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February 24, 2007

Kevin Federline visits Britney Spears in Rehab

Who ever thought that Kevin Federline would come to Britney Spears' rescue?  Have we under estimated the K-Fed?

Not only did he join the intervention to get her back in rehab, but he has also popped by the facility to check in on his baby-momma.  The Insider is reporting that Federline stopped by the Promises treatment center in Malibu for about an hour and half. 

"Britney scared everyone pretty bad. Kevin is worried that's for sure. Kevin just wants her to be OK," said one of Kevin's closest friends.

Federline is also looking over their two infant sons while their mommy gets the help she needs, but he promises to send the kids back to Brit after she's well again.

Aww - who knew it would turn out like this?!

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britney why did you shave your head please tell me why you did such a thing. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY OR SOMETHING YOU ARE HORABLE . hi i feel so sorry for you you were so pretty then you shaveed your head. YOU SUCK


britney needs some serious help!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she was having a breakdown when she shaved her head!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britney should not be treated like a horrible person.I mean everybody has made mistakes.They can be mended though.I bet you all have made mistakes regarding whether it was from using drugs or drinking alcohol.We all do it one time or another.So you all should losen up and give her some slack.Stop flashin the cameras okay you'll get to see her one day.

This little girl is crying out for help. So much attention has been given her that it is not normal. She does not know how to help herself, and we should be praying for her instead of bashing her. Just take a look at what she has done, and it is easy to see she is out of control. The world needs to back off. Hollywood is insane and impossible for a person to lead a normal life. God help her, and we can too by leaving her alone in the news.

I feel so sad for Britney and her children....What is wrong with this picture? Yes, she is messed up. Stop hounding her. She needs help. Her children need her and she needs them and doesn't even realize that. She is constantly being patronized in the media. Does she have any friends and where is her family? I know she won't listen to them, but if you love her don't give up on her....be there, keep loving her....she is so young.....her children are helpless...MEDIA leave her alone.

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