!  It's gonna be so much fun!

Vlada is also giving out FREE shots of her infused Vodka starting at 10pm.  Come by and have a sampling.

Later in the night (around 1am or so), there's another drink special for those of you wandering around looking for a night cap and cute guy!

There's no cover charge at the door, and the drinks are dirt cheap - so come get Twisted with me!

Vlada Lounge is located at 331 W 51ST Street in Manhattan.  Facebook users can RSVP here.

February 08, 2010

I heard... Tight at Amnesia in NYC is officially a flop


I HEARD... that the New York City Tight party at Amnesia on Sunday nights is DOA (dead on arrival)!  The club owners and unorganized promotions team tried a preview party a few weeks ago and officially launched the party this Sunday night.

I also HEARD... you can basically call this one a FLOP!  Dragging together some of the big names like Dina Marie, King Ralphy, Chris Ryan, Ricardo Studmuffin and the Mira Machine is always good.  However, it doesn't work if you can't keep the team happy.  Ricardo quit weeks ago, and there were rumors that Ralphy was pulling out all week.  Dina Marie withdrew her name from the line-up at the 11th hour on Sunday, and everyone thought Mira quit last week!

I also HEARD... there was no money to be made!  I'm not sure if anyone walked out of the room with any cash in their pockets.

I also HEARD... chances of any future Tight party seems slim.  It doesn't appear that anyone is willing to show their face in the room again!  Turn the lights out, the party's over!

February 04, 2010

Drama Saturdays College Night in NYC


You're invited to come party with the college cuties on Saturday night for Drama at Club Rush in NYC.  Print the invite above and its only $10 before 11pm!

DJ Steve Sidewalk will spin the house music, and as always - Rush is only 18 to party and 21 to drink!

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in NYC.

My birthday, Cupcake sneak peak at Red Velvet


For those of you who couldn't make it, on Wednesday night we celebrated my birthday with a sneak peak at our new venue for our weekly party, Cupcake at Red Velvet.

The venue is adorable, and we got to do a test run to see what needs to be tweeked before we launch the official party next Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone who came out to say Happy Birthday while gobbling up those tasty little cupcakes and rubbing elbows with the who's who of gay media and nightlife.

You've got to check out the pictures on PhDj's blog, and the buzz on Next Magazine's Nexus Blog.  Fierth Mag even followed our gossip columnist, Demanda Dahling, for a humorous pictorial! 

Seen: King Ralphy, Robin Kamill, Demanda Dahling, Nancy Nosecandy, Ken Hunt, Dan Avery, Keoki Tavares, Mike Averaert, PhDj, Chris Dilley, Micah Jesse, Cole Bernard, Brian Mills, Eric Halliwell and more.

Sneak peak at 2010 Black Party poster


Each year, the Saint-at-Large sponsors the Black Party in New York City.  Often times, their poster alone can be the most controversial party of the entire party (that the public sees). 

They seem to have toned things down a little with this year's Black Party poster.  Last year's version featured a snake crawling out of a man's bare buttocks.

Black Party weekend is March 19th through 21st.  The actual Black Party takes place on March 20th at Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan.

I heard... Rush will go for the twinks on Thursdays in NYC


I HEARD... that Splash's 18 and over night  was so successful that they're going to try and do it weekly at Rush.

I also HEARD that this "Justin Luke" is really an extension of Alan Picus, the master of the twinks behind BoiParty.blog.  Justin Luke, who is building the BoiParty.blog brand for no late-night infomercial fee, will shockingly oversee this venture.  You ever heard Demanda Dahling or Robin Kamill mention gaysocialites.blog as the first brand out of their mouth?  I'm just saying...

UPDATE:  It looks like what I HEARD is true.  Here's the flyer.  And they used the title TWINK... I've been begging for a TWINKIE party there for years.  

Needless to say, I'm there on Saturdays which is clearly the most fierst of the 18 and over nights in Manhattan...


Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in NYC and is 18 and over every night!

February 03, 2010

Has the party moved to Las Vegas?


According to a recent study of the best bars and clubs for 2010, it looks like the party has moved to Las Vegas.

Of the Top 20 results, all but a few nightclubs are located in Vegas with XS Nightclub, Pure and Tao leading the list in that order.

Los Angeles hits the list at 18 with Avalon in Hollywood, Miami scored just a little higher with LIV; but New York didn't show up until 29 with Marquee and Pacha landed at 30.

Ronnie Hokanson birthday party and sneak peak of Cupcake at Red Velvet


You're invited to my birthday party on Wednesday, February 3rd at the Sneak Peak of Red Velvet and our Cupcake party!

Hosts King Ralphy, Jason Preston, Micah Jesse and I as we introduce you to this hot new venue!  We're promising hot guys and hot girls, only the hottest and most fun will make it through the door.

Appearances expected by Dina Marie Delicious and Demanda Dahling.

You'll need to be on the guest list for the sneak peak party on Wednesday which is also my birthday party, so please RSVP on cupcake@gaysocialites.blog.

Nightlife Shots : Formikas Birthday at The Fword 01.29.10


Michael "Misstress Formika" Jones turned about 105 last week and he threw a party to end all parties at the FWORD last week. Performances included Sherry Vine, Joey Arias, Michael T, Pepper Mint and many more. I got some great shots :


To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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February 02, 2010

Demanda Does Her Dishes

Have you ever visited Demanda? Come on in to say hello as Demanda does her dishes. If you're lucky she might come do yours! Not that you would want her to.

Go to EricHalliwellNights.blog to subscribe to catch all my latest videos!  

January 31, 2010

Nightlife Shots : The Happening at the Hudson Hotel 01.27.10


The Happening is a very suitable name for the Wednesday party at the Hudson Hotel. It's usually packed to the brim and lots of fun. This week.. not so much! I did get some great shots! Here we go :

SEEN: Jackie Birdy, Markus Kelleman, Hunter, Eric Halliwell, Amanda Lepore, Demanda Dahling, Nole Marin, Andretti Andretti, Danny Marr, Lee Chappell and Erickatoure Aviance.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!


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January 29, 2010

Caption This Photo


What exactly is our Gossip Columnist Demanda Dahling thinking in this photo? Write your caption in the comments below! We'll post the wittiest answer on our main page! WINNER!

Photo Credit : Eric Halliwell ;)

Katharine McPhee release party at Drama Saturdays in NYC



Print this invite and take it with your for reduced admission.

More information on the Facebook Invite!

Apple Jack opens at La Pomme with Ken Hunt's birthday party



On Thursday night, I ventured out to Matt Tratner's new Apple Jack party at La Pomme in Manhattan to help fitness expert Ken Hunt celebrate his birthday.  This was a star-studded affair of nightlife's who's who (and lots of cute muscle boys too) to the say the least!  It's one of the best openings I've been to in a while!

The eccentric mix of hosts which includes Dina Marie Delicious, King Ralphy, Ricardo Studmuffin, Jonny Mack and Tratner matched with the super cute venue, La Pomme, makes this party one like we haven't seen in a while.

The club has a cute little VIP room that overlooks the dance floor, and it wasn't long before Dina Marie invited birthday boy Hunt up to her posh little digs strategically placed behind where DJ Honey Dijon was spinning.  That's where the complimentary liquor started flowing and where the birthday boy could overlook the crowd.  It was the perfect set-up.

Everyone who was anyone was at Apple Jack Thursday night. So far, it could be the social soiree of the season.  I've got all the details of who was seen (with pictures) after the break.

starting this Wednesday...

...and every Wednesday thereafter...

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Nightlife Shots : The Spicky Hilton Show @ Boots and Saddle 01.26.10


My third stop of the night was at Boots and Saddle where every Tuesday night Spicky Hilton hosts The Spicky Hilton Show! Spicky is an amazaing vocalist not to mention gorgeous. She pulled all the stops by performing hits by Mariah and Leona Lewis. I got some great shots of her!

SEEN: Spicky Hilton, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Yuhua Hamasaki and Diva Steve.

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

More photos after the jump! You don't want to miss them.

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January 28, 2010

Nightlife Shots : Find Fred at Vlada & Scotty Rox Spins at Posh 01.26.10


Tuesday night I descended on a world tour! My first two stops were at Vlada where FindFred was hosting a charity gig and Posh where Scotty Rox was spinning! Here's what I saw :

SEEN: Holly Caust, Yuhua Hamasaki, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Diva Steve, Scotty Rox and Felicity Starr Dust.

To see more photos head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

More photos after the jump!

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January 27, 2010

Rush Saturdays: 2-for-1 drinks & college cuteness


Rush brings on the Drama weekly their Saturday college party, and its gaysocialites.blog approved!

There are 2-for-1 drinks between 10pm and midnight weekly.  Since this once is aimed at the young ones, you get reduced admission with your college ID or this invite.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in New York.

January 26, 2010

Introducing Cupcake at Red Velvet


It's time to liven up the weekdays again, something this cast of characters is well known for.  What happens when you mix nightlife personality King Ralphy, socialite Jason Preston, positivity blogger Micah Jesse and yours truly, Ronnie Hokanson, together - it's the sweetest party in Manhattan. 

On February 3rd, these GaySocialites will join forces to bring you Cupcake at Red Velvet (that's ONE week from tomorrow!)

Cupcake will be a weekly Wednesday night party at Manhattan's hottest new venue - Red Velvet.  Not even open to the public, this quaint swanky lounge and the sexy guys it will attract provides more than enough reasons to join us on the Lower East Side for liquor infused cupcakes and the tastiest cocktails in town!

Come nipple on some yummy liquor infused cupcakes, slurp on our delicious cocktails and rub elbows with the hottest guys in Manhattan.

There's no cover at the door, and as we celebrate MY BIRTHDAY - on the first week you'll get a chance to win a Steel Gym memberships so you don't feel so guilty about scarfing down so many cupcakes and cocktails!

