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August 21, 2007

A Full Week of Penalites Ahead for Big Brother?

Is there a Full Week of Penalties Ahead for One of the Houseguest's?  Find out by Clicking into this Story!

As Ronnie Hokanson reported, the first nomination penalty was handed down in the Big Brother game of Season 8.  Who was our Lucky Receipient?



Jen finally snapped tonight guys!  Today was horrible for Jen indeed.  The Veto Ceremony went down today.  Daniele took Amber off of the Nomination Block and named Jen as the Replacement Nominee.  Jen, in turn, proceeded to cause drastic conflict within the house.

 What did she do?

She took FOUR CARTONS of Dick's Cigarette's, took each cig out one-by-one, poured BLEACH on them, crush and crumpled them all up, and threw them in the garbage can!

If that was not enough, Jen came outside with a Turkey Burger, an Apple, and some Cottage Cheese in her hands where she then sat and ate each one of them, fully aware that she was on SLOP ONLY this week.  Jameka asked her not to do it, saying that the fans that Jen does have, would be angry with her for breaking another rule.  Jen said she did not care, she was going home, so why not go ahead and eat the rest of the week.


 Jen was then called into the Diary Room where she was told if she stayed this week, she will not be able to compete in the HOH Comp this week, she will be Nominated Automatically next week, and she will have no escape from the block because she also received a penalty Veto, meaning she cannot compete in the POV Comp next week.  This was all according to what Zach was told in his DR Session.

Dick in turn, took all of Jen's clothes, that she had packed in garbage bags earlier in the day, and he took them right up to the Head of Household room, locking them in there, to where Jen could not get to them.  Dick was told by the DR that it was okay to HIDE someone's belongings, but it was not okay to DESTROY someone's belongings.  So, he took full advantage of that!

 After Jen came out of her 2nd DR Session, Dick was outside smoking and of course, Jen had to join him out there where she was eating AGAIN, which lead to the biggest conflict of the night.  Dick was blowing his smoke straight ahead of him where Jen was and she came right at him with the intentions on smacking him or hitting him, telling him not to blow smoke in her face like that.  Dick then tried to slap her hands away from him and told her not to touch him AGAIN.  So there was SOME form of Physical Contact between the two.  Threatening Physical Contact is a No-No in the land of Big Brother.  Right when the incident happened, the Live Feeds and the Sho-too Feeds went off air till the situation was resolved.

 From what I have been told, the Executive Producer's of the show had just left the studio right before this huge confrontation took place.  We do not know what will happen once they hand down their ruling.  They may leave it as is, with a full week of Penalties if Jen stays in the house this week or they may go ahead and eject her from the game for 3 Big Brother Rules that she Excessively Broke tonight.  She destroyed another's property, she ate actual food while she was on a SLOP Week, and came into physical contact with another houseguest.  It should be interesting to see what decision the BB Gods will hand down for her behavior tonight.

 To wrap this up with my thought's and prediction's for this week, I have to say that I am hoping Jen stays this week.  Why?  Because of the simple saying... ''KNOCK 2 BIRDS OUT WITH 1 STONE!''  What do I mean by that???  Let me tell you.

Seeing as to how Jen will be on Penalties all next week, what better time to have 2 DEFINITE Evictions, 2 Weeks in a ROW???  Once the Houseguest's were told that Jen would be Penalized all next week, they got the same idea that got.  Get rid of Jameka this week, it would have been better if it were Amber up there, but that is not the way it worked out.  So, have Jameka leave this week instead of letting her FLOAT through the next couple of weeks, cause you cannot trust her vote anyways.  Then, you don't have to worry about Jen getting HOH because she will supposedly not be able to compete in the competition, she will automatically go up on the block no matter who gets HOH, she will not be able to save herself from the Nomination block cause she cannot compete in the Veto Competition, and then evict her that week!  It is a great plan.  An EASY WEEK for all of them.

Why get rid of Jen this week and then have next week up in the air?  That is exactly what it will be because they don't know who will win the HOH Competition and who they will throw up on the block and evict... So Why Risk It?  Why not make a pact with everyone in the house, to get Jameka out this week and then Jen out next week?  It guarantee's everyone else's saftey in the house!

It has been a full and dramatic night of Big Brother Guys!

Now remember, none of the Penalties, other than the Penalty Nom & Veto has been confirmed.  This was all coming out of Zach's Mouth, straight from the Diary Room to the other Houseguest's, but Jen was told the same thing, because she was also telling everyone else.  Plus the Exec's have not weighed in on it yet, so there is no telling what will happen in the end.  Sorry this was so long!  There was so much to tell you guys about!  I definitely wanted to keep you guys informed!



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The producers of this show are a disgrace - Dick gets away with threatening violence and sexual assault, but Jen gets punished for breaking the stupid slop rules?! Are they on drugs or just blinded by their love for the odious Evil Dick?

Yeah but she also damaged about $200-300 worth of Dicks cigarettes and she is breaking her Slop Rule that she volunteered for, in order to win the Veto a few weeks ago. She has 30 days on slop. She broke it and still continues to do so. So should that mean that Jameka can compete in future head of household competitions? Because she wagered that also to win a veto that she did not win. She is have living by her rule. Why should Jen be treated any differently? Dick also never physically touched her in anything he ever did or said to her. She slapped his arm last night and ended up getting burned by his cigarette as a result of it. She has broke 3 rules and she should be ejected from the game for it.

Samantha, you're obviously not paying attention to Dick's activities. He poured a drink over Jen's head... That's PHYSICAL, is it not? He should have been evicted then.

No part of his body touched her at all. There was no physical contact between him or her when the tea was poured. Maybe if he took his hand and smeared it all over her, that would have been physical contact.


^^Can you read?? He took a VERBAL conversation and made it PHYSICAL by walking over to her and PHYSICALLY pouring a drink over her head.

That's like saying "Oh i just threw the knife at her, NO PART of my body touched her, so i'm not guilty."

Userful blog. Thanks!

Userful blog. Thanks!

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