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March 08, 2007

High profile Marine Cpl admits gay porn past

From gay porn star to Marine Corporal, that's the story for Matt Sanchez, also known in the gay porn world as Rod Majors or Pierre LaBranche.  His story came out this week, and in a day of "don't ask, don't tell" this could change how right-wing conservatives look at their boy wonder.

Cprl Sanchez told bloggers this past week that he is glad this has all come out in the open, but he pledges his past is somewhere he'll never go again.

"I've moved forward a lot and this past stuff is not something I want to drag into my future," Sanchez, 36, now a student at Columbia University, told blogger Joe.My.God.

"Boyfriends: 0; fiancées: 2; wife: 1. I'd say I'm pretty bad at being gay," Sanchez said.

So basically it is ok to act gay and take it up the butt, and as long as you aren't really gay then you can serve in the military and become a Republican poster boy.  Interesting how that works, isn't it? 

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The self-loathing on this site is pretty amazing.

You reduce everything to some sexual act, it's very sad.

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