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April 23, 2007

Introducing 4Play Fridays in NYC

As I first told you Sunday night/ Monday morning, a hot new weekly event is brewing in New York.  The Friday night gay scene is about to come alive for summer! 

I have confirmed with the owners of Rush at 16th and 6th in the heart of New Yorkest gayest neighborhood -- Chelsea that Alan Picus, Chris Ryan and yours truly will be teaming up with DJ Steve Sidewalk to bring you "4Play Fridays".

This new weekly party will be so hot that it might take you all weekend to recover.  Alan Picus will bring his massive go-go squad, Steve Sidewalk will bring the beats while Chris Ryan and I will be packing the place with Gay Socialites and giving everyone something to talk about!  I am also told there will be some others involved, and so far I have heard DJ Adam, John Marto and many other names being tossed around.  This event is guaranteed to be a colossal gay nightclub explosion that will really heat up this summer!

Alan Picus is, of course, best known for his "Campus Thursday" party at Splash, founding "Heaven Saturdays" and co-founding the new "Avalon Saturdays" at the historical church that went down in history as Limelight.

Steve Sidewalk dates all the way back to "Kurfew" at the Tunnel, and currently spear heads "Hot Mess Sundays" at Porky's and Wednesdays at Feathers in New Jersey.  He was also the longest running DJ at Heaven, and Sidewalk has now established residency at Rush.

Chris Ryan is known for promoting several hot parties including "Campus Thursdays," "Rush Saturdays," "Avalon Saturdays," "Bank @ Element," and "Hot Mess" at Porky's.

The GaySocialites and myself also have an extensive nightclub resume ourselves.  SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT: I hosted and managed "Kurfew" at Twirl, hosted "Heaven Saturdays," and now I am hosting "Rush Saturdays."  The GaySocialites credits include Wednesdays at  "49 Grove" (last summers hot weekly event), "the Closet" at Porky's, "Hot Mess" at Porky's and more! 

The new owners of the space at 579 Sixth Avenue are doing more than their share too!  Heaven had definitely run its course, and this space needed a beath of fresh air and more than a few coats of paint.  If you haven't been back to check out it, then "4Play Fridays" will be an awesome opportunity!  They have completely remodeled the first and second floors, and the third floor is in the works.  Remember the days when we packed all three floors and acted like insane kids?  Well now, we can all return and pack all three floors in a more matured space while getting the posh treatment we have always deserved. 

In short, this combination knows how to throw a damn good party!  If you're in NYC, you're invited!

To celebrate the new owners, new name and to toast new memories at Rush, "4Play Fridays" opening week will also be the GRAND OPENING of the ALL NEW Rush.  The date is set for Friday, May 11. 

Stay tuned to gaysocialites.blog, and we will keep you up to date with all the details.

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HEY HEY HEY come to LOUNGE 11!!!! hot lounge doing a HOT gay night!! hit up www.vstiles.blog or www.gaypartyhouse.blog gfor more info! SEE YOU ALL THERE victora Sitles

HEY HEY HEY come to LOUNGE 11!!!! hot lounge doing a HOT gay night!! hit up www.vstiles.blog or www.gaypartyhouse.blog gfor more info! SEE YOU ALL THERE victora Sitles

Come to the launch party for 4Play Fridays @ RUSH. More DEtails to come on opening night!

Give me a break!!!All these guys did was moved saturdays at rush to fridays so that the same cheezy lame party is 2 nights in a row,as for rush the place is trash,my grandmother's house is bigger than that whole damn bar..and they claim they reinvented the place,all they did was change the name moved the stage backwards and painted the floor..with these "no-talent" DJs who play trashy pop/hiphop/top 40,its like standing in the freakin Z100 studio..I guess these mofos never heard of "house music".Like damn I guess parties like spirit sundays and the multi-level (Area 10018).Now Roxy is gone but saturdays moved to avalon which is 21+ until 4am (talk about retarded) the party is originally suppose to be 18+ to enter 21+ to drink,When the hell are they gonna put that into play?They claim the 21+ thing is temporary.Tell me who the hell is gonna waste $10-$20 to go to avalon after 4am when the party ends around 5:30/6am..not only lame but that is a total rip off,on top of that,there is only 100 people or less in the club at that time and only one room is open.These people need to get it together here because everything is becoming lame,tired and predictable.

Another thing!Though all thats happening to Nightlife in this city may not be the promoters fault,they should do something about all this BS because it not that much fun going out anymore,I remember going to Roxy every saturday nite and spirit like almost every sunday,that was when going out was alittle more relaxing.2006 was a really bad year for alot of clubs in manhattan,hell crobar decided they didnt wanna be bothered with the BullS*** of NY anymore and gave up their venue to someone else,havent heard from them since.With each passing month and each passing year it only seems to get worse.Aint that a bitch!!!

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