Cupcake at Red Velvet is located at 174 Rivington St. (Between Attorney and Clinton Sts) in New York City. Get some more information about Red Velvet here.

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response that we've received from this party in such a short amount of time and the size of the venue, we're going to have to make this a guestlist only event. You can RSVP to cupcake@gaysocialites.blog or wait for the Facebook invite later this week.

You can also follow Cupcake on Twitter @cupcakepartyny!

Nightlife Shots : Vandam 01.24.10


Vandam was so much fun this week. There was something in the air, it felt new and alive! This was the third stop of the night on Sunday and the fantasy continues.

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Ajoshua, Dirty Martini, Lady Fag, Malik So Chic, Eric Halliwell, Dina Delicious, King Ralphy, Demanda Dahling, Celso, Danny Marr, Rainblo and the list goes on and on!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

More photos after the jump!

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Nightlife Shots : Alphabet Sundays 01.24.10


Our second stop of the night was at Arrow Bar for Alphabet Sundays. Seth "PHDJ" Clark was spinning  so we payed him a visit. We showed him the full fantasy! Here's what I saw :

Get the "seen" and check out more photos from Sunday night after the break!

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January 25, 2010

Nightlife Shots : The Pill Awards 01.24.10


Last night were the Pill Awards hosted by Hedda Lettuce and porn star Colton Ford. What a kiki to say the least. The who's who of nightlife and underground entertainment came out to support their fellow artists. Performances included Cazwell "I Seen Beyonce at Burger King" and Amanda Lepore "Cotton Candy". I had tons of fun!

More AMAZING photos and the "seen" list, after the break!

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The GaySocialites Family at the 2010 Pill Awards


Dina Marie, Eric Halliwell and Demanda Dahling.

Photo Credit: Robin Souma

Matt Tratner introduces new cast for Apple Jack


What happens when you add a few new fruits to an already successful long-running party.  You get Apple Jack, of course.  

That's because starting this Thursday at La Pomme, GaySocialite King Ralphy and Dina Marie Delicious will be joining forces with party creator Matt Tratner, Ricardo Studmuffin and Jonny Mac to create Apple Jack!

There's an open bar from 10-11pm, and Honey Dijon will be spinning.  The GaySocialites will also be in the house with the Steel Gym crew to celebrate fitness expert Ken Hunt's birthday!

La Pomme is located at 37 W 26th Streets between 5th and 6th Avenues in New York City.

January 24, 2010

Nightlife Shots: Vandam 01.17.10


Vandam was insanely packed last week because of the Holiday weekend. We could hardly sip our vodka let alone move. None the less I got some great shots:

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Nightlife Blind Item


Which nightlife host/promoter and recording artist said the following:

"Food is overrated. I have vodka, I dont have food. Really theres no room for anything else."

Post your guess in the comments and you'll win a free Steel Gym membership... or ehh a pat on the back.

January 23, 2010

Homo Superior at Nowhere: Because we're just Better!!!


On Sunday night, gaysocialites.blog's Jonathan Warman brings you Homo Superior at Nowhere Bar. The last edition of this party, just after Xmas, was packed and a total blast.

Here’s the concept: We’re not just as good as everybody else, we’re better! Homo Superior celebrates crazy queer creativity, celebrates our super-hero powers, super-natural awareness and general super-iority. Can we build a better world with beautiful boys, fabulous freaks, great music, $3 drafts, $2 beers and free pizza? We’re sure gonna try!

Nowhere is a really fun bar, one of the most bohemian and creative in the city!  Jonathan will be spinning “fruity rock nuggets, the cream of indie electro pop, and disco utopia.”

Nowhere is located at 322 E. 14th Street between 1st & 2nd Avenues.  Party begins at 10pm.  NO COVER! $3 drafts, $2 beers and free pizza!

January 22, 2010

Drama Saturdays Back-to-School Special



You're invited to the Back to School party at Rush this Saturday where drinks are 2-for-1 from 10pm until midnight.

It's only $15 with this invite above (or with student ID). DJ Steve Sidewalk provides the pop beats.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue (between 16th and 17th).

January 20, 2010

I HEARD... some of the Fire Island Pines is under new ownership


I HEARD... Eric von Kuersteriner has sold his portion of the Fire Island Pines.  What does that mean for our gay little island?  Who knows?

Kuersteriner owned a big slab of the Pines including the Pavilion (the isle's circuit party haven) and the Blue Whale (a  popular restaurant with out door space so the gays can be "seen.")  Kuersteiner bought all his holdings from longtime owner John Whyte about five years ago.

I also HEARD... the new Pines owners are young and relatively inexperienced.

I also HEARD... that the new Pines owners have already been in discussions with a well known New York City nightlife promoter (and a familiar face on Fire Island) to either jump in as a partner or run the whole operation.

Change is coming to Fire Island people.  I'm sure you can still fornicate in the bushes, so don't get too worried.

I just wonder if the sexy Fire Island staff in the photo were included in the deal.

January 19, 2010

Amanda Lepore Feels the Fantasy


Lets take a trip down memory lane back to when the FWORD was hosted at Santos. After a chat with Amanda Lepore she proceeded to tell me.... well just watch and see!

To see more videos head on over to EricHalliwellNights.blog! Don't forget to subscribe to be the first to see all future videos!

Clash of the Titans : Who wore it best?




All three of these party goers wore the same style get up 3 weeks in a row to hot spot Vandam. The real question is who wore it best? Let us know in the comments below!

Demanda Dahling dishes on New York's gay nightlife: including Susanne Barstch, Rose McGowan and Celso


by Demanda Dahling

My New Years resolutions were all in place and set.. until I broke them five minutes after the ball dropped by feeling my cocktails a bit too much and falling asleep in front of Deryck Todd mid-conversation at the Rated-X Panty Party.  We had been chatting for a while and I was completely feeling his vibe.  Not only was this boy dreamy--even all decked out as his alter-ego--but could hold an intelligent conversation.  I was heels over heads in love, to say the very least.  Suddenly, before either you and I knew it, I chimed in with a slurring "Oh absolutely love!  Now I'm sorry, but.. um.. do you mind repeating exactly what you said.. the music was too loud."  Nearly twenty minutes had gone by and not only did I pass out, I was snoring.  It was at this point I realized it was going to be a forgettably unforgettable year in my life.  Pull up a seat my sweets, pour yourself a cocktail, light a cigarette if so inclined--lord knows I am--and come join the Demanda Dahling fantasy.

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January 17, 2010

Nightlife Shots: FWORD! 01.15.10


If you havent been following me on twitter, then you might not know that Ive been sick as a dog for the last few days. I managed to force myself out of bed on friday for the fword. I'm so glad I did too! It was such an amazing night. Here's what I saw:


To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

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January 16, 2010

Win tickets to see Lady Gaga LIVE in New York City


On Saturday night, the GaySocialites have your evening planned for your.  How about a chance to win FREE Lady Gaga tickets while sipping on 2-for-1 cocktails while hanging out with the cutest crowd in Manhattan?

Head over to Drama at Club Rush (579 Sixth Avenue in Manhattan) where Steve Sidewalk will be spinning pop music, and Mimi Imfurst will be in the house to give away two free tickets to see Lady Gaga live at Radio City Music Hall!

Club Rush is always 18 and over, and you get reduced admission with this invite or your student ID.

Things get Tight at Amnesia on Sunday night in NYC



On Sunday night, gaysocialites.blog's King Ralphy and Dina Marie are teaming up with Chris Ryan, Hunter Woodham, Mira and more to bring you Tight at Amnesia.

The first Tight party will take place on the eve of Martin Luther King Day while most people are off work and school the following day.

The DJ line-up for the January 17th opening includes Alex Lauderstein, Sammy Jo and Ricardo.  We're told the party will return on a weekly basis starting February 7th with some really big names in the music world. 

Amnesia is a really cute space!  We suggest you stop by and check it out.  A lot of familiar faces to the GaySocialites will be in the room either as staffers or partiers, so it is sure to be a good time!

Amnesia is located at 609 W. 29th Street between 11 & 12 Avenues.  Doors open at 10pm.  The cover is $10 if you drop a name or have an invite, $20 without.  (You can always ask for King Ralphy or Dina Marie's guest list at the door.)

January 15, 2010

Exclusive: Tuesdays in New York are getting Twisted


Tuesday nights at VLADA Lounge in New York City will take on a new feel as gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson. King Ralphy, Dina Marie Delicious and others team up to introduce "Twisted."

With drink specials meant for a recession and expected rotating guest hosts like Demanda Dahling, Herra-C, Ken Hunt, Jason Preston, Eric Halliwell and others; you're guaranteed to get Twisted every Tuesday night!

"We need a place where we can all afford to go, gossip, act like fools and get twisted," Winters said.  "VLADA will be that place on Tuesday nights," he added.

"Twisted" kicks off on Tuesday, February 9th at VLADA Lounge with music by DJ VTONE and giveaways from Steel Gym starting at 1OPM.

VLADA lounge is located at 331 West 51st street in New York.

January 14, 2010

Dina Marie hosts Josh Wood's "King"


Our very own Dina Marie is hosting Josh Wood's Martin Luther King party properly titled "King"!

Ask for Dina Marie's list at the VIP entrance (not the main PACHA entrance), and it's only $10!

DJ's Junior Vasquez, Honey Dijon and Josh Sharber supply a wide variety of music.  Vogue Evolution will also be performing live!

The PACHA VIP entrance for this party is located at 630 West 47th Street. Dina Marie's list at the door! This is a 21+ event!

