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Liz Hurley butting heads with her new mother-in-law?

Liz Hurley's week of weddings to Arun Nayer have been somewhat like a fairy tell love affair turned bad! 

First Liz's wedding security caused a brawl when they were spotted in a knock-down-drag-out fight with photographers and journalists in Jodhpur.

A party set to be held for the newly weds on Saturday night in Bombay was cancelled after Ms Hurley had a falling out with her new mother-in-law Joanne Nayar, according to a report in the Times of India's Bombay supplement.

Liz's mother-in-law, however, says that isn't true.

"We cancelled the party as the paparazzi was getting aggressive in Jodhpur and we didn't want another scuffle," she told the Bombay Times.

The Times report claimed there is a "war" going on between the two women, and that Hurley was upset that Ms. Nayar had used the wedding to promote her jewelery line.

The couple has now reportedly left India to honeymoon in Africa.

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