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August 21, 2007

Big Brother Breaking News SPOILER: The first penalty nomination

A major altercation occurred in the Big Brother House on Monday evening, and a house guest was given a penalty nomination.

Keep reading to find you who has been cited the first Big Brother penalty nomination.


After Jen found out that she was back doored by Danielle (and Dick via association), all hell broke loose. 

Dick has been hiding Jen's stuff.  As retaliation for all of Dick's mischief, Jen evidently threw all of E.D.'s cigarettes in the pool.

Big Brother not only replaced all Dick's smokes, but if by chance Jen isn't voted out of the house this week... she has a penalty nomination for next week.

A penalty nomination means that Jen is instantly a nominee for eviction.  It also means that she can't win the Power of Veto.

Even though the chances of Jen staying are slim to none.  She is taking it like a sport.  When she realized she made history by receiving the first penalty nomination ever, Jen said "that's awesome."

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