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October 31, 2007

Black mailed royal says tape doesn't exist

On Tuesday, we learned that its the Queen's nephew Viscount David Linley who was blackmailed.

Socialite Ian Strachan, 30, and Sean McGuigan, 40, have been charged with blackmailing Linley claiming to have a cell phone video that would prove the Viscount had sex with a male aide.

Linley claims the video doesn't exist and before the police sting took place, Viscount David told them to cease whatever it took and present it to the court.

It seems like the Queen's nephew is pretty confident nothing will come of this.  Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family are stading behind Linely,  however Buckingham Palace has put a gag on all British media outlets to prevent them from revealing his name and identity.  He is, after all, the 12th in line for the throne.

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so a royal had sex with someone who was not thier spouse. this has only been going on for the last 1,000 years. you want news write a royal has been faithful to thier spouse. the only way news about a royal having sex is news is if an adult royal had sex with thier own parents.

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