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Larry Birkhead prepares for Victory in Bahamian Court

The man who says without a doubt that he is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn, spent the weekend in the Bahamas preparing for what he hopes to be a victory this week in court.

Larry Birkhead left the court room smiling from ear-to-ear on Friday.  He wouldn't talk about the specific details of the hearing, but he seemed confident that he would be taking Dannielynn into his care soon. 

Anna Nicole's estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, attended the hearing; but Howard K. Stern, the man who claims to be the baby's father, did not.  It looks like that might have been a good thing.

All we know about Tuesday's hearing is that DNA experts are expected to come before the judge.  Many suspect that DNA testing may be complete, but this is likely an interview to see which analyst will be charged with collecting and overseeing the paternity tests.

Smith's death has sparked a movie about her life and a Law and Order episode that mirrors the controversy surrounding her sudden death. 

Her most recent companion, Howard K. Stern, is picking up the fight to keep the home where he and Anna Nicole lived.  The owner, Ben Thompson, claims that Smith and Stern avoided paying $900,000 in mortagage payments.  Before dying, Anna Nicole claimed Thompson gave her the waterfront home as a gift.  That trial has been postponed until April.


This is good news. Hopefully, Larry Birkhead will get his daughter and raise her in a good, healthy setting. I am rooting for him. He is a good example for other men to follow. Of course not all baby-daddies have a baby by a girl friend who maybe worth millions. I think that he should negotiate with Howard Stern, but he should do it with a lawyer at his side. Too bad, he started butting head with Debra Opri, but she was overly aggressive. I hope that the two of them can resolve their differences and continue their lawyer–client relationship. Larry seems retiring, but we have all witness that he is a fighter and needs to do things his own way.

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