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May 7, 2007

Britney Spears is a public relations nightmare!

Britney Spears has basically done everything she can to become a PR nightmare!  Despite the fact that Spears has tried to lip sync her way to a comeback with several 15 minutes shows, she still goes out in public dressed like this!

Here is a pic of Britney this weekend headed to a tanning salon in Beverly Hills as if she never expected the paparazzi to be waiting.  Please take a moment to read the lovely message on her trucker cap.  Really pretty!

I guess when you're Britney Spears, bad publicity is still publicity!

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she is loosing it

She looks good to me - Gee, she even wrote 666 on her head and tried to hang herself this week...being gay sends you around the twist after a while..very anti-christ she was admitting.

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