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Justin Bieber posts naked butt pic online

Justin Bieber naked butt censored

Justin Bieber seems to be feeling pretty confident about his assets!  So comfortable that Bieber decided to put his buns out there for the world to see. Justin posted a picture of his naked butt on Instagram which was taken while he was vacationing in Australia.

Within an hour, the photo received over 700,00 likes.  By Tuesday morning, nearly two million people had done the same.

You can see the uncensored version of the photo here:

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Justin Bieber crushes on Luke Bryan [video]

Justin Bieber has a crush on Luke Bryan.

Justin Bieber and the Late Late Show host James Corden made a video in which they crush on country music star Luke Bryan, and now it has gone viral.

You can watch the full video that aired during the CMT Music Awards below.

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Justin Bieber’s video apology

Justin Bieber apology video

Justin Bieber posted a video this week in which he apologizes to his fans for his arrogant behavior.  So does this mean we can all love Bieber again?  Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

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Justin Bieber shows off his bulge again [video]

Justin Bieber posted this picture to Instagram showing off his bulge.

Justin Bieber wants the world to know that he’s got a bulge.  First he posted the picture above to Instagram wearing nothing but a towel that conveniently accents his penis. Over the weekend, Bieber was hanging with his “non-girlfriend” Kendall Jenner and decided to show off his goods to the paparazzi by going commando.

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Who wore Calvin Klein underwear best?


Who wore their Calvins best?

This photo of Mark Wahlberg, Nick Jonas, David Beckham and Justin Bieber (each wearing Calvin Klein underwear) is circulating on social media posing the question: Who wore their Calvin Kleins the best?

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