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What will happen to Trimspa without Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna Nicole Smith will now be laid to rest in the Bahamas.  This leaves many wondering if the company built on the buxom blonde's imagine can survive after her death.

Tony Azzizzo, President of TRIMSPA, commented, "The brand now has thousands of successful weight loss spokespersons -- albeit less heralded. They are your neighbors, friends, family members and coworkers," he explained, adding, "Their weight loss experience is no less celebrated for them as Anna's was to the world."

Does Tony really think his company can survive without Anna Nicole Smith?  I don't think the bad publicity following her death will help make her more of a role model either.  Especially, if it comes out that the TrimSpa CEO, Alex Goen and his wife were ever involved in any of Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern's methadone fests.

The hope for the company isn't too promising if you go by its online presence either.  TrimSpa.blog doesn't even take orders anymore.  They have dedicated their website as a shrine to Anna Nicole.



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