Nightlife Shots: Vandam 01.10.10


Vandam was so much fun this Sunday! Rose Mcgowan made an appearance! Heres what I saw:

SEEN:Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Malik So Chic, Lady Fagg, Eric Halliwell, Rose Mcgowan, Demanda Dahling, Herra C, Celso, Tiana Reeves, Paul Alexander, Yuhua Hamasaki, Kyle, Nancy NoseCandy, Tyler Stone and MANY MANY MORE!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

Looking back at the gay bars of ole


At 32 years old, I suddenly feel like the oldest queen in Manhattan.

Next Magazine put together this map of the gay bars that have gone out of business over the past 10 years.


I'm in shock!  I know this many openings and closing of bars and clubs isn't exclusive to the gay community, but it shocking to see how many have come and gone. One thing is for sure, the fun never ends!

I heard about two new gay weeknight parties in NYC


I HEARD that your gay little nightlife is about to get a lot more exciting on week nights!

I HEARD there's a new gay Tuesday night party opening uptown, and I also HEARD there's a new Wednesday party opening downtown.

I HEARD the new uptown party is gonna get you Twisted with insane drink specials in a venue that you already love, whereas the new downtown gig is going to be a very sweet introduction to one of the hottest new venues in town!

Stay tuned to gaysocialites.blog, and when I've HEARD more... I'll pass it along.

Nightlife Shots: Alphabet Sundays @ Arrow Bar 01.10.10


I had 2 stops to go on Sunday night. My first was at Arrow Bar where my good friend Seth "PHDJ" Clark was DJing. I've never heard Seth spin, so I had to check him out. We had a great time. Here's what I saw:

SEEN: Seth Clark, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling & Herra C.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

January 11, 2010

Win tickets to see Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall!


Everyone is trying to get their hands on some Lady Gaga tickets for her big Radio City Music Hall Show, and we've got your chance!

Join us for Drama Saturdays on January 16th at Club Rush for your chance to win!  RSVP here if you're a Facebook user.

Club Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in New York City betwteen 16th and 17th streets.  The party starts at 10pm this Saturday!

January 09, 2010

BLAST FROM THE PAST Nightlife Shots : The Yuhua Hamasaki Show @ Boots and Saddle 11.19.09


I dug up some photos from last year. Here's my good friend Yuhua Hamasaki's show at Boots and Saddle from November.

SEEN: Yuhua Hamasaki, Eric Halliwell, Herra C, Demanda Dahling, Seth Clark, Nicho, Kyle Sluttmuffin, Dallas Dubois and Matt Stetson.

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

Nightlife Shots: The Dallas Dubois Show @ Boots and Saddle 01.07.10


I've never seen Dallas Dubois perform and decided it was time to do so. So Demanda Dahling and I headed on over to Boots and Saddle last thursday to see what all the hype was about. Much to our surprise we had an amazing time. Dallas is truly an all around great performer. Everyone should go check her out every Thursday night at Boots and Saddle (76 Christopher St.). Heres what I saw:

SEEN: Dallas Dubois, Demanda Dahling, Eric Halliwell, Logan Hardcore and Claudio Maddox.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

January 08, 2010

Nightlife Shots: Ongina's Birthday @ The Happening 01.06.10


It seems like I did a world tour this Wednesday night. I stopped at 4 parties. The best one hands down was The Happening at The Hudson Hotel, where Ongina (RuPauls Drag Race Season 1) was celebrating her birthday. I had such a good time! Everyone came out to wish her a Happy Birthday. Heres what I saw:

SEEN: Jackie Birdy, Markus Kelleman, Ongina Ryan, Eric Halliwell, Erickatour Aviance, Felicity Starr Dust, Demanda Dahling, Nancy NoseCandy, Seth Clark, Celso, Dallas Dubois, Tiana, One Half Nelson, Diva Steve, Kyle Sluttmuffin, Vanila Noir, Bryant 'DexStar' Simms and MANY more!

To see the full set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog.

2-for-1 drinks at Rush on Saturday


Join us this Saturday for 2-for-1 drinks as we celebrate Drama at Club Rush.

Pop music by DJ Steve Sidewalk.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.

January 07, 2010

Nightlife Shots: Blonde Leading the Blonde 01.06.10


I made my debut appearance last night at the Blonde Leading the Blonde at Vlada. Heres what I saw:

SEEN: Sherry Vine, Epiphany Get Paid, King Ralphy, Eric Halliwell, Jane Lane, Felicity Starr Dust, Kyle and Seth Clark.

To see more of the set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog.

January 04, 2010

Nightlife Shots: BonBon 12.29.09


Kenny Kenny and Susanne Bartsch's newest tuesday night venture, BonBon a night of Glamour.

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Malik So Chic, Jordan Fox, Lady Fag, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Herra C, Amanda Lepore, Vanity Society and many more!

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

January 03, 2010

gaysocialites.blog founder passes gossip torch in New York City



Over the weekend, gaysocialites.blog co-founder and Editorial Director, Ronnie Hokanson, announced that he's passing the torch to the next gossip queen in New York nightlife.

Starting immediately, Demanda Dahling (a persona by published author Thomas Bistritz), will be covering the New York nightlife scoop exclusively at gaysocialites.blog.  This is a reputation that Winters held for a half a decade

Winters called this a "major move", and not just a symbolic one, for the GaySocialites brand.

"gaysocialites.blog, at one time, focused only on nightlife gossip; so everyone was a gossip reporter," Winters said in a memo to staff.

"After a nationwide search and looking long and hard at the options, we're pleased to be adding 'Demanda Dishes' to our weekly rundown," Winters added.  "I'm certain that Demanda will be great a addition to our team."

Adding, "this role is perfect for her! If anyone can talk smack about people in the nightlife scene and get away with it, it's gotta be the girl with the last name Dahling."

Bistritz will be the second gaysocialites.blog contributor to write under a persona.  Each Sunday, the controversial "Sunday Gospel with Shelita Baby" is written by a New York drag personality who lives life as a God-fearing Christian woman despite the fact that under it all is a gay man. 

"Demanda Dishes" is expected to make its debut exclusively on gaysocialites.blog in early January.

December 31, 2009

The New Year's Eve 2010 Gay Party Guide for New York City


There are plenty of options in New York City where you can ring in 2010.  Here are the 'musts' as the GaySocialites see it for your New Year's Eve plans if your a gay man in Manhattan.

Featured Events:

New Year's Eve at Club Rush with Brent Everett
579 Sixth Avenue (between 16th and 17th streets), Manhattan

Join gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson and King Ralphy as they team up with BoiParty.blog to bring you New Year's Eve at Club with Brent Everett.  You get $1 drinks from 9-11pm, and there's a complimentary champagne toast at midnight with yours truly! 18 to party, 21 to drink. 9pm;  $20 cover with invite!

Afterhours at M2, Pink Elephant & the Study
530 W 28th St (between 10th and 11th), Manhattan

gaysocialites.blog and King Ralphy team up with Area events for a New Year's Eve Afterhours that you'll never forget.  There are nearly two dozen DJs spinning in three different clubs, all for one price.  The party starts at 4AM, and they'll be serving liquor all day long! 21 and over. 4am;  Advanced tickets here!

Continue reading "The New Year's Eve 2010 Gay Party Guide for New York City" »

The Top 9 New York Gay Nightlife Headlines of 2009


Part of ending every year is taking a look back at what all went down over the last 365 days.  This New Year's Eve, gaysocialites.blog is highlighting the Top 9 New York Gay Nightlife Headlines of 2009.

Join the GaySocialites for New Year's Eve at Rush | RSVP now on Facebook!

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December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve at Rush with Brent Everett



Join gaysocialites.blog as we team up with BoiParty.blog for New Year's Eve at Rush with Brent Everett.

TWO HOURS of $1 drinks from 9-11pm, and a complimentary champagne toast at midnight as I could you in to 2010!

Music by DJ John Marto

Print this invite and take it with you for $20 door!  Get more info and RSVP on the Facebook page! 

What are you doing on New Year's Eve?

If you're looking for a New Year's Eve guide with a variety of parties this year, then you've got to check out the Anti-Twink's selection.

This new blog is trying to pick-up where HX.blog left off, and they're doing a great job!  Not only do they have a wide array of New Year's Even listings; but they've also got my syndicated column "Charles On" and a lot of behind-the-scenes nightlife dirt.

We here at gaysocialites.blog will, of course, be partying with Brent Everett at Rush and with Boris Afterhours at M2 on New Year's Eve.  We hope you'll join us!

Join the GaySocialites for New Year's Eve at Rush | RSVP now on Facebook!

December 27, 2009

Peter Rauhofer takes over M2 on Christmas weekend [video]


On Saturday night, Star 69 duo Peter Rauhofer and Offer Nissim took over M2 (the former Crobar space) and meshed the gays and the straights together for one night of maddness.

Here is some video of the passing of the torch as Rauhofer took over for Nissim.

You know I love a good intro, and there's nothing like Ra-Ra-Rauhofer! The screams at the sound of Peter's intro say it all. That's the moment everyone had been waiting for all night long! You'd never know it was 5am! Only in New York, and only for Rauhofer

Join the GaySocialites for New Year's Eve at Rush with Brent Everett



I just wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to spend New Year's Eve with King Ralphy and I as we team up with BoiParty.blog and Alan Picus for New Year's Eve 2010 at Rush with Brent Everett.

I'll be counting us into 2010 at midnight, and porn star Brent Everett will be performing ALL NIGHT!  $1 well drinks from 9-11pm.  FREE champagne toast at midnight!

The best part is that it's only $20 with RSVP or invite. Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in New York City between 16th and 17th streets.  It's also 18 and over with proper ID! Come early to avoid the lines. 

December 26, 2009

Win Mariah Carey Tickets and enjoy OPEN bar for TWO HOURS!



