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Laugh Riot at Stonewall

Laugh Riot in NYC

This Thursday is going to be a riot in New York City.  A Laugh Riot that is!  That’s because infamous event promoter Daniel Nardicio is bringing together four of the funniest people in New York – Robbyne Kaamil, Adam Sank, Sweetie and Patty McKeever – for night of shits and giggles!

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Hamish Blake’s ‘Humans of New York’ Parody

hamish blake humans of new york parody

Australian comedian Hamish Blake is in New York for the holidays, and he was hoping to get spotted by the photoblogger who runs “Humans of New York.”

When he didn’t, he posted his own “Humans of New York” parody on Instagram.

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Kathy Griffin and the Big Brother Zingbot

Big Brother Zingbot and Kathy Griffin team up

The Big Brother 16 houseguests are in for a full week of surprises.  Not only does it look like this week’s “Team America” mission has shaken up the house more than expected.  Not only will one of the four most recently evicted houseguest get a chance to return and continue playing the game.  Not only will the double Heads of Household twist end on Thursday.  But on Wednesday night’s episode, the remaining players will receive a visit from two infamous insult comics when Kathy Griffin and the Big Brother Zingbot head into the house to crack a few jokes on the houseguests.

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Stars react to Robin Williams death

Celebrities who worked with Robin Williams react to his death.

Over the past 24 hours, one thing has been made very clear.  The life and work of Robin Williams has had a major impact on many people.  Now some of the celebrities who had the pleasure of working with Williams reacted to his untimely death.

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Fortune Feimster as Darlene Witherspoon [VIDEO]


Renowned Hooters waitress Darlene Witherspoon

Before she was a panelist on E!’s Chelsea Lately, comedian Fortune Feimster went viral in a video in which she portrays Hooters waitress, Darelene Witherspoon (no relation to Reese).  In the video below Darlene (played by Feimster) talks with a video crew as she prepares to judge a children’s beauty pageant.

Here’s gaysocialites.blog’s Video of the Day, Fortune Feimster as Darlene Witherspoon:

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