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2014 Odyssey Award nominees, voting process

2014 Odyssey Award nominees, voting process

The 2014 Odyssey Nightlife Awards nominees were announced on Tuesday, and that means you only have a few days to vote for your favorites!  The polls close on Friday!

Here’s how you vote:

1.  Look through the list of nominees at the bottom of this article.


3.  Write in your favorite nominee from each category (only those listed as nominees are eligible to receive votes.)

4.  Hit submit

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gaysocialites.blog’s 2014 Glam Picks


GaySocialites Glam Awards 2014 picks

We here at gaysocialites.blog know that so many people put in a lot of work each year to make sure that sure that New York’s gay community is partying hard and informed about the scene.  We especially know that about those who contribute to our website.  That’s why we hope that those of you who are given the opportunity to make nominations for the 2014 Glam Awards will consider these gaysocialites.blog contributors and partners for one of the three spots in their respective categories.

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Are these NYC’s Top 40 Drag Queens?

NYC Top 40 Drag Queens

Paper Magazine has released their list of the top 40 drag queen performers in New York City.  The piece, written by Village-Voice Alum Michael Musto, was released on the heels of the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6.

Who topped the list and who fell into the ranks?

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Cabaret Review: Liz and Ann Hampton Callaway

ann hampton and liz callaway

The power of siblings harmonizing is on glorious display in performances of the legendary cabaret act Sibling Revelry, which hadn’t been seen in New York in over 15 years. Verifiably legendary at that – it’s so broadly influential that two drag queens in Pennsylvania make it their schtick to perform the Callaway sisters’ entire act.

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Final Day to vote in 2013 Glam Awards announced

Glam Awards add People's Choice categories

If you plan on voting in the 2013 Glam Awards, then the last day to cast your ballot will be October 31st!

The announcement was made earlier this week on the new Glam Facebook page (click here to like it if you haven’t already!)

Who is eligible to vote?

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