RSVP HERE and then join us tonight!  Don't forget to print this invite and take it with you!

December 21, 2009

Jasper James Click List


Go vote for Jasper James for the Click List on Logo! Her video "Rocket" is up for voting. You can vote as many times as you want. Lets get her to number 1! CLICK here to VOTE!

Nightlife Shots: Eric Halliwell's Birthday at Vandam


Last night was AMAZING! Everyone came out to wish me a Happy Birthday. I was so happy to have all my friends there with me. It was deffinitely a night for the books. Thank you to everyone especially Kenny Kenny! Since it was my birthday I had my friend Robin Souma come cover it. Heres what she saw!

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Herra C, Nancy NoseCandy, Kyle Slutmuffin, Tiana Reeves, The Blonds, Danny Marr, Astro Erle, Shawn and Ronnie Brown and MANY MANY MORE!

To see more shots from the night check out Robin Souma's album on facebook.


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DJ Spotlight: Serge Devant


If I would have known he was this sexy, I would have started sucking up to DJ Serge Devant a long time ago!

DJ Serge Devant is a part of the huge Believe in Afterhours party at M2 (formerly Crobar) in New York City on New Year's Eve hosted by Area Event, King Ralphy and gaysocialites.blog

About Serge Devant:

When you're sitting as number 81 in the world (Dj Magazine) and personally hand picked to share the stage with the worlds top DJs , including being tagged by DJ Tiesto himself to open and close for him in NYC, you've got something. Now armed with his new residency at M2/ Crobar, what he has is your attention.

Hear him perform and you will witness a skillful exhibition from one of the most promising young talents in the electronic industry today.

You've got that chance to experience Serge live on New Year's Eve in Manhattan.  He'll be in the Pink Elephant room at M2 Afterhours with Boris on the main floor.

Get tickets for New Year's Eve, read more about Serge Devant and listen to some of his mixes here.

December 19, 2009

Chevonne's Menorah: Watch it now

Chevonne is a good friend of mine and she said "filming the video was a crazy, sexy, fun time and hope everyone gets a good laugh about it, we actually did get drunk."

You can see Chevonne at the pill awards in nyc next week, and download her ep on itunes "Unwrap Me" Chevonne also said her next ep will be full of " Summer Dance Tracks" and is due out in late February early March."


December 18, 2009

Is NYC's mr. Black closed for good? A note from Stuart Black


Clubland was buzzing last week at what seemed to be another bump in the road for longtime New York City party mr.Black.

At about 9PM last weekend my cell phone went off non stop, with messages stating "Black's is closed, what do we do tonight?"

Stuart Black, who runs the long time party addressed club goers via his Facebook page on Friday explaining the recent drama. Below is his unedited letter.

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Nightlife Shots: Bitch Ass Trick 12.16.09


Our second stop this night was at Cazwell, Paisley and Amanda's party BITCH ASS TRICK. We got there too late to see Cazwell and Vogue Evolution perform but we got to see everyone.

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Eric Halliwell's birthday celebration Sunday at Vandam


It's been an insane year full of Drag Queens, Trannys and Miss Behaved Kids. Come help me celebrate my Birthday this SUNDAY at Vandam at GREENHOUSE!! Its going to be INSANE. All the usual antics will ensue.

Greenhouse is located at 150 Varick Street New York, NY.

December 17, 2009

The Happening @ The Hudson Hotel 12.16.09


Such a great night last night. Our first stop was at the Hudson Hotel where our friends Jackie Birdy and Markus Kelleman host The Happening every Wednesday night.

SEEN: Jackie Birdy, Markus Kelleman, Herra C, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Erickatoure Aviance, One Half Nelson, Vanila Noir and Bryant Simms.

To see more of this set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

Drama Saturdays Christmas party with TWO HOUR open bar



The Drama gets festive this Saturday at Rush in New York City for the College Night Christmas party!

There's an open bar from 10-12, tons of go-go gods, Timbaland giveaways.   Hell, Santa may even stop by!  Pop Music by Steve Sidewalk with gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson hosting.

As a gift to you on Christmas, every FOURTH drink is FREE!  You can also get reduced admission with your student ID, an invite or by wearing a Santa hat!

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue between 16th and 17th streets in New York.

December 16, 2009


Clara the Carefree Chicken has come out of hiding! Unfortunately shes now come down from her high days of dancing at the Limelight and Tunnel and is passing out flyers for Ranch 1 in front of Bryant Park.

December 15, 2009

Vandam 12.13.09


I may have looked like hot tranny mess last night at Vandam (aka Jane) but look at all the fabulous people I saw!

MORE PHOTOS AFTER THE JUMP and at EricHalliwell.blog

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December 14, 2009

Sherry Vine's New Video Debuts at Barracuda


Did you ever think, "What would happen if Weird Al Yankovich was gay?" Ok, I never did either, but I think I have an answer if you have.

Last night at Barracuda, one of our favorite drag superstars, Sherry Vine, returned from another whirlwind tour of Europe. She brought back stories, laughs and she also premiered her NEW video, a parody of Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'.

The video, featuring Epiphany Get Paid (in AND out of drag), Yuhua Hamasaki, DJ David Serrano, Kyle Brincefield, Jazmyne Black and yours truly was absolutely fantastic.

This Wednesday, in a joint effort on my part, gaysocialites.blog and AntiTwink.blog will be the FIRST websites to obtain the entire video. Check back here Wednesday for the exclusive first look, just in case you were tardy for the party last night.


Social Scoop: anyone can feel young at Drama Saturdays at Rush


This weekend I headed into Rush on Saturday night for the all new Drama party, and I could instantly see that this new college-themed weekly has really pumped an energy burst into the room.  I guess we could call it a rush?

Regardless, I felt like I was 18 again (and I was having flash backs of Heaven, the club that occupied the same space when I was most of these kid's ages!)

DJ Steve Sidewalk is the only person who can get away with playing Kim Zolciak's "Tardy for the Party" twice in one night, and I'm the only druken mess who will walk around with a microphone letting the "bois" sing along as their voice travels through the entire club (as did mine... ouch! I'm sorry to those who had to hear it!)  As messy as it is, it works!  We all had so much fun!

Promoter Alan Picus packed the house with the cutiest college boys, and Rush always somehow manages to offer a wide variety of cute twinky go-go boys!

Standouts (other than those already mentioned): new Director of Operations Morgan McLean, cutie go-go turned bartender Brandon Probst (who also got me wasted), photog-extraordinare Jeff Eason, owner Dave Beatty, sexy dancer John Hernandez and GaySocialite Dylan Pass.

December 11, 2009

I heard... Rickey Mercado is feeling Posh


I HEARD... Veteran New York nightlife professional, Rickey Mercado, has a new gig at Posh in Hell's Kitchen.

Many of you probably know Rickey well whether you've been a regular at his Speed/ Shelter space, HK Hell's Kitchen or most recently Lucky Strike bowling alley.  

We don't have a lot of detail yet, but we do know that Rickey will be the manager at Posh after a brief orientation with the company.

Mercado has been around for a while and is known for being able to add flair to any nightlife establishment.  I'm sure we're going to be hearing a lot about Posh in the near future.

Posh is located at 405 West 51st Street in New York City.

TWO hour open bar at Rush in NYC on Saturday



Join us on Saturday night at New York's number one 18 and over party, Drama Saturdays at Club Rush.

There's a TWO HOUR open bar with complimentary well drinks from 10pm until midnight.  Come early to soak that up, and plan to stay late to dance with the go-go boys to beats by Steve Sidewalk all night long.

Bring along an invite or your college ID for reduced admission.  Club Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in New York! RSVP for TWO HOUR open bar!

Was Kim Zolciak tardy for her own party at Splash in NYC? [video]


Here's some cell phone video of Kim Zolciak and Andy Cohen on stage at Splash in New York City to resurrect our  Phone Paps column*. We'll have he full video here at gaysocialites.blog soon, so check back later.

Zolciak got booed by fans who said they waited shoulder-to-shoulder and bulge-to-buttocks for over two hours to see her perform. Was Kim tardy for her own party?

gaysocialites.blog EXCLUSIVE

The Real Housewives star wasn't late at all.  She was hanging out backstage with promoters Alan Picus, Chris Ryan and Dougie Meyer as well as "the press" (i.e. King Ralphy (pictured below), Andrew Werner, Jeff Eason, yours truly) and others.  It was a real shit show, but a good time over all!


After Zolciak took the stage, fans quickly forgot how long they had been waiting and blew the roof off the house by singing along with Kim to "Tardy for the Party" twice!  (I guess that's what happens when you only have one song, but hey - it's one song more than I have!)

Hats off to Alan Picus for getting Zolciak at his Campus Thursday party!  He packed the house.  You couldn't walk inside Splash at all!  It was wall-to-wall gay boy!  You don't see parties like that too often!

Standouts (other than those previously mentioned): Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo, recording artist Dina Marie, Zolciak look-a-like Chaka Convict, nightlife promoter Jason Preston, gorgeous go-go god Brandon Probst, DJ's Steve Sidewalk and Vito Fun.

Don't forget, we'll have the full video of Kim's performance of "Tardy for the Party" later on gaysocialites.blog.

*Catch a celebrity in action? Here's your chance to be our Phone Paps! Snap a picture or get some video on your cell phone and send it to , and we might just publish it here on the site!

December 10, 2009

I heard... Morgan McLean is back in nightlife at Rush in New York


I heard long-time nightlife industry professional and former manager of the Roxy, Morgan McLean, is now the new Director of Operations at Rush in New York City.  

Hiring a veteran like McLean is probably the boost Rush needs to take it to the next level.  The space has struggled to be more than just a neighborhood twinky bar over the past few years, but there was a time when people lined up down Sixth Avenue just to get in.

