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March 15, 2007

Does Britney Spears have a new boyfriend?



It looks like Britney Spears is taking time out of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse in the Promises Rehabilitation facility to find a new boyfriend and possibly love.

According to TMZ,  the lead guitarist for the rock band RIVA Jason Filyaw confimed he and Britney Spears have are "growing very close."

"I love her, I support her 100%," Filyaw told the website.

Did he really say he loved her??  Stop the insanity.

Filyaw also says he met Spears years before she checked into rehab, and said they go "way back" to 2003. Evidently he recorded with Britney at The Hit Factory in New York.

Filyaw told TMZ that they stayed in touch, but "a few weeks ago ... we met up again at a Los Angeles AA meeting."

I love it when alcoholism brings people together!  I wonder what Kevin Federline thinks about all of this!

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