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August 16, 2007



             It was 49 yrs ago today that the material girl was born into a world she pretty much now has total control     over. She has graced us all with her presence. You love her or you hate her. She pushes buttons until there is   nothing left to push. Madonna will speak her mind and never turn back.

           When I was ten years old I was given my first cd, it was Madonna's "Immaculate Collection." For a child that never felt a sense of belonging, this cd was it. I  memorized  each track and would dance around my room each and every day. Then I started to watch her movies and concerts. And then I worked hard  as a young teenager. I began to save up money for  concerts. Then it was that amazing feeling. The second Madonna came on stage I went into tears. I believe I was about 16 too. It wasn't just me though. I have been to many of her shows since then and she seems to have that affect on everyone.

                Madonna has and will continue to make history. Her fans are loyal and agressive(like her). They will pay top dollar to sit in nose bleed seats and they will collect her memorabilia to the day they die. They go to Madonna conventions and dress as her on halloween. And lastly, the really loyal/obsessed/devoted ones get tattoos.  My first tattoo ever was this music staff on my upper back. It is the musical  arrangement for her song "What it feels like for a girl."  Happy Birthday Madonna  & may all your wishes come true.

Your Devoted Fan,

Laura M.Sacks



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