McLean managed Roxy from 1996-2006 during its peak when the establishment was known for dragging in such big names as Cher, Madonna and Gloria Gaynor and record breaking crowds.

I'm excited to see what is next for Rush under McLean's direction. 

December 08, 2009

Here's a complete list of the 2009 Glammy Award winners:

As we told you on Monday, I didn't get a Glammy this year for Best Writer/ Blogger.  However, that didn't stop Dina Marie and I (pictured above) from celebrating the fact that some other peeps did take home those nifty little plastic trophies on Sunday.  Here's a complete list of those winners:

[Photo by Andrew Werner Photoghraphy]

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Spotted: Adam Lambert at Splash in NYC



American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert was spotted last night at Splash in New York City.  It's like ar ight of passage for any gay visiting New York City.

No big shocker, but Adam picked to stop by the "Musical Monday" party where queens belt out sho2w tunes and aspiring Broadway superstars show off what they've got.

Adam and his friends didn't sing, but they evidently got a lot of attention.  They were overheard saying their next stop was Barracuda.  I wonder if they ever made it.


Vandam turned 1 last night and what a night it was!! All Vandam royalty were present to celebrate the night. Take a look at what I saw.

SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Dirty Martini, Juanita More, JoJo Baby, Eric Halliwell, Demanda Dahling, Nancy NoseCandy, Diva Steve, King Ralphy, Vanity Society, Tiana, Jonte, Brian Mills, Seth Clark, Ronnie Hokanson, Dina Delicious, Erickatoure Aviance and MANY MANY MORE!!

To see the rest of the set head on over to EricHalliwell.blog!

Stay tuned for footage of the night coming soon!!

December 07, 2009

Social Scoop: Sunday night Glammys, 747 and Vandam


On Sunday night, some of the GaySocialites got all dolled up and headed to Splash for the presentation of the 2009 Glammy Awards.  The night got even more star-studded as we rolled into 747 and Vandam.

With a call time of 9pm (that we missed terribly), some might think a crew that arrives around 9:45 might be tardy for the party.  That isn't the case as Dina Marie Delicious, King Ralphy and I still found ourselves waiting until well after 10:00 for the show to begin.

Meanwhile, as we waited, we soaked in the shit show that occurs when you pack a room full of drag queens, gay promoters and homo-journalists.  Former Project Runway contestant, Jack Mackenroth (pictured above with me), who is apparently trying to become the reality-god from drag queens, had everyone in a wig kissing his ass in hopes of a little camera time.  He was walking around with a one-woman video/ lighting crowd gathering bites from all the queens.  There were also so many photogs that you would have thought I was Donald Trump, Dina Marie was Angelina and King Ralphy was Brad Pitt. I'm still seeing flashed. It also has me wondering, where the hell do all these photos go?

Honestly, I didn't make it through much of the awards ceremony. There were repeatitive extended numbers by drag queens who were understandably making their moment in the spotlight as long as possible. Plus since my category was announced first, it didn't start off on a good foot as I lost to a "tie" between Lady Bunny and Michael Musto. How you have a tie with a measured vote that claims to collect so many ballotts, I'll never know.

We stayed around at the Glammy's long enough to find out that Dina Marie didn't win either. Nor did Steve Sidewalk and the Voss/ Forbiano team for DJ or promoter (respectively).  There was even almost a gasp when Voss/Forbiano lost.  While Formika is definitely deserving of any award for stella promotions, Voss and Forbiano are clearly two of the hottest new promoters to hit the scene this year.

I'd love to provide you with a full list of winners, but honestly I didn't stick around long enough to see.

Standouts: Mimi Imfurst, Cazwell, Francis Legge, Jeff Eason, Peppermint, Scotty Rox, Steve Sidewalk and Dina Marie.

Our Glammy misfortunes didn't stop us from hitting the town.  After the break, read about our adventures at 747 and Greenhouse.

[Photo by Francis Legge]

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December 05, 2009

Drama Saturdays at Rush offers TWO HOUR open bar



Saturday night at Club Rush in New York City, you can get wasted for nothing!  That's because Rush is offering a 2-hour open bar atarting at 10pm.

DJ Steve Sidewalk spins pop and hip hop music.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue.  It's always 18 to party and 21 to drink.  You can also get reduced admission with your college ID or invite.  You can get more info at boiparty.blog.

December 04, 2009

Who's Been Messing with YOUR Facebook David Serrano

Rumor has it that one of our absolute favorite New York City DJ's this week was a victim of a malicious attack on Facebook that led to his Facebook account being removed. Terms of Service MY ASS! Keep reading...

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Logan Slaughter Versus Peppermint Gummybear

Last night I went to check out 'Star Search' at Barracuda, one of my favorite shows. The show, hosted by Peppermint Gummybear usually includes Michael Formika Jones (judge and commentary). Last night, I went to the show expecting to watch queens turn it out. Well these queens not only turned it out, the final decision at the end of the night turned the place upside down! Keep reading to hear the scandal!

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December 03, 2009

BLAST FROM THE PAST! James Coppola's Bday!

James Coppola's Birthday at Greenhouse was insane this summer. I was going through my photos and found the jackpot! Heres a sneak preview:

SEEN: Eric Halliwell, James Coppola, Acid Betty, Epiphany, Dina Marie, Yuhua, Jane, Brian Mills, Japser James and many many more!

To see more photos from the night head on over to EricHalliwell.blog

December 01, 2009

Kim Zolciak set to perform at Campus Thursdays in NYC



This Thursday, the New York gays will get to experience the concept that is Kim Zolciak as the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star takes over the stage at the Splash.

The folks from BoiParty.blog will welcome Zolciak who is set to perform her hit single "Don't Be Tardy for the Party".


Another gay bashing report, this time in St. Louis [video]


Cops in St. Louis are investigating a gay bashing outside of a nightclub involving three men who say they were victims of a hate crime. 

Police say it's a bit too early to tell, but hearing Jacob Oiwowarczyk's story makes it seem pretty apparent.

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November 30, 2009

Vandam Visuals

Have you been to the haus of Delicious lately? Demanda Delicious that is! Here we are, getting ready for a night at Vandam. Demanda Dahling, Nancy NoseCandy, Kyle Slutmuffin, and Eric Halliwell. You think you know whats going on, but you have NO idea! These are the Club Kids.

Go to EricHalliwellNights.blog for more mayhem!! 


Find Jane All Week Long

All this week, I'll be shopping for a new cast of club freaks, trannys, go-go boys and beyond. I must say, the run with my 'kids' was fantastical, but they're all grown up now and they have their own spin-off.

Interested in joining my cast of koo-kee nightclub disasters?

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Did Adam Lambert really get peed on by a trick in public at the Box in NYC?


Rumors are flying after Adam Lambert showed up at risque East Village sleeze bar, The Box, over the weekend.  The story evidently unfolded on Twitter when cross-dressing performer, Trick, tweeted that he had urinated on the American Idol runner-up.


I guess that takes care of our rumor.  A cross-dresser named Trick did actually piss on Adam Lambert at The Box in Manhattan.

According to eye-witnesses, Lambert's initial reaction wasn't good.  However, he evidently loosened up after someone told him it was all a gag.

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November 29, 2009

Meet Cherry Jubilee, the woman behind the Glammy Awards


One week from today, the 11th Annual Glammy Awards will recognize the best in nightlife.  Over the past eleven years, the Glammy's have become a well renowned awards ceremony honoring everyone from drag queens and musicians to nightclub promoters and bloggers.

You might think that such a large production has to be planned by a huge corporation or a gaggle of committees, however that isn't the case.  The woman behind the organization that honors others has a tendency to stay in the shadows herself.  gaysocialites.blog wants to give you the chance to get to know the woman behind the Glammy's, so we grabbed a valuable moment of Cherry Jubilee's very busy day!

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November 27, 2009

"Trevor Project Date Auction & Cocktail Party" one week from today in NYC

Steel Gym and Senses Salon in association with gaysocialites.blog and Vlada Bar cordially invite you to "The Trevor Project Date Auction and Cocktail Party" on Friday, December 4th at Vlada Bar in Manhattan.

Ken Hunt and Dina Marie Delicious will be the auctioning off 12 of New York City's hottest bachelors each with a tempting date package including dinners at such restaurants as Lucky Chengs, Cafeteria and HK as well as evenings of dancing, movies and theatre. With Ronnie Hokanson and King Ralphy joining them as emcees, you're guaranteed to be entertained. And you never know, you might have the chance to buy the man of your dreams for a good cause!

D1 Music Recording Artist SupaNova performs his Billboard hit single "Boody Shake"

To top off the evening and help reach our $10,000 goal, Dina Marie will auction off a luxury gift basket compliments of Marie Claire!

Vlada is located at 331 w 51st Street in New York City. Stay tuned to gaysocialites.blog for more details. 

November 25, 2009

Rush is ready to liven up NYC for the Thanksgiving Holiday!


After a few bumps in the road, things are soaring ahead for 's flagship college nightclub, Rush.

The Thanksgiving Weekend is just a sampling of what is being offered over at Rush each week.  We're talking TWO HOUR open bars and $4 promos that don't stop!

Here's the rundown for Rush this weekend:

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A look back at Salt Lake City's "Rainbow Room" [video]


The oldest gay bar west of the Mississippi closed its doors this year, and now the local Fox affiliate is taking a look back at why people liked the "Rainbow Room" or "RC Lounge" so much.

Bartender Rose Carrier, who took the job thinking gay meant happy, takes us behind the scenes.

"They would come through the back door, and they would leave through the back door," said Rose.  While I'm sure she didn't mean to use such a pun, she describes the inside the Rainbow Room as the happiest place on earth.

