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Pinnacle Rainbow Sherbet Vodka mixer ideas

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Everyone often focuses on how mean of a boss I can be, but on Thursday afternoon I displayed one of my random acts of kindness.  A bottle of Pinnacle Rainbow Sherbet Vodka arrived via messenger, so I tried to get several staffers to try it out with me.  After hitting up the office lush and one of our many Russians with no success, I knew my safe bet would be the college student… my assistant, Cody White.  College boys never turn down free alcohol, especially if it is top shelf!

So after several shots and many different mixers, Cody and I decided to share with you what we thought would be the best way to drink your Pinnacle Rainbow Sherbet Vodka this gay pride!

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Dare or Donate Wednesday at Stonewall in NYC!

Bronx Gay Pride Dare or Donate Event

gaysocialites.blog‘s Ronnie Hokanson has been added to the roster as the new host of the Dare or Donate event taking place this Wednesday, June 10th at Stonewall in New York City.  DJ Chauncey Dandridge will provide the beats.

The Dare or Donate event is a fundraiser for Bronx LGBTQ Pride and promises to be to not be “your typical after work cocktail mixer fundraiser!”

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2015 Get Out Awards Red Carpet Coverage


2015 Get Out Awards Final

On Monday, June 1st gaysocialites.blog‘s Ronnie Hokanson and Robbyne Kaamil will host the official coverage on the red carpet of the 2015 Get Out Magazine Awards.

For the first time, this year’s awards will help kick-off June’s month-long celebration of Gay Pride in New York on Monday, June 1st.

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TBT: Red Carpet coverage of the 2014 Odyssey Nightlife Awards [VIDEO]


gaysocialites.blog from the 2014 Odyssey Magazine Awards Red Carpet

As Robbyne Kaamil and Ronnie Hokanson get ready to host the red carpet arrivals at the 2015 Get Out Awards on June 1st, our Throwback Thursday takes us back to the foul mouthed duo as they welcomed New York nightlife’s elite to the 2014 Odyssey Nightlife Awards.

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Get Out Awards rundown announced

get out awards rundown feat

Get Out Magazine announced the rundown for the 2015 Get Out Awards this week.  This year’s honors will help kick-off pride month taking place on June 1st at the new Boots and Saddle venue in New York City.

We’ve got the complete rundown below that includes gaysocialites.blog‘s own Robbyne Kaamil and Ronnie Hokanson, who will host the red carpet and performances by such names as the Glamazons, Ricky Jarman and DJ Ryan Skyy featuring Niki Darling.

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