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Stonewall gets landmark status in NYC

Stonewall Inn gets landmark status.

The historic Stonewall Inn, credited as the place where the gay rights movement really began, has earned landmark status by the city of New York.

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Love Affair: Posh Bar & Lounge Special Saturday Valentines Day Event


Love Affair Valentines Event at Posh
If you have ever been to the neighborhood known today as Hell’s Kitchen, and are a part or involved in the LGBT community in anyway, then you more than likely are familiar with Posh, and/or have a few Posh stories of your own you tend to share in conversations amongst new and old friends alike.

On a related subject, later this month Posh will be celebrating their 15th year anniversary on Thursday, February 26th and will be hosted by the fabulous Sheila Tack!

Now back to Love Affair…

Love Affair with DJ Scott Goodz turns it from 9pm till 4am. He beats it with hot pop & top 40 hits. Enjoy a delicious cocktail on your night out. Special show with Morgan Royel @9pm + Special Guest. $5 Royal Cosmos All Night!

As if that is not tempting enough, you can join yours truly, Joshua Sean will be serving you for Happy hour from 3pm to 9pm.

All happy hour beers $3 (bottle and draft!). Never a cover. 405 West 51st St. NYC www.poshbarnyc.blog

NYC’s legendary Boots & Saddle homeless

Boots & Saddle NYC gay bar

New York City’s legendary gay bar Boots & Saddle is set to close after 40 Years on Christopher Street in Manhattan’s West Village.  The owners say they are not able to renew the lease at the current location, 76 Christopher Street, and have received opposition while trying to transfer their liquor license to two other West Village locations.  While they remain hopeful to find a new location soon, it seems to be an uphill battle.

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The Denver Wranger vs. the drag queen

Denver Wrangler vs. the drag queen

A Denver gay bar has been found guilty of discriminating against a man dressed in drag, now the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies has ordered the Denver Wrangler to make right on its wrong.

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Philadelphia gay bar Venture Inn exposes cheating drag queen on Food Network show

Philadelphia gay bar Venture Inn cheating drag queen Bridgette Jones Food Network

The Food Network took their show “Mystery Diners” to Philadelphia this week for an undercover investigation at a local gay bar called Venture Inn.

“Mystery Diners” is a show that focuses on Charles Stiles and his company known for wiring restaurants with video and audio equipment to get to the bottom of wrong doings.  For this episode titled, “What a Drag”, Venture Inn’s owner Bob Berkowitz brought “Mystery Diners” in to see if someone was rigging his weekly trivia contest  called Kinky Quizzo.  Bob got suspicious that members of his staff might be cheating after local drag queen Bridgette Jones won the contest ten times in-a-row, and customers were threatening to boycott if she kept sailing to victory.  After all, the contestants pay $25 each to play and the cash prize is generally $500-$1000.

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