Outside was a bit differnent, she said. Carrier also talks about how miserable the area homophobes and local police made it for the gays who just wanted to have a good time.  The RC Lounge closed their doors in August.

November 24, 2009

Glammy Awards set to honor the best in nightlife



Top honors to those involved in making your nightlife incredible will be honored one week from Sunday in the 2009 Glammy Awards.

Nods have been handed out and the votes are currently being counted in categories that include drag performers, hosts, DJs, dancers and even writers.

Two gaysocialites.blog were nominated for Glammy's this year,  Dina Marie as best hostess and me as best writer/ blogger.

Anyone can attend the Glammy Awards presentation.  This year it takes place at Splash in New York City (50 W. 17th Street) on December 6th at 9pm.

November 23, 2009

What 2 Do in NYC: This Monday!


Go see Tanta Sherry Vine at Easterbloc. Sherry says she is  "hitting the "turntables" (ok, changing CDs) tonight at Big Sexy Land! open bar 11 - 11:30pm!! No cover! pop, rock, silly, stupid = FUN!!!". Sherry just came home from traveling the world and said we can expect a blog post from her soon giving us the juice on her travels. Easternbloc is located at 505 e. 6th st on other nights of the week that cute boy DJ Tekshur spins the beats so well have to go enjoy the eye candy there one day soon!


 If thats not your thing you can always head over to the Jill Stuart Holiday Party (A holiday collection preview party and clothing drive benefiting Safe Horizon.) located at 100 Green St. Music by Franco V and FREE drinks provided by X-Rated liqeuer and Arizona Beverages.

RSVP to soho@jillstuart.blog,

Customers who make an in-store clothing donation from now until 12.24.09 are eligable to receive a 10% discount on purchases.

Party starts at 6, Don't be tardy!

November 22, 2009

Blind Item: Everyone is talking about the misfortune of these nightlife entrepreneurs


What New York City nightlife entrepreneurs have become the topic of water cooler discussions (around the bars) all over town for not delivering on their promises?

After a botched deal on a Fire Island night club and a horrific attempted buy-out at a another club in Manhattan, a elderly man who loves young boys and his "straight" business partner are now most known for their sour deals with gay clubs!

To beat it all, their flagship venue uptown has been under construction since the day it opened (or so it seems).

Maybe they're just ADD and can't keep their attention focused?  I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here, and I don't know why! Maybe I'm just ritzy like that!

Are you ready for the Acid Factory?


The Acid Factory is coming!  We're told this isn't your typical party.  It isn't even held in a bar or a club.  Instead, the Acid Factory will take place in a loft!

On Friday, November 27th; Magnus Romella, Herra-C, Venus and Voodoo will take over a midtown loft offering complimentary cocktails from 10pm until 2am.  There's a suggested $30 donation at the door.

Dying to know what to expect?

"The music is going to be wreckless," describes host Herra-C. "It's gonna be intense."

I'm a little scared, but I can't wait!

The Acid Factory will take place at 260 West 36th Street in New York City.

November 20, 2009

The F Word Returns in December

Bartenders, DJ's, promoters, and entertainers waited nervously with resumes and headshots in hand in line outside of Rebel nightclub in Chelsea. That was the scene this week as mega-promoters Mark Nelson and Michael Formika Jones began casting for the return of the wildly popular The F Word party.

Nelson and Formika stood in front of the hopefuls and gave them a pep talk, asking them to think of this party as everyone's party. "This isn't a Chelsea party, this isn't a latino party, this is for everyone. We want you to have as much fun and be as successful as possible, but we're a team," Nelson told the crowd.

The F Word begins every Friday in December. Rebel offers three floors, 4 dance floors, beautiful men, gorgeous drinks, and fun all night long. Rebel recently has played home to several parties including Mr. Black and the Hustlaball.

$4 Fridays are back at Rush in NYC



Club Rush is reintroducing their infamous $4 Friday party in which everything is only $4!  

The cover charge is $4, and you can enjoy $4 drinks inside including wells, beers and energy drinks.

DJ John Marto will provide the beats as Miss Yuhua Hamasaki hosts.

Rush, of course, has been in the headlines as potential new owners tried to shut the popular college hangout down.  Managing partner, Dave Beatty, has evidently successfully blocked the move and plans to keep Rush open allowing patrons who are over 18 years of age to enter.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.

Saturday night musts: Rush, Work and Evolve (at a discount!)


If you're in New York City this Saturday night, you can party hard without putting a dent in your wallet!  Let's call it the big gay recession special, shall we?

First, Peter Rauhofer presents "Work! For Free", and for after hours - get reduced admission at Pacha all night long on King Ralphy's list!  Not old enough for this fun?  There's always Drama at Rush!

First up on your social agenda should be Peter Rauhofer's WORK! Party as it returns to Santos Party House with a comp door all night long! Work! is one of the best parties Manhattan has to offer, and it is definitely the place to be seen! Santos Party House is located at 96 Lafayette Street in NYC.

Then, for after hours - head over to Pacha:

Victor Calderone and Behrouz will be dropping the beats way into Sunday morning. Here's a tip that will save you a lot of money at the door.  When you get to Pacha go to the cashier and ask for "Jonzi", tell her your on King Ralphy's guest list. She'll let you in for just 20 bucks!

Pacha is located at 46th Street and 11th Avenue in NYC.

And if you aren't old enough to attend either of those or if you're looking for something a little more low key, you should get wrapped up in the Drama at Rush.

Rush is offering a two-hour open bar between 10pm and midnight as well as Shakira release party. They're promising tons of Shakira giveaways and lots of Drama!  DJ Steve Sidewalk will provide the pop music for this BoiParty.blog event.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue (between 16th & 17th Streets) in New York. 

November 19, 2009

Date Auction fundraiser planned for the Trevor Project in NYC


December 4th at 8pm, Steel Gym in association with Senses Salon and gaysocialites.blog is holding a Bachelor Auction to benefit The Trevor Project at Vlada.

We'll be auctioning off 12 of NYC's hottest guys each who promises an event filled date to such places as HK, Lucky Chengs and Cafeteria for dinner in addition to dancing, movie premieres and off-Broadway shows.

The suggested donation at the door is $15 and includes complimentary Akvinta (while supplies last). The first 100 people through the door will receive free gifts from Star 69 Records and Andrew Christian.

Some of the hosts who are donating their time include Dina Marie Delicious, Ken Hunt, Mimi Imfurst, Jane Leahy, FLXX, Geo Vaughn, Epiphany, Demanda Dahling, King Ralphy, H. Alan Scott, Herra-C and Ronnie Hokanson.

Vlada is located at 331 W. 51st Street. 

November 17, 2009

From the DJ Booth to the Canvas: David Serrano Releases Celebrity Pop Art

Last night at Barracuda in Manhattan, during the Sherry Vine Show, David Serrano let me preview his new 'pop art' collection featuring such celebrities as MadonnaJanet Jackson, Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga.

Serrano, who is eager to get his images onto canvas, is planning to release his work soon. David said he planned on transforming several New York nightlife personalities into 'pop art' masterpieces as well.

Does this mean Acid Betty is going to be hanging on my wall as a pop-art icon?  Thanks to David Serrano, you know it.

-Jane xoxo

[Editor's note:  Not only is David Serrano a talented DJ and artist, he's also drop-dead gorgeous.  He was previously featured as the "Afternoon Delight" here at gaysocialites.blog.]

How did things fall apart with the Ritz/ Rush nightclub deal in NYC?


There has been a lot of buzz around New York City's twinkie club, Rush. Earlier this year, managing partner Dave Beatty announced that he would be joined by the management at the Ritz to re-work the concept and revamp Rush.

When Jimmy and Tommy, the duo behind the Ritz, came in and tried to apply their 20-something formula to a space that is renowned (or cursed) as being the place for college gays to go.

In a joint statement with Beatty, the Ritz management announced that Rush would go out of business effective on October 31st.  We assume their strategy was to close up shop and not only give the space a facelift but also adopt a new name and concept.

As Halloween neared, Beatty seemed to have second thoughts about allowing his new business partners to remove one of the only New York club gay clubs that allows college kids who aren't yet 21 years old.  That's where the power struggle ensued.  Meanwhile rumors started that Beatty was meeting with other investors with hopes of edging his new partners out.  It seems to have worked!

For now, at least, it looks like Beatty has control of things.  Despite the fact that Tommy and Jimmy told Alan Picus to take his 'boiparty' and go, Dave asked Picus to stay and has offered a three hour open bar every week since Halloween.

An inside source who spoke exclusively to gaysocialites.blog says that Tommy, Jimmy and the Ritz are no longer associated with Rush and have not gone through with the shares they planned to purchase. 

Rush will evidently remain opened until at least the beginning of 2010 at which time, we're told, they'll close briefly for extensive renovations.

November 13, 2009

WORK! For Free!

Peter Rauhofer announced via his facebook this week that the his next work party would be the last one in NYC for the year. Peter's making it a gift to party goers who have supported the WORK! party after all this time by giving them a comped door all night! Calling the party "WORK! For Free" he says:

"...THANK YOU to everyone who came, contributed, participated, promoted and supported our parties from Spirit to Stereo to Highline Ballroom to Santos to Roseland....YOU were the ones who made it successful and WORK!. Not only in New York but also around the world in cities like Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Montreal & Paris. WORK! & Peter Rauhofer want to say a last THANK YOU in New York for 2009 with an all night FREE party!.....but we have more, get ready what we already have prepared for 2010 in New York!"

WORK! for free will take place November 21st @ Santos Party House in NYC. The Opening set is by DJ Joe Hickerson and then Peter will play until 6 am. Santos Party House is located at 96 Lafayette Street (one block below Canal).

See you there!!

November 11, 2009

East Village gay bar fires entertainment staff, will Dtox go under?


