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October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!


BREAKING NEWS:   An explosion on 6th Avenue has left 579 Sixth Avenue contaminated and dangerous.  That means it is PERFECT for a Halloween Party. 

As a gift from us to you, we have secured a VERY LOW discounted admission price to the Hallo-Fusion party at Rush on Halloween night!

It's only $5 if you print this post out and take it to the door with you!!!  You can't beat that!! 

HX Magazine says Hallo-Fusion is a "Must" this Halloween....

Hallo-Fusion @ Rush, 579 6th Av/16th St
212-243-6100, 10pm, $5
You haven't seen a party this explosive since Chernobyl! The gaysocialites.blog crew are going nuclear for Halloween. They've blown the reactors, they're having a meldown and you're right in the middle of it. DJs Seth Gold and Ritchiee D will be droppin' dirty bombs on the dance floor while hazmat go-gos handle the hot mess. And when those warning sirens blare, the drinks are on the house!

Rush is at 579 Sixth Avenue on the parade route between 16th and 17th streets!!!

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