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September 12, 2007

New York DJ says 'Sorry' over Madonna's 'Candy Shop' link


New York nightclub DJ Steve Sidewalk is saying "Sorry" for playing Madonna's upcoming single "Candy Shop" after the Material Girl's people put their foot down.

Steve obtained a copy of the leaked single and debuted the new song on Sunday night at Porky's for the weekly Hot Mess party in New York City. 

DJ Sidewalk spoke exclusively with gaysocialites.blog and said he assumed the leak was a pre-release similar to what Britney Spears did with "Gimme More".

"The day after I got an advanced copy of Britney's 'Gimme More,' it was all over the radio," Sidewalk said.  "I assumed the 'Candy Shop' leak was the same sort of thing."

However, that wasn't the case according to Warner Brothers music who asked Sidewalk to cease and desist use of the song.

Steve tells us that a rep from Warner Brothers told him the version he has is not the final cut. 

As we first reported yesterday, Sidewalk issued this public apology to Madonna:

I was contacted by Warner Brothers and they expressed their displeasure in knowing that Candy Shop had been leaked and that I had been given a high quality copy that was world premeired at Hot Mess @ Porky's NYC.

They told me that Madonna is not ready for the song to be released and it may not even be the first single or on the album. It is just too soon and their is no official album release date despite the internet rumors.

I truly understand and do not want to play a song by Madonna that isnt even completed to her satisfaction. I played her song out of excitement for her new music and all I wanted to do was further promote her and get the buzz started at the clubs. But if it is not ready and someone wrongfully leaked a demo copy then it's not fair to Madonna, Warner Brothers or her fans.

I have destroyed my copy of "Candy Shop," and I will wait for the Madonnna approved version of her single when it is released officially by Warner Brothers. Hopefully they will send me a copy but they probably hate me, so I will have to buy it.

Madonna, I know you've heard it all before.... but I am sorry!!!

Chicken shit!  So after being spanked by Madonna, it looks like DJ Steve Sidewalk will retreat. 

I have to admit that Warner Brothers is being really tight with "Candy Shop."  After receiving a snippet of the song a few weeks ago, gaysocialites.blog was also served with a cease and desist.

Honestly, we didn't get the best comments about the song here... so maybe Madge isn't getting the best reviews either. 


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who the hell cares about steve sidewalk? she's threatening everyone.
plus 'candy shop' sucks and so does her other song 'the beat goes on' the remix for 'beat goes...' does is some justice.

Madonna rocks....looking forward to the cd. LOVES HER

Watch-this album will be massive. do people honestly think she will release a flop as it may be one of her last releases? She'll have it tweaked to her and as well as her fan's preference. So it may not do well in the USA...Big freak'n deal. The USA does not reflect the opinion of the Global Village but for some reason critics in the USA still blab their mouths off about Madonna like their views matter. This album will be a smashing Global success.

Madonna has terrible new songs. Its sad because she is a real artist and performer unlike Britney. Yet Britney has the hot producers. Lets hope the Timbaland / Timberlake songs redeem Madonna's new album.

About Sidewalk I want to know who's dick he sucked to get that song before anyone else! what an attention whore

On and on the beat gies, on and on the beat goes, instrumentation... I can't wait for the new album! Brand-new MADONNA coming up. God bless her trip to Jerusalem and God bless her new album!

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