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Xmen’s Iceman comes out as gay

xmen's Iceman comes out as gay

An original “X-Men” member is coming out of the closet.  When the “All-New X-Men” issue #40 comes out in stores and online on Wednesday, Iceman says he is gay.

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Wrestler Mike Pucillo comes out as gay

Mike Pucillo comes out as a gay man.

Former Ohio State NCAA champion wrestler Mike Pucillo is opening up about his sexual orientation.  In a new interview with TheOpenMat.blog, Pucillo says he is a gay man making him the first first openly gay Division I national champion wrestler.

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Jussie Smollett confirms he’s gay

Jussie Smollett confirms he is gay

Empire star Jussie Smollett plays Jamal Lyon, an openly gay singer, who battles his father’s homosexuality.  Until now, his sexual orientation in real life has only been speculation.  In an interview with Ellen DeGeneneres, Smollett confirmed to the talk show host that he is gay.  He also discussed why he hasn’t come out before.

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GLAAD reacts to ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’

my husbands not gay on tlc video preview

While some are taking TLC’s new show My Husband’s Not Gay with a little bit of humor, GLAAD is worried the documentary will send the wrong message to LGBT youth.

Here’s what GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis had to say about My Husband’s Not Gay:

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Jonas Brothers address gay rumors [VIDEO]

The Jonas Brothers are on the cover of the latest edition of Out Magazine, and they’re finally addressing the rumors about whether or not any of them are gay. However, I’m sure first you’d like to watch this behind the scenes video of the photo shoot the brothers did for Out.

After the steamy photo shoot, Out asked the Jonas Brothers their thoughts on the speculation and rumors that one (or more) of them might be gay. Here’s what Joe and Nick had to say:

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