It looks like some of the staff at Dtox got trashed!  According to an insider at the dive bar located in Manhattan's East Village, a new manager has decided to fire their entertainment staff leaving some drag queens and DJs in the unemployment line.

gaysocialites.blog's Jane Leahy spoke exclusively to PhDJ who was a victim to the Dtox firings.

"The new manager [the owners] hired has fired me along with all the queens still standing--without the owner's knowledge, PhDJ said. "But the owner's indifferent to all the changes. He's looking to sell the bar," PhDJ dished.

The owners at Dtox also own Urge, another gay dive bar right next door.

November 09, 2009

Club Kid Misfits

Check out my latest video Club Kid Misifits! This is what happens when you take the kids out of the club. Once again we find ourselves with Herra C and Demanda Dahling as they decend their way back home after a long night out on the town. Watch to see what hi-jinx theyre up to now!

For more videos head on over to EricHalliwellNights.blog. Dont forget to subscribe!

Two GaySocialites, King Ralphy and Jane Leachy, join the cast at Vlada in NYC



gaysocialites.blog can exclusively report that two of our staffers, King Ralphy and Jane Leahy, are joining the crew over at Vlada Lounge in Manhattan's on Wednesday nights for Sherry Vine and Epiphany's "The Blonde Leading the Blonde."

If you've never seen their show, its basically two pretty girls just being pretty girls.  Oh, and its hilarious!! This is a long running show, and one you'll definitely love.  Nightlife events only have longevity in New York if they're really good!

Does this mean Ralphy and Jane are going to go blonde for the event? You'll have to show at Vlada on Wednesday night to see what happens!

For more information, e-mail King Ralphy at .

Vlada is located at 331 West 51st Street (between 8th and 9th) in Manhattan.

November 06, 2009

New York City's 'the Hose' has closed, but why?

Our good friend Gerry Visco is reporting that one of New York City's sleezier gay bars, the Hose, has suddenly closed.

The problem seems to be with the lease and the landlord.  Visco reports in her New York Press column:

“The rumor is that the Hose was shut down because the owner refused to renew the lease,” says Benjamin Haber, a regular at the bar who plans to participate in a farewell celebration and vigil on the sidewalk in front of the bar Friday night. “We heard from the bartenders and door people on Tuesday night and they’d heard the same night from the manager, who wasn’t actually too involved in the running of the bar. I was told the actual owner decided to not leave the bar to him anymore.”

Visco and gaysocialites.blog have both reached out the owner of the building, but no calls have been returned.

If you're out and about in the East Village tonight, swing by and say hello to those holding the candle light vigil.

Three hour open bar Saturday at Rush in Manhattan


gaysocialites.blog delivered the exclusive news earlier this week that Rush in Manhattan is not closing after all.  That means the new Drama party we've been telling you about will be launched there this weekend with BoiParty.blog!

There's a THREE HOUR OPEN BAR, so make sure you come by.  You can get more details on the Facebook invite and RSVP.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue in Chelsea between 16th and 17th streets.

November 04, 2009








SEEN: Peter Rauhofer, Offer Nissim, King Ralphy and the Band of Misfits.

To see the rest of this set and more go to EricHalliwell.blog


Highline Ballroom 10.30.09


Jonni Rendi

Jonni, Jane & Nancy


Eric Halliwell

SEEN: James Coppola, Dina Marie, Demanda, Jonni Rendi, Tiana Reeves, THE Browns, Nancy Nose Candy, Yuhua, Kyle, Hannah Ulrich, Brian Mills, Seth Clark, the RETURN of Jane and Eric Halliwell. 

To see more photos from this set and all my photos head on over to EricHalliwell.blog


New York City's indoor pool party, Dr!p, closes tonight


New York City's Dr!p pool party is closing for the season after tonight's festivities at the Gracie Hotel.

Don't worry, this isn't the end. "We will reopen next Spring," said hostess Shequida Hall.

Dina Marie Delicious recently joined Hall and Lee Chapel on the venture upon the closing of Citrine down the road in Chelsea.

I guess we won't see a lot of guys running around in their bathing suits this winter.  Saddness.

Dr!p at the Grace Hotel is located at 125 West 45th St between 6th and 7th Avenues.

Night of 1000 Herras!

Missed my latest video? Heres your chance to see it!! Where do I even begin to describe this night? You start off with a red leotard and the night just really goes downhill from there. Watch as Herra C destroys the town and then paints it pink and Demanda gives her recap of the night.

To catch more videos head on over to ERICHALLIWELLNIGHTS.blog

November 03, 2009

What's going on Rush in New York? Is it in or out?


gaysocialites.blog can report that Rush isn't going out of business right away.  BoiParty.blog's Alan Picus released a statement via e-mail on Monday saying that his Saturday night isn't moving until after the new year.

As a matter of fact, we're told that Rush will also once again allow the 18 and over crowd back in with open arms.  So what's with the flip-flop and sudden change?

The promotions team is crediting it to "record attendance," but a Rush insider tells tells me the opposite.  There's evidently a bit of a power struggle going on over there ya'll!

As gaysocialites.blog first reported on our blog earlier this year, the partners at the Ritz have some strange desire to buy that location.  They're evidently in the process of purchasing half the shares in the company from a silent partner.  The problem is that Dave Beaty, who owns the other half of the company, may have a different vision for the company.

For the past few weeks, the partners at the Ritz have practically been running Rush, "the way they know how" bringing in big names like Candis Cayne, "Drag Race" winner Nina Flowers and various bigger named DJ's.  "It didn't work," our insider dished.

We're told the plan was to take Rush (by name and concept) off the grid.  As a result, Alan Picus was primed to join us in a dual venture at an undisclosed location named "Drama."  For now, that deal is on hold as Dave seems to have re-nabbed control of Rush declaring things 18 and over and granting BoiParty permission to stay.

Another source from inside the Rush empire (who also wishes to remain anonymous) had previous tipped off gaysocialites.blog that Beaty was being ousted from control.  Our source told us that the new owners were hoping to acquire enough shares to "out vote" Dave as needed.

I guess they weren't successful with that... yet.

Ronnie Hokanson, King Ralphy and Francis Legge judge Mimi Imfurst 's "America's Next Top"


On Wednesday night, King Ralphy and I will join Francis Legge at the table to judge Mimi Imfurst's "America's Next Top" at Dtox.

It's going to be an exciting night as the three of us judge the hotties on the stage to determine who walks away with the $100 cash prize and a chance at the $500 grand prize in the finals.

Kick the night off with $1 well drinks from 10-11pm and 2-4-1 from 12-2am!

Dtox is located at 31 2nd Avenue in New York City.

November 02, 2009

Rumors at Splash, behind the scenes look at Halloween party [video]


Our shot of the day comes from our friends over at BoiParty.blog.  They're putting together these sexy behind-the-scenes videos documenting their weekly boy fest, Campus Thursdays at Splash in New York City.

This video is themed "Angels & Demons" to go along with their Halloween party held this Thursday.

Rumor has it Splash is amping up their 18 and over offering now that the twinkie haven, Rush, is going out of business.  My sources tell me that both Campus Thursdays and Dougie Meyer's struggling Sunday School party will finally get the twinks they want as Splash is allowing each to hold an '18 and over night' every month.

Does this mean that Splash is the new Rush?

What is New York's bowling hot spot, Lucky Strike or Bowlmor?


One of New York's favorite pass-times has resurfaced.  Its seems that the new chic thing to do is go bowling! Our friends over at NBC New York want to know where you like to do your bowling.  They've nominated two choices: Lucky Strike and Bowlmor Lanes.

Here's what they have to say about each:

Lucky Strike: "With scantily dancers in between the lanes as you bowl, you may be slightly distracted in the VIP section, but this newcomer to Hell's Kitchen has lots of reasons to keep your eye on the ball."

Bowlmor: "A Greenwich Village institution that got a shot in the arm in the late 90's, Bowlmor is the go-to spot downtown when you and your friends say to each other, "You know what would be really fun?..."

Even though Bowlmor is in the heart of the Village, my vote goes to Lucky Strike.  They're brining bowling back up there in Hell's Kitchen!  It's sexy, provocative and fun!  Lucky Strike is really introducing us to the new age of bowling.  Let's get physical!!

October 31, 2009

This Just In........


In case you didn't know... gaysocialites.blog contributor, Dina Marie Delicious, is being featured in an upcoming documentary being produced by Janet Jackson!

Dina Marie has informed us that she just got word from Janet's peeps that the film crew is coming to Lucky Cheng's tonight for "the Demented Circus: A Halloween Fantasy."

This is just another reason that you should come by tonight's party at Cheng's in Manhattan!

"The Demented Circus: A Halloween Fantasy" begins tonight at 9pm at Lucky Cheng's (located on 1st Avenue between 1st and 2nd streets).


October 30, 2009

New York City's Halloween Musts


Halloween in New York City is a big deal, but Halloween 2009 is shaping up to be one of the most talked about in years.

Every year, Halloween is a great time for gay guys to dress up as women or to show off some skin.  This year we're also expecting to see lots of pop culture costumes from "Real Housewives" to the Obamas and iPods.

This year's hot spots include a pre-party with three of the biggest names on the turn tables, the infamous West Village Halloween parade and a wicked fantasy inside one of Manhattan's most legendary establishments.

This is where the GaySocialites will be this Halloween...

Continue reading "New York City's Halloween Musts" »

October 26, 2009

Peter Rauhofer presents "Blood on the Dancefloor" for Halloween in NYC


This weekend Peter Rauhofer is teaming up with Offer Nissim and DJ Paulo for a special Halloween edition of his Work party.  Friday night "Blood on the Dancefloor" will takeover Roseland Ballroom from 10pm until 7am.

Pre-sale tickets are available at star69records.blog until 6pm on Monday.  If you can't grab this deal, then you'll have to buy tickets at he door and pay little more.

This party is guaranteed to have a little drama.  Evidently Rauhofer and Nissim are fighting like too bitches over a Whitney Houston mix that one DJ might have stolen from his mentor's computer.  Maybe the party is called "Blood on the Dancefloor" for a reason.

gaysocialites.blog introduces you to a new NYC nightclub, Drama


gaysocialites.blog is pleased to be re-joining with BoiParty.blog and Steve Sidewalk to revive the college scene in New York City.

Rush is finally giving up and closing their doors, but that doesn't mean the 18 and over party stops.  Nearly 10 years ago, Alan Picus of BoiParty.blog, Steve Sidewalk and gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson (that's me!) helped create the nation's longest running gay college party.

Now we three powerhouses are teaming up again to bring you Drama!  It's a multi-level nightclub located between Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen on 8th Avenue between 29th and 30th (just around the corner from F.I.T).

We're giving away free tickets to see Lady Gaga on November 7th, opening night.  You won't want to miss it!  Come by and get all wrapped up in the Drama!

Dina Marie joins the cast of DR!P, Wednesday in NYC


Glammy nominated hostess Dina Marie Delicious has announced that following the closing of Citrine in New York City, she will join the cast and crew of DR!P on Wednesday nights.

Dina Marie and her mottley crew of "Club Kids" infultrated Citrine on Wednesday nights and made it one of the most talked about parties in town. Let's see what happens when you add a swimming pool to the mix.  Eeek, can you imagine what those "kids" look like without make-up?! Maybe we should keep them away from the water.

At DR!P, Dina Marie will join such nightlife fixtures as Lee Chapel and Shequida who are known for a pretty wild time already.

The DR!P party takes place every Wednesday the Grace Hotel in Manhattan at 125 West 45th Street between 5th and 6th streets.

You're invited: Halloween 2009 Demented Circus at Lucky Chengs



You're invited to the social soiree of the season!  New York's nightlife elite join together to bring you the Demented Circus at Lucky Cheng's in Manhattan.

We'll have drink specials, giveaways, a costume contest and two floors of proactive gay fun!

October 25, 2009

Twitter me this...



I made the news official via Twitter on Saturday. I am not longer involved in the Sunday party at Splash in New York. I'm not exactly sure what is going to happen with that confused little party, but everyone in the nightlife business knows that Sunday nights are one of the hardest nights to promote.

This also means our parent company, CWA Digital Marketing, will no longer be associated with that event either.

You can also follow gaysocialites.blog on Twitter @gaysocialites!

October 22, 2009

Virgin Mary Live hits the road for "Madonna's Christmas Celebration", a six city tour [video]


It's time for the holidays, and that means Mary is back!  This year HX and Glammy nominated drag queen, Mimi Imfurst, has tagged her holiday show "Madonna's Christmas Celebration."

I've seen this show for the past few years, and Mimi's holiday show is like no other holiday show you'll see - ever!

"Madonna's Christmas Celebration" is going on the road this year with a six city tour.  Here are the dates:

• Dec. 6 at 7:00pm - New York, NY - Laurie Beechman Theater (407 West
42nd Street
• Dec. 8 at 8:00pm - San Francisco, CA - Finn’s Funhouse (814 Grove Street).
• Dec. 9 at 8:00pm - San Francisco, CA - Finn’s Funhouse (814 Grove Street).
• Dec. 11 at 8:00pm - Ogunquit, ME - Mainestreet (195 Main Street).
• Dec. 12 at 8:00pm - Ogunquit, ME - Mainestreet (195 Main Street).
• Dec. 13 at 7:00pm - New York, NY - Laurie Beechman Theater (407 West
42nd Street).
• Dec. 17 at 7:30pm - Washington, DC - EFN Lounge (1318 9th Street NW).
• Dec. 18  at 9:00pm - Washington, DC - EFN Lounge (1318 9th Street NW).
• Dec. 19 at 9:00pm - New Hope, PA - Harlan’s Cabaret (6426 Lower York Road).
• Dec. 20 at 7:30pm - Philadelphia, PA - Q Lounge (1234 Locust Street).

Mimi's Holiday shows have always drawn good crowds.  One year, religious protesters even lined the blocks and brought TV crews.  Get ready for your close-up!

Tickets are available at VirginMaryLive.blog.

October 20, 2009

Tonight's Inner Beauty Parlor Event wants to teach you Gerrification


If you're looking for something off the beaten path tonight, then might I recommend the Inner Beauty Parlor event where nightlife reporter and personality Gerry Visco is teaching Gerrification.

The Gerrification project is "me Gerrifying NYC and the world, opposing rampant Gentrification, boringness, and yuppie-ville," says Visco.

She says she'll provide all of the attendees with a wig and a pair of her signature white sunglasses so they can feel the Gerry glam while prancing around in Visco's clothing.

It sounds like a wild and crazy time.  Gerry's Inner Beauty Parlor is from 6:30 to 9 PM at the Envoy Gallery at 131 Chrystie Street in Manhattan.  It's a great start to any Tuesday night!

October 16, 2009

C&C Music Factory Live at Splash Sunday (+Glammy nominee anouncements)

This Sunday at Splash, C&C Music Factory is performing live, and this will also be the official announcement of the 2009 Glammy nominees! There's a complimentary door, so make sure you come by and check it out!

Passing New York City's twinky torch from Rush to Drama


rush_closing_new_club.jpggaysocialites.blog can exclusively report that Halloween will be the final beat for New York City's twinky haven, Club Rush. We can also exclusively report that a new 18 and over club is opening the following week!

For nearly 10 years, 579 Sixth Avenue has been the home of the number 18 and over party in the nation produced by BoiParty.blog with Steve Sidewalk and yours truly as the emcee and host (off-and-on, of course)! Don't get me wrong, the drama has been thick, but one thing has remained constant. Steve Sidewalk, Alan Picus and I see the importance of offering a venue and party that caters to the college guys. That's why we're teaming up again! Everyone loves a little drama, right?

On November 7th, we'll introduce you to Manhattan's new college hot spot, Drama! Drama is conveniently located between Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen catering to a broader crowd and knocking time off your commute! The space is super cute, and it will be Manhattan's first real look at this new venue! You'll still have BoiParty.blog, gaysocialites.blog and Steve Sidewalk to lead you on the adventure. The best part is that you only have to be 18 to party and 21 to drink!

There will be more details to come on the grand opening of Drama for the first College Night on Saturday, November 7th.

October 15, 2009

Download Peter Rauhofer's New Radio Show from Paris!

CLICK HERE (10/10/09) CLICK HERE (10/3/09)

Go Shop for Charity!


Say Hi to Mr Mickey while you are there!

Dina Marie celebrates birthday in Manhattan with Jocelyn Wildenstein, others


Recording artist Dina Marie celebrated her birthday last Wednesday night at Citrine, and let's just go ahead and declare this the social soiree of the season!

Legendary DJ Junior Vasquez provided the beats while Dina Marie and her crew dished out the drama.

Citrine hot space on the corner of 21st and 6th, and on Wednesdays Dina Marie and Jason Preston open the place up to the gays.

Dina spent most of the night dancing on the platforms beside the hottest go-go boy in town!

Citrine was packed with wall-to-wall cuties as Dina's birthday drew hipsters, Chelsea boys and everything in between!

Seen: Richie Rich, "Cat Woman" Jocelyn Wildenstein, Ben Andrews, gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson, King Ralphy, Jason Preston, Yuhua, Logan Hardcore and the birthday girl - Dina Marie who now travels with her very own club kid entourage.

This is how New York nightlife is meant to be!

August 13, 2009

Rify Royalty's Birthday at VANDAM

To see the full set go to Eric Halliwell's Flickr.
SEEN: Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, Malik So Chic, Rify Royalty, King Ralphy, Lady Havok, Diva Steve, Jordan Fox & Dirty Martini.

August 12, 2009

FWORD! 8.08.09

To see the full set go to Eric Halliwell's Flickr.

SEEN: Formika, Amanda Lepore, Cazwell, Paisley, J Fortino, Sherry Vine, Epiphany, Joey Arias, Herra C, Brian Mills, Joey Israel, James Coppola, Jasper James, Brad, Monique, Demanda and MANY MANY MORE!

August 10, 2009

Campus Thursdays at Splash

Go check out the full set at Campus Thursdays.

August 04, 2009

Look what you missed at Vandam this Sunday

Have you ever been to a pussy party? Apparently Geo Vaughn throws them every nite. Join us at Greenhouse for Vandam, legendary disco queen Kenny Kenny's party. Another night, another party in New York City with me, Eric Halliwell.

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August 02, 2009

Tragic Tranny Trainwreck!

Another night of debauchery with King Ralphy, Bad Luck Nicho, Yuhua, and Jane at our weekly party Breakout at Rush.

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more debauchery and antics with all your favorite Club Kidz!!

July 30, 2009

Outlaw Party at Dunkin Donuts

To see the full set go to OUTLAWS
SEEN : Cazwell, Amanda Lepore, Brian Mills, Paisley, Jane & Kids, Lady Fag, Demanda, Astro Earl & Herra C.

What a Drag!!

Watch as Bad Luck Nicho, Mark, Demanda and me Eric Halliwell walk home from Breakout and terrorize the unsuspecting citizens of NYC in the wee hours of the morning.

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more debauchery and antics with all your favorite Club Kidz!!

July 29, 2009

DRAG OFF! at the Fword

Go check out the full set at DRAG OFF!
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SEEN : Formika, Cazwell, Paisley, Sheality Babay, Busted, Demanda, Herra C, Joey Israel, Francis Legge, Jane & Kids, Acid Betty & Epiphany.

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