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September 28, 2007

Is Lindsay Lohan staying in rehab forever?!


Lindsay Lohan may not hide out in rehab forever, but it seems like she is going to stay there for a while. 

Earlier this week, I strayed from my source doubting Jason Preston's accuracy on how long his friend Lindsay will be staying in rehab.  Jason told me said Lindsay plans to stay in rehab "for a while."  The New York Daily News said they had a source claiming Lohan would leave her Utah rehab facility this weekend.

Now, Lindsay's mom-a-ger Dinah Lohan has told Access Hollywood the same thing.  She told them that Lindsay was staying "for a while."

I may owe Preston a huge apology for doubting my source!  If Lindsay stays in rehab through the weekend, I won't write a negative thing about Jason Preston for the rest of the year!  I promise!


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