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I heard...

I like to keep my pulse on the beat, so I listen a lot (sometimes even when I'm not supposed to be listening at all).  Here's what I HEARD this week...

I HEARD that Avalon in NYC isn't going to be turned into a shopping mall afterall!  I overheard and almost got a confirmation that Avalon will reopen as a nightclub as early as mid-March!  Stay tuned, I'm not done chasing down this story!!

I HEARD that Roxy in NYC is closing its doors forever on March 10, 2007 as John Blair and Beto Sutter say goodbye to the longest lasting gay party in NYC. 

I HEARD that Heaven Candy Lounge (also in NYC) is now going to be called Rush.  I also HEARD you're about to see a big change in the line-up.  I'm anxious to see if there are new renovations this weekend!! Stay tuned, I'll follow this one too (of course!)

Finally, I